The Booger Who Wanted a Friend

Once upon a time in New York City, there was a booger. The booger was named Buttface. He wanted a friend because he was so lonely. He tried being kind to the other boogers, but the other boogers didn’t like him because he was brown, and they were all yellow. Buttface started to cry. Then one day, he got blown out of his nose into a tissue. Then, he had the whole world to find a friend. He was a little scared because he didn’t know what was outside the nose. Then, he got thrown in the garbage. There were cans, candy wrappers, and other boogers in the garbage can. Buttface tried to talk to the boogers in the garbage, and they talked to him too. They were nice. So he ended up making friends. But then, the garbage got emptied. All the boogers got separated all over the dump.

Buttface tried to look for his friends. He went on a big journey to try to look for them. He started looking for them everywhere. He made a friend named Fartbutts. Fartbutts was a germ who lived in a can of beans. Then, he went on his journey to look for the other booger. Fartbutts went with him. The boogers were located at the other end of the dump. First, they ran into a guard dog. It was mean and big and had big teeth. They tried to go around it, but it didn’t work. They tried sneaking past, and that worked. Next, they ran into a big pile of garbage. It was too big for them to climb. After a while, they found a tunnel to go underneath the garbage pile. They were almost to where the boogers were.

After they came out of the tunnel, some garbage fell on them. They couldn’t get out from underneath the garbage. They had to wait until the garbage got cleared. For a day, they waited. Finally, another booger came and cleared the garbage. Buttface was happy to see the other booger.

“Thank you for saving me!” he said.

The other booger led Buttface and Fartbutts back to where the other boogers were. Buttface felt happy to be reunited with all his friends, and his friends were happy to see him too. They all lived together in the dump for the rest of their lives.



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