An Outlaw’s Tale

Chapter 1

“Can you please tell me the story?”

“Fine, I will tell you the story,” I said to my grandchild.

Although I had told her the story a ton of times, she always wanted to hear it before she went to bed.      


Everyone in town thought that I was very strange. They never saw me, they never knew where I was, and the only thing they thought they knew about me was where I was staying. And that was in my house, but I knew that wasn’t where I always was. I knew that I wasn’t normal, but I just didn’t know why. I preferred to eat raw meat, and that was the only thing I would ever eat, and I drank blood. I also knew that I didn’t go to school and just grew up at home with my dad. I was a VAMPIRE!

When the time had come, I had to feed on a human. It was about midnight, but the party was still going strong. The only reason I was going to feed on a human at the party was because I wanted to be challenged. I thought that feeding on humans who were by themselves was just an easy task. As I crept under the table, I saw that someone was walking to my table to get a drink, a drink of blood that I needed to live. When I pushed my fangs into the person’s flesh, I felt very good. Then, the person screamed! That was when I realized that I had bitten a hole that was way too big. Because of this, I was on the run from the Vampire Police.

The Vampire Police was a mean organization that thought vampires were trouble. The thing that was the most strange about them was that nobody knew what they were. All vampires were taught to avoid them. That was why I didn’t go to school. Usually, if someone was in my situation, they would’ve just hid in some dark and miserable place. That was when I got the idea to find out what they were. I knew that it would be a very dangerous journey, so I packed many provisions. These things included a lot of meat, some matches, one special knife that could cut anything, and a bottle of water. I started my trek by walking through some cold woods. I walked for days and days until I came to a little hut. I was desperate for some warmth, so I knocked on the crude door. I could tell that the person who would be living in this hut would be weird. This hut didn’t really feel like it should’ve been here.

I waited for a long time for someone to open the door, and finally, a man opened the door and let me come in. To my astonishment, the man was only wearing shorts and a T-shirt! In addition, the temperature inside the house was colder than it was outside!

I said, “Why is it so cold in here?”

The man responded, “If it’s colder in here, than it is outside, then I will feel warmer when I go outside.”

My first thought was that he may be working with the Vampire Police because he was a little weird.   


Chapter 2

As I moved on, I faced a hard obstacle. I didn’t have anything to build a boat to cross the vast ocean. I searched around to see if I could find some wood, but I couldn’t.

“The Vampire Police must be watching me,” I said to myself. “I guess I must walk back the other way.”

I walked for days and days until I found a massive Vampire Police camp. And now, I was almost 99.9% sure that they were tracking me. I was almost surrounded, so I tried to sneak out as quickly and as quietly as possible. I was almost out, just 20 yards… 15… 10… 5 yards.

“Hands up! You’re coming with me,” said a masked being (Vampire Police.)

He led me to the center of the camp and tied my leg to this huge, metal ball that stopped me from moving. I watched everything going on in the camp around me. The main thing I saw was that everything was so neat. Finally, I fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke to the sound of somebody yelling harshly in my ear, “Get up, you miserable vampire.”

That was when I saw that he didn’t have a mask on. His head was an intricate pattern of scales.

“I need to ask you a question,” the mysterious figure said. “What brings you here?”

I responded with rage, “I was just trying to find out what you people are!”

As the people left me alone, I overheard them say, “We will need to watch this one very closely.”


Chapter 3  

Late in the night, I started to think, I should at least try to break free of this ball. I tugged and tugged, but I couldn’t get myself free, and that was when I remembered that I had my super sharp knife that could cut anything in my pocket. I pulled it out without a problem, and I started cutting the chain. When I almost broke free, something crazy happened. The chain shocked me!

“Not so fast,” the unmasked man said.  “Everyone who specializes in capturing vampires knows that the vampires have created a special knife that can cut anything. So, we made these chains programmed to shock any person that is using the special knife.”

Well, now they knew about my knife. They took it away, and I was completely helpless. As I was just lying down on the rough dirt, below me, someone whispered into my ear.

“It’s me, Gavin. I’ll help you get out of here.”

“What are you doing?” I whispered in a threatening tone. “You will get yourself killed!”

“We’ll be fine. I know how I can get you out.”

“How?” I challenged.

“I will throw my super sharp knife at the chain, and it can’t shock me because the chain isn’t long enough to shock me.” Gavin said.

