A girl named #13= lived in the Bronx, where people would talk as if everyone knew each other and as if everyone was family. She was always wanted because she had the ability to read minds. She was taken when she flew to another planet. This planet was called Dead Land. When you see Dead Land from outer space, you see all black. It takes normal kids and make them into weapons that they use for kill like a game. 

#13= was tested on and had to do things that she didn’t like. She had to kill, and if she didn’t do this, she was put in a small space with nothing in it. They erased her mind of her family and where she lived, but she knew that they would make her forget, so she kept a locket with a picture of her family in front of a church to remember where she lived and who she lived with. She made a friend because she needed someone that will make her hold on to hope. Her name was Sally and she also was taken but she escaped, and now they talk by mind reading. They are planning to get #13= out of Dead Land.                                          

Sally said ‘’l have a plan to get you out of here.’’ 

“What is it?’’ said #13=.

“I am going to help you leave this awful planet like l did.’’

“But how?’’

“I am going to get you out. You know how the workers have there lunch breaks?”  

“Yeah but you know that there is also a guard watching us.’’ 

“But the guard takes one person to get tested on then another person comes to watch us when they switch the guards. l will unlock you with my powers and save you.’’ 


When this was happening, Sally was trying to be as careful as she can be. But she tried and it was hard. Her powers weren’t working and the new guard came too soon. But using both of their powers, they killed the guard and were free. It was so scary for #13=. She thought the plan would not work out and they’ll be dead.

It was a long way home, but she and Sally were happy to be home. They went back home and everyone was so confused because they thought #13= was dead. But she did not care about that. She wanted to be home and she was. When she woke up, she was with her family and friends.

2 years later 

She is back in school and she is  living the normal life that she always wanted. #13= fell for this boy named Jason. They all were best friends and everything was good… but then there was news of the bad man coming to America from Dead Land.                 

Part 2 is coming later

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