Dragon Fire


In the moist, slippery cave at the darkest night, one blue and yellow egg sits at a crater in the cave. Two serpents slip into the cave and wrap around the egg.

“Dinner!” the first one yells. 

“No, he could have a much better use for us.”

Chapter One: Dragonite

I slink through the cave, my blue, silky scales make no sound. When I’m about to get out, my father yells, “Don’t even think about itssss,” his voice trailing off like a hiss. I haven’t been able to leave the cave since I hatched. My father found my egg in a crater over six years ago, and even now, he keeps saying that I’m far too weak to go out into the world by myself, and he’s probably right…

Chapter Two: 10 Years Later

I soar through the air. My scales have lost their blue, silky color and are now a vibrant yellow, a small spike on my head and thin, yellow wisp zoom backward on my head.

10 years ago, my father may have poisoned me if I went out of the cave but now, I’m bigger, stronger, and have gotten into fights. My father has told me more about the war that’s been going on, and how I will have to fight with my brothers and sisters to stop the fighting, that’s right! I haven’t talked about my siblings.

Chapter Three: A Chance to Talk about my Siblings

I have four siblings, each from a different one of the five clans. All have had their eggs “borrowed” by my Dad. There’s the Water tribe, the Earth tribe, the Fire tribe, the Light tribe, and me, from the Sky tribe. My oldest sibling, Mudstacle, is part of the Earth tribe. The youngest sibling, Riptide, is part of the Water tribe, Eruptor is from the fire tribe, and Sunlight, part of the Light tribe. I’m supposed to be called Dragonite, but just call me Chris, and we are supposed to stop the war.

Chapter Four: Battle training, Sky High

My dad says that I have to learn how to hunt and how to fight, so he slithers out of the cave and brings Landlings, with the fur on their head and the five little claws. I eat it promptly, of course, and then move to the history cave, where dad told me about the war. The five tribes are choosing sides to fight for the largest piece of land on the entire island. Water joined forces with Earth, Fire joined Light, and Sky fends for themselves. Of course, this doesn’t make my brothers and sisters pick sides. Next is battle training, this may be the end…

Chapter Five: Don’t Fight my Father!

This is probably a good time to say that my father is not just a normal snake, he’s a big, GIANT snake, with venomous, poison fangs that will make your heart stop in seconds. So while he is melting rocks with his acid, I’m hiding behind a rock trying to avoid the crossfire, shooting flames here and there blindly, when eventually, I do what the sky tribe always does: summon electricity to their fist and punch people in the gut, except I punch my father.

Chapter Six: Punishment or Praise

My siblings stick their heads out in surprise, Riptide spits water out of his mouth and laughs like a hyena. Dad stands up on his tail and glares at me. Then, he opens his mouth, I brace myself, and he says… 

“Well done, Dragonite. You get to eat five pieces of food from the prey pile.”

“WHAT?” we all say in unison.

Chapter Seven: Grand Theft Egg

My siblings hate my father, they want to go back to their families, especially Eruptor. Her egg was stolen from the royal hatchery, meaning that she’s the next Fire tribe queen, meaning that she was taken from him to start a war. If she wasn’t nice, she would have seared her claws through his skin. But me, I just want to end the war and go back home, to the sky.

Chapter Eight: Cave Run

For laughing, my dad puts a chain around Riptide’s mouth and ties him to the Cave rock. So that’s when Eruptor has enough and she says she is going to get out of here and we could come if we want. Riptide muffles something so Eruptor sears the chains of Riptide since she has fireproof scales. Once Dad, or “Venomdrench,” hears the metal clanking, he slithers to the cave, where Riptide is freezing the rock blocking the exit. I punch, and we fly away. We don’t know where we are going, we just leave.

Chapter Nine: Royalty

We soar through the air, we are finally free, we can do what we want. But then we see shiny glistening scales drag Eruptor down, but Riptide freezes the attacker’s wings and he plummets to the ground. I float down carefully and I see a brown dragon with pearls and jewel bracelets on her arms and legs. Mudstacle quivers and says,

“Guys, that’s the Earth queen. Earthquake.” 

Chapter Ten: Royalty Harmed

We have a queen with frozen wings in front of us, I think. We let her go, the entire Earth kingdom will be after us, we kill her and we might cause an entire new war.

But without hesitation, Eruptor pours molten lava all around where the queen is standing, and the plot of land dropped, all the way to the Earth’s core.

“Well, now we have killed royalty, have an entire Tribe after us, and we have nowhere to go”

“Wait!” I yell to my Mudstacle, Sunlight, Eruptor, and Riptide. “The sky tribe is fond of all clans, we can stay there!’

Chapter 11: Sky’s in Disguise  

The Earth tribe can turn themselves into any color, such as a Sky dragon. Water dragons can change color as long as they’re in water. Fire dragons can stay to the yellow color of skywings as long as they’re calm, and Sunlight is half Skytribe, so no trouble at all. So we walk into the mountain, called the Kingdom of Sky, and a guard twice our size opens the door, ready to pounce, then he looks down at us, and Riptide says,


Chapter 12: 15 years later

We’re all visiting Eruptor, queen of the Fire tribe. I bring my kids along in a small little bag, one blue and yellow egg, and one red and blue egg. Mudstacle became the new Earth queen, and Riptide is the best hunter in the water tribe, and Sunlight, the Light princess. Mudstacle now has five big pearls on her body, Eruptor has jewels embroidered all around her, Riptide has gills and a fin on his head and back, and I have fully grown wings. Sunlight, queen of the strongest tribe, has a Sunstone on her chest and a sun emblem on her cheek. We are the protectors of the dragonfire.