Ruby the Red Dragon

Ruby was born right by a volcano. When her egg cracked open, her mother and father weren’t there. As Ruby got older, she taught herself how to stay safe and gather food by herself. 

One day, she was flying around the island and found a castle in the clouds that looked like it was abandoned. She drew near to the castle, and suddenly, a group of knights came out screaming, “Charge!” They shot arrows at her but missed. They threw cannons and anything they could, but still, they didn’t have good aim at Ruby. Somehow, even though she wasn’t doing anything, Ruby started to feel drowsy and sleepy. Everything went black in her mind.

When Ruby woke up, the sun was not out and it was dark. She had been carried to the dungeons of the castle. Ruby shot fire out of her nostrils, but the knights didn’t seem to notice. She shouted as loud as she could, but the knights still didn’t do anything. 

Once she got placed with the other dragons in her cell, in dragon language they asked each other’s names. The first 45 seconds they got to know each other, they immediately knew they were going to be best friends. One of the dragons was named Sapphire, another one named Pearl, and one named Opal. 

Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days, days turned into months, and months turned into years. All that time, the dragons made a plan to escape. 

One night, at 11:59 PM, they were prepared to break open their cells as quietly as they could. But the fire ended up blasting the castle in two pieces, leaving a cloud. 

As it did so, the dragons soared high to the cloud that the ancient castle was sitting on for millions of years.

My Cat Has a Bell: A Short Story in Haiku

My cat has a bell

She is trying to escape

From her blue collar

My cat hates the bell

The bell jingles when she walks

It makes a loud noise

She wants the bell off

My cat is licking her bell

I worry for her

My cat hates the bell

I tried to free her from it

But it is gone now

Maybe she ate it

I must take her to the vet

She is mad at me

I now found the bell

It was not in her belly

She loves me again

Snow Day

Snow is to the Earth like Athena is to the Gods

A beautiful mix of chaos

What wonders does the Earth want us to see

As we look so closely to the winter storm

Snow is as beautiful as a purple flower that blooms

It brings joy and happiness to me

Blizzard winds bring snow days

Sledding swiftly down hills

Admiring the piles of snow on the windowsill makes me want to build a snowman

Wondering if these icicles look like an upside-down castle

But all that matters is me looking out the window

Seeing white snow mounted on my air conditioner

Wondering how I will spend this snow day

A Trip to the Beach

Once upon a time, a girl named Maya and her brother Toby, were on summer break and they were so, so happy. So happy, that they decided to go to the beach with their friends named Zoey and Fin. The first thing they did was make sandcastles. They were 10 feet tall. Then they wanted to go in the water. They were in the water for about 10 minutes then Toby yelled, “Shark!” Everyone ran out of the water but there was one baby. Maya ran back into the water to save the baby. Maya saved the baby but the shark bit Maya. She started to bleed and cry. The lifeguards helped her while she cried. 

“Oh no!” Zoey said. Toby called her mom. Her mom’s phone was off. “Fin, call your mom.” 

“She is on a work call.”

The lifeguard called 911 and the shark lost all its teeth. Maya was happy the baby, whose name was Grace, was okay, but she was still crying. 

“What will we do? We need to help Maya,” said Zoey. 

“I’m okay, just really, really hurt,” Maya said. 

“Okay, but we still are going to help you,” said Fin. Maya was sitting on the sand.

Maya’s mom came running. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yes,” responded Maya. 

“What happened?” 

“I’m okay, but there are marks from where the shark bit me.”

“Okay, but you are bleeding a lot,” said Toby.

“Maybe we should go home and have lemonade and cookies,” said Maya’s mom. “That’s so good.” 

“Bring her to the hospital every day for 10 weeks,” said the doctor.

“Okay,” Maya said. 

At home, Maya had two cups of lemonade and three cookies, then she went to lie down in bed. Then Maya’s BFF, Becky, knocked on her bedroom door.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Sort of.”

 Maya’s mom walked in. “Mom, can I talk to Becky privately?”


“What do you need?”

“I need to talk to you. It hurts, but I am not okay.” 

“Okay, so why didn’t you just tell your mom and brother?” said Becky. 

“But … because. If I told them, I’d be in such great trouble because I’m not supposed to go in the water when the lifeguard blows their whistle.” 

“Well, you’re hurt, so it’s better if you just tell your mom so she’ll help make you feel better,” said Becky. 

“Well, I guess I didn’t think of that,” Maya said while she looked down and played with her ring.  

“Why don’t we go tell your mom now?” 

“Becky. Don’t you think my mom will be mad if we tell her now when we just left the hospital?” 

“Well, let’s tell her, Maya. We have to tell her.”

Maya’s face turned red. 

“Come on!” Becky announced. 

“Okay,” Maya said, right before she sighed. 

They walked out of Maya’s room, holding hands. Becky helped Maya get down the stairs, and then it was time to tell her mom. 

“Mom,” Maya said in a shaky voice. “My leg really hurts.”

“Okay, why did you not tell me?”

“Because I was trying to be strong.”

“You are strong. Okay, let’s go to the hospital.”


Starry’s Big Adventure 2

Starry and Matilda were starfish who just arrived back home after being adopted by humans. They worked hard to escape. They were so happy when they saw their families. 

When they arrived at home, Matilda lived four blocks down so it would be very easy to visit each other. They decided to spend the night with their families. Starry saw her sister, Lila. She looked liked Starry. They both played dolls. Lila was 4-years-old. Starry’s other sister, Stella, was 10 years old so she played a lot of video games like Animal crossing ™ on her Nintendo switch©. Lila wanted to play too but did not know how to work the joy-con.

Then, at 5:00 starfish time, their mom called dinner and they had chicken, mac and cheese, and broccoli. Starry loved the dinner. Starry gave out gifts and they went to bed. Lila and Stella shared a room. They did not complain about it. In the room, one side had unicorns and rainbows, and the other side had cats and Hello Kitty. Starry’s room was decorated with Barbies and puppies. She got the puppy decor from Pottery Barn Kids when she was nine. Starry was now 13, so she started to peel the Barbie stuff off the walls, and then she found Dora the Explorer wallpaper underneath the Barbie one. She peeled that one off too because she was too old for it. Now the wall was blank. 

She decided to pull out her computer and look at Pottery Barn Teen and she decided to get a hang-around chair, lamp, and paint. The next day, she went to the store and she got blue paint and a unicorn chair. She did not find a lamp that she liked so she decided to go to the mall next door. They found two lamps and three pillows. They were done shopping and went home for dinner. 

