There are snowflakes hanging in air

There is a cold feeling for everyone one to bear

There are decorations plastered everywhere.

The icy snow pierces my legs 

As I trudge through the splotchy blanket white snow. 

The pine trees swing their branches like arms waving. 

There is a holiday scent in the air

That fills my body with joy and fun

And in a few days, it’s present time!


Green, the color of the trees, pine, ashwood, and mahogany

The scent of its endless leaves

The wind rustling the branches of the big ol’ oak

The leaves, so soft and safe 

Bring the warmth and safety of napping under the tree

The sweet, sweet sap from the maple trees an ample 

Supply of the syrup we enjoy every day of our lives!


The Boogaloo is hungry for thou,

with stealing eyes of flame,

thou wont want to learn its name.

Living in the foogly woods,

there in the middle he stood.

 Born from Buzzpin flies,

 you will be blind from one look in its eyes. 

Scrailing screams, biggest roar,

you might as well just come and stay,

because the Boogaloo is on its way. 

So come here child and have some tea,

and the Boogaloo will bring a treat,

but in return he will have your…MEAT!

The Mustache

I once thought that leaves were leaves 

now i think they’re feelings in search of a place, a bench, 

someone’s hair, a finger isn’t that like us going from place looking to feel alive.

I walked my dog on a cold night past the stars and moon

I walked my dog across the street into the lagoon

I walked my dog out of the lagoon 

But now my dog went kabloom for thousands of frogs got in his fur

The Mustache

I wish I had a mustache

One with little pointy ends

Or maybe even the ones with little curls at the end

Maybe I want the ones with droopy ends

But for all I want

Is a mustache                                           

Author’s Note

I wish that Writopia would never end, but sometimes good things have to end, like your babysitter leaving or maybe a loved one passing, but we are strong.   

Things of the Lost River

Shards of glass bottles

fragments of old toys

float and flow

alongside the broken hearts 

discarded dreams 

thoughts and ideas   

cast aside.

The lost river

is made of loss, grief, sorrow

and the image

that the unfixable

is truly unfixable


the unfixable is fixable

If only you spark hope

you can bring the dead things 

of the river

back alive

If you can spark the hope

The Lost River

can be found once more


The Table And The Chair

“Table and chair,” said the Dishes in the washer,

“Do you ever get dirty, or squeaky, or noisy,” say the Dishes to The Table and The Chair.

“Well as a duty being a Table you have to be sturdy, and dirty,” said the Table to the Dishes.

“Oh well as a duty being chair you have to stay comfy, but sometimes dirty, or you have to deal with farts,” said the Chair to the Dishes.

“Wow, wow, wow. I am the Dishes, yet nothing compared to The Table And The Chair.”


A family loves, loses, and cares. But we have a connection, that is like a flower, the soil grows a seed that has a strong stem supporting the bloom of the flowers. Take a peek inside, see the pollen ready to help, while a bee comes, takes the pollen to another and another plant, to help it grow. 

Father is the stem, who gives us courage,

While Mother’s petals bloom and give us protection,

Giving the baby life, making it turn into something superb!!

The Wind And The Trees / A True Haiku.

The wind blows the trees,

While they shake to the wind’s beat,

The leaves fall away.

World And You 

Roses may be blue, while the sky stays a brilliant shade of gray.

You see the world the same as me, but just maybe, just maybe we can see the world we share in a different point of view.

So that we can be one.

Roses turn red, while we grow. While the sky is blue and the sun shines. We see stuff differently and we will remember that mistakes we make are accomplishments.

One day something may die. As we ponder about how they think but mostly live. Someday something will die, but we will become brand new.

Roses break down into ash, while the sky turns gray, and clouds fill up then… Oh just oh I see the moon.

Rose will die, sky clouded up, grass cut down.

         But one thing which will stay as a piece is

                            My heart for you. 


Braids rule, and so do you, if you want some style and some fancy like you!!

Rad, drag, royal crown, maybe prince or princess crown!

A delicate crown made for you, maybe some flowers like the princess Rapunzel

I vote for “Braid-o-Matic”!!

Do you vote for it too!? Braids rule and so do you!!


Super luscious, smooth but filling.

A beautiful blend of peas and mashed potatoes

Maybe some chutney, salsa, or podi can help too!!

Opens up warm and spicy

Super luscious, smooth but filling.

A beautiful blend of peas and mashed potatoes

Samosas rule and so do you, if you are wise buy the SAMOSAS!!

Four Seasons

Do you know the four seasons?

Well, let me tell you about them!!

Winter, the season of coldness and snow

Spring, the season of warmth and beauty

Summer, the season of hotness and activity

Fall, the season of all different color leaves

Now you know the four seasons!!

What a majestic color, Purple!

Purple, what a soothing color.

You see it makes me feel as if

Kids were laughing and playing, enjoying the sound of friendships and sportsmanship.

A juicy boost or fruits and veggies

Soft and warm on a sunny day, or rough and cold on a windy day.

Maybe a luscious cake, chocolate, and vanilla


Welcome, Purple

Welcome, Purple, how you make me feel as if I am a bird soaring through the skies, and how pleasant, how jovial you make me feel.

I wake up, have a good day, learn so many new things, get to share all my work, say hi, and then bye.

I woke up and the first thing which happened was purple, oh Purple, how you blind me with happiness.

Oh, I wake up, the clouds are gray, come to school late, never say hi or even bye, don’t even show all my work, and have bad dreams about how my teacher yells hollers and shouts.

But anyways what my choice is, you ask? Well, I will think of that which blinds me with happiness, got to say hi and bye, got to share my work…

Oh, what do you say, Purple, Purple, Dude you have… the golden prize, love, and the brains, and what a beautiful mind, this what I do.

I think of PURPLE!!

