The 2 Cat and 1 Monkey Friend


Hi my name is Buttercup, and one of my best friends is named George. He is a brown, white, and black cat, and one eye is green and the other is blue. I am the color peach and white. One of my eyes is bleached. I was put in the laundry machine, and one day my mom put bleach on my eye by accident. When I looked everywhere, I had x-ray vision. My other best friend is Mr. Monkey. He is dark brown and peachy color. Both of his eyes are black. He loves bananas. He can dance. I went to Peru with George. Mr Monkey didn’t want to go. We came back from the trip, and George was gone. Six months passed, and we didn’t find him, until my aunt said that she found him. When I saw him, I burst into tears. Stuffing was coming out of my eyes. I slept good all the time everytime George was here.


Hi my name is George, and I am going to tell you about what I have been doing during those six months. I have traveled to the kitchen. DUH DUH DUUUN! It was such a journey. There were mountains. The humans were so strong that they picked up the mountains. One of them said they were books, but I think they were mountains. I had to run over the humans. It was so difficult. I started to jump, and a person looked at me and called someone and said, ’’I found him.’’ In my head, I said, “Yeah right.’’ I met my best friend/my brother. I was so happy I hugged him so tight. I went back home and slept right away, knowing my brother is always going to be with me side by side.


Hi, my name is Mr. Monkey. What I did during the six months is sleep, eat, sleep, eat, and so on. I was relaxing until I wanted to get a banana. I had to face the DOG. DUN DUN DUUUUN. I ran as fast as I could, and the dog was chasing me. I jumped on the dog and jumped to the bananas. I did! I ate one and quickly ran back to my room. I am named Mr. Monkey because I am also elegant. I always put a towel around my neck to be clean. I also am a teacher. I teach Buttercup and George. I am in Monkey University. I learn how to use bananas to make different chemicals.