They say the more you practice, the better you get,

But my grades are getting worse.

I always practice doodling on my desk.

Is there some kind of sketching curse?

In math, Madame says there’s an answer to everything.

So, after work, when everyone else is done, 

I kindly ask her in my high pitched voice:

“I forgot. Is there an answer to 2 + 1?”

He said that hard work translates to good grades,

But I don’t think he really understood.

For I’m working hard at recess time, 

And my grades have not yet changed for good.

Mr. Smith says that good spelling makes good writing.

Now, at least I know how to spell.

I’m still at the kindergarten spelling level.

I’m sure he thinks I really excel.

Tech teacher says to stay safe on the computer,

So I email a hacker my real password.

I figured he’d help me keep my account safe.

Lily thinks that’s absolutely absurd.

Music teacher said to play nice and loud.

I told her there were no songs called loud nor nice.

Apparently, that was my third strike

Teacher says, “You’ll have to pay the price.”

Everyone says that library class is bad. 

I think it is super super boring.

So when we are picking books to check out,

I spend time sleeping and snoring.

In cooking class, teacher tells me to drain the pasta.

So I put my pasta down the drain.

In choir, the teacher tells me to sing from the start,

So I decide to skip to the refrain.

Spanish teacher says that Spanish is useful in trade,

But I really don’t think that that is true.

Everyone doesn’t know any trade words

And I only know just one and two.

Tom says reading’s always the hardest subject.

I really really really agree with that too.

The book of letters is so super hard to read.

Teacher always says “It’s x, not u!”

Gym teacher says a pull-up is really great.

But I get splinters from the bar of wood.

I get 0 almost every time I try.

I assume one below great is good?

She said concentrating gives you higher grades.

I intensely concentrate on my need to pee.

Everyone says I’m the dumbest kid in grade 4, 

Is there something wrong with me?