A Man of Dreams

I am a man

Just a simple man

With microscopic dreams

Smaller than they seem

I don’t look up too much

Don’t really beam

But like those stars

You wish upon at night

My microscopic dreams

Are wishes as much as they are bright

I’m out of sight

Most of the day

Hiding indoors

From November to May

Night and day

Day and night

But when I sleep

I dream of dreams

More you can wish for

More than it seems

I am a man

Just the simple kind

But I have dreams

Bold and lined

Hopefully you too

Can dream a dream

Better than

How it might seem

I give you this knowledge

To dream a dream

To be yourself

And be redeemed

A rival nor foe

You dream a dream

Better than

It could seem

The Four Seasons of Poetry


It’s a beautiful winter day

Soft white snow covers the entirety of the New York streets

Children gleefully tossing the snow around

Adults trying not to get their shoes and pants wet

Cars are buried in this whiteness

Little snowflakes drift down from the sky

Kids catching the wet flakes on their tongues

Screaming with joy

Bikes whiz by

Trying not to be stopped by the blizzard of snow

Building up on the street

What a winter wonderland.



Blossoms on trees

Everything soaking up the nice rays of the gentle warm sun


Tumbles down, feeding the plants and soil

Flowers – daisies, lavenders, and more

Which are blooming after a long winter

People take nice strolls down the streets

Only sweaters on

A relief after those overcoats from winter

Temperatures go up

From freezing to hot

Animals, like hedgehogs and porcupines, wake up

From their long hibernation

Rub their eyes


And enjoy the beginning of spring.



Eat popsicles and

Go away on vacation

… Maybe

Swimming is great in the summer

Trees’ buds bloom

Cherry blossoms shower and

A gentle breeze blows through it all

Kids are off at summer camp

Adults stroll by

Just don’t waste the summer working, grown-ups

Children laughing and playing with glee

Watching the sun give its rounds through the summer.


Last but not least

We have the fall

The summer’s over

The trees change

From green to red, orange, yellow, and brown

Some stay green

Fall, to top it all off

It gets chillier and more breezes blow 

It’s a mix of summer and winter

Perfect time to sit back and enjoy the view

The swirling leaves 

Dancing while tumbling toward the direction of the ground 

Hurricanes of colors

Trying to say

“Summer’s over, let’s welcome winter.”

And then the four seasons of poetry 

Begin all over again.

To top it all off

You’ve seen the four seasons of poetry

Summer, winter, fall, spring

You’ve seen it all

But one more thing 

To top it all off – 

Everyone has a favorite season and 

That’s ok

But that’s no reason to

Say “I hate summer!” “Fall is boring.” “Winter’s too cold!” “Spring has too many breezes.”

Like every season for its own unique styles

Winter’s snow

Summer’s heat

Spring’s blossoms

Fall’s leaves

And like poetry too

It’s like a story

Split into many lines

Without much punctuation

It’s easy to write

When you think of something to say

It can be short, long, or in the middle

It can be about anything in the world

One sentence can be forty hundred lines in poetry

You can express yourself however you want

And that 

Tops it all off


March sunshine has come

And you know spring has begun

Birds are chirping

Flowers are blooming

Kids are playing outside

Coats are thrown in the closet

And shorts and T-shirts arrive

April rain has come

And you know spring is here

Softball season has started





And rainbows have appeared

May humidity has come

And you know spring is coming to an end

The rain has slowed

Because summer is near

Jumping in pools

Playing in sprinklers 

Tossing water balloons around

All signs that summer is near

June’s boiling temperature is here

Spring is at an end





Have come to an end

See you again next time spring

A Beautiful Season

Birds soar in the sky

Gliding along

I see two chickadees

Singing a beautiful song

I see a blue jay too

Feeding its babies

So many wonderful birds

Common but unique

Flowers sway in the warm breeze

Dancing gently with ease

Roses a shade of deep red

Bright pink, and cream colored

Daffodils bright yellow and white

Tulips pale pink and blood red

Pansies all different colors

Cosmos pink, orange and white

Rain falls

Soaking the land

Allowing the plants to grow

Raindrops fall from the clouds

Oh, look! It has ceased!

And the sunlight breaks through

And look, now there’s a rainbow too

Today we are very lucky

A flash of brown and white

Comes to stop in the grass

Nuzzling a patch of clovers

Sniffing the air cautiously

Then she races through the grass to the burrow

Anxious to reach her babies

She stops there and drops the food

And they start to eat the plants

Welcome Green

This pale feeling welcomes me, 

Somehow comforting, yet tiring. 

The way it makes me frown and smile

Gives me a way to learn and express 

Never stopping. 

If thou is not met, I shall believe what the heart tells me. 

The odd feeling can make this day brighten. 

It can make this day darken. 

For either way, it is like a house, 

Welcoming me, 

Giving me strength.


I am drawn

Drawn to sail away

In my tiny boat

From night to day

The waves that rocked gently

Have now grown fierce 

But I have no remorse 

For these monstrous waves

I shall ride them

Even if it means I won’t be saved

Now a calm ocean

Under the spotlight

The water has grown tame

After the last night

Lying on my boat

With the sail flying everywhere

But I am still tired

And don’t seem to care

Then I stand up

And brush away my sweat

And ride the ocean once more

As if it were my pet!

The Glowing Snow

I look outside and see the white snow,

Then I get curious and I want to know,

What happens if snow could glow?

So I wait until dusk throughout the day,

I was think to maybe go outside and play,

But it’s too late to do that so I will find out the way. 

I rush to the lights because its time now,

Then I see it all happen as I hear a snow plow, 

I was filled with emotion because I wanted to know.

I put on my materials and run outside,

The snow starts to glitter as I slide, 

I go back inside as I stand feeling happy and with pride.

