Ever After

Walking through the forest

Is a very happy adventure.

I use a stick as my wand

To spell it: H – A – P – P – Y!

I finally find some weeds. 

They are soft as a pillow

When I go to bed. I see flowers

Pink and bright in the afternoon 

Sunshine. My paws feel warm

On the thin, tall, prickly grass. 

A ladybug lands on my nose.

I am frightened and forget

That ladybugs are good luck.

Starting with the flowers–

Lavender is first. It prickles

But smells like a sweet scent

In the night. The purple flowers

Look like a ball. It reminds me 

Of playing with my mom. 

The magnolia leaves look like my ears.

The bamboo forest is my fort.

It has leaves like a cat tongue.

I explore on a fallen tree.

I sniff a fly on a rock 

That looks like an island.

The fly is itching in my fur!

A cat tail tickles my nose.

I lap up clear, fresh water

From the brook.

An old spiderweb makes a bush

Look like a haunted house.

The bug trapped inside is super scary.

I run and let the bees and butterflies

Chase me. As the wind rushes through

My ears, I feel joyful.

I am an energetic ball

Tangling through pillows

And having a good day.

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