Luca the Bear

Once upon a time there lived a bear named Luca. He was three years old and he wanted to go to school. But then, he realized that he didn’t have a parent because there was a robbery. His mom was running and she got shot and then the dad thought the mom had the baby, not realizing she passed away, leaving the baby still in the crib! Then, an inspection came and took Luca to an orphanage. He missed his parents a lot, but he thought if he went to school and made more friends, he wouldn’t miss his parents as much. So, he decided to pack up all of his things and run away from the orphanage to go to school. He walked along the road for a while and saw a school that was free. You could just walk in and sign up! And the best part was that it was especially for orphans. So he walked in and he signed up and the front desk told him what class he was in. He was in a class that was taught by his aunt, who was named Rosie! Luca walked into class and saw Rosie teaching. 

When Rosie saw Luca she said, “Luca! It’s so good for you to visit!”

“Well, I’m not visiting! This is my school now!” Luca replied.

“Wow! That is great! Take a seat.”

Luca took a seat in the back because he was feeling a little shy. Then, after reading, he had playtime. Playtime was in the classroom since it was raining outside. Luca played with blocks and drew on the white board. While he was drawing, Rosie came over to Luca.

“Where are your parents?” Rosie asked Luca.

“My parents are in heaven,” Luca said sadly.

“Why don’t you stay at my place?” Rosie offered to Luca.

He felt excited and joyful that he wasn’t the only person in his family that was alive.          

That night, Luca heard a noise. He went into his aunt’s bed to sleep with his aunt because he got scared. He couldn’t sleep because he thought that there were monsters under the bed. And in the morning, he was too scared to get out from under the bed because he was scared that the monsters were going to come out and grab his feet and drag him under the bed. 

The next morning, Luca was feeling a little bit hungry so he got out of bed and ran to the kitchen, and his aunt made him chocolate chip pancakes. He was too scared to go into his bedroom and get his clothes out of his closet so he made his aunt do it for him. After he got dressed, he went out to the park to play baseball with his friends. 

After he played baseball with his friends, he heard the noise again. 

He was like, “What is that noise?” Luca said to the darkness. And then Luca ran downstairs and told his aunt. He ran back home and got in his spy costume. So he searched around the house but the only place that he hadn’t searched was the attic. He was really scared to go in the attic, so he decided to grab his favorite stuffed animal—which was a teddy—and he stood up bravely and walked up the stairs to the attic.

Once he got up into the attic, he put his teddy down on a chair. And in the attic, he saw a cricket. He saw it move, and he got a bat from his baseball kit and started swatting the cricket and hit the cricket with his bat. But the cricket hopped right away.

And he was like, “Aunt Rosie, I saw something crazy in the attic—it was a little thing that kept hopping and hopping, and I had no idea what it was. Call an exterminator!” 

He thought a robot came and took his teddy. 

So Luca and his aunt went upstairs and then there was a cold draft through the room. Luca thought there was only one meaning for this: it was his mom.

Luca was like, “Is that you, Mommy?”

And his mom was like, “Yes. I have your teddy in a safe spot. Come with me, and I will show it, under one condition: give me food!” So Luca ran downstairs and gave his mom cocoa powder. And then his mom took him to a door Luca has never been to before. And then he opened the door, and teddy was there! 

His aunt saw the cricket. His aunt was like, “That’s just a cricket. This place is old so that’s why there are bugs.”
“Well, I heard this creepy noise in the night.” 

 The aunt started digging through all the piles, and in one pile, she found a head and a full body. And then the body walked out and Luca saw his dad.

Luca ran to his dad and said, “Why are you up here?” 

“Well, this used to be our old house. So when I was running, I ran right up to the attic. So when I went up there, I knew to hide. And when the robbers ran up to the attic, they didn’t see anything so I was safe. But then I fell asleep for a long time, and I didn’t have enough strength to get up because there was a big weight on my feet. So when you pulled me up, I could get out. And I’m very hungry so I need some food.”

So Luca’s aunt ran downstairs and got him some leftover chocolate chip pancakes. And then Luca’s dad said, “Where is your mom? Why are you living with your aunt?” 

“I don’t know. Mom passed away when she was trying to escape.” 

“But how did you get here?” 

“Well, when the inspection came, they took me to an orphanage, but I ran away, and I went to a school for orphans. And Aunt Rosie was my teacher, so Rosie adopted me. But then I heard a noise, and I just ignored it that time and then went to bed. Well, I’m not afraid anymore. Now that I’m with my dad and my aunt, I won’t ever be afraid again.”

The dad said “I love you too, Luca.” 

So they had such a fun time with Luca, and they all piled on the couch and watched a movie, and that’s the end.

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