Spring Has Sprung

Sunshine falls gently like bubbles of golden bliss

Like a beautiful bright light in a pitch black abyss

Sparkling through the budded trees

While a warm breeze blows gently with ease

Flowers bloom in the morning dew

Animals, birds, and rainbows, too

Winter long gone, cast aside your fear 

For now Spring has sprung

To begin the new year

After cold and snow and wind

After huddling up close to live

A new day has begun

Just like the beautiful rising sun

Let all your worries float away

Because for now the sunshine is here to stay

No more coats and masks and fear

Forever Spring will spring

To dawn a new year

Poem of Writopia

This is a place where stories are born.

They flow from deep crevices in the caves of our minds

And float into the air

Which is good-natured just like the instructors – 

We watch the raw ideas mingle above our heads,

Akin to lovers under the mistletoe,

We let them be destroyed and reborn, 

We bounce them back and forth

And shine them in different lights

And take them apart and see how they work

And learn their secrets – 

Learn them so well that we can put them back together when we’re done

We blend it all together into a thing strange to us

But beautiful, somehow,

To those who read it

And when we have finished

We sate our mouths

With salt and sugar and cream

Like the sovereigns of old

And then come back 

For more –

For more mayhem 

For more tangles of words

For more thickets of plot

For more rolling pastures of poetry

For more, for more

Because this is a place where stories are born


A dark cloud filled the sky with gloom, and spread an uneasy shadow over the town of Acornburg like a chilling blanket of blackness. The usually sweet and scented air that would fill the surrounding areas with cherry blossom petals and fireflies at night seemed to be all but gone, and left in its place a thick and chilled atmosphere, that sent all the animals scurrying back into their various homes and holes. The cherry blossom leaves crumpled up, their vibrant coloring turning to a sickly brownish black as they slowly withered and fell from their trees. It was as though all life had suddenly abandoned Acornburg, leaving its former glory to lay to rest among the ashes. Not a sound could be heard from anywhere in the ghostly town, all the houses silent, waiting for some sign of the Acornburg they used to know. The fountains stopped churning water, the plants stopped growing, the businesses stopped their sales, all at once everything had come to a halt and nobody would ever know why. The usually bustling streets of Acornburg had practically fallen to rubble overnight. 

Hanukkah Joys

Baruch atah, Adonai Eloheinu, Melech haolam, 

Asher kid’shanu b’mitzvotav v’tsivanu l’hadlik 

Ner shel Hanukkah. 

I say the blessing and take the shamash.

I light from right to left until all the candles glow.

I breathe in the soothing aroma as I pick through

The packaging of my gift, the suspense radiating

Through me all crazy-like. I see the gift!

It is exactly what I hoped for!

Then I hand my gift, bouncing on my toes

As my gift is unwrapped slowly…

Will they like it? Will they?

Finally, they see it.

I smile at the grin spreading on their face.

It is Hanukkah.

While Ghosts Fly

‘Twas the night before Halloween

And all through the sky

Phantoms do soar

Both low and high

Pale as moonlight

Dusty as sand

Ancient as night

But cold as dead hands

Clear and transparent

Though they may be

They become no more than lost souls

On All Hallows’ Eve

Shooting shivers up my spine

Thy stolen spirits

Stench of evil 

Long lost time

Fire – A Poem Collection


The screech of violins

The singing of the cello

The deep ringing of flutes

The beat of drums

The thrum of grand pianos

All created a fire


The writers’ place

It’s in outer space

Aliens like to sleep there

The dragons roar crazily

The writers wake up and eat phones

They taste weird and bitter

Then they write about floors that burned

And human-eating cows (moo)

Then they have writer’s block (aw)

And they start to sing with sadness


Huzzah! We shout as we dive into the sofa

It tastes very sweet but smells like someone farted.

Then we take the pillows and start hitting each other in the eyes.

Then the pillows erupt and we eat the fluff

Then lick our lips with joy.

The Undiscovered Night: 3 Poems

Poem One

The bright stars battle the moon, which hovers above the dark wavy canvas.
Ripples strike the water, taking over the world. A skipped rock, almost pulled by the light current, washes over the reflection of sand against the water. The pretty sight washes away suddenly, late for an eternity of sleep.

Poem Two

I imagine skies
Draped over my windowpane
Just like a blackbird

Poem Three

Like stars through windows
I unravel the night sky
From my blue powers

A Collection of Nature Poems

The Lamps of Dark

Night has lots of lamps

Some that shouldn’t even be on

But there is one as bright as night 

It lights the world

It has many names 

And it is the moon

All Things Green

Leaves, trees, all things green

They brighten up the world I see

In the sun, they shine like new

They look beautiful even from a view

That is just something I’ve seen 

About leaves, trees, all things green

Our Warm Glow

The sun is hot, just so you know

If you ever touched it, you should jump in some snow

The sun shines bright 

Like the moon at night 

It brings us heat on repeat 

And we know it shall not see defeat

Window to the Future

This was made purely from random words people gave me.


Warm, mouth-watering pizza.

With cheese and tomatoes and all the good stuff.

Pizza, with its smell, its taste… 

The soft parts are the best. Warm and fluffy.

Who doesn’t like pizza?

It’s the best, anyway.


Swirl of black, brown, gray.

It eats everything — from the smallest speck of dirt… 

To a whole roof. Moving for miles… 

It swallows and breaks everything in its path.

Trashcans whizz. Plants’ roots are ripped from the ground.

It’s a tornado.


Sweet, dribbly.

The ice cream runs down my chin.

I suck it off my fingers.


The smell of the pages,

The excitement of the tale —

Together, it makes a good book.


Twinkling above, the stars watch me.

They serve under the moon.


Every year, on that special day,

I get presents and eat cake.

I love my birthday.


It came out of nowhere and changed many lives. 

We were all living within a lie.

With cases climbing higher and higher.

Masks became most people’s new attire.

We walked outside less and less.

This whole thing was and still is a mess.

The hope still flickered like a weak candle.

Making Covid much easier to handle.

Through thick and thin Humanity made it still.

