I woke up to a beautiful morning. I walked over to the bathroom and I saw all the trophies with my name, Robert Foxtin, on them. Once I finished brushing my teeth, I called my two-year-old sister’s name, but no response. I looked for my sister in the house, but she was nowhere to be found! I was so scared all my hair turned into red fur. I grew a red tail, and my eyes turned orange. I noticed I did not have much control over shifting so I kept on shifting into a fox and back into human until it was  easy. This is what happens when I turn back into a human from a fox: My eyes become green again. Next my tail vanishes. Finally my fur turns back into hair. And then I decided to start to track my sister’s scent.

The scent stopped in the middle of the forest. I turned back into a human and started prowling around looking for my sister. Suddenly I saw a staff swinging at me a mile a minute! I dodged it by a hair. Then I looked around, trying to find my attacker. I saw him. He had bushy black hair, black beard, black eyes, black eyebrows, and a black staff, which he was swinging at me, trying to knock me out. But I quickly drew my staff and blocked his blow. We continued to fight, but every one of his blows seemed stronger than the last. And each of my blows was weaker than the last. Finally the fight ended when my attacker hit me in the stomach, which forced me to turn into a fox and run away. And suddenly I realized my attacker had my sister and was not going to give her back!


I did some research on my laptop about the person who had my sister. And the results were crazy. I figured out the person who had my sister was none other then the dead Blackbeard.  Why would Blackbeard want my sister? What would Blackbeard do to her? Suddenly I shivered. Blackbeard may be the most fearsome pirate ever, but I’ll still get my sister back, right? Suddenly it hit me Blackbeard wanted to train my sister to be a pirate.


I’ve decided to look for my sister again. I turn into a fox and then set out, again! This time I’ll find her. I start to track her scent. The scent leads me to a mountain where I see Blackbeard. Then he sees me, and says, “I’ll give you your sister back if you go to a restaurant with me.” 

I thought, why would Blackbeard give me my sister for free after working hard to kidnap her?

Blackbeard, perhaps sensing my suspicions, said, “and give me 20 bucks.”

Soon, I was at the restaurant with Blackbeard. I saw Blackbeard pour something into my water. The next time Blackbeard looked out the window I switched the water glasses. Blackbeard drank his water and died. I was so happy Blackbeard was dead. Now I could track my sisters scent without further interruptions. First his eyes rolled back into his head and then he fell. I pretended the restaurant food was poisoned. I also pretended that I was horrified. I left the restaurant. And started to track my sister scent. The scent led me to the same mountains were I had seen Blackbeard. I saw my sister tied up I quickly untied her. 

She said, “ wobert?”

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