The Unicorns and One Pony

Chapter 1

Once there was a pony. Her name was Emma. Emma wished she was a unicorn. All the unicorns in town did not allow Emma in their group, so every day after school she cried to her mom. Her mom was a unicorn. One day she went to school with a fake unicorn horn and rainbow mane. 

One day she went to the doctor to get plastic surgery. The doctor thought she might die. Emma wanted to die, but her mom said not to do the surgery. Emma was depressed. Then her mom told the principal that all of the unicorns were making fun of her, but the principal was a unicorn so he said, “Well, your daughter has mental issues.” The pony had to move from California to New York because her mom had a job there

They moved. The school that she went to was very welcoming. They even had a surprise. She loved it and on the bright side, it was a private only pony school. And for Halloween, they were all unicorns. When they went trick or treating, she saw a friend from California! 

Chapter 2

Apparently the other unicorn that was from the other school moved to the same place the next day. Emma was relieved that the other unicorn went to a different school. That night, Emma had a nightmare about her old school moving to New York and all the other unicorns were living in her building. 

Chapter 3

When Emma woke up, her mom said that her school moved to New York. 

“Ahhhhhhh!” said Emma.