Starry went to her room to start decorating.  Matilda called and asked if they could have a sleepover. Starry went to her parents’ room and asked them but they said no. Starry decided to sneak out. She asked Matilda to come with her parents’ car and get close to the front window. She would be ready in 10 minutes. 

10 minutes later, she saw a black car pull up to the front window. Starry climbed out the window and Matilda opened the door just when she was about to climb in the car. She felt something tug her leg but she couldn’t see so she struggled him off and kicked him. She thought it was her dad, so she ran away. But when she looked back to make sure she hadn’t missed any bags, she saw he was dressed in all black and she knew enough from watching movies that he was a robber. She tried to call her parents, but they wouldn’t wake up. So she called her sisters and luckily they were up and tried to go into their parents’ room. They found a vent in the roof of the living room but the robber caught Lila. The robber was tall and he had a lot of garbage. His voice sounded very gruff, and he smelled like the sewer. Lila said, 

“Don’t wait for me! Go!” 

And luckily, she took karate so she hit him in the nose, and then she climbed into the vent to find their parents’ room. Stella ran and told her parents that there was someone in the house. She told her parents that a car was waiting outside but they wouldn’t budge. They said it was a nightmare and told her to go back to sleep. Stella did not obey, though. She quickly ran up into the vents, grabbed Lila by the arm, and pulled her into the car. 

Matilda drove to her parents’ house to tell them what happened. Matilda’s house was limestone with a pink roof and a black door. It was very quiet. Matilda went to unlock the door but then she noticed that she left her keys at Starry’s house so they ran back to the car and sped through the highway to get back to Starry’s house. 

The robber was still there, so they had to enter through the back door. The robber caught them but they ran away quickly. Matilda quickly grabbed the house keys and ran. Starry was scared because she wondered if her parents would listen to her little sister so they could come out. She was really tense and she couldn’t really walk. 

They got to the car and Matilda tried to start it, but she realized the robber pulled out all of their gas so they couldn’t move. They started running to Matilda’s house. They get Matilda’s keys and entered her house. They woke up her parents. Her parents agreed to come with them. They ran to Starry’s house and woke Starry’s parents up. When they saw Matilda’s parents, they thought it was not a dream anymore. They left out the back door then ran to Matilda’s house then called the police.

The police said most of the house had been destroyed and they had to get a new house. They stayed at their grandma’s house. They were excited. After the police said it was safe to go back home, they went to collect their stuff. Two weeks later, Starry’s parents said they found a house that they were going to buy and they were so excited. 

“I can’t wait to see your new house!” Matilda said.

The Feast (Gone Wrong)

Characters (Chapter 1)                

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jack, and he was going to have an all-you-can-eat feast at his house that night! Jack also had a dog named Bob. They liked to cook. 

The Supermarket and the Cooking (Chapter 2)

First, they went to the local supermarket and got some fruits and vegetables. Next, they went to the butcher shop and bought some meat. Then, they went to the candy & cake shop to buy a strawberry and chocolate cake. Finally, they started cooking. 

Jack’s first dish was a tomato, lettuce, and bacon salad! Bob also made some ranch dressing to go with it (yes, Jack’s dog is talented and can do that). Next, they made some fried chicken and some barbecue sauce to go with it (which the dog made, of course). Then, a person rang on their doorbell. It was their neighbor, Honey. 

Honey said, “Your food smells so good! Can I try the chicken?” 

Jack said, “Yes! We have plenty more!” 

Honey replied, “Thanks!” and she was off. Then, they made a honey, meat, and broccoli sandwich. They had some spare honey at their house. Then, another person rang on their doorbell. It was their friend, Noah. He loved vegetables (because he always wore green). 

Noah said, “Hi! Can I try your salad? I could smell it from a mile away! It smelled so good!” 

Jack replied, “Yes, of course, Noah! After all, you’re my friend.” 

Noah smiled and said, “Thanks! Bye!” Then, person after person came. Emily tried the sandwich. Liam tried the salad. Ava tried the chicken. In a matter of minutes, all the food was gone. Then, when Jack opened the door, there were SO MANY PEOPLE waiting. His other neighbors came. All the people from Jack’s school came. Even the mayor came to try some!

The Problem (Chapter 3)

Jack was thinking, Oh no! How will I ever feed all these people? Everybody waiting outside Jack’s door wanted to get a taste of his food. James, Jack’s friend, said, “What’s taking so long? Where’s the food, Jack?” 

Jack replied, “You see, lots of customers have come to my house to taste some and now I’m fresh out of food!” Jack got his wallet and he said, “Uh oh! I’m fresh out of money! How can I get my money back?” He said to the people, “I’ll be right back, ok?” Then, he had an idea. He went to the bank and got a $2,000 loan. Unfortunately, he was going to have to pay the loan back. He was worried. He now had money, but he had to pay the money back to the bank. Then, he had another idea. He could use the money to make a store! Once again, he bought some more fruits and vegetables from the local supermarket. Next, he bought some meat from the butcher. Then, he bought a HUMONGOUS cake from the cake & candy shop. He also had to buy some wood, screws, and wrenches from Home Depot. Finally, he told his friends from school to help him build the restaurant. 

Jack and his friends decided on a name for the restaurant. They called it: Jack and Bob’s restaurant. He hired some construction workers to build the restaurant for him. Jack gave the wrenches and screws to the construction workers and they started working. The construction workers asked why Jack wanted to build a restaurant. Jack said, “It’s just all part of my plan.” The construction workers just ignored him and kept on working. 

Meanwhile, Jack was cooking up some dishes at his house. He also realized that spicy foods go well with ranch. So he used his spare ranch to cook up some spicy chicken wings with ranch on the side. Then, he realized another thing. He realized that he was using a lot of sauces in his dishes. So, he asked the construction workers to rename the restaurant to: Jack and Bob’s Saucy Restaurant. Then, he rushed to the sauce shop and bought A LOT of sauces. He bought honey mustard, ketchup, Russian dressing, and more! He went back to his house, excited to incorporate all his newly found sauces into his dishes. He could also mix and match his sauces. He came up with white sauce, which is a hybrid of ranch and mayo, red sauce, which is a mix of ketchup and spicy sauces, and more! 

