Three Anaconda Araffe

Book 1: World is Starting in Three, Two, One, NOW

(Narrator is speaking)

Hi, my name is Besa, and today we are going to meet three anacondas and a giraffe. And this story takes place in the far, far future on the planet, Clone.

Once upon a time, in the far, far future, Africa and the Amazon collided and then three anacondas and a giraffe collided and what does that equal: three anaconda araffe! 

Chapter One: First Clone Day

(Narrator is reading and will explain what First Clone Day is in the next book) 

We’re just starting… 0.5

Once upon a time, three anacondas and a giraffe went through their bodies and then, when they said the magic word, they turned into one thing, and then when they said the magic word again, they turned into four things, and then, the continents moved super fast like in a millisecond, and then, an orca and a tiger went together and equaled a torca! And then, the three anaconda araffe said the magic word (BESA) and then they turned into three anacondas and a giraffe, and then the giraffe charged at the torca and then the torca was so stunned that it couldn’t move anymore, but then, the three anacondas squeezed them until they couldn’t breathe anymore.

Chapter Two: Now We’re Rocking!

And now, three continents went together in a snap, and then a rock and a star collided! And then, it equaled a rock star! And the rock star threw giant rocks at them/him. And then them/him said the magic word and then they collided, and then the three anaconda araffe charged so hard that they discollided!

Chapter Three: Getting a Sidekick!

And now a continent split! But a kangaroo and a flea collided but then they fell into the water and they collided with a shark and that equaled a flangark!

Chapter Three: Getting a Sidekick Part 2

And now three arachnids collided and equaled a vinegaspoon! 

Chapter Four: Getting an Infinite Frenemy

And now a jellyfish collided with an orca equaling an inca! And now the three anaconda araffe and the flangark and the vinegaspoon saw the inca, they thought that the inca was good, but it was actually bad, and so, it was actually a frenemy! 

Chapter Four: Getting an Infinite Frenemy Part 2 

The inca went back to its master called xbdhsjdb 88, otherwise known as the Clone Master (it was evil). The inca went back to the gang (three anaconda araffe, flangark, and vinegaspoon (A.F.V). 

Chapter Five: Now You See Me, Now You Goat

The Clone Master sent another army and called invisigoat, but the flangark started floating and that was how they saw the the invisigoat and then the vinegaspoon shot the invisigoat with silk and stung the invisigoat and threw vinegar like acid at invisigoat!

Chapter Six: Last Clone Day

And now, today is Last Clone Day! Last Clone Day is the day when the planet Clone copied another planet! 

(Narrator is speaking)  

To be continued in another book… 

Three Anaconda Araffe 

Book 2: The Second World is Just Starting

Chapter One: First Clone Day

The three anaconda araffe oddly survived it, but with some impenetrable body improvements. 

Chapter Two: Electric Zap in a Snap!

And now, dajya and daustralia collided! And then a dorny devil and a dajya delephant collided, and then that equaled a dorny delephant! But then the three anaconda araffe saw the dorny delephant, and then the three anaconda araffe was like, “Really!” And then the three anaconda araffe just went in front of the dorny delephant, and then right before the dorny delephant swung its dunk, the three anaconda araffe just zapped the dorny delephant! 

Chapter Three: The Ditch

And now, the dinternet collided with a witch, equaling a ditch! The three anaconda araffe (T.A.A.) found the ditch and T.A.A. thought that he could beat the ditch super fast, but he was WRONG. The ditch made T.A.A.’s forcefield to freeze, but what the ditch didn’t know was that T.A.A. could split through a forcefield. And so T.A.A. said the magic word in his mind, and so then they split! And the ditch was too low to fly high enough in time, and so the giraffe charged at the ditch and then the three anacondas squeezed the ditch so hard that it just made stars! 

Chapter Four: You Don’t Know What You Said in Your Dore 

And now, a deerphone and a deer combined and equaled a heerdeer! When T.A.A. was sleeping, the heerdeer hypnotized T.A.A. and since the heerdeer does everything that people say, the heerdeer hypnotized T.A.A. to say, “Eat me, eat me, eat me, eat me, eat me!” But the heerdeer didn’t notice, and he also hypnotized T.A.A. to say, “BESA!” And the heerdeer couldn’t hypnotize four things at once, so then, the three anacondas said, “Let me squeeze you until you can’t breathe anymore, and then let me eat you!” And then the heerdeer let the three anacondas squeeze and eat them, and then the giraffe wasn’t hypnotized anymore! 

Chapter Five: Last Clone Day 

(Narrator is speaking)

And now today is Last Clone Day! You now know what Last Clone Day is from the previous book, so I don’t need to tell you this time.

Three Anaconda Araffe

Book Three: Evil Sneazle 

Chapter One: First Clone Day 

(Narrator is reading)

And you all know what First Clone Day is because it was in the second book! So I’m just going to skip telling you what First Clone Day is and go on with the story. 

Chapter Two: Reintroducing Inca!

And now the inca found T.A.A. and then the inca started hitting and slapping and hitting and slapping and hitting and slapping and hitting and slapping T.A.A. and T.A.A. was like, “Why are you doing this?” And then the inca was like, “Oops, sorry.” And then T.A.A. was suuuuuper suspicious, and then the inca said, “I gotta go, so byeee!” And then T.A.A. followed the inca until he found the Clone Master!

Chapter Three: The Clone Master

And now T.A.A. is at the Clone Master’s headquarters, and he found the Clone Master, and then the Clone Master said, “Security guards! Attack!” And then T.A.A. started ramming at all of the security guards! And the Clone Master was like, “You wanna do it the hard way, huh?” And then the Clone Master said the magic word, and he turned into twelve Clone Masters, and then into twenty-four Clone Masters! And then T.A.A. was like, “No way you’re gonna beat me with twenty-four Clone Masters!” And he only needed to charge four times at the Clone Master to be able to defeat all the Clone Masters.