Humanity has trudged through forest fires and scaled this large hill.

Home Poem

I would come home from school

And my mother would smile at me in her best smile

I miss that smile

I miss it very much

At night I would crash into my pillow

I would dream of fluffy clouds and elves

I miss those dreams

I miss them very much

On weekends, when my father didn’t come home late

We would cook special dinners of vegetables and spices

I miss those dinners

I miss them very much

And that place called home

I lived there

I miss home

I miss it very much


Black is lifeless, death. 

Black tastes like chocolate, but also sour and disgusting. 

Black is like a wither and its rose. 

Black is like death and its stench. 

Black makes the loud spooky noises of a cave. 

Black is also the darkness of that cave. 

Black feels cold and dark. 

Black is as tough as sandpaper. 

Black is lifeless, death. 


Sneeze! Sneeze!

This is not a breeze!

I’m sick at home

Stuck in this dome

I can’t even eat any cheese

My mother gave me a very hot towel

Then some medicine, I thought it was foul.

I gulped it down.

It made me frown.

And then I started to howl.

My teachers sent me a get-well card

And some homework, I thought it was hard.

I asked if I could go downstairs.

“This homework is a nightmare!”

“No,” my mother said, and stood on guard.

Finally, I did get better

The doctors sent me a very long letter

My mother read me the prescription

And gave a weird description

Later at school, I got 29 hugs and a nice, warm sweater.

End Poem

Hello, player.

You are the player.

You finished this dream. This dream is a dream about a game. A game where you collect resources, fight monsters, and build buildings.

This dream is a dream inside a dream. That dream is of life. Of eating, drinking, making money, and getting jobs.

Each one of those dreams starts with a mother and a father.

The mother and father give birth to you. Now, you are in their dream, with them.

You start to enter other dreams, most of them are named. Some of the names are Minecraft, Roblox, Terriera, and, but there are a lot more than that.

Sometimes, you dream of creating dreams. Sometimes, you dream of a game.

That game is this game.

And you have finished it.

*Credits display*

My Cat Has a Bell: A Short Story in Haiku

My cat has a bell

She is trying to escape

From her blue collar

My cat hates the bell

The bell jingles when she walks

It makes a loud noise

She wants the bell off

My cat is licking her bell

I worry for her

My cat hates the bell

I tried to free her from it

But it is gone now

Maybe she ate it

I must take her to the vet

She is mad at me

I now found the bell

It was not in her belly

She loves me again

Snow Day

Snow is to the Earth like Athena is to the Gods

A beautiful mix of chaos

What wonders does the Earth want us to see

As we look so closely to the winter storm

Snow is as beautiful as a purple flower that blooms

It brings joy and happiness to me

Blizzard winds bring snow days

Sledding swiftly down hills

Admiring the piles of snow on the windowsill makes me want to build a snowman

Wondering if these icicles look like an upside-down castle

But all that matters is me looking out the window

Seeing white snow mounted on my air conditioner

Wondering how I will spend this snow day

Sights – A Haiku Collection


Sleek skies of Heaven

Fill the empty void above us

All blue as always


The mountain goes up

Beyond the mist of the day

No eye can see so


When my fist reaches

The red blood runs under my thumb

And to my own arm


It was a dark time

When the leaves were black with evil

I was so very scared


The springlight of night

Fills my cold, hungry soul with beauty

I smile wearily, extend hands


As the sun dies away

I realize it’s not all trustable

It dies like us, too

I, Broken Girl

Can you see?

Can you see what is happening?

Can you see I am suffering?

No. You do not.

No. You only saw a weak, mindless girl.

No pity. Just a girl who has gotten a taste of this world.

I have tasted it before.

I have been in it before.

I am not naive or dumb.

My name is Sarah.

My name is ordinary.

My name is not like me.

Me. The broken, tired girl.

Me. Who has not seen love for years.

Me. Who no one cares for.

My possessions are gone.

My hope is dim.

My heart is cracking.

Before, I was happy.

Before, I was loved.

Before, I was truly me.

After, I was broken.

After, I was looked upon as less.

After, I was changed.

Now, I am broken.

Now, I am looked upon as less.

Now, I am drowning.

We, the broken.

We, the crybabies.

We, the changed.

Do you see the truth now?

Do you feel my feelings now?

Do you remember me now?

Aunt Marge’s dream

I blew up 

I flew by 

My body felt like it was slowly getting lighter as I floated into the sky 

I felt myself getting higher as I screamed and shouted 

I decided to enjoy this moment when I looked into the sky 

I felt birds in their world spreading their wings flying by

It was a VIP room rented just for me 

In a world I saw, only something I could see 

But what if I deflated?

What if I burst?

It would feel never-ending and a worse discovery than the first 

My heart would fall never-ending 

The weight upon my shoulders 

As I heaved myself off the couch it would still feel like the same boulders 

A Day of Inspiration

A normal day, a nature hike

I grab those shoes I really like

And stroll on down the wooded trail

But then I hear a child yell

I look and see a big old fight

He stomps, the noise echoes through the night

I kick a pinecone, ignoring them

And look at the leaves, the flowers, the berries, but then

Somehow they reach a compromise

That parent must be really wise

I head back home, play with some slime

But oh my gosh! Look at the time!

I have to do my online work

Though I really just want to read a book

I turn on my lamp, head to my desk

And find some room among the mess

Then type and type, think and think

My patience finally reaching its brink

I shut the computer, text the guys

And think about that compromise

The child wanted to follow their dreams

At first the parent thought that seemed 

Silly, but eventually agreed

Everyone should voice what they need

I want to do something else

Not put my dreams up on a shelf!

I open my computer and type

And though it takes much grim and gripe

I’m now a published author, yes

And though I may not be the best

I’m doing what I love to do

It worked for me, and it will for you.

