Clean-Up’s Adventures

The girl living in the apartment above him was reading The Legend of Clean-Up. Yup, Clean-Up is a legend because he can make hot dogs fly. The little girl’s name is Zoe Is Awesome (Zoe for short).

Zoe was in her bed arguing with her mom.

“Is Clean-Up real?” Zoe asked her mom.


“Are you sure?”


“Are you sure that you’re sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure that I’m sure.”

Meanwhile, downstairs, Zoe’s dad was breaking the TV, so he could fix it again. He was very crazy.

Zoe wanted to know if Clean-Up was real because he was so awesome and could fly when he touched a hot dog!

“Zoe, stop thinking about Clean-Up,” her mom said sharply, as she turned the lights out.

“No! I want to know if he’s real or not,” said Zoe as she opened The Legend of Clean-Up, and she turned on her flashlight.

Chapter Two

The next morning, Clean-Up’s mother said, “Clean-Up, you need to go to school!

No,” said Clean-Up.

“Yes, Clean-Up. You need to,” said his mom.

“Ahem, what about my incredibly fancy shmancy ever so awesome powers,” said Clean-Up.

“You need to go school. Just don’t make any friends that like hot dogs,” said his mom.

“Okay fine,” said Clean-Up. “But I have to change my name. I’ll be… Kevin Up-Clean!”

So, it was official. Clean-Up was going to the six hour torture chamber (school).

Chapter Three

“Today is my first day of school!” said Clean-Up (or Kevin Up-Clean). So, Clean-Up went to school for his first time.

“So, class, today we have a new student who is also allergic to hot dogs, so if you have hot dogs, please stay away!” said the teacher.

Then, Kevin made a friend named Jacob. (He was very nice, and he showed Kevin where everything was, like where the bathroom was.) So then it was lunch time, and someone had a hot dog.

(So, someone had a hot dog. But luckily, they stayed away from each other secretly, so nothing bad happened.)

Then, Clean-Up and Jacob both went home to their houses and went to bed.

Chapter Four

Zoe was getting ready for school when she spotted The Legend of Clean-Up!

“I know he’s real,” Zoe cried.

“Who’s real, honey?” asked Zoe’s mom.

“No one,” said Zoe. Zoe grabbed The Legend of Clean-Up, stuffed it in her backpack, and ran to school.

At school, she told everybody about Clean-Up. When she said he was real, they thought she was crazy. There was still one person she hadn’t told Kevin Up-Clean. She walked over to Kevin Up-Clean.

“Do you believe in Clean-Up ?” she asked him.

“Yes,” said Kevin Up-Clean.

“Really?” said Zoe. She was so excited.

“Totally,” said Kevin Up-Clean.

“I never met anyone who believed in Clean-Up before!”

“Where do you live?” asked Clean-Up.

“86th Street,” said Zoe.

“Me too!” said Kevin Up-Clean.

“Want to come to my house after school?” asked Zoe

“Sure,” said Kevin. After school, Kevin Up-Clean went to Zoe’s house. Zoe’s house was awesome.

“Zoe, I have to tell you something. No one can know. I am Clean-Up,” said Kevin Up-Clean.

Chapter Five

One day, Clean-Up was walking with Zoe and talking. Then, the school bully walked by with a hot dog.

He said, “Clean-Up isn’t real. If he was, he would be really bad and do bad stuff.”

Clean-Up felt really mad. He wanted to eat the hot dog too, but he couldn’t touch it, because he would make it fly with his magical powers.

Zoe and Clean-Up tried to stop the bully from saying mean things.

Zoe said, “Stop it! Go away! Don’t bully a legend because it can be true, and it can also not be true. And it’s mean. And actually, if Clean-Up was real, I’d like him.”

“Yeah, Zoe. You’re right!” said Clean-Up, feeling awesome. Then they both went to Zoe’s house and ate Skittles!

Then, he had two best friends, Zoe and Jacob.

And he liked both of them.

A lot.

Chapter Six

After that, everything was okay until… One day at recess, the school bully came and cornered Clean-Up and then put him in a bag and took him to his secret lair, and he stayed there

for a long time…

Then, Clean-Up said, “I am awesome, so I can get myself out of here, and I am Clean-Up! I will survive!”

Two hours later, after trying very hard, he gave up. Then, he sat down and saw something very mysterious … a box of Oreos and a key to get out. Clean-Up was to scared to go outside because he knew that Dominic (the bully) was guarding the outside of his secret lair waiting for Clean-Up to try to get out. Then, Clean-Up had an idea… He threw the key out the window (because it was useless), and he started writing a letter to Zoe and Jacob … But then Dominic noticed what Clean-Up was doing and quickly took the note and crumpled it up and locked him up in the lair all alone, and Clean-Up was left alone to just have a feeling of hope that Zoe and Jacob would come and find him.

Chapter Seven

The next 20 weeks, when Clean-Up wasn’t at school, Zoe decided something was wrong. She called Jacob and asked him to come over. Jacob and Zoe agreed something was wrong.

Zoe sighed.

“Jacob, I didn’t want to know about Clean-Up because he’s awesome but because I’m a legend too,” said Zoe.

