Wolf Quest — A Breeze Acoming – Book 1 –Wind’s Crossing



Name: Wind

Color: Black

Gender: Female

I howled, establishing my territory, space, and possibly attracting a potential mate. My mother-wolf, father-wolf, and pack got killed in a wildfire and I had to go on my own. I trotted along the way, scenting the ground looking for an elk carcass, as I did not feel confident enough to hunt on my own. There! I found an elk carcass, and oh, it smelled wonderful! But a troublesome bear kept me from the standing prey. I trotted back and forth, hoping the bear was full. He was not. I tried a growl, but the hungry bear hardly took notice, so I left, knowing that one day, when I had a pack, no bear would keep me from prey again.

I kept scenting the ground, and kept looking. Freeze. Pause. A hare. I licked my lips and stalked my prey, telling myself I would kill it. Pounce! The rabbit got caught by surprise and started to run, but a puny hare was no match for a wolf. I killed it with a crunch on the spine. It was hardly two mouthfuls. Unsatisfied with my catch, I moved on. 

It was getting dark so I decided to go to sleep. 

DAWN: I yawned as I woke, stretching my limbs, and cleaning my fur. Howls. Other wolves. I sniffed the air. It was the LunaNova Pack, 12 strong. I decided it was finally time to hunt some elk. Running and scenting as fast as I could, I finally scented out the elk herd. 

Trotting upon them, scenting them, to see who the weakest elk were. Weak. Very weak. Careful to avoid the bull elk, I bit the female elk’s chest. She kicked, she ran. So did I. It was a chase, and I was biting every chance I got. She finally had to rest, which left her vulnerable. I went in for the final blow. Snap. She stumbled down to the ground. I sniffed. Dead. The crows immediately came to eat the carcass, as I looked around, seeing who would dare challenge me for this.

A coyote. I growled. He was intimidated, but confident. I pretended to walk away. As I did so, I limped, to attract other coyotes. Once I saw about two others, I quickly turned tail. Yelp. Then the coyote fell limp. Giving me a look before his final breath. After the encounter, I headed for Pine, Pine Mountain to be exact.

I was ready. I was ready for the hardest part of a she-wolf’s life. As I trotted along the forest towards the large mountain, I used my sniffer to determine the whereabouts of this place. Though I had never been there before I knew exactly where to go by instinct, as every Yellowstone wolf knew. One time, my mother-wolf got shot with what looked like a green stick thing, by a creature known as a No-Fur. She quickly fell asleep, and I did not see her for some time. A day later, she came back to me, with a strange thing on her neck. Father-wolf did not think much of it at first until a group of no-furs came and took their Flashy-Captures, and spooked the pack. After that, Father-wolf chewed the thing off her neck and carried it to the river where it sank deep, deep below. After that, the No-Furs never bothered us again. I sighed longingly from the memory, but that was the past. Creatures stay in the present. Yapping of which, I arrived in the Pine Mountain pack territory. My destination. My Crossing for the first time.

I was headed down-wind, as I could scent things better, than upwind. Wolf. From here. Male, was what I got from my trusty snout. As I headed straight for it, my eyes gleamed with excitement. There he was. A possible mate. Something was wrong — he wasn’t a dispersal, like me. He was an alpha male! I felt my tail lowering behind my legs. Before he could speak, I quickly turned tail and ran. Very ashamed of myself, I headed out of their territory. Wait. Something caught my eye. A he-wolf! This time a dispersal like me! He nervously trotted towards me, tail behind his legs. In my wolf point of view it seemed like he was submitting to me, and we had not even said hello! As he approached me, head down, I kept my tail and head high, as I wanted to be the dominant one. 

“Hello,” he communicated. 

Speechless, I slowly said, “Hello, who are you?” 

“I am Arrow of Pine Mountain. I left the pack to create one of my own.” 

“I have traveled a long way. What is your name, young wolf?” 

“Arrow,” he said. 

Still cautious, I said, “Wind. My name is wind.”



