Grand Canyon Race

Once there lived a cheetah called Dash. Dash lived in Slot Canyon, in the upper Antelope Canyon, and loved racing with the other cheetahs. One thing she loved about racing was that she could leap from side to side on the curves. It was a really short race and Dash wanted a longer race. She wanted to go to the race in the Grand Canyon but she needed meat to pay for the race and hunting was the perfect job, so she joined her mom in hunting. Her first two hunts were not that good but she got good at it after a while. After a month, she had enough meat to afford the race so she packed all her stuff and said goodbye. She traveled for about two and a half days, including water breaks. When she got there she saw the longest race she had ever seen. She saw a big hotel for the racers and in the middle of the hotel, there was a big, filtered drinking pond. When she entered her room there were leaves for a bed, and her room was a little cave. Dash slept because she was tired from the long long walk and run and because it was night. She woke up early at 5:30 AM and practiced running until six in the evening. This race was really important for her and she took it seriously. After she ran, she ate breakfast. She was surprised that she didn’t need to hunt, and she ate her rabbit and antelope. After eating, she was coached and the class really helped her run even faster. Her day was packed, and she forgot to eat lunch. For dinner, she ate half of a kudu. The next day, she would have to run the race and she needed to rest. Dash woke up at 6:30 AM and the race would be at 8:30 AM. She ate a small antelope and a little bit of her leftover kudu for breakfast. She then took a bath and used leaves to dry herself. She styled her hair with some grass hair ties. After that, she practiced for the race. The prize was a bunch of meat and a trophy. Dash was nervous, but it was time for the race so she took her spot and started racing. It was super fun but she was also nervous because someone else was first. Negative thoughts filled her head like “I can’t do this,” and “I’m definitely going to lose.” Then she realized the whole reason she wanted to be in this race was to have fun. So she set all her negative thoughts aside and had fun. And she was winning! Just half a mile and she would win the race. Dash did her absolute best and she reached the end in 40 seconds. Dash won the race and she received her meat and medal. As soon as she won she started packing up to meet her family. When she got there and told everyone in town, she was famous!