Ultraviolet & Infrared



Is so violent,

That I well can see,

Why it’s meant to be:

To burn and harm,

And scorch my arm,

In its bright, bright, light.



Is a dread,

Because it’s invisible,

And I wish it were visible,

But there are reasons,

Like the seasons,

Why it shouldn’t be seen,

Because its gleam (A bright red beam),

Is too bright for us to handle.


As I look out the window

The tall buildings and green trees 

I see people walking by, talking on the phone

And some smiling

So I smile Back

Even if they can’t see me 

I know that they know, someone will smile back

And that makes me smile

And when I smile under the mask

I know that someone in the world, someone 

By their window 


Maybe they are smiling because they got a gift

Or because they get to spend time with people

Whatever the reason is that they are smiling 

It will make me smile

Even if they are across the world

Most of the time when people are smiling under their mask

Their eyes slightly squint

And if you are walking down the street

Or look into the window 

Smile back

You can smile in many different ways

Some people say that you can’t smile with the mask on


You can smile by saying hi

Or waving

Or doing something kind


Smiling is with your mouth

But it also has other definitions

She Wonders

I wonder what Amelia Earhart saw in the sky to make her want to fly a plane

I wonder the source of  Barack Obama’s courage to change history becoming the first Black male President

I wonder why Clara Spence thought educating girls was important

I wonder if I could have been the pencil writing the words from Lois Lowry’s imagination 

I wonder if Lin Manuel Miranda thought of a woman playing Hamilton

I wonder all of these things but for me…

When I look in the sky my dream is to be a U.S. Supreme Court Judge.

I hope to have enough courage to get over my fear of dogs

I hope to never stop learning

If I was a pen who could continue writing words the world would never get tired of reading  from my spunky imagination… aka Jolie’s Adventures

Hair to Fire, Fire to Hair

Hair to fire, fire to hair,

Is that truly, really fair?

Look at those fancy candles at the restaurant,

I better bend over, ‘cause I think I see a croissant.

Now it’s hair to fire, fire to hair,

Is that truly, really fair?

Now lets pretend its not even there,

‘Cause it’s hair to fire, fire to hair.

Look at that fancy tablecloth,

Bend over to slurp up, with your mouth, some broth.

Mama is screaming,

“I’m sorry, I know that’s not polite.”

And then I realize that the tablecloth is alight.

‘Cause it’s hair to tablecloth, tablecloth to hair.

Is that truly, really fair?


They say the more you practice, the better you get,

But my grades are getting worse.

I always practice doodling on my desk.

Is there some kind of sketching curse?

In math, Madame says there’s an answer to everything.

So, after work, when everyone else is done, 

I kindly ask her in my high pitched voice:

“I forgot. Is there an answer to 2 + 1?”

He said that hard work translates to good grades,

But I don’t think he really understood.

For I’m working hard at recess time, 

And my grades have not yet changed for good.

Mr. Smith says that good spelling makes good writing.

Now, at least I know how to spell.

I’m still at the kindergarten spelling level.

I’m sure he thinks I really excel.

Tech teacher says to stay safe on the computer,

So I email a hacker my real password.

I figured he’d help me keep my account safe.

Lily thinks that’s absolutely absurd.

Music teacher said to play nice and loud.

I told her there were no songs called loud nor nice.

Apparently, that was my third strike

Teacher says, “You’ll have to pay the price.”

Everyone says that library class is bad. 

I think it is super super boring.

So when we are picking books to check out,

I spend time sleeping and snoring.

In cooking class, teacher tells me to drain the pasta.

So I put my pasta down the drain.

In choir, the teacher tells me to sing from the start,

So I decide to skip to the refrain.

Spanish teacher says that Spanish is useful in trade,

But I really don’t think that that is true.

Everyone doesn’t know any trade words

And I only know just one and two.

Tom says reading’s always the hardest subject.

I really really really agree with that too.

The book of letters is so super hard to read.

Teacher always says “It’s x, not u!”

Gym teacher says a pull-up is really great.

But I get splinters from the bar of wood.

I get 0 almost every time I try.

I assume one below great is good?

She said concentrating gives you higher grades.

I intensely concentrate on my need to pee.

Everyone says I’m the dumbest kid in grade 4, 

Is there something wrong with me?

The ABCs of Animals

A is for alligators who bite people

B is for bees who sting people

C is for cats who meow a lot

D is for dogs who bark a lot

E is for elephants who drink water from their trunk

F is for flamingoes who stay near water

G is for gorillas whose fur is black and cozy

H is for hippos who love water

I is for iguanas who are green and other colors 

J is for jellyfish who live in lakes, oceans, and rivers

K is for kangaroos who hop

L is for lions who RRR AAA!

M is for monkeys who swing on branches 

N is for nocturnal animals who sleep in the morning and wake up at night

O is for owls who hhhoooo in the night

P is for penguins who live in the arctic

Q is for quails who are birds 

R is for rabbits whose fur is white 

S is for snakes who go sss and slither

T is for turtles who are small

U is for urchins that are in food

V is for vultures who eat carrion

W is for whales who live in the water

X is for x-ray fish who live in the water

Y is for yaks who have their own type of big yap

Z is for zebras who have black and white stripes

Space is the Place

Any planet is cool but not “cool”

But the best planet is earth because it has life on it

Cool planets orbit the sun (which is really a star)                                                          

Did you know there are more planets in space

Even more solar systems

Feeling happy makes me think of space because… Space is the place

Giving trees to the earth will make it so so happy

Hot hot sun is the star we orbit around (which makes us cool)

I have nothing else to do but 

Just sit down and think of what earth might look like next

Kenya might look different

Little Rhode Island might look different too

Maybe Rhode Island might actually be an island like Hawaii

Now being an island might be funOver a billion stars are in the universe

Places in space have asteroids

Quintillion planets are in space and some have rings

Rovers might be taking pictures of planets with rings on them

Saturn has rings maybe rovers will take pictures of saturn

The gas giants all have rings

Under the planets are even more stars

Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system so DON’T CHANGE THE SUBJECT

When earth is not a planet we will move to mars

Xtra trees would help earth

You know that 300 billion stars are in space

Zero sound in space because space is the place

French Fries

French fries, french fries you are

so salty, you taste like Greece, but a 

little more foggy How greasy, how greasy

you get my hands wet, I will pick one up 

and not break a sweat 

I get I get on the racing track

and see and see a big french fry

a ginormous french fry zips and zooms 

pass the checker finish line

At McDonalds, there is a line 

That you can see but there’s only one 

That stretches thus far a french fry

The line at McDonalds is all for 

A french fry, the line seams to

have french pies   

Just don’t forget the yellow marranet

A french fry

French fries, french fries, you are so hot,

And is it so yellow and tasty or not?