Meanwhile, the construction workers were almost finished with Jack and Bob’s Saucy Restaurant. It had shiny chairs, glass windows, the kitchen (of course), and even a TV! When Jack heard it was finished, he ran as fast as he could to Jack and Bob’s Saucy Restaurant. Then, he worked on his menu. When it was finished, the menu looked a little like this. He had Chicken Wings with ranch, Pita Bread with white sauce, Marinated Cucumber with mustard, Artichoke with spinach dip, Goat Cheese bites with cheese sauce, Cheeseburger with buffalo sauce, Carbonara with egg yolk, Sushi with soy sauce, Chicken Kabob with teriyaki sauce, Fish Sandwich with fish sauce, Katsu with bulldog sauce, Tacos with hot sauce, and most importantly, THE CAKE

Once it was done, people flocked to Jack and Bob’s Saucy Restaurant. Since so many people came that day, Jack decided to hire some restaurant chefs. He made A LOT of money. He gave back the spare loan money to the bank. He had paid back ¼ of the loan ($500). Now, he had ¾ left to pay back ($1500). And each of the dishes cost $10. So, Jack did the math, and he needed to sell 150 dishes. BUT, from that first day, they had no more dishes to sell. So, Jack and his chefs had to work very hard. The next day, they put up a sign saying that they were closed for the day. But people still came to the restaurant and waited in front of the door. They worked and worked and worked. The next day, they reopened the restaurant. Little did they know, a thief was watching nearby, and when Jack wasn’t looking, the thief stole his money.

The Thief (Chapter 4)

The next day, Jack got a message from the police. It said, “A thief stole your money.” Jack said, 

Uh oh. Someone stole my money!!!” Another problem was that Jack had three days to pay back the loan. He still had ¾ of the loan to pay back ($1,500). So, within those 3 days, he needed to catch the thief and get his money back. He sprinted to Home Depot and started working on the trap. Jack called it the Food-Trap 3000. It had a net (of course), sauce dispensers, and more! He needed to know where the thief was to make his plan work. And coincidentally, there was a compass right on the ground that said, “This is where the thief is.” Jack said, “WOW!” Now he could track down the thief and eventually catch him.

Jack brought Bob along with him (because dogs have a good sense of smell) and the compass would only lead Jack in the general direction of the thief. He also brought security cameras with him so he could see where the thief was while the thief didn’t know where Jack was. Jack used the compass. He found out that he needed to go northeast. He went northeast and ended up in a park. Jack thought, This is where the thief lives? 

Reluctantly, he set up the trap in a nearby bush and hung the security cameras on the walls. So he waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, after 2 hours, he finally got a glimpse of the thief. He felt that something was wrong. He ignored it, but Jack was ready to fire. But, when he fired, the net missed, the sauces sprayed in the bushes, and it was a complete failure. But Jack wasn’t going to give up. So, he rebuilt the Food-Trap 3000 and made it the Food-Trap 4000. It had taco launchers, hamburger bombs (lol), and a Bob balloon. So they waited again. And waited AND WAITED. After another two hours of waiting, they finally caught the thief. Jack celebrated his victory. Then, he went to sleep. He had a VERY LONG day. It was 1:00 AM when he got back. He had 1 day to pay back the loan. He was hoping that he would sell enough dishes to pay back the loan.

The Loan (Chapter 5)

Jack had $1,000. He gave the money to the bank. He needed only $500 to fully pay back the loan. Then, Jack’s friends (including Bob) surprised him with a box containing 500$! 

Jack was speechless. He said, “Where did you get all this money?” 

Jack’s friends said, “We combined all of our money and it equaled a total of 500$.”

“Oh,” replied Jack. After that, he paid back the loan. Then, he cooked (of course) and then slept.

Cooking Showdown! (Chapter 6)

When Jack woke up the next day, he checked his mailbox. He found a big envelope that said in bold letters: 


Jack said, “WOW! BOB, COME HERE!” 

Bob said, “I like cooking! Let’s go!” 

Jack replied, “Ok!” He dressed into his clothes, grabbed his backpack, and went out the door. When he went out the door, he realized 111 cook street was 10 miles away! So, he took an Uber to get there. It was 11:00 when they got there. They still had one hour before the contest started. So they got some jelly doughnuts to eat to take up some time. They tasted SO good! Then, he went to the sign up and saw who he would be competing with. When he signed up, he saw a familiar face. Jack said, “Noah, is that you?” 

He said, “Yes, it’s me!” 

Jack replied, “Who are these other people?” 

Noah said, “I don’t know. We have some time before the competition starts, so why don’t we go shopping?” 

Jack said, “Ok!” So, Jack, Noah, and Bob went shopping. Jack bought a bracelet, Noah bought a cucumber eraser, and Bob bought a dog bone. By the time they were done shopping, it was time for the competition to start. The judge said, you must cook us an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. Jack said to Bob, “Let’s make our chicken wings for our appetizer, our cheeseburger for our entree, and we’ll have to figure out our dessert.” 

“Begin!”said the judges. Jack checked what materials he had. There were fruits, vegetables, meat, grains, and dairy products! Jack whispered to Bob, “Quick change of plans, Bob. We’re gonna make our marinated cucumber.” Bob nodded his head. Jack fried the cucumbers while Bob prepared the mustard. Then, Jack got started on the cheeseburger. Jack got the materials for the burger, while Bob prepared the buffalo sauce. This was going really well for Jack and Bob. Now, they had to figure out dessert. 

Luckily for them, there was an ice cream dispenser, and there was a chocolate syrup dispenser. So he pumped some ice cream from the dispenser and poured the chocolate syrup on it, and put a juicy, red strawberry on top. When he was finished, there was one minute left on the clock. So he put the dishes on the plate. After he did that, the judges said, “TIME’S UP! The first person presenting their dishes is Noah!” 

Jack whispered, “You can do it, Noah!” 

Noah said, “For my appetizer, I present to you a small lettuce salad! For my entree, I present to you my basil and broccoli pizza! And, for dessert, I present to you eggplant-flavored ice cream!” One judge held up a 7. Another judge held up a 6. The final judge held up an 8. 

The next judge said, “Next up is the team of Jack and Bob!” 

Jack said softly, “Here we go.” When he presented, the judges said nothing. They were in awe. Each of the judges held up a 10. 

Then, the judges said, “Jack automatically wins this cooking competition!” Jack said, “That was easy.”  

