Book 1: Zero 

Chapter 1: A Day with Zero

You are an ORDINARY cat, I pretend to say to myself, but it is untrue. First of all, lots of people say I am different. Name is Zero, by the way. Also, the other reason I am unordinary is since, well, since I have an eye on the back of my head! Luckily, my family does not care and loves me so, but I have no friends and am always bored. My family says I am unique and that looks do not matter, only traits do, but then why can I have no friends? I believe them but then why does no cat even try to see my traits?! 

By the way, today is my first day at school! I am scared, will everyone judge me by my looks? I am lucky to be able to convince Mom to have the first day off of school. My mom notices at about the middle of the day that I’m bored. Suddenly, or unexpectedly, her eyes light up and she is out of the door in a flash. A bit later, she returns with a dog, a dog with an extra leg. 

“Why did you get me a dog to be friends with?” I ask.

“Well,” says Mom, “you both are… ” She does not end. I then say, “Un-ordinary.”

 And she nods as the dog walks toward me. I walk back, you know all cats are scared of dogs. He sees my fear and says, “I know you are freaked about my extra leg.”

“That’s not it,” I say, trembling with fear. “It is that dogs chase cats.”

“Well I will not chase you… ” 

I interrupt and say, “You want to be my friend.”

He smiles and says, “You are the first to ask.”

I am about to shake hands then I say, “Wait,” and pull him and hit him and he is as hard as metal, he is a robot, no wonder he does not chase. 

Well Mom has bought Zero a robot to make him happy.

So I stare sternly at Mom and then walk to my bed, curl up, and go to sleep.

Chapter ½: Intro chapter (You can skip this chapter):

I sleep for 15 hours a day, I love to eat catnip. Cats are related to jaguars, lions, tigers, and lots more. Also I (the author, not Zero this time) would get a tuxedo cat and name him Oreo. The scientific name for cats is Felis Catus. Cats can rotate their ears 180 degrees. By the way, most cats sleep 70% of their life but Zero sleeps 47% of his life. Zero says (this is a true fact) that the first cat in space was in 1963. His name was Felicette (also known as Astro Cat) and he was the first and only cat in space. That is all of Zero’s facts for now. 

Traits of cats are different. Like Zero is smart and playful, but some say Zero is a ferocious feline. He is misunderstood and he is a nice cat, so no two cats are the same, and remember that do not judge a cat by their look. Remember that!!! This picture is illustrated for you to show Zero’s very kind loving heart.

Chapter 2: The Adventure Begins

Zero awoke to a fresh new day, feeling ready for anything. 

I was so ready to eat but then my eye on the back of me spotted Mom talking of my favorite toy missing! I was angry!!! I turned on the cat news and heard that there was an ancient mouse toy called mousie mousie in the ruins of the royal cat family in Carterwui which was a royal village in the Cat-skills mountain. YES!!! There was still a mousie left and no!!!! Because the adventure would definitely be rough. 

So I packed my stuff and set off to climb Cat-skills mountain. As you know, cats are great climbers, so I was able to get up pretty easily but I got chased by a goat then I chased him since I was hungry. Just a distraction, a little embarrassed and everything, but at least I managed so let’s get back on track. On the top lay ruins and the wind smelled like burnt catnip as I passed a destroyed field with beautiful destroyed catnips. 

Then I heard a crunch and I noticed my feet had not broken any twigs, then suddenly, the eye on the back of me saw a dog. I spun around knowing my unusual feature saved me. Now I know that different can be good; the dog instantly started chasing me the moment it caught a glimpse of me. I ran down the whole mountain in a flash and right into our home. The dog faded away like a dream right when I touched the door of our house, like the world was just teaching me how different can be good, so from now on I teach UN-ORDINARY animals to show them how unusual is good

The End.

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