Alex had a normal life until he was eight. His parents went out to get food while he stayed at home. That was when he put on the TV. There was a sudden news flash. It said there was a robbery happening near a store. The robber wore a black mask, a jacket, and blue jeans. Police were on the scene saying,


That was when it happened. It was crazy, people started screaming and running and police were firing at the robber, the robber firing back. Alex sat there paralyzed in fright. But as he watched, he saw the police catching the robber. It later said that at least five people died, three police and two citizens. Alex then realized that the store that got robbed was the store that his parents went to get food at! Alex’s mind went through a million thoughts.

Are they dead? Are they hurt? Are they coming home? Should I go out to see if they are okay? After many arguments with himself, he decided to stay. That was when he heard on the news the child’s parents that got killed will get collected by the orphanage.

Hours passed and no one came, not even his parents had come home. That was when he heard a knock on the door. He was filled with excitement. Could it really be his parents? Then he remembered what the news said.

Well, he thought, it is time to find out. He opened the door and saw…

Two tall men. Wearing black clothes like if someone just died. The first man said, “Hello, child, may I come in?”

Alex knew not to let strangers in, but he had a gut feeling that they were important. So he let them both in. It was like they were inspecting the house. After some minutes looking around, they sat down. One of them said, “So did you hear the news?”

“Yes, I heard that they said a robbery happened and five people, including two citizens, died.”

 The other men said, “You’re right. And did you hear what they said later?”

“Yes,” Alex replied. “They said the child’s parents who died would go to an orphanage.”

“Well are your parents Steve and Chirstine?”


“Well, I am afraid I have some bad news… your parents got killed by the robber.”

Alex sat there in shock. All of a sudden, he started to cry. One of them said,

“What is your name, child?”

“A- A- Alex,” he said, sobbing.

“Well, I am Michael, this David. So I am afraid we will have to take you to the orphanage. Come on, Alex.”

Alex, sobbing, went with them and never looked back.


That was three years ago, and ever since then, Alex had been in the orphanage. He remembered that day like it was yesterday. Every day he thought about it and wished it never happened. In the two years people tried to adopt him, it never ended well. The first family seemed nice at first but it turned out they weren’t. They worked him like a slave every day. One day it went too far, and Alex escaped. He had nowhere to go so it was back to the orphanage for him. After that, three more families adopted him but he ran away from all of them. They all were nice, but he never liked them. All he ever wished for was a family like the one he had. He remembered the times they spent together. How his parents loved him. But his parents had died and there was nothing that could change that.

A few days after he had run away from his fourth home, a new kid came in. He was as tall as Alex, 4ft 6 in. A lady introduced him to Alex.

“Alex, this is Mike.”

“Hi,” said Mike.

“Hello,” Alex replied. 

“So how did you end up here?” Mike said. 

“My parents got killed by a robber two years ago,” Alex said sadly.

Mike replied, “Mine too.”         

“Wait… WHAT?” Alex said.

Mike looked confused.

“Why are you so surprised?” Alex said.

“That’s not possible, my parents were the only citizens that day it happened… unless. Wait, were your parents cops?”

“Yeah, how did you know?” Mike asked, surprised. 

“I thought I was the only kid that lost his parents from the robbery that day,’ Alex said.

“… ok. Anyway, how did it go for you getting a family?” Mike asked. 

“Well, good, I guess the first family wasn’t so nice, but the others

were, but I didn’t like them,” Alex said.

“What, why?” Mike asked, a little jealous.

“None of them are like my family,” Alex said.

“So, I got terrible people who wanted to adopt me and you are

running away from people who want to love you,”  Mike said angrily. 

“Well, umm you see that uhhh… ”  Alex said, stammering.

“My dream is to live a happy life with someone who loves me and all

you care about is people who are already dead,” he said angrily as he stormed off.

Alex sat there in confusion. What, has he never wanted his family back?

Alex didn’t see him later that day and slept while thinking about it. The next day, he had gone to breakfast and saw that Mike was going to a new home again, but this was the same home that Alex got for the first time. He ran towards Mike and said,

“What are you doing?”

Mike said a little annoyed, “What it looks like. I am getting a new


“Don’t go with them. They treat you like a slave.”

“How do you know?” Mike replied.

Alex said, “Because I went with them once.”

Mike stopped in surprise and said to the lady, “I don’t want to go with you.”

She looked angry. “Why?”

Mike said, “Because I am not a servant.”

She left storming off and Alex said, “You know, you’re right.”

“About what?” Mike replied.

 “They are dead and nothing can change that. I need to accept it,” Alex said.

“Yup, now let’s go and get a new family,” Mike answered.

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  1. Pulled me right in! I love the different amotions that Alex is feeling, and the beginning is awesome! Funny ending too.

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