The Lost Mom of the 3 Worlds

Olive Allen

A Pawtograph Problem in Paris

The Nuclear Death: Part 2

The Picture

Samrajya Singh

A Teacher’s Worst Day EVER!

Eleanor Pitchal


Orli Umlauf

The Fly

Lola Greenman

Short Horror Stories About Random Stuff

Madeline Fatula

06-79: A Story of An Experiment and Her Great Escape

Harper Nee

The definition of soup

Henry Sweet

The Assassin Games

Naomi Chen and Lena Yan

Ish’s spy Adventure

Lucas Yan

Magical Life, Chapter One: Seeking Back Story

Benji Schlatter


Lexi Scheer

The Sunday Surprise

Liana Quick

Giant Cats 2: HUMANS

Juliette Limb-Goldstein

Dead Hollow Grave

Theo Kern

The Planet

Iman Abdur-Rahman

Spaghetti and… Clams?

Willa Beck

The Nuclear Death, Part 1

MIlan Garg

Time for Turkey

Harlan Kogan

The Anteater

Jiann Hong


Sophie Roberts


Erin Wong

Sally loves Cinnamon the Hamster, Book 1

Ruby Friedman

Quinn & Kit

Uliana Kochedykova

Dimension 96: Chapter 1

Arden Yu

The Person in the Well

Ela Ager

The Wrong Mom

Ayana Alamgir

The Birthday Mystery

Erin Wong

The Book Story

Uliana Kochedykova

One and One Blackbirds

Adam Bellows


Arya Mathur

Escape Mars

Ela Mathur

Three talons of the stars: The start of the adventure

Alana Fan

The Heist

Mark Taylor

The Hawk and the Clover

Veer Bhandare

Ant and Flower

Daniel Zheng

A Crack in the Walls

Josephine (Jojo) Winter

Jeremiah’s Musical

Wenlan Yeh

Family, Books, Life

Kitty’s Big Adventure

Tess Pizzamiglio

A New Generation Of Skulls

Rohan Tatlow

From Earth to Mars

The Weeping Willow

Sarah Kronley


Tess Eller

Three Fingers

Samantha McCulloch


Asha Rehman

Tom the Ghost

Daniel Zheng

Katie and Her Pillow Adventure

Maya Marrero

Annie the Seeing Eye Dog

Hannah Lim

The Tomato Trouble

Sienna Augustin

Grimm Getaway

Margo Schwartz

Chapter 5, The Vanishing City

Scarlett Kahn

Crafty’s Adventure, Part 1

Charlton Chi, age 7

The Adventures of the Super Team #1

Arjun Sarin Pradhan, age 10

The Elf Story

Arjun Sarin Pradhan, age 10

Mr. Poodle and the Stray Cat, Starburst

Nirali Yedendra, age 9

Crafty’s Adventure, Part 2

Charlton Chi, age 7

Escaping from Alcatraz

Evan Won, age 10

Will You Be My Owner?