“Let’s do this.” I said.

Gavin threw his knife, and I was free. We sprinted away from the camp in hurry. We were running for a long time in a direction away from the camp. If I haven’t said yet, Gavin was a trusted childhood friend.

I told Gavin, “Because the Vampire Police is smart, they are probably still tracking us.”


Chapter 4

“I bet the Vampire Police is tracking us right now,” I said.

“I know they are. That’s why we are going to hide.”


“In a place that is only known by me and my ancestors.”

“Sounds good, where is it?”

“Well, that, I cannot tell you. Let’s go.”

It turned out that Gavin was a lot more prepared than I was. He still had his car with him. We got into the car, and we drove for a long time. I didn’t remember much of it because I simply fell asleep. Gavin woke me up at dawn. We were in his hiding place. His hiding place was just a giant, hollow rock. As I was walking into the rock, I put two and two together.

“I know how the Vampire Police are tracking us.” I told Gavin. “They are just following us and being extremely stealthy!”

“Then they must be outside right now. So the only way to avoid them is to be on the move,” said Gavin.


Chapter 5

This time, we knew exactly where the Vampire Police were and what they were going to do, so we planned a little in advance. It was a little frustrating that the Vampire Police were always one step ahead of us. When we drove out of the camp, we drove very fast so we could try and lose the Vampire Police. When we started to slow down, I caught a glimpse of a Vampire Police vehicle. It was very cool and strange. It was a flying car. I told Gavin about it.

He responded, “Well, I guess we can’t really do anything about it. It’s faster than us, it can escape us, and it can shoot us.”

“We should still try to escape it,” I said.

“Fine,” said Gavin. “But if I go really fast, we might run out of gas.”

We took off again driving really fast when Gavin said, “Oops, I made a wrong turn!”

When we turned, we were ambushed!

“Give us all your things, you won’t escape again.”

We gave them all our things, and we were led to a Vampire Police camp. It was the same one but just set up in a different area. The police put me and Gavin in two separate rooms. As soon as they put me in the room, I just fell asleep. When I woke up, I looked through the window on the door, and to my astonishment, I saw Gavin talking with the Vampire Police, and he wasn’t in any sort of captivity! He had betrayed me!

All I wanted to do right now was kill Gavin. He was my best friend. We helped each other a lot, and now he betrayed me. With nobody to help me get out of here, I felt defeated. The only other person I fully trusted was my dad, and he was in no condition to get me out of here. I didn’t grow up with a mom because I was adopted. And my dad wasn’t married, so that was why I didn’t have a mom I could trust. So, I had to get out myself. I don’t know why, but vampires had very strong feet. They were like leather. I kicked the window with my super, strong feet, and it broke open!


Everyone looked at my door. I quickly broke out of the door. Hundreds of Vampire Police guards came at me. Luckily, vampires were stronger and faster than humans and these aliens. I figured out that these police were old enemies of the vampires. I knew about them because of old stories my dad told me in my childhood.

When the police came at me, I punched the first few and picked up their weapons. Then it was easy. I just sliced at them with their own swords, and I shot at them with their own guns. The air was filled with smoke and fire. Once I had gotten all of them on the ground, I had to figure out where I was. I went into the communications room, and I found a map. I figured out that I was in the French Alps. I took the map and packed a backpack with everything I needed to go to my home that was in the Swiss Alps. I then borrowed one of the flying cars and made my way back home.


Chapter 6

As I was driving back home, I started thinking about all the possible ways I could use this knowledge about the Vampire Police. Maybe it could help vampires avoid them. Or maybe my knowledge could even help us vampires defeat the Vampire Police.


“Goodnight, Flora. Remember, as I always tell you, maybe your generation can be the generation to defeat the Vampire Police once and for all.”

“Do you really think that I can be the one who can defeat the Vampire Police, Grandpa?”

“Yes, I think you can. Now, I really think you should go to bed. Goodnight, Flora.”

“Goodnight, Grandpa.”



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  1. Amazing story written by a 10 yrs old boy, contains both Harry Potter And detective Tastes. I was attracted and fascinated to read toward the end to find out the result.

  2. What a suspense-filled story! I couldn’t put it down and enjoyed reading to the very end. Did Grandpa have other run-ins with the Vampire Police? I hope you write a sequel!

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