The Time I Was Left in the Elevator

I was staying in a hotel in Montauk, New York with my grandma and my uncle from Seattle, and I was having a wonderful time in the pool. I tried to do these cool dives, but I was only three years old, so it was impossible. I did not want to risk it and belly flop hard. As soon as we ended swimming, I suggested to my family that we should go into the hotel room and relax, so we did.

We got into the elevator. We were with these 70-year-old people in the elevator. I pressed the number seven, which was the floor that we were staying on. When we arrived at our floor, I did not notice because I was looking at my Nemo towel, even though I don’t like Nemo. When I looked up, no one was there except the old people. That is when I realized that my parents had accidentally left me. The old people held my hand as we went back down. I was so scared.

When we got down, the nice people stayed with me even though they had to go to their floor. I arrived at the seventh floor, hoping that I would see my parents. The doors opened. I saw my whole family. I was so happy to see them. I hugged them.

This was a true story…

The End.

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