“Really?” said Jacob.

“Really. I’m Zoe Is Awesome. I have had my super powers ever since I was a kid and never told anyone,” said Zoe.

“Well, I’m Panda Jacob. And I can turn into a Panda! I have had my super powers since I was born and have not told anyone too,” said Jacob proudly.

“And I can fly when I touch a chicken and fall when it disappears,” said Zoe.

“Great, we’ll make an awesome team. We will save Clean-Up in no time,” said Jacob.

So that weekend, Zoe and Jacob set out to find Clean-Up, but first… they told Clean-Up’s mom where they were going. Afterwards, they went to Jacob’s treehouse.

“So,” said Zoe, “Clean-Up was probably kidnapped.” Jacob nodded.

“Here’s the list of suspects,” said Jacob as he gave her a notebook.

At the top of the list was Dominic’s name.

“It was probably Dominic,” said Jacob. Zoe didn’t say anything.

“Where could Dominic hide Clean-Up?” Zoe said finally.

“Anywhere,” said Jacob.

Zoe spread out a map. She looked at all the places on the map. “Crocodile Creek, Lobster Lagoon, Carrot Cavern, Crystal Cavern. Where could Clean-Up be?” asked Zoe.

“I say we check Crystal Cavern first,” said Jacob.

“Good idea,” said Zoe. So, Jacob and Zoe set off to Crystal Cavern with Zoe’s pet chicken, Alfred.

Chapter Eight

When Zoe and Jacob reached Crystal Cavern, they saw a crack in the stone wall of the cave. Zoe peered through the crack and said, “I don’t see anything. Check the ground for trap doors. I’ll search the wall for secret passages.”

“Ay ay, captain,” said Jacob.

“Ha, I am not the captain. I just read a lot of stuff about it.” Jacob dropped to his knees and began to search.

After one hour….

“I found a key!” Jacob hollered at the top of his lungs.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Not so loud. Dominic could hear you. Can I see the key?” Zoe whispered. Jacob handed her the key.

“This is the key to unlock Clean-Up,” she said.

“The entrance is over there. Let’s go,” Jacob said. Zoe and Jacob hurried over to the entrance and used the key to open the door…

Bam crash bang. Axes, hammers, and swords wouldn’t stop raining down from the sky. “How do we stop this!” Jacob said.

“We don’t stop them. We’re going through them,” said Zoe fiercely. Without another word, Zoe grabbed Jacob’s arm and pulled out Alfred and started floating, but as soon as she was in the air, she began to sink back down!

“What happened!” cried Jacob.

“You’re too heavy,” said Zoe.

“Me? But I’ve been on a diet for weeks!” said Jacob.

“Turn into a panda and give me your bamboo.” Jacob turned into a panda and handed Zoe his unlimited supply of bamboo. Zoe began to build a tunnel out of the bamboo. Zoe and Jacob walked through the tunnel. When they were at the other end, they saw Dominic guarding a door. It was a big metal door, and it had a big metal lock in it.

“Let us pass,” said Jacob.

“Go ahead,” said Dominic.

Jacob started to walk forward..

“Don’t do it. It’s a trap,” said Zoe. Jacob stopped and turned into a panda.

“What are you doing?” asked Zoe.

Jacob didn’t say anything. He inched forward towards Dominic.

“What are you doing?” asked Dominic.

When Jacob was an inch away, he pounced on Dominic.

“Hey, stop that!” said Dominic. When Dominic was on the floor, Jacob sat on him and smiled. Jacob made sure that Dominic was knocked out and then turned back into himself.

Zoe and Jacob ran over to the door. “How are we going to find the combination for the lock?” asked Zoe.

“I don’t know,” said Jacob. Jacob tried a million different combinations. Zoe was walking around the room, seeing if there were any other ways in.

Finally, Zoe said, “The door isn’t actually locked.”

Jacob was shocked, but he opened the door anyway. They walked through the door and saw Clean-Up chained up in the corner.

“How do we get Clean-Up now?” asked Jacob.

“The key wasn’t only for the door outside. It was also for the cage that Clean-Up was in.”

Jacob and Zoe ran over and unlocked Clean-Up. Then, they locked up Dominic and took the Oreos!

Clean-Up was saved! They paraded out of Dominic’s lair and went back to Clean-Up’s house.

Chapter Nine

Hip hip hooray! Three cheers for Jacob and Zoe!” cheered Clean-Up.

They were in a hot dog shop on 85th Street to celebrate their victory.

Clean-Up touched a hot dog, and the hot dog hovered above it. They ate hot dog cake and Oreos and played tag and Clean-Up was It. He could just tag someone with his string, and then Clean-Up would pull his string up. And when they wanted to tag him, they had to jump up to tag him!

Wherever Clean-Up wanted to go, he was just right above Zoe. If Clean-Up didn’t want to walk to school or he hurt his leg (or any other part of his body), Zoe would give him a hot dog and pull him to school. And then every day, Clean-Up and Jacob went to Zoe’s house to play and have fun and celebrate that Zoe and Jacob saved Clean-Up. And then everything was okay.


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