The End (Yay)

Ms. Imaginashon

Chapter 1: Earthquake Disaster

Once, there was a girl named MS. Imaginashon. She helped people think of ideas. She loved her job that Mister Meyer gave her. My name is actually Loona. I am from planet Magination, same as my mom, MRS. Imaginashon, and my dad, MR. Imaginashon. People wonder how we came to planet Earth.
Well, it all started when I was a baby on planet Magination, a place where all the people had the best imagination. But one day, MR. Romio heard there was going to be a humongous earthquake on planet Magination. Everybody quickly left the planet using their imagination, and Loona and her family ended up on planet Earth in the country, America, in the state, West Virginia.
Loona realized she looked very different from everybody around them. They had big heads and they had four hands that looked like octopus hands and they were neon pink. The people in West Virginia did not know who they were and what they were doing there. Loona remembered that she had a paper bag so she took it from her suitcase and put it on her head because she was very, very embarrassed. Do not worry, they do not breathe!
The mayor of West Virginia’s granddaughter saw the imagination family and called her grandfather, Mayor Justice, to come look at what the new creatures were in her own state of West Virginia.
The Mayor was worried so he took some officers and went out the door to see the new visitors. When Mayor Justice arrived, he freaked out and shouted, “Stop, in the name of the law. Tell me who you are and why are you here!”
So Loona and her family did, and her father (AKA Mr. Imaginashon) said, “We are from planet Magination and there was a big earthquake and we ended up here to save ourselves.”
The Mayor froze and said, “Are you guys aliens?”
Loona and her mother and her father looked at each other and said, “What are aliens?”
The Mayor’s granddaughter said, “They are people who come from another planet.”
Loona looked confused and answered, “But you are from another planet than we are, does that make an alien?”
At that point, everyone from West Virginia standing there, including the mayor, his officers, and the granddaughter, couldn’t stop laughing. Mayor Justice decided the Magination family was nice and invited them to stay at his house.

Chapter 2: The Mystery Dessert

When they got to the Justice house, Mayor Justice showed them to their room and gave them some privacy. The clock turned 6:00 P.M. which meant time for dinner. Luna and her family were so excited to taste the dessert. Guess what it was? I am not going to tell you. Okay, I will tell you, but you have to read the next chapter.
When they got to the diner table, they sat down and ate the most delicious thing ever! It was pizza. They ate three whole pizzas because it was so good. Suddenly, it was the time they had been waiting for — dessert! Okay, I’ll tell you right now — it was CHOCOLATE CROISSANTS!!
Each of the Imaginashon family members ate 18 of them. Loona was about to get out of her riahc, oops, sorry! I said it in Magination language. I will switch back. Loona was about to get out of her chair when a siren went off. Tornado alert! Tornado alert!! Loona asked the Mayor what a tornado was. Mayor Justice said, “It is a very big wind that is formed by hot air and cold air.
Loona said, “Do we stop, drop, and roll?”
The Mayor couldn’t help but laugh. Suddenly, he said, “No, we have to seek shelter in the basement.”
Loona did not go to the basement. She thought and thought and thought until she got the perfect idea.

Chapter 3: The New Invention

Loona told her family and the Mayor that she was going to “the people that make things.” Mr. Justice said it was called an engineer. She thanked Mr. Justice for teaching her the correct word.
Loona’s BIG idea was to make a palm tree that was metal inside so it would stand up if the tornado came. The palm tree would also have moving roots and a brain that would help protect them in case the tornado or another disaster came. Each palm tree would have a parachute mode, a shield mode, and a sleep mode. The Mayor loved the idea but was worried about all the other people in West Virginia. Loona said they should make more palm trees for each family. The Mayor was so happy with the plan and brought Loona to the head engineer and she asked if he could make 1,000,000 more. Loona asked with a big bright smile on her face. The engineer was so shocked that he almost fainted and said,
“Sorry, kid, but that is too many for one day. We only can make one.”

Chapter 4: The Robot Family

Loona was disappointed. She went into the corner of the room and sat criss cross applesauce with her hands on her knees and hummed, “Hmm, hmm, hmm.” She thought very, very, very hard and finally came up with an idea of how to make moving metal people who could help with engineering the palm trees. She ran and told the engineers her idea. “Okay!!” they said “But you have to help us.”
She didn’t think once of saying no, so they went right to work. They first made a sketch of how it should look like. Then they took out metal plates and attached them together. Finally, they made arms and legs.
“Viola!” Loona said. They turned on the power button and then Loona said, “Look at that thing!”
The engineers asked Loona what she wanted to call this invention. She thought hard and finally said, “Robot, it is called a Robot.” If you ask me, this is the first time robots were invented. They made 2,000 of them!! When they were done, they started working on the palm trees. They needed to make them quickly because the tornado was coming. They went right to work. With the help of the robots, they finished one tree, then two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and on and on. They kept on making the metal palm trees. 6,000 trees, 7,000, 8,000… 100,000, 200,000….
The engineers were so tired but Loona and the engineers did not think of stopping. They made more and more and more until they couldn’t help it anymore, they were up to 999,999. One of the engineers screamed, “I can not do it anymore.”
The others said, “I am tired.” Loona knew everyone was exhausted and tried to re-energize them. She said, “We can do it! Its just one more tree!”
The engineers looked at each other and said, “Okay, we’ve got this! We will do it for Loona and West Virginia.”
So they made one more. Right when they finished, the tornado came and… read the next chapter to find out.

Chapter 5: The Escape of Doom

The tornado came and the room started to shake. Tables fell and the robots and palm trees were flying in the air and out of the building. Suddenly, they all heard a huge BOOM and the building collapsed. Loona’s mother, who was still in Mr. Justice’s house, heard the boom and saw the building her daughter was in collapse to the ground. She started to cry. She was so worried about Loona. She cried and cried until she saw a little yellow dot. It came closer and closer and closer until she realized it was a yellow parachute and it landed right in front of her. Loona’s mother looked at her husband, who was also crying, and said, “That is Loona! That is Loona! That is Loona!” with tears of joy running down her face.
Loona took the large yellow parachute off her shoulders and ran to her parents. Loona explained how she survived the BOOM. “It is all because of the trees that we made — when I heard the BOOM, I quickly turned on parachute mode!” Then Loona said, “We need to go back and give all the trees to the other people of West Virginia, if it saved me, it could save them.”
However, Loona noticed the robots and most of the trees were gone, how weird! Suddenly, Loona’s father, mother, Mayor Justice, and his granddaughter heard a rumble. They took out their palm trees and used it in shield mode. Right then, they all heard the song, “One maca two maca three macarena.”
They walked closer to where the music was coming from and saw little creatures who were made out of metal, otherwise known as Loona’s robots. Behind the robots were all the people of West Virginia, safe and sound. How amazing, the robots collected all the people during the big BOOM. Loona was worried the tornado may come again so she called out to all the people, “Turn your palm trees into shield mode.” Hours passed and it started to get late. Loona kept on yawning and she knew everyone must be tired too. So she called out to the people once again to put the palm trees in sleep mode so that they could sleep and still be protected. They all listened to Loona’s directions and put on sleep mode. In one minute, all of West Virginia was in a deep, deep sleep. The next day, when Loona woke up, she became the state hero.

