A Cat Called Sunny

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Pepper. She was 12 years old, and she had a cat called Sunny. Sunny was black and had big white spots. Pepper always thought something was odd about her. One time, Pepper had to do her homework and saw her cat drawing on paper with a pencil!

She jumped and screamed, “What the heck?!

The cat screeched because she got super scared and ran out of her room and went under her parents’ bed. Pepper was done with her homework, and her mom called her for dinner. Pepper was super, super hungry. Her favorite food was sushi!! And her cat also loved sushi (she liked salmon avocado rolls). Her cat came downstairs, and Pepper sat down in her chair. When Pepper started eating, her cat jumped on the table and ate up all her sushi rolls!

Pepper was surprised, and she said, “Bad kitty!!” And she pushed Sunny off the table!!!

Sunny said quietly, “These humans are so rude!”

Pepper heard Sunny and shrieked and said, “Did Sunny just speak?!”

Pepper’s parents said, “Sweetie, calm down. What are you talking about?”

Pepper said, “Sunny spoke. Did you hear? Did you hear?!

She screamed, and her mom said, “Honey, I said calm down, will ya!

Sunny said very, very quietly, “I’m afraid she knows.”

Luckily, Pepper didn’t hear. When Pepper was done with her homework, she went to bed. In her bed, she was thinking about the thing that happened during dinner when her cat talked, and she had the weirdest dream about Sunny! It was about her turning into a cat and Sunny turning into a human, and she was the one talking as a cat. So, it was the opposite! When she woke up, Pepper screamed because of her dream. By accident, she woke up her parents.

They barged in, and they said, “What is the matter with you lately?!”

Pepper said, “Uh… nothing. I just had a, uh… bad dream?”

Her mom said, “Oh, my poor baby.”

Pepper just ignored her and went back to sleep, but they said, “Why are you going back to sleep. It’s 7:50!”

Pepper freaked out and rushed down the ladder of her bed. She had a loft bed. Pepper put on her clothes and ran downstairs to eat breakfast, and her cat was there licking her paw and looking at the toy.

Pepper said, “Don’t worry, my wittle kitty Sunny! I’ll give you food. Here, let me get the cat food.”

Sunny didn’t want food, so she said, “Meow!”

Pepper said, “You don’t want food?”

Sunny meowed again and again and again and again. “Meow, meow meow meow!!!”

And Pepper said, “Ohhhh… you want your toy! Right?”

She meowed, “Yes.” Pepper gave the chew toy to Sunny, and Sunny ripped it like crazy! So, Pepper had to buy a new one that didn’t break easily.

Finally, Pepper brought the cat into her room and said, “Tell me the truth, Sunny. Can you talk or not?!”

Sunny said, “Meow!”

Pepper said, “Dang it!”

Sunny opened the door by herself and left the room. Pepper sighed and went on the computer to play Coolmath Games and played the dinosaur version.

Pepper’s mom screamed, “Honey, time for bed!! Oh wait, you’re right next to me. Sorry.” And then she laughed.

Then, Pepper said, “Seriously, Mom?! My ears popped, and that really hurt!”

Her mom said, “Sorry… I didn’t know you were there… ” She also said, “I’m just saying… it’s time for bed. Kay?”

She said, “Okay fine. I’ll go.”

“And make sure to take your — ”

I know!! My shower. Sure sure.” Her mom rolled her eyes. Pepper took her shower and went to bed. It was the morning, and it was Friday! Pepper was happy but not happy to go to school… at least she could have choice time today and go on her computer. Oh… and I forgot she’s in fifth grade. Pepper got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed her teeth, and went to the bus to go to school.

Her teacher was standing next to the board and said, “Good morning, class, and happy Friday!!!”

Pepper’s teacher was very joyful and happy all the time. Her teacher was nice! Pepper’s class screamed.

Good morning, Miss Heather!!” they said.

Pepper just fell asleep till miss Heather said, “Pepper Smith! Wake up!” She said that when it was time for recess and lunch at 12:00! Right when Pepper woke up, she heard a scratch under her desk. She peeked under it and realized it was Sunny!!

Pepper screamed, “What the!! Why is my cat here?!” The cat just meowed. Pepper just took the cat in her arms and asked the teacher to put Sunny in her bag and zip it up really tight. School was over. Pepper walked home. It was only a few blocks away.

When she opened her door, her mom screamed and scared Pepper and said, “How was your day?! Mine was fine. How about yours?!”

Pepper says, “Aaaaaaaaaaaa, a monster!!! Oh, it’s Mom! What is wrong with you? You can’t just scare me like that!

Her mom said, “Oh… I scared you? Weird, you barely even jumped.”

Pepper said, “Sorry… What was that? ‘Cause I jumped way higher than I usually do!!

Her mom said, “Sorry, I like doing that.”

And Pepper ignored her and went straight to her homework. But Sunny came out of nowhere and grabbed her homework and started to write on it, and Pepper screamed, “Sunny, come back here with my homework!!”

Sunny ignored her and started doing her homework and getting a pencil. Pepper was so confused because she started to see Sunny actually doing her homework and getting some of the problems right!

Pepper screamed and said, “What the freak?! How are you doing my homework and actually getting the problems right?! You’re a creepy cat, Sunny!” Sunny just meowed again and left with the homework paper.

And Pepper said, “Wait! Tell me the truth… what is your secret?” Sunny just… didn’t reply and left. Pepper was so mad at Sunny, and before Sunny left, Pepper grabbed her and said, “Sunny, you better talk ‘cause it’s going to get messy! Talk now!”

And Sunny said, “Okay okay okay. I’ll talk. The truth is I can talk. Please don’t kill me!”

Pepper said, “O-M-G, I knew it. I knew you could talk. Hahahah!!! Oh sorry… don’t worry, why would I kill my own cat? I love cats!” She also said, “Hey… also tell me how you wrote?”

Sunny said, “Well, when I was in your class earlier I kind of listened to what the teacher was saying. So, I copied it down on a piece of paper, and when we went back home, I did your homework.”

Pepper said, “That doesn’t answer my question. I said how did you learn to write?”

Sunny said, “Ohh… my parents taught me, and my mom’s owner taught my mom so yeah… that’s the story.”

Pepper said, “I’m so happy!! I can talk to you whenever I want. You are my BFFL now!!

Sunny said, “Wasn’t I always your BFFL?”

Pepper said, “Oh right. Yeah, of course!”

Sunny said, “Let’s go get some ice cream.”

Pepper said, “Wait, cats can’t eat ice cream. They get sick if they do… ”

Sunny said, “Oh fine, let’s get some sushi then.”

Pepper said, “Sure, quick because my mom is almost home.”

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