Oh melo my belo who are you?                              

A supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Or are you a french fry?

French fry, french fry how lovely you are

The ABCs of Helpers

A for ambulances who help people who fell on the street

B for bus drivers who make sure kids are not late for school 

C for cops who arrest people for robbing banks

D for doctors who help people who are sick

E for Electrician workers who help people who can charge TV

F for firemen who help when there is a fire

G for garbage men who pick up garbage because it is going to stink

H for homework helpers who help people who need help for homework 

I for ice cream helper when it is hot 

J for janitors who clean

K for kitchen helpers who help people cook

L for librarians who help people who need help finding the books 

M for museum workers who make sure people don’t break glass in the exhibits 

N for nurses who make people feel better 

O for office helpers who make sure people who work get money 

P for plumbers who fix toilets when they get broken and when they’re not working 

Q for quilters who make cute quilts to keep people warm 

R for radio workers make sure music is perfect! 

S for sanitation workers who wash the streets

T for teachers who help people learn 

U for umbrella makers who make umbrellas so when it rains people can buy them 

V for van drivers who drive people 

W for waffle makers who make waffles 

X for x-ray workers who check people’s hand, feet, and body 

Y for yoyo makers who make yoyos that bounce

Z for zookeepers who take care of the animals 

1 o’clock

Something is weird today. Today, my bed was dancing with me. 

At six o’clock in the morning, cotton candy with a gentle voice was reading where the sidewalk ends. 

At 10 a clock, a fox was shaking hands with me.

At 11 o’clock, a deer said nice things to me.

At 12 o’clock, a tree gave me a donut and we ate the donut together.

At 1 o’clock, a smile was on a merry-go-round with me

At 2 o’clock, me and a piece of bubble gum were talking about business stuff. 

At 3 o’clock, a toilet was jumping with me.                                                              

At 4 o’clock, an apple saw me toot in the kitchen and I was embarrassed. 

At 5 o’clock, a lady bug watched Johnny Test with me.

Well, I did spill a cotton candy, fox, deer, tree, smile, bubble gum, toilet, apple, lady bug potion on me.


Nature is one of the things that stayed with me as I got older. When I was little, I would spend hours outside looking for cicada shells that I collected in my pocket. I would climb trees and admire the beautiful plants I could see when I went hiking in the forest. I loved to feel the cool spring breeze brush against my arm and go through my body filling my heart with happiness.

The four elements are fire, water, air, and earth. When I was asked to choose the one I felt most attached to, I chose earth, but now I don’t know if that is true. When I think of the four elements, I think of Magic, sorcery, and mystery. I think that those elements are all a part of earth, but just different parts of it. 

I love to think of different worlds that have magic in them. Magic is something that I wish this world had. Not the kind of magic we see every day in nature and people, but magic that goes against science and our beliefs. If I ever saw magic I don’t know if I would know that it’s there. The magic on TV and in books is just one type that it could be. Some people think that magic has to do with witches and witchcraft. Witches are known by some people to communicate with the devil, which is interesting and kind of creepy.

I remember when I went on a hike one time. I went into a concrete passageway that was used during the war. The passageways were all over and very old. It was dark and filled with garbage. I thought I could see the end of it. When I was already about halfway in, I started getting disgusted by the crickets on the ceiling. But I knew that I was almost to the end, and if I kept going, it wouldn’t be any slower than going back. So I decided to walk to the end where I could see the light. When I got there, I saw that that wasn’t actually the end of the passage, but the rest was closed off by erosion. There was a hole in the ceiling, and I pulled myself back up and took a deep breath.

On the Inside

I see the flowers I see the rock 

The flowers are as beautiful as the rock

The flowers were wilted and the color was fade

The rocks were painted with beautiful colors

And when broken apart have a beautiful mosaic

It’s shiny and white

Then I put them across from each other

In comparison, the rocks are beautiful and the flowers aren’t

I looked happy because some things are more beautiful on the inside


Sketching a picture of her.

48 colors I could make her

Orange, blue, pink, red, brown the color of her skin.

Finally, I am done.

I press my right hand on it and hold my left hand in the air looking

for a shadow

Then it comes.

A short girl who in my world would be about 10.

She jumps into me then I get a feeling that washes right through me

and then she’s alive.

She runs down the block and out of sight.

RANDOM (Ridiculously Awesome Neatly Done Ominus Man)

I Am Angered

  When I Lose

  In Fortnite I Threw My Controller Out the window 

     I Nick Nack patty wack The controller 

then pick it up and punch it in the tv 

then kick it down the drain 

then i was jolly 

 just a tad bit jolly 

                                                                                        then i destroyed every one’s ankle  

                                          I’m Just like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh exposed dddddd !!

                    BAM! Where’s your ankles?  

        In the refrigerator  

          There goes your ankles

                               THAT’S COLD!



Great orange pumpkins all alight.

Groups and groups of kids in to the night!

Haunting props and designs,

Sending screams and delights!

Bags full of candy and spooking sights.

Each plop in the bag excites,

Every doorway has an unseen fright!