Chapter 6: The New Job

The Mayor made a big party to celebrate the end of the tornado and gave Loona an award. Although Loona was just a child, he gave her an important job. The job was to give people ideas. For now on Loona was….


Dear readers:
This is Loona, I have a question for you … do you think this actually happened or was it made up in my imagination!?!?!? Enjoy thinking about that!

Kayla and the New Land

Chapter One: Kayla and the New Town


“Hi, I’m Kayla. I’m three years old and I live in a small town called HERISHI. I wuv my family awot.”

Knock, Knock. 

My mom ran to the door and my mom saw that it was the community police that would go around our town to check to see if everything was good. At first, Mom thought that we might have done something wrong, but when the police came, they said, 

“I see you have a bunch of past-due bills. And that’s a problem,” they told my mom. “Either you have to pay those bills back or we will have to fly you to America and give you and your husband a house and a job and you have to stay there until you can pay the money.”

After a month, we got to America. Luckily, the war had been over by then for a year. People were dancing in the street. I now lived in a small apartment room and I was now seven. My mom got me a backpack. It was really cool. She put it on me and said, “You are special.”

I said bye to my mom and I walked to school. I looked next to me as if my two best friends were I killed everyone. A girl came up to me and said, “Hey, twerp, I’m here and you’re there.” She pointed to the trash.

She grabbed me and pulled my head in there. I wanted to punch back but instead, I said, “Thank you.” 

I walked around and then there was a MEEP MEEP! I said to myself, “First bell is the toughest bell of the new year.”

I put my hoodie on my head and then I walked to class. I was so close, then I got stopped by a girl from the chess club who gave me a flyer. I said, “Thanks.” She was spitting at me while she was talking like a kindergartener. She said, 

“Welcomes, I tells yours news. Here’s a flyers.”

Finally, I got to class. The teacher said, “Get your textbook out, it’s time for history.”

Everyone was like, “Ugh!” 

But kind me said, “Can we learn about Hitler during the war he was a bit well diabolical?”

She stepped back and grunted. I laughed because I saw someone grunting on the streets, but I think this one was serious.

Chapter 2: The Heart Attack


She was grunting she was on the floor in pain. I was worried right then and then I knew. She was having a heart attack. I went to my teacher and said, “Where is your phone?” She fell on the floor. The class said, 

“Get the principal! Get the nurse!”

I took the phone and called 12345678. The people in my class said, “Call 119! Call 911!” I called the smartest one I heard. I called 119. It took me to a lady screaming in the phone saying,

“Lacey, stop it! You’re not funny!” 

 And I said, “It’s not Lacey, it’s Kayla!”

She said again, but yelling, “lAcEy sToP PrAnK cAlLiNg!!!”

I said, “Lacey is funny and she can prank call.” 

I hung up the phone then I called 911. They didn’t answer cause they were taking a break from the WWII people. The last thing we had to do was call the principal and the nurse. Everyone walked out of class. There were teachers yelling, and a lot of kids got spanked with paddles, but the only one left was me. I rolled over, did a tumble, and hit my head on a locker. I said dramatically, “This is the end!” I went on the floor. 

Happily, I got up and sprinted. I stopped and I was in the middle of trouble (if you didn’t know, it was still my first day of school so I HAD NO CLUE). My dad always said, “When you’re in the middle of trouble, do the smartest thing I repeated to myself the smartest thing the smartest thing I thought what is the smartest thing ?”

Chapter 3: The Dumbest Thing Ever!!!


I kept tumbling and I got stopped by the lunch lady. She said, “What are you doing out of class?” Now, so you understand, this had been going on for two hours now. I said,

“Uh, uh, I… “

Luckily, it was lunchtime. She said, “Kid, stay out of trouble.” She went to the cafeteria.  I sneaked, and still dramatically, then at the right time got to the nurse’s office. I told her. She said my teacher might be dead. She asked me if I knew CPR. I said, 

“Yes, one of my dad’s jobs was CPR during the war.”

When we almost got to the classroom, she said, “You’re a brave kid.”

I said, “Thank you.”

We sprinted to my classroom. We got there and she was on the floor, dead. I could tell she was not breathing. The last thing I could do was CPR.

1-2-3-4-5, again. 1-2-3-4-5, again. 1-2-3-4-5.

She didn’t wake up. The nurse had a breathing thing that would help her breathe. I thought while I was helping her, What could the hospital be doing? Probably eating donuts. I thought they restored for health. 

Soon, the principal came and understood what was going on. Everyone got to go home early and the teacher was dead.

I went home to my small apartment and I saw Dad there, just Dad

 Chapter 4: Dad


I asked Dad, “Where’s Mom?”

“Home,” Dad said. 

Home. I know he had to be joking because we were home. I knew something was up. He didn’t ask me how school was. I asked, “What’s going on?”


I sighed. “Dad, tell me.”

He said again, “Nothing, okay? Now there are kids in this apartment playing downstairs. Go check it out.”

I stomped outside the door and cried, “UUGGGHHH!!!” I went downstairs to the kid’s playground and I saw three girls and two boys. They were chasing each other. I ran to get the closest weapon I could find and held it up and said,

“WhAt’S GoInG oN?”

They all laughed. I was confused. Wha — there was one girl, she had wavy hair that was so smooth and very nice clean clothes. 

She said, “Oh, we forgot to introduce ourselves. I’m April, and that’s Sunny, Dany, Sam, and Sammy. Sam and Sammy are twins. These are my friends.”

“You must be new,” said Sammy. “Where are you from?” 

April said, “The twins are very nosy, ignore them.”

I still answered his question. “I’m from Herishi.” 

They all laughed. “You mean, back in the time during the war? You were alive? That’s why you tried to kill us?”

“Well, yes, I guess.”

“It’s okay,” said April. Dany rolled his eyes.

“Why are you here?”

“Well, I don’t know — “

“Ignore him. C’mon, we will fix you up. We’re American. We have the new stuff.” She showed me a little thing with spikes. I said,

“I surrender.”

“No, silly,” said Sammy. “It’s a brush for your tangled hair.”