Ella Ka, age 9

Coco and Rosie

Iman Abdur-Rahman, age 8

Grand Canyon Race

Samira P. Senthil, age 8

Willa Jean Queen of Summer

Sylvia Gutkin, age 9

The Suburbs

Ryan Costeanu, age 11

The Secret Power

Effie, age 9

The Miner

Sidarth Singh, age 11


Maya Wang-Habib, age 11

The Wiggly Monkey

Eva Sarin Pradhan, age 7

Minli’s Special Ingredient

Lucy Liles, age 10

Sharky’s Adventure in the Deep Blue Sea

Nicholas, age 8

McLaren Team

Dylan Wright, age 10

The Nightmare King, Ice Triagile, and the Rage of the King

Musa Khalil, age 9

Driving Blind

Analía Rivera, age 11

Demon Killer

Calla Wetstone, age 11

Tommy’s Adventures

Nurit Kamal-Bordelois, age 8

Tommy’s Winter Adventures

Stella M., age 9

Mr. Puppy Face Goes to School

Matilda Magaldi, age 10

The Lake

Anna Raitt, age 11

Life in the Eyes of a Royal Drolfette

E. A. Charles, age 9

All Because of Three Little Screws

Nicolo Petrosino, age 11


Serena, age 10

Ghostly Figures

Poppy W., age 11

Three Is Turned to One by a Human Beast

Teo Yoo, age 9

The Beginning

Jessica D., age 9

The Very Mysterious Story

Calla Wetstone, age 11

You Don’t Belong Here

Sienna Beck, age 9

The Opposite of The Little Mermaid

Stella J. Magaldi, age 10

Roster the Puppy

Bea Wetstone, age 11

Kiss, Marry, Kill

Catherine Allen, age 11


Maya Wang-Habib, age 11

Emma and Mount Everest

Nala Delgado, age 9

The Secret of the Fairies

Alana Widha, age 7

The Cursed Coin

Leah V., age 10

I Die Again

Roxana Margulis, age 10

Kiki the Witch

Willa Morris-Sublett, age 8

Champion Island

Aaron García Haddad, age 10

A New Age

Ryan Chen, age 9

The Normal Elf

Michaela Koeva Brooks, age 10

Almost the End

Skylar Galliani, age 9

The Fashion Store’s Victory, Book 1: The Queen’s Revenge

Michelle Baston-Greenberg, age 9

The Dark Spirit of the Enchanted Trampoline Park, Book 1: Captured!

Miya Bishop, age 10

Into the Fairy Realm

Rebecca Pan, age 11

The Magical Orb of Shaddowtown

Adele Chalamish, age 10

Elena & Hercules

Penelope Taylor, age 11

Sunshine and Shadows

Lavinia Pitts, age 11

Amelia and the Fire

Sheva Wright, age 8

The Alien WAR

Ryan M. Romolo, age 8

Ali and The Missing Book

Dhruv Ambati, age 9


Annabel Kleinknecht, age 11

Growing Up

Jojo W., age 10

The Color of the Sky

Ella Wilson, age 9

Jack’s Soccer Adventure

Liam Xavi, age 9

High School Worries Stink

Benjamin, age 7

Tommy the Mouse

Mira, age 9

The Three Adventurers and the Big Monster

Sydney McCraw, age 10

The Fire Man

Leonardo Di Girolamo, age 9

Biomes Out of the Box

Ravi Gupta, age 10

The Grain

Maya, age 10

Flee From the Fur

Zohra Ransom, age 10

Ruby the Red Dragon

Zoe Chow, age 8

The Spoiled Rich Brat

Grace Chen, age 10

The Seal

Nicholas Weaver, age 9

Darkness Rises

Jonathan Davis, age 9


Colin Seo, age 7

Bill the Foodie

Micah B., age 8

Sticky Consequences

Lisa, age 9

Space Adventures

Hugo Lin, age 9

The Alien Bob Books

Jack Degregorio, age 8

The Bunny Who Wanted a Carrot

Nicholas Weaver, age 9

The Big Prison

Evan H. Seo, age 9

The Doll

Rebecca Diaz, age 9

Super Max

Colin Seo, age 7

Lost in the Woods

Siyona Kadam, age 9

Odd Aunt Lenore

Jojo W., age 9

The Closet of Doom

Leo, age 10

Pirate Boy

Lyla Lim, age 10

Three Minutes Before the Earthquake

Sheva Wright, age 8

Uni the Unicorn

Zoe Chow, age 8

The Chronicles of Mystery Part 1

by Eliana Chung, age 9

The Day That Goes Haywire – Trilogy

Arvin Nolkha, age 11

Holiday Rush

by Juwon Lee, age 8

The End

Lexi Gerena, age 11

Found But Forgotten

Ren L., age 10

A Trip to the Beach

Violet Goldberg, age 8

Starry’s Big Adventure 2

Grace Lewis, age 9

The Magdusa: Part I

Ryan, age 11

Treasure Map

Gabriel Gordon, age 11

The Feast (Gone Wrong)