Can you guess this holiday night?


Sugary sweets that fill your mouth.

Parents’ plans and ideas that go south.

Greedy children wanting more.

Begging at every store.

Finally the parents find a way.

They hide it in closets to keep it away,

from the candy crazed kids.

At every store those sugary delights.

Can somebody keep candy

away for a day?



White flakes are falling

Children are playing

Angels in the floor

White creatures with kinds galore 

Three balls on top of another 

ascending things are smaller

A carrot nose on the top 

Three coal buttons. Pop!

Pitter patter school is out

Outside no one will pout

What is this form of water? Can you figure it out?

Santa Claus

Who’s that guy who lives up north?

What things does he give forth?

Elves are all awork.

To make this jolly night quirk.

Many dreams come true.

So nobody is blue,

Except for the ones who get,

Black dank lumps. What a threat!

How do you get what you want?

So be nice, nicer than your aunt,

But don’t be nice for a day. 

you have to stay that way, 

For a year to avoid that lump,

So don’t slip up and leave a bump.

at midnight near the end of the year.

The bells on his sleigh spear, 

the air. Animals with horns carry him away,

who’s this guy anyway?


On a wonderful night,

What’s under your tree that wasn’t in sight?

It’s got gold yellow laces on top.

Wrapped in different colors that always pop. 

The first thing you see on December five seconds.

The thing you go for on that morning that’s what it’s always.

Normally you would tiptoe down the stairs but now you don’t care about bumps and thumps,

because all you want are those wonderful things

and by the way, can you guess this wonderful thing?

The Thought Trilogy



I have a secret

It is mine, only mine

Fine, I will tell you









Here is what you need to do:

Tell me a secret

A tale for a tale







Just a little secret 

A tiny tale

A cookie crumb

An apple seed

It’s good to share secrets

Shavings of the heart

Sometimes those secrets

Can  t e a r    y o u a p a r t

Oh, my secret?

Come, come over here

Bend down over

Let me whisper in your ear






Maybe I don’t have a secret

Don’t be silly, everyone does

Without secrets,

Life would be like static fuzz!


What if your secret changes?

Then mine will too. 

You’ll have to find a new one.





Can a secret be big? 

Can a secret be small?

Yes, they can!

They encompass them all. 


Did you hear that?

The slip



It’s just like the drip



It brings us back in a circle. 

Maybe that’s all that a secret is. 

A circle, going

Near to Far


Far to Near

Oh, but what about about my secret?

I guess you’ll never know. 

And if you’ll excuse me,







I have told a lie

Have you?

Mine was very small

Was yours?

Or was it very big

Was it?

A lie can be a blizzard

Or a tiny little flake

A boulder 

A pebble

A dragon

A snake

One lie leads to another. From two, to three. Three, to four. On, and on, and on, and on. Around and around and around. Music playing, in my mind. Drowns out the truth. What if you replace one with two? Is that a lie? Or is it true? Could it be? One, two, three? Is everything connected? Or will it fall apart? Am I a lie? Am I true? Are you a lie? Are you?

Lies are false. But… wait! Are they true? It’s up to me, and it’s up to you. 













If you write down a lie, it becomes material,





But, no, it doesn’t become true. It stays as







Left behind,

Far away,

You will soon,

Soon say,

“What was I thinking, telling that lie?

It couldn’t have gone worse. 

Truth always brings forth light.”

And the truth of this matter, 

It’s time to say,




Wait! Did you see that? 

Deep inside your mind?

It’s buried very deep. 

Truly hard to find.

A dream is a whole entire world, buried inside your head. 

It is an animal and, coming awake at night, it sneaks through your thoughts, 

leaving behind telltale traces. 

To find one you must delve






I cannot








Having no dreams. 

Life would be boring,

Falling apart at the seams. 

Dreams are real.

But then, they are not.

Hot is cold

And cold is hot. 

Hidden away 

behind the beams

There you will find

The source of dreams

A wisp of mist

A curl of smoke

A wave of water

Ready to soak. 


Could the source of dreams be us?

The human soul?

But no, dreams control us

They control

Why are there dreams?

I’ll tell you why. 







When you don’t want to wake up to the world

But eventually you have to

You have to say goodbye to this sweet, sweet, dreamland.

But now, it’s time to leave. 

Wake up!



We’ve shown you secrets and lies and dreams. But those were ours, not yours. You have many as well. Bring them out to the surface. 









Park Poems

Green Ribbon

The green strands

of pointy ribbon

tickle my feet

as me and my sister

run around 

playing tag.

Wooden Giants

Inspired by Isabella Ekstein

The wooden giants

with green hats

tower over me.

I grab an arm, 


pull myself up


arm to arm,

until I reach the very top

and I sit

on the giant’s arm


into the 

golden light


early morning.


A Haiku

Seesaw, up and down.

Seesaw, slowly hits the ground.

Seesaw, lots of fun!

The Moon

The moon is like round pasta 

and a bright bitten cookie 

It’s as starry as can be tonight

The moon is a white ladybug flying 

or a parachute on D-Day

Is the entire universe a giant’s lungs? 

I need space

I’m going to space

A little bit of space 

is a lot of space

An alien space pod is crashing down on the earth and going kaboom-meow! 

The aliens come down and they dance and dance and dance 

They see the United States flag

and wonder if it makes energy

The humans find the space pod and wonder 

if it was aliens

The space pod is put in a museum 

In the year 3019 a boy named Sivolc 


There’s something in the air

The clouds look like torpedo flying in the air — or a jet

New York City

The big apple always bustling with people 

Never letting you pass because they are late for work.

The crowded streets filled with food trucks 

Ice cream trucks in the summer 

Hot cocoa in every cafe in the winter

And popcorn all year round. 

Busses and Subways on almost every street.

The city that never sleeps 

Drinking too much coffee 

That keeps them up all night 

But all the same it’s still


To all those people who never sleep 

And the ones who do.

