Missile Tensions with North Korea

Most of the United States have heard about the recent tensions with North Korea on the subject of missiles. Most recently the meeting between the American president and the dictator of North Korea. America and North Korea has had a long history of relations together and none of the talks turned out well for the U.S. and while North Korea enjoyed lessened sanctions while still making missiles. The original tensions came about because of the Korean war in which North Korea backed by China invaded South Korea because it was a communist country and it wanted to spread communism. Then America intervened because it was very scared of the spread of communism and pushed the combined  forces of North Korea and China back into North Korea where a cease fire was made at the 49th parallel. So ever since North Korea lost they wanted missiles to defend themselves most recently they used missiles so the president had a meeting with the dictator of North Korea. Nothing will come of the recent meeting between our president and the dictator of North Korea.

There have been 3 main deals with North Korea. These deals were about maintaining world peace  in exchange for security guarantees for North Korea The first happened in 1994 it was a very wide agreement it was called the Agreed Framework. This said that North Korea will freeze its nuclear program then dismantle it inreturn for oil and nuclear power that cannot be used to make bombs. This means that the places that could be hit by North Korea’s bombs were safe. Then a little time after that, as the NY times says, “At the end of 2002, North Korea expelled inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency, restarted its nuclear facilities and announced it was withdrawing from the nonproliferation treaty. The Agreed Framework was dead.” This meant that North Korea was going to start testing missiles again. This meant that North Korea betrayed its agreement which means that they cannot be trusted for further deals.With the Bush administration the negotiations happened with six countries and they made a  deal with North Korea but it was never vitrified. The final deal before the current one was in return for food aid North Korea will dismantle its nuclear program. That deal fell apart too so there is a large risk that the current one will fall apart.

The recent Meeting between Kim Jong un and Donald trump was heralded a historic event  because it was the first meeting between two leaders of the united states and North Korea and was supposed to unfreeze the relations on the korean peninsula. Many promises were made this time but they were very broad and unclear especially on  the american side.This shows that the treaty might not be up to standing with all the promises. A very broad promise on the korean side is the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. This is a very large promise that will not work because North Korea has many missile facilities and last time it promised this it did not carry through on its promise. Another promise is that  America will provide “very good”economic opportunities in the words of president trump to North Korea. This shows that since the promises are so broad they might be hard to follow through on. This shows that it is very hard to follow through on broad promises.

Many things are expected from the Trump Kim summit but the best that the United States can hope for is Korea joining the nuclear countries and allowing nuclear inspectors in to the country For the U.S. To have safety North Korea must agree to the nuclear treaty. One other thing that was proposed in the summit it North Korea  is a modern North Korea with beach resort hotels and more. This though is unlikely to happen if economic sanctions do not lift Donald trump specified that economic sanctions will not lift unless north Korea gets rid of its nuclear missiles. So this vision is also very unlikely.so the most that the United states and korea can hope for is North korea becoming a safe nuclear nation.

This essay gave a plethora of information about the North Korean missile crisis but what does it mean, why is it important?  The North Korean missile crisis is important because the people of the united states need to be prepared and be ready as to not start world war 3. One way the united states can avoid this is by starting diplomatic relations and accepting North Korea as a nuclear power. Also the people of the world need to be ready to step in and prevent conflict.

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