Ethan L., age 8

Kenzie’s Failing School

Anna Xu, age 10


Eileen Sofia, age 10

3 Seconds of Paranoia

Jack Skiff, age 11

Ms. Imaginashon

Rakia Berkowitz, age 9

Kayla and the New Land

Jaela Gillin, age 9

Let It Out

Troi G., age 10

Finding Your Place

Vienna Elson, age 11

The Tiger’s Dream

Sophie, age 11

Wolf Quest — A Breeze Acoming – Book 1 –Wind’s Crossing

Lillia Erdman, age 11

Queen Fairy Crystal

Logan Taylor, age 7

The Train of Horror

Emir Grundy, age 8

Ouch! Goes the Weasel, Books 1 & 2

Enhao Ren, age 9

The Haunted Cheeseburger (Series 1)

Sophie Powers, age 9

The Blue Bunny

Obed Otto, age 10

Tuck’s Grand Adventure

Lark, age 10

Ouch! Goes the Weasel {Book #3: Ronalds, Welcome to Elementary School}

Enhao Ren, age 9

The Afterthen

Sydney O, age 10

Mountain Mama

Rakia Berkowitz, age 9

The Mimic

Rian Suljagic, age 8

Monster and Mushroom: A New Beginning

by Beatrice Watts-Kornblut, age 9

Age of i 2: The tournament of drama

by Gabe B. Johnson, age 8

Lenmonoral Academy Part One

by Willa Maureen Coombs Gross, age 9

The Moon

Laila Menai-Duarte, age 10

My Costume

Pranati Gupta, age 8

Uni and The Butterfly

Saige, age 7

A Starfish Named Solar

Ayana D. Yilmam, age 8

The First Place Winner

Ellie Plitas, age 11


Rohan Seth, age 8

The Adventures of Miles Black

Uma Vanreusel, age 8

My Pet Slime

Selin, age 8

Wicked Witch of the Night

Medha Siena Iyengar, age 9


Aliyah Daley-Reinisch, age 11

Friendzy the Dragon

Sheva Wright, age 7

Vacations Everywhere!

Laia Alegret, age 8

The Robot Who Met a Person

Azadeh C., age 8

The Isolation Experiment

Nola Baldassare, age 10

The Little Mushroom

Ricky, age 11

Finding the Banana Tree

Mason M., age 8

Crazy About Computers

Samantha Kung, age 8

Mercy’s New Place

Sprinkles, age 7

City of the Forgotten People

Magdalena Berthiaume, age 11

Three Anaconda Araffe

Sebastian Gonzalez, age 6

City in the Sky

Milan Seeff, age 10

Black Magic

Athena Patrickios, age 11

A Kid Can Face War

Amy Martinez Calero, age 11

The Adventures of Krony Faulty: A Masher Basher

Arjun Ranavat, age 9

Black Magic

by Athena Patrickios, age 11


Canyon Y, age 11

The Count’s Letter

Rachel H, age 11

The Story of Sunglass Dude & Pengu the Penguin

Junho Yoon, age 8

Don’t Take the Best of Me

Maya Martinez, age 11

Seymour & a Piece of Cheese

Dean Carlson, age 8


Brais Macknik-Conde, age 11

Jenny’s Candy World

Sophia Peniston, age 9

Audrey and the Guardians of the Wall

Becky, age 8

From the U.S. to Japan

Gabe Boorstein-Foss, age 11

Bobby and Milly

Jahan Mirza, age 7

Lucy the Teacup

Skylar Rosado, age 11

The Creature

Nasheeta Rahman, age 11

A Bedtime Story

Dia Sankar, age 9

Leo’s Story

Leo Simpson, age 9


Hunter Liss, age 11

The Fairytale Portal

by Chelsea Eng, age 9

The Finale

Leo Simpson, age 9

The World of Powers

Awesome Arjun, age 9

Kate and Olivia’s Adventure

Cora, age 8

Escape From the Mall

Elise Lee, age 8

Awkward Barn

Maya Wang-Habib, age 9

Sweet Murder

Matthew Goldstein, age 9


Amanda J.B. Marcano-James, age 7

The Escapists

Emma B., age 10

The Hungry Lion

By Sheva Wright, age 7

Rolly and Mouse

by Sprinkles, age 7

Potato Land Book One: Humans Try to Take Over Potato Land But One Awesome Team Will Stop the Humans!