As they ran through the snow, Wind felt extra happy as she was no longer alone. They were heading towards Slough Creek, as that was where den sites and hunting grounds were. Wind and Arrow knew they had to get there quickly and start prepping for the soon-coming pups. They soon arrived at Slough Creek, scenting for a decent den. 

“Here.” Arrow had scented something. Wind gave him an “okay” glance as she followed him into the woods. Arrow had found a suitable den! Close to hunting grounds along with the summer ones too! They whined in delight as Wind settled into the comfy tree den. 


THE END OF WINTER (Almost Spring)

Arrow could hear squeaks, yips, and little howls. He had been waiting all winter for this. He whined to Wind asking to come see his pups. Wind gave a whine of approval back as she cleaned her pups. “Wander, Amethyst, and Achilles,” Wind said. “Those are their names.” 

Leaving Arrow, he quickly said, “When should we leave?” 

Still caring for her pups, Wind quietly said, “We leave tomorrow, they are already 6 weeks, and are ready for the Crossing.”



Yawning, all of the pups and adults awoke, stretching every limb.“We have a big journey ahead of us, my pups,” Arrow announced. Wind and Arrow carried the pups to the nearest carcass for a quick meal. Wind’s ears twitched at the sound of a bear; however, it was far enough away that she was not worried. As she and Arrow approached the carcass, they were not aware the pups were facing the predator’s wind direction, and it made them oblivious to the bear stalking Amethyst. Yelp. Whine. Silence. 

Arrow and Wind quickly turned around to see that Amethyst had been killed by a male grizzly. Arrow and Wind quickly grabbed their remaining pups and quickly ran away from the grizzly in grief. At the sand crossing, they crossed and carried the pups towards the summer hunting grounds, hoping they could make it. It was almost sundown as they settled in for the night. 


Closer to the hunting grounds than they thought, they picked up the pups and ran as quickly as possible. As they approached the forest, they were overjoyed that they had made it. Setting the pups down, they took a rest, completely oblivious to the stalking cougar. As it closed in on them, its target was Wander. Pounce. Yellllllp. Wander… was gone. Wind and Arrow launched in on the attack, nearly killing the cougar. Wind gave a fatal bite to the cougar’s neck. The cougar fell. Wind and Arrow had gotten their revenge. Wind carried Achilles to the hunting grounds and they stayed there until Achilles was ready to move on.

Funky Fairy Tales

This story draws inspiration from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.”

Grammy White and the Seven Foxies

Once upon a time, there was a great, sweet queen who gave birth to a very sweet baby girl named Grammy White. Also, there was once an evil queen who gave birth to an evil baby girl named Snow Black. The two queens were neighbors. They hadn’t met yet, because between their castles there was an enchanted wall that was built by a wizard, and also, they were too busy taking care of their baby girls, ruling their kingdoms, and doing whatever it was that all of the powerful and amazing queens did, like teaching their daughters magic!

One day, when Grammy White was twenty-eight years old, she asked her mom, “Wouldn’t it be nice to go over the wall and explore?”

“Yes, honey! But we’re too busy doing things, and besides, it’s better if we stay here, safe and sound,” the queen told Grammy.

On the other side of the wall, young Snow Black asked her mom, “Mom, wouldn’t it be nice to go to the other side of the wall? You could teach me how to cast a spell on people. Please?”

“Of course, honey! We’ll go next summer at 10:30!”

Then, the two queens went back to work.

Snow Black let out a huge sigh. Grammy White also did the same, but then, the girls suddenly cheered up, and each said to herself, When my mom is in bed, I will sneak over the wall and explore the garden on the other side of the wall.

Then, the girls ate their supper and pretended to be asleep. When the moms left, the girls put on their T-shirts with a huge heart on it, pulled a pair of jeans out, put on their flip flops, pulled their long, beautiful hair in a ponytail, and climbed out the window.

“Wow!” Grammy White said.

“Gross,” Snow Black said when she saw all of the gross pink and yellow flowers.

Grammy White decided to take a very fine walk in the garden, which was more like a forest, between the walls. While Grammy White was walking, she found a very cute cottage.

