The Super Sleepover!

Hi, I’m Sophia. I am ten years old. My mom’s name is Karen, and my dad’s name is Michael. I have a little brother named Charlie. He is three years old, I also have a newborn baby sister named Mia. She’s three months old. My two BFFs are Tracy and Maya. I have known them since we were three. We went to Mommy and Me music class together. My favorite thing to do with Maya and Tracy is to have sleepovers. During our sleepovers, we play truth or dare, watch movies, play with my baby sister, build forts, draw, talk, and sleep.

Tonight we were having a sleepover! I couldn’t wait. It was going to be a blast. I dressed Mia in her nicest outfit. My mom was being so annoying! I couldn’t stand it! She kept saying, “Honey, calm down. You’re making yourself stressed!”

“No, Mom. I’m not!” I screamed. Okay, maybe I was. I would try to calm down.

Later that night, Maya and Tracy came over with their purple sleeping bags. They were as excited as I was! I could not wait. I had so many activities planned. Maya brought over Uno, which she loved. So first, we played Uno. After that, of course my brother needed to storm in and start to burst out in tears. And then, naturally, my sister also started to cry.

Maya and Tracy both came over to Mia and picked her up and rocked her around, so she would stop crying. But she did not stop crying! So, Tracy handed her to me. I didn’t want to deal with this right now, but I didn’t have a choice. My mom was looking at me like, do it. So I did it. She stopped crying! Yes!

After that, we built a fort. Of course, my brother needed to join. But I was kind of glad, because Maya and Tracy didn’t really care if Charlie joined. We just told him that he needed to build his own room. After that, we were getting hungry. So my mom ordered fresh, hot pepperoni pizza. While we were having dinner, we also watched a movie. The movie was so good. And then we had dessert. Hot fudge brownies. Yummmmm!!!

Later, we were getting tired. Right before we got into bed, Maya said, “I need to get something from my bag. I’ll be right back.”

Tracy and I shrugged at each other. We didn’t know what Maya was getting. When Maya came back, there were Pop-Tarts in her hands. “We can snack on these if we’re getting bored,” she said.

I said, “No thank you,” and so did Tracy. I don’t like Pop-Tarts.

“Okay,” Maya said. “If you guys aren’t having them, I’m not having one.”

In the middle of the night, I swear to God I saw the Pop-Tarts glowing. I didn’t think it was a dream. I knew it was real. I got so scared I just went back to bed. In the morning, I told Tracy and Maya. Both of them believed me because they’re good friends. Right after that, I was getting a little worried, so I checked on my sister and brother and parents to make sure they were okay. Phewf! They were! After that, we made ourselves breakfast.

All of a sudden, Maya said that she wanted cotton candy! She hates cotton candy! Tracy and I were shocked. “Are you sure?” I said.

And then, Maya started talking in a deep voice! “I WANT COTTON CANDY!!!” she screamed. “You know what,” she said. “I want cotton candy, I want cotton candy, I want cotton candy, I want cotton candy!!!”

Tracy and I started to get worried. But then, we realized that the flavor of the Pop-Tart was cotton candy. And then, I realized that the Pop-Tart was glowing pink at night for cotton candy! Maya kept saying, “I want cotton candy,” over and over and over and over and over again. I told her to wash her hands and put orange juice over her hands. Maya didn’t want to, but Tracy made her.

And then, she was talking normally again, and everything was back to normal. Except, my brother was still crying.

The end…


(Hopefully, this will be our last crazy adventure!)

(Probably not… check out Maya’s adventure!)


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