by Avery Kim, age 10


by Dylan Starr, age 11


by Zahir Chappelle, age 11

Spelling Bee Champ

by Sophia Nikas, age 9


by Maya Graff, age 11

Super Saber-Tooth Tiger

by Zaniya L. Sands, age 7

HS Travels the World

by Sebastian Gonzalez, age 6

A Day Underwater with the Dolphins

by Sienna Beck, age 7

The Scary Ghosts

by Henry Cook, age 7

The Crazy Meatball Incident

by Cameron Dibadj, age 10

The Value of a Trophy

by Olivia Xu, age 11

Where Have All The Goslings Gone?

by Anonymous, age 11

Weird Food World

by JL, age 8

UFO Universe

by Ava McLaughlin, age 10

Alex Armado

by Charles Wolf, age 9

The Unexpected

by Gugliemo Cordara, age 9

The Outbreak

by Eric Li, age 9

The Doll

by Stella Brothers, age 11

The 2 Cat and 1 Monkey Friend

by Joe Mendoza, age 10

My Journal

by Kevin Mendoza, age 10

Bob the Dwagin

by JL Johnston, age 8

The Singularity

by Eric Li, age 9


by Julia Rosenthal, age 9

Do Aliens Exist?

by RJG, age 9

Scary and Short Stories

by Manuela Concha, age 10

Daisy’s Adventure

by Ellie Rossi, age 7

Germ Clash

by Jonathan Zhang, age 7

Dragon Story

by Ellie, age 10

The Unicorns and One Pony

by Sophie, age 10

The Marine Biology Specialist

by Emanuel Gold, age 8

The Snowy July

by Sammy McCulloch, age 9

The Unicorn and the Dragon

by Emma Biegel, age 7

Coco Finds a Friend

by Lyla Gardner, age 8

Lucy the Hedgehog

Sophie Biegel, age 7


by Maya Cohen, age 10

Blue’s Story : A Novel By Mae Benne

by Mae Benne, age 11

Scoot and the Big Bear Mystery Book 1

by Aaron Arzon, age 7

Sylvia and the Wishing Tree

by Zoya Sarangan, age 11

The Zombie who Eats Tacos Everyday

by Harry Brennan, age 8


by Christina Merikas, age 10


by Hank Shoemaker, age 8

December 19th

by Caroline Kollander, age 10

The Spotlight

Kellen Spencer, age 9


by Ellie Plitas, age 10

The Adventures of Julia and Lucia

by Sophie Plitas, age 10

Monkey Spy

by Paloma W., age 8

Roman Story

by Leon Hecker, age 10

Sub Society

by Jasper Singh, age 9

The Unicorn and the Butterfly

by Adia Ware, age 9

Jamie and the Swallow Nest

Analise Chen, age 11

Bad Guys Never Win

by Lanai Blake-Soden, age 11

The Unfortunate Tale of Mr. Dirk Chepe

by Hannah Hiller, age 11

The Three Princesses

by Samantha McCulloch, age 9

Captain Daddy and the Pied Piper

by Leena Rajkotia, age 9


by Magnus Nesdale, age 11

Dude the Cat

by Emma V, age 7

Crowned for Nature

by Juliet Healy, 8

Candy Sushi Fun

by Parvati Desai, age 8

Lost in Time

by Shawn Qiu, age 11

Do You Want Me

by Emma Wolff, age 9

Cookie the Bear

by Isabella Paredes, age 11

Agent Puppy

by Alejandra, age 11

Sins and Crimes

by Zoe Becker, age 11

The House

by Henry Cornier-Lugo, age 11

Short story made after a lot of begging

by Sahn Choi, age 10


by Parker, age 10


by Nikhil Rughwani, age 10

Life of a Boy with Powers

by Leo, age 10

The Amber Ring

by Josie Levin, age 9

A New Kind of Freedom

by Claire HB, age 11


by Stella Ross, age 9

World of Women

by Lily Martin, age 10

The Mermystery

by Talia Shafizadeh, age 8

Secrets in the Shadows

by Beatrix Gruver, age 10

Hannah and Anabelle

by Beatrice Watts-Kornblut, age 8

Lost in the Forest

by Teresa Dean, age 11

The Strange Computer & the Missing Parent

by Willow Glenn, age 9

The TV

by Aidan R., age 8