“How very odd!” she said.

On the other hand, Snow Black was running very fast. She was running to the other wall and didn’t even see Grammy White passing by! While Snow Black was running, Grammy White opened the cottage door. The door made a very loud creak!

Snow Black turned around and screamed at the sight of Grammy White!

“Well, hello,” Snow Black said to Grammy White.

“Hello? Who are you?” Grammy asked Snow Black.

“I might as well ask you the same question,” Snow Black said in her sweetest voice.

“Well, I’m Grammy White. Now, who are you?”

“Oh me! It’s better to not ask! Hehe!” Snow Black said while sweating with guilt. “Hey… I smell… I smell… I smell a good princess standing in front of me,” Snow Black said.

“Well, you sure do!” Grammy told Snow.

“Oh! Good to know!” Snow said evilly, for she had found the perfect person for her mom to cast a spell on.

Chapter Two

Grammy White was surprised by the sight of seven talking foxies.

“Hullo! You have entered MDLV!” one of the foxies with a pink nose said.

“MDL what?” Grammy asked.

“MDLV. It means 1555 in Roman numerals,” a grumpy-looking fox said. “No one ever comes to Synthia ever since the evil Veneficus came here and made everything so bright and happy. It was better when it was nice and shady, but now he’s banished from the forest.”

“Oh, well, can I stay here for the night?” Grammy asked.

“Only if you do our chores.”

So, Grammy stayed and did the chores, like sweeping and washing the dishes, and then slept.

Chapter Three

Meanwhile, Snow Black was wondering which way to go to get home, for she had lost her way, so she cast a spell, so she could turn a stick into a GPS. “Verto hic scipio indu quidam via aquilex!!!” she said while sparkles appeared around the stick. Snow Black picked up what used to be a stick and went home.

Chapter Four

Grammy White made friends with Grumpy and Happy the foxies. She was getting water when she heard, “Apples! Get your free apples!” and she dropped the bucket to get apples instead. Hopefully the foxies wouldn’t be mad for getting food instead of water.

“Excuse me, can I have a bite of an apple?”

“Of course!” Snow Black said when cackling in her head. (Snow Black put a sleeping potion on half of the apple.)

Grammy White took a bite and was fine. But when Snow Black took a bite, she fell asleep. Grammy White found Snow’s spell book and cast a spell to find the closest castle to stay in. She said, “Invenio unus castra etenim memet,” and found one. When she arrived with sleeping Snow, she met Prince Warren, and they immediately fell in love with each other. He let her stay.

Chapter Five

“Where did Grammy White go???” Panic the foxie asked.

“I don’t know,” Grumpy said grumpily.

“Maybe she’s somewhere better!” Happy said, thinking of how happy she might be right now.

Oh, how much they missed her! Even Grumpy was crying!

Chapter Six

Grammy White missed her friend foxies, and she felt bad for not telling them she left, so she wrote them a letter and gave them some chocolates and muffins.

Dear foxies,

I miss you guys a lot, but I have moved to Prince Warren’s castle. I hope you guys like the treats! Also, you can come over whenever you want!

Love, Grammy White.

Chapter Seven

“I told you that she is in a better place!” Happy told the other foxies.

“Let’s visit her today! She said we could visit anytime!!!” Grumpy said, surprisingly happily!

So, they started their journey. When the foxies arrived, the prince and Grammy were dancing! The dancing brought a tear to Grumpy’s eye!

“So sweet!” Grumpy said.

Then, Grammy saw them and said, “Hi, little foxies!”

But when the prince saw them, he screamed, “Grammy! Get away!

But she told the prince that they were nice, so they got to live at the castle now.  

Wedding Day

Many years had passed, and Grammy was getting married.

“Grammy White, do you take Prince Warren for your handsome husband?” the priest asked.

“I do!” she said.

“And do you, Prince Warren, take Grammy for your loyal, royal queen?”

“I do!”

“You can kiss the bride.”

And they lived happily ever after. But Snow Black didn’t. She lived in the dungeon, still sleeping, of Queen Grammy and King Warren.

The End.