Age of i 2: The tournament of drama


Narrator: Before we get into this book, I have to warn you: the following stuff contains things that you won’t understand unless you read the last book, so now… LET’S GO! 

The golem fell down to the floor and split back to the ice cream, and in the middle of the ice cream was a note. Henry read the note, and it said, “Come to the Tournament of Drama, because if you do, the prize is a VERY rare gem that is PRICELESS, but if you don’t win, well, let’s save that for if you lose.” 

Henry read the note again then showed the note to his friends then asked, “What do you think of the note?”

“I say we should do it!” Ben said excitedly.

“Okay,” said Quincy.

“Well, okay, let’s do it. The note says to meet at the docks at 10:00 PM,” said Henry. “It also says only bring one weapon each.” 

The friends agreed that the weapons they were bringing were going to be sporks. Later, when the friends were at the docks, they saw that they had competition. Almost everyone there looked like they had trained for months. “Oh, oh, no, no,” said Ben. Then, a boat pulled over at the side of the docks. It was time. 

“Welcome to the Tournament of Drama’s transportation. Once we arrive, you will see a GIANT building. Once you see that, you will immediately enter OR ELSE. When they arrived, the kids saw the building, then the guy said, 

“By the way, my name is Clouse.” As told, the kids went into the building. When they got in, Clouse said, “that over there is Master Chen. He is the host of the tournament. Every day at 4:00 PM, he will tell who will fight and who will watch. This will continue until the final two, then the final two will compete in a fight to declare the winner. Also, use it or lose it.”

“Um, I would rather — ” continued Henry. Then, Clouse walked to the next competitor. Soon after, Master Chen came and said,

“Attention everyone, this is the ice cream duo. You will be competing against them. If you win, you stay.”

“What if you lose?” asked Quincy.

“Lose? Who here likes to lose?” Everyone laughed except Quincy. 

The Next Day… 

At lunch, Chen came to the cafe and said, “The person competing is… QUINCY.”  

“Uh oh,” said Henry.

“Everyone else, follow Clouse. Quincy, follow moi.” 

When everyone was at the battlefield, Chen said, “Please welcome our guests: Quincy and the ice cream duo.” 

The crowd cheered. “Three… two… one… BATTLE BEGIN!” 

As soon as Chen said that, the ice cream duo bolted down the battlefield to Quincy and made an ice cream sword and swung it at Quincy. Then Quincy, almost without thinking, dodged the ice cream duo’s swing, but they swung again and this time, HIT!! Quincy was frozen. 

“OUT!” screamed Chen. Then, Chen pushed a button on his chair and a big ditch opened beneath Quincy and he fell in, then the top of the ditch closed. 

“D-Did you just trap him?!?!” screamed Ben. 

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh, d-don’t change the subject,” said Chen.

Later, in Ben’s room: 

“I’m starting to get sus about Chen,” said Ben. 

“Why?” asked Henry.

“Because Quincy got sus about him and now he is gone.” 

“Good point,” said Henry. “Okay, tomorrow we are going to investigate this place.”


Warning: the stuff in this chapter might be too creepy for some people. If you are 6 or under, skip to the next chapter.

It was the next night, and Henry and Ben were outside of the building. The building looked like a mansion-sized temple that would be built in China or Korea. 

“Nothing sus on the outside,” said Ben. 

“Let’s search your room,” said Henry. But then…  in the darkness, a pair of HUGE eyes appeared and then, an even bigger smile appeared that went above the eyes, then very skinny arms and legs that were black appeared, and then, the thing stepped out of the darkness. It was very tall, well at least it’s armz ‘n legz were. 


Henry screamed at the top of his lunges then, the black figure started spazzing out Allowing Henry and Ben to escape.

Later, in Ben’s Room: 

“So, that was bad,” Henry said, then continued. “We need to think of something else.” 

Ben walked over to his bed and he laid against it, then the bed flipped, putting Ben in an underground passage. “WABAWIDAANDA!” Henry said, then passed out. 

“Where am I?” Ben asked himself.


All contestants had been defeated except Henry and Ben and it was time for…

THE FINAL MATCH: where Ben and Henry were going to battle each other.


Well, at least he tried to whisper. Then Chen said, 

“Let the final battle BEGIN!” 

*Birds Chirping* 


Then Ben said, “Actually, I forfeit the tournament.” 

Then, Chen said, “Oh, ok, then Henry wins the Tournament of Drama!!!”

But Henry noticed something and said, “Wait a minute, didn’t Ben fall in a hole?” 

“Yes,” Ben said. 

Then Henry continued, “But I never remember you getting out.” 

Then Ben said, “Well, you see, Henry, Ben actually never did get out of the hole. But…  I’M NOT BEN.”  

Then, he started to get taller and turn black. It was the black creature! Then, the black creature stayed perfectly still, then Chen said, “You see, only one can remain, AND THAT WILL BE ME.” Then, Henry said,

“Okay, everyone saw that coming.” 

Then Henry ran to the hole and jumped in it, and Ben was there. “WE HAVE TO RUN, BEN.”  


Soon, Zombie ice cream started flooding the walls. Then, one touched the black creature. Then, the black stuff on the creature started to disappear and it started to get smaller. Then there was an explosion of black and no one could see anything. Then Ben and Henry looked where the black creature was, and in its position, lying on the ground, was Quincy. 

When Henry looked down and saw Quincy in the black creature’s position, he went ballistic. Then Ben grabbed Henry and Quincy and ran to the end of the hole, then Ben saw light coming from the end of the hole, he jumped into the light and then he appeared in the treehouse. Then Ben looked to the side. What he saw was Henry passed out, but next to Henry there was a pink gem, and a note. 

Ben took the Pink Gem and read the note, the note said, ‘The Pink Gem is one of the five gems that stop the zombie ice cream from appearing, if you collect all of the gems and put them in a line on top of the warehouse, then all of the zombie ice cream will stop appearing and all of the living ones would disappear. The next gem you have to collect is the Red Gem, the Red Gem is on top of the mountains in Asia. Once you find the Red Gem, a note will be attached to it saying where the next gem’s location is.” At the bottom of the note, it said, “Written by… ” but there was no name next to it. 

Then Ben took the Pink Gem and put it in a chest in the treehouse. Then Henry woke up. Henry yelled, “Why are we back at the treehouse!?” Then he continued, “AND WHY IS THERE A PINK GEM IN OUR CHEST?!?!?”

“Wellllllllll…. ”


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