The Wise Old Tree

I watch over my home

Yet am defenseless

To protect the land so rightfully I own,

I have seen my world

Change over time,

Have grown from but

A little sapling,

I have wizened and stretched

This knowledge of mine,

I have watched as my friends

Have perished and died,

Yet through all of this

I have learned my lesson,

I will live through my life

No matter what

Throughout my time

A lesson you shall learn,

My old friend

Through time,

Through time

When You’re Poor and You Still Live In Your Parent’s Basement When You’re Thirty: Enter the Whipped Cream Contest

I was baking day and night, dirty covered in butter and egg, 

and butterscotch, to make my famous whipped

Cream. Then I went to the fair to win the whipped cream contest.

The merry-go-round spins like a bunch of animals jumping in the forest

I smell fried oils and funnel cakes at the concession stands                                                 

I seek what looks like a fortune teller

in a tent who didn’t look like they had a job

I’m going to win the whipped cream contest,

The grand trophy and 10% discount on Safeway food

And 100% off Whole Foods for life. 

On the way home I was as happy as a kid gets when his parents say you can have 10 sundaes tonight. 

Then the heat of the sun makes me so pale

And I burst into flames, and then I think

How do I get home? Home is love.

It’s where your family is. It’s where I live

In my parent’s basement.  And my only family

Is the Xbox.  

2 years later, I become a worldwide celebrity because I gave food to the poor. 

I also became a world-class poker player, but I still live in my parent’s basement 

The reason I still live in my parent’s basement is because I spend so much money on the nice hotels 

And first class on the planes all for poker.

When you’re poor and you still live in your parent’s basement when you’re 30, enter the whipped cream contest.

How I Write

My pencil dulls while I write and write.

Only my paper is fully in sight.

I could write for days and nights, while I write and write.

My pencil goes on scribbling, which I find addicting, and I go on, pencil directing.

I wrote ‘til three pages were crumpled and wrote on,

“I wish I could go on!”

But it all came to a stop, and my pencil dropped.

My eyes were opened wide, as my hand ached,

“Is there anything else I can make?”

I knew there was, and I thought and thought, until my thinking came to a stop.

“A poem!”

I got it!

So, I sought paper, and a pen.

I didn’t know if THIS was ever gonna end.

There I again wrote away, wrote away another day.

And that is where THIS poem makes way.

Bird Over Dove

As bird flies over dove,

The sky so icy blue,

As bride pronounces love to groom,

They set sail with the crew,

Snaking down the alleyway,

Watching here and there,

And even if you were to snap,

I’ll stay strong and hold my stare,

Staying strong but lovely,

Staying fierce still chic,

But if you have a surprise,

Can’t promise I won’t peek,

Seeing smiling faces,

The beautiful, shining glow,

Now if something doesn’t go my way,

To put on a smile I know.

Spring Has Sprung


Spring has sprung, spring has sprung

I hear that chant from everyone

As I frolic from here to there

The breezy breezes breeze my hair

Walking down the cobble lane,

The change of weather feels so strange

But I look up and grin at the sun

‘Cause spring has sprung, spring has sprung

Ma puts the hats and coats away

We all go on outside to play

And my seashell necklace is finally strung

Spring has sprung, spring has sprung

Sydney’s Poems

A lovely room

The opposite of the night,

Drapes a shimmery white,

A plant of bright dark green,

Nothing you’ve ever seen.

White doors opening wide 

To a sandy beach.

You’ll love the room so much, 

You won’t be able to speak.

What teachers seem to be!

My teacher’s name is Ms. Plumpagee and she is very plump.  

She acts like she’s stuck in the 1900s and her hair is rather a stump.

She never washes her hands, after a lesson of history.

I’ll ask my father to sue her, yes he is really quite rich, you see. 

Then next year I had a teacher, she was horrid and a snitch.

Then I really wished Ms. Plumpagee, was mine and was here stick.

I was really rather quite generous,

After I sent her away. Wow, a year ago I was rather quite mean to Ms. Plumpagee.


All skinned in black,

Can’t say no to drab,

Mysterious creatures.

Hidden in the cape of black are feelings,

Not well known,

Be them from the dead or be them from the alive.

Who knows the beauty, the flaws, the ugliness, of these power stricken people?

And I am one of these people,

Safe from being underestimated.

My piece of hope

My lips are blue

My hair turned blue

My skin turned blue

Everything blue

A cry of sadness 

And despair

A grave of white

Surrounding by few

A willow hanging

On top of a pond

With grass surrounding

Like your front lawn

A swan of white

With an orange beak

You’ll love her too

So to speak

Lily pads 

On the water blue 

A girl praying 

Crying too

A rising sun 

A golden hope

Falling hills

A golden rope

Climbing up

And climbing down

But you can’t ever

turn around

The journey hard

The path so clear

Don’t turn around

You’re nearly there

Don’t let the blues

Get in your way

For your mountain

Is here today

Climb it first

Climb it next

And you’ll find

Your golden rope

A piece of sun

And some hope.

The Quail

I had a quail who drank ginger ale

and always got the mail. 

It was great, 

amazingly great 

but I had to grate cheese, 

wait that’s the same word

but spelled differently,

it’s a homophone!

Okay, back to the poem

and my quail surprised me

by eating a whale.

Before she ate the whale,

I wondered if it was

my pet whale, 

but it wasn’t 

then I gave my quail

a slice of blue whale 

and she swallowed it

before the mail.

Then she got up

and asked for ginger ale 

with her slice of blue whale

and she said that she failed

on her test of hammering nails.


Hello, my name is Twix. I would like it if you would give me a belly rub because I have been a very good boy! Still no?! How rude! What if I give you a kiss and a hug and you give me a belly rub? Ugh! How about five kisses and three hugs, and in favor, I would like a belly rub, and that’