Behind My Back


People can act like I’m deaf

It’s like I am

They even know I’m not

That’s when the annoyed and frustrated feeling

Naturally takes over

I’m so tempted

To show them I exist

When I do

They always turn their head with a shocked stare

They can’t believe

That I’d worked up the nerve

To stand up for myself

They look back on moments

Like the present situation

Their stares are a whole new language

That everyone can speak

No matter if you’re



Or both

It really doesn’t matter

To me

Everyone is to be certified

Equality with no exceptions

Not even one

No matter what they’ve overcome

No matter what they look like

But that language through stares

Can be against you

Ear to mouth stares

Whispering stares

Stares you can not bear to see

It will almost always be behind your back

And that’s what is the most painful

People can act like you’re deaf

It’s like you are

They even know you’re not

Have you felt this?

I have

Everyone feels it at some point in life

Someone will always not like you

Each character plays a different part in a musical

In the same way

Each and every one of us matters

We play a role in life

Some of us big

Some of us small

But that can change

It requires work though

Only if you’re willing to

Put in time and effort

You can make it happen

Believe in yourself

And it will happen

And now believe me


Yes, anyone

Can make it happen

But one thing to not forget

Is to stand up

To those stares

Behind your back.


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