I was confused. Sammy said, “Danny and Sam, stay here.” They pulled me to the second floor to a very nice apartment. April said hi to her mom and went to her room. They placed me down. Sam went to April’s closet to see if there were any outfits for me to wear. April gently brushed all of the tangles out of my hair. While April brushed my hair, I thought, What is going on with my dad? Where’s my mom? I thought less and let them do what they had to do. Sam eventually found a good outfit for me. It had a big dog on it and a nice sparkly striped turtleneck. I put it on and I loved it. I asked if I could keep it and April said yes. I wanted to go home so I made an excuse to leave. I ran to the fourth floor, to my apartment. My mom and dad were crying. I wondered, Will we move again? My mom and dad said, 

“We have to get a new job.” 

I laughed. “Why so sad? We can make money.”

Chapter 5: The Job


They did not want a job so I just ignored them and went to my room. I got out a book and wrote: Now that I’m in America, what will I do?

I wrote down:

1.Make friends

2.Become rich

3. Become famous

4. Go home

I always wondered what rabies were. I heard rumors about it being in America. Maybe tomorrow after school, I would see what rabies were. Would I even have school tomorrow?

My dad called me down and asked what I was doing. I lied and said nothing. He said, “There’s no school, what happened at school today… ”

“Well,” I said, “Long story short, my teacher may be dead from a heart attack.” Then I ran to my room until dinner. I kept writing, 

“What will I do in America?”

My mom called me down this time and I went to the kitchen and asked, “Yes?” She said dinner was ready. I was so happy. It was Herishi’s best dish.

It was a bread shaped like a donut with tomato sauce covered in cheese, then some pepperoni. My mom said, “It’s called pizza in America.”

I wasn’t listening but instead, I just enjoyed my food. When I was done, I went to the bathroom and picked up a toothbrush. Thugga thugga thugga thugga. Then I put on pajamas and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up to a note saying — oh, well, I forgot to say, well I couldn’t read so I’ll show you what it said: 

We are at a job interview, there is cereal in the fridge. April’s mom will watch you

Ps: Mamma and Papa

Well I knew what cereal was so I went to the cabinet to get Frosted Flakes and to the fridge to get milk. I heard to knock on the door, it sounded like: Knock kna kna knock. I opened the door. There were two girls standing there. One was April, she had a button-up shirt and a striped pair of pants and was holding a slice of bread. Then her mom, with scrunchies in her hair and a onesie, holding bread.

I let them in. She placed the bread on the table and sat down. I finished my cereal and got some toast, it was soooo goooooooood. I took like five  more slices to the point were I was so full, I could barely walk without jumping.

April chuckled. “You must like it.”

As I looked at her toast, she finished her toast right when I went to grab it.

I sighed. Mealanie (the mom) said, “Girls, go change.” She threw April a white t-shirt with a blue skirt and threw me a baby blue shirt with shoulders like a flower and an orange bottom. I changed. April came into my room. 

She said, “Wanna watch Adventure of Mr. Puppy Face and Prickly?” (Matilda Magaldi, 2020).  I said, 

“Yes, but where will we watch it?”

She laughed. “You have a TV!” I was confused. She said, “Think of it like this: a moving picture.”

When I said that I knew what she was talking about, we went to the living room and I just sat there. I waited for the TV to come on. When it turned on, I loved it. My favorite part was when Prickly had her birthday party, eeee!

 Chapter 6: Parents


So when my parents got home, I was happy they had a face as if 1 million dollars was in front of them. They pulled out two hands and said, “We got a job!” Reeeeee! I was happy and was so excited, I did a little dance and said,

“Hitting the kay!” Kay stood for Kayla Alli Yeeck (pronounced y-eck). I stopped dancing and asked, “What job did you get, Papa?”

My dad smiled and said, “I’m your new teacher!” There was an awkward pause. I sighed.

“Why my class?”

Well,” he said, “I thought you would like it.”

I wasn’t happy. I held my hand up for my dad to stop and asked my mom, “What’s your job?”

My mom sighed and said, “I don’t think you will like it.” I immediately knew she was working at my school. I got really mad and stomped to my room. I didn’t even have dinner.

The next morning, I held my belly and felt like I was going to vomit. April told me, “If you need to throw up, go to the bathroom.” I ran to the bathroom and krrrr! There it went, this brown goo came out of my mouth. My mom came running to the bathroom and saw me. It kept coming out. I didn’t feel well. My dad ran to the cabinet to get medicine. Then he went to the basket to get a blanket for me, he also got a bucket. My mom picked me up and sat me down on the couch. He put on the TV to Tails of Mr. Puppy Face and Prickly. They told me where all the food was for breakfast and told me there would be no babysitter. I ignored them and just slouched. I enjoyed watching my Puppy Face. I heard two knocks on the door. I opened it and coughed. It was….

A salesman. He was at my front door saying “Hello, ma’am. Want some yummy peaches?”

I slammed the door and said, “This is not America.”  

I walked back and forth. “I don’t want peaches, I don’t want peaches.”

Then I heard another knock on the door. I practiced fast, saying, “I dOnT WaNt AnY pEaChEs!” I opened the door and yelled,

“I DON’T WANT ANY YUMMY PEACHES!” Then there was a pause. I looked up and it was April holding in tears. I held out my hand and apologized. She was all dressed up so I told her I couldn’t make it to school today, sorry. Then I closed the door. I jumped on the couch as if I weren’t sick anymore but again I still had to vomit. 

A few hours later, I heard my mom and dad come in. I jumped up and they had ishi pizza. It’s like pizza in Italy but it’s from Herishi. I immediately knew something was up. I jumped up and asked, “Did you quit your job? Did you kill someone? Are we going home?” 

They all chuckled and said, “No.” My mom hugged me and asked,

“Are you feeling better?”

 I said yes, and I jumped up and said, “PIZZA!!”

I ate a lot of it. It tasted like a gooey, yummy, cheese sensation, and I went to bed. The next day, I had to go to school. Ugh, school. I hated school now that my dad was my teacher. It was gonna be so awkward. So I put my happiest face on and walked out of my room. I waited for my dad to drive me to school, but instead, my mom and dad drove me to school. I found out MY MOM WAS MY PRINCIPAL. I held my excitement in and waited until I got to schoolground. When we got to schoolground, I jumped and said, “GOOD GRADES FOR LIFE!” But then I wondered, Wait a minute, why would I be happy with my mom as my principal and my dad as teacher? After that thought, I quietly walked away before my mother saw me. I walked into class aka homeroom and told April, “My dad is our teacher.” I told her to tell Sammy and tell Sammy to tell Sunny.

