10:18 AM, 7/23/1999

In a city that is busy the whole day, something very extreme happens. The NASA rocket blasts off into space, but the rocket’s screws fall out, and a nuclear blast erupts and starts blasting radiation, gamma, plasma, and energy. Run!!! To the shelter!!! Run!!! Everybody tries. But they all die. The blast reaches high altitudes and blasts the whole earth. The world is gone.

The end of the world.

10:23 AM, 7/23/1999

There is one hope for humanity though. A 23-year-old named Joseph.

“I can’t believe I am the last,” he says. “But I played Fallout,” he shouts.

He goes to the basement and gets his food and puts it in a box. He goes and takes his solar panel and connects it to the circuits. He tries to connect the TV to the news, but no channel works. He then soon finds out that the circuit is limited, and he needs to find resources and dig deeper.

He takes a radioactive suit and puts it in a box. He goes and gets some food. He eats a sandwich and then goes to sleep. Then, he wakes up and starts playing Fallout 2.

Then, he says to himself, “I have a plan!!!”

He looks out the window and sees a really nice looking city. He takes his RMA, and it beeps 530 sieverts per minute. He takes out his computer, and it screeches the Windows XP welcome sound. He searches up how to survive an end of the world scenario, and he does what it says.

He then does some random things and wastes time.

He says, “Tomorrow is a new day,” and goes to sleep…

12:23 PM, 7/24/1999

“A new day,” Joseph says.

He does the same thing as yesterday. He goes and gets a drill to build a bunker, which he does. He goes and takes a drill to make a hatch. But then he takes his suit and goes outside. He goes and gets resources.

“Wow!” he says.

He is surprised at what he sees. He sees animals. But then he goes back home and puts the resources into a box. He walks to the circuit and puts in the electrical transformer and regulator. Then, the electricity goes back on.

… In the middle of 2000

He almost gives up as he stands on the mountain. But all the radiation is gone in this part. He sees a small town, and he says that he comes from a trip that took him over a year, with all the wild animals and living with a bear. Now he has come to rest as he has shown his best. He goes to his little house and lies down on his bed.

But before he closes both his eyes, a man comes in and asks Joe, who has one eye open, something important, “What land do you come from?”

“I come from Atlanta,” says Joe.

“It’s me, Mike.”

“Hello, old friend!!!”

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