She chuckled and said, “Okay.”

My dad came in and said, “Okay, class, quiet down, start your warm-up. I’ll be writing down our schedule for the day.” I toughened up and started my warm-up. It was pretty simple but I had trouble with one question. It was:


What is the missing number n?


I raised my hand for my dad to come and help me and he came over and bent down and asked, “What do you need help with?” I showed him the paper. He told me to take 80 away from 200 and add 4+2 said 6 he gave me a high five and he said, “Add the 80 and you have your answer.” I wrote in my neatest handwriting:


What is the missing number n?


After that, I was done. On the board, what it said next was to get out your math book to practice 3 digit addition and 1 digit subtraction. I opened my math book to exactly page 560  and I continued until page 565. I stopped and I was so bummed the bell rang. I got my backpack and before everyone left for lunch, my dad said, “Have fun!”

I stayed behind and asked, “Dad, what’s for my lunch?”

He said, “Go to your desk, your mom is picking up pizza. She should be back by now.” I heard three knocks on the door (not like I was counting) and I opened the door. It was my mother. She was holding a happy meal. Back in Herishi, McDonald’s was a thing. I jumped up and down and quietly said, 

“I’m special! I get to have lunch with my mom and dad!” I sat at my desk while my mom sat at my dad’s desk. I enjoyed my burger and fries. There was another knock. I peeked and it was April. She said she wanted to eat lunch with my parents and me. I let her in and we talked about what we would do after school. My mom checked her watch and said, 

“Oh my, lunch is over, take her to recess with the other kids.” My dad said, 

“Okay,” and held April’s and my hands and we walked out the door and another door and another door to recess. I never had recess before so I didn’t know what to expect. April held my hand and dragged me to Sunny and Sammy. I asked,

“Where are Dany and Sam?

Sammy replied, “They don’t go to this school.”

“Oh,” I said.

“We have 15 minutes so let’s play tag!” Sunny said. I jumped up and said,

“Okay!” Well… I knew what tag was, it originally came from Herishi so I was pumped. We played tag until recess was over then we went back inside. 

“Two more hours left of school,” Sammy said with a smile on her face. 

“Are we going to the play area after school?” I asked.

Sunny replied with a smirk, “Of course we are, now let’s focus.” I raised my hand. 

“What are we doing?” I asked. My father smiled and said,

“Continue on that page and wait for everyone to finish up.”

“Okay,” I said and got back to work.

Chapter 7: A Few Years


Well, a few years passed by and I was now in the 5th grade and well I was ready to learn more! Sammy and Sam moved and so did Dany which left me off with April and Sunny. Sammy and Sam, well I still got in contact with them but other than that I had not seen their faces in so long apart from the time they would send me pictures or videos on the holidays. I still lived in my apartment though with my mom and my dad. We also now had a cat. I think you know what that is. As I moved up in grades, my dad was still with me apart from second grade. I was now a straight-A student with no favoritism. I earned it. My mom was still the principal and will forever be the best, just like my dad. Now back to the story.

Chapter 8: School


So it was a Monday and my first day of fifth grade. I was gonna ask my dad to drive me but instead, Sunny and April wanted to walk me so I got out of my room, grabbed my backpack and my waffle, and ran. I said bye to my mom, my dad, and my cat, and left the room. I went outside to see April wearing a green turtleneck and her hair was straight and Sunny was wearing the same thing but with a blue turtleneck and blonde hair. I was wearing the same thing but with a yellow shirt and black hair. As we walked, I looked to the right and the left of me to see my best friends. Wait a minute, that reminded me of my very first day of second grade… anyway, we walked and we got to school. We did our secret code word: hehe hoho go go to do do. Which meant, translation: time to go to school into class.

We all looked at each other and hugged each other. “Our last first day of school,” Sunny said. April corrected and said, 

“Our last first day of elementary school.”

I laughed, then I walked in and breathed in and out. This year we got lockers so in my backpack, I had some decorations but before I decorated, I wondered, it’s been three years, have we made the money yet?

Anyway, I wanted to enjoy my year. I put a picture of my cat in my locker and put a mini disco ball and a fluffy carpet and a big K for my name. After that, the school bell rang. I toughened up and said, “First bells have no mercy against me.” While I was walking, I was daydreaming about me as a superhero, but the daydreaming got a bit out of hand so I stopped every time I got called on to answer a question. I said, “Kay kay girl,” and the whole class would laugh, even my dad. I was so embarrassed, but other than that, my first day of school went well. 

I walked home with April and Sunny and we went to the kid’s area which was a playground but indoor at our apartment and we went under a slide. We told secrets and we told jokes. It was funny. After that, I went to my apartment and I told my dad my whole day again. He already knew how my day went, he was my teacher. My dad told me there was a school board meeting and my mother would be home late. 

“Oh,” I said under my breath. “That’s okay.” I jumped to the living room, but right before I could even touch the couch, the doorbell rang. I yelled, “I’ll get it!” I opened the door, but before I did, I prayed it wasn’t a salesman, but it was the mailman handing me a card. “Wha — ” I said in shock. When my parents came home, I showed them the letter.

Chapter 9: The Letter 


When I saw the note, I immediately called my parents and told them to come. In the meantime, I called April in tears. “I may move!” 

I grabbed the nearest pillow and snuggled it. I also got my cat and cried. “I don’t wanna go!”

April said, “Calm down, how do you know?” I told her my story? “You I can’t believe it.” Then she hung up. I was gonna call Sunny but I was sad enough. With my cat in my hand, I glared outside as the rain fell peacefully. I had a smile on my face. 

I heard a click. “MY MOM AND DAD ARE HOME!” I showed them the letter and they sighed. 

“Our time in America is over.”

I shouted, “NO, NO! I  made friends, I got a cat, and I have the best life here. I don’t want to go!” They sighed again, as sarcastically as they could, and said, 

“Sorry, Kayla, I know you loved it here but it’s time to go.” With tears running down my face, I said,

“Get on a plane and fly home, I’m staying with April!” And ran to my room. My mother then said to me,

“Our time in America is done. We will no longer live in this apartment. We are moving AND STAYING IN AMERICA AND BUYING A HOUSE!!”

I was so happy, I wanted to hit the kay, but I was still sad. 

A few days later, when we were moving out of the apartment, I hugged April and Sunny goodbye, and our new life in America hadn’t ended. It had just begun.

                  The end

Credits: Thank you to Matilda Jean for allowing me to use her book as inspiration for the TV show Kayla watches

Age of i 2: The tournament of drama


Narrator: Before we get into this book, I have to warn you: the following stuff contains things that you won’t understand unless you read the last book, so now… LET’S GO! 

The golem fell down to the floor and split back to the ice cream, and in the middle of the ice cream was a note. Henry read the note, and it said, “Come to the Tournament of Drama, because if you do, the prize is a VERY rare gem that is PRICELESS, but if you don’t win, well, let’s save that for if you lose.” 

Henry read the note again then showed the note to his friends then asked, “What do you think of the note?”

“I say we should do it!” Ben said excitedly.

“Okay,” said Quincy.

“Well, okay, let’s do it. The note says to meet at the docks at 10:00 PM,” said Henry. “It also says only bring one weapon each.” 

The friends agreed that the weapons they were bringing were going to be sporks. Later, when the friends were at the docks, they saw that they had competition. Almost everyone there looked like they had trained for months. “Oh, oh, no, no,” said Ben. Then, a boat pulled over at the side of the docks. It was time. 

“Welcome to the Tournament of Drama’s transportation. Once we arrive, you will see a GIANT building. Once you see that, you will immediately enter OR ELSE. When they arrived, the kids saw the building, then the guy said, 

“By the way, my name is Clouse.” As told, the kids went into the building. When they got in, Clouse said, “that over there is Master Chen. He is the host of the tournament. Every day at 4:00 PM, he will tell who will fight and who will watch. This will continue until the final two, then the final two will compete in a fight to declare the winner. Also, use it or lose it.”

“Um, I would rather — ” continued Henry. Then, Clouse walked to the next competitor. Soon after, Master Chen came and said,

“Attention everyone, this is the ice cream duo. You will be competing against them. If you win, you stay.”

“What if you lose?” asked Quincy.

“Lose? Who here likes to lose?” Everyone laughed except Quincy. 

The Next Day… 

At lunch, Chen came to the cafe and said, “The person competing is… QUINCY.”  

“Uh oh,” said Henry.

“Everyone else, follow Clouse. Quincy, follow moi.” 

When everyone was at the battlefield, Chen said, “Please welcome our guests: Quincy and the ice cream duo.” 

The crowd cheered. “Three… two… one… BATTLE BEGIN!” 

As soon as Chen said that, the ice cream duo bolted down the battlefield to Quincy and made an ice cream sword and swung it at Quincy. Then Quincy, almost without thinking, dodged the ice cream duo’s swing, but they swung again and this time, HIT!! Quincy was frozen. 

“OUT!” screamed Chen. Then, Chen pushed a button on his chair and a big ditch opened beneath Quincy and he fell in, then the top of the ditch closed. 

“D-Did you just trap him?!?!” screamed Ben. 

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh, d-don’t change the subject,” said Chen.

Later, in Ben’s room: 

“I’m starting to get sus about Chen,” said Ben. 

“Why?” asked Henry.

“Because Quincy got sus about him and now he is gone.” 

“Good point,” said Henry. “Okay, tomorrow we are going to investigate this place.”


Warning: the stuff in this chapter might be too creepy for some people. If you are 6 or under, skip to the next chapter.

It was the next night, and Henry and Ben were outside of the building. The building looked like a mansion-sized temple that would be built in China or Korea. 

“Nothing sus on the outside,” said Ben. 

“Let’s search your room,” said Henry. But then…  in the darkness, a pair of HUGE eyes appeared and then, an even bigger smile appeared that went above the eyes, then very skinny arms and legs that were black appeared, and then, the thing stepped out of the darkness. It was very tall, well at least it’s armz ‘n legz were. 


Henry screamed at the top of his lunges then, the black figure started spazzing out Allowing Henry and Ben to escape.

Later, in Ben’s Room: 

“So, that was bad,” Henry said, then continued. “We need to think of something else.” 

Ben walked over to his bed and he laid against it, then the bed flipped, putting Ben in an underground passage. “WABAWIDAANDA!” Henry said, then passed out. 

“Where am I?” Ben asked himself.


All contestants had been defeated except Henry and Ben and it was time for…

THE FINAL MATCH: where Ben and Henry were going to battle each other.


Well, at least he tried to whisper. Then Chen said, 

“Let the final battle BEGIN!” 

*Birds Chirping* 


Then Ben said, “Actually, I forfeit the tournament.” 

Then, Chen said, “Oh, ok, then Henry wins the Tournament of Drama!!!”

But Henry noticed something and said, “Wait a minute, didn’t Ben fall in a hole?” 

“Yes,” Ben said. 

Then Henry continued, “But I never remember you getting out.” 

Then Ben said, “Well, you see, Henry, Ben actually never did get out of the hole. But…  I’M NOT BEN.”  

Then, he started to get taller and turn black. It was the black creature! Then, the black creature stayed perfectly still, then Chen said, “You see, only one can remain, AND THAT WILL BE ME.” Then, Henry said,

“Okay, everyone saw that coming.” 

Then Henry ran to the hole and jumped in it, and Ben was there. “WE HAVE TO RUN, BEN.”  


Soon, Zombie ice cream started flooding the walls. Then, one touched the black creature. Then, the black stuff on the creature started to disappear and it started to get smaller. Then there was an explosion of black and no one could see anything. Then Ben and Henry looked where the black creature was, and in its position, lying on the ground, was Quincy. 

When Henry looked down and saw Quincy in the black creature’s position, he went ballistic. Then Ben grabbed Henry and Quincy and ran to the end of the hole, then Ben saw light coming from the end of the hole, he jumped into the light and then he appeared in the treehouse. Then Ben looked to the side. What he saw was Henry passed out, but next to Henry there was a pink gem, and a note. 

Ben took the Pink Gem and read the note, the note said, ‘The Pink Gem is one of the five gems that stop the zombie ice cream from appearing, if you collect all of the gems and put them in a line on top of the warehouse, then all of the zombie ice cream will stop appearing and all of the living ones would disappear. The next gem you have to collect is the Red Gem, the Red Gem is on top of the mountains in Asia. Once you find the Red Gem, a note will be attached to it saying where the next gem’s location is.” At the bottom of the note, it said, “Written by… ” but there was no name next to it. 

Then Ben took the Pink Gem and put it in a chest in the treehouse. Then Henry woke up. Henry yelled, “Why are we back at the treehouse!?” Then he continued, “AND WHY IS THERE A PINK GEM IN OUR CHEST?!?!?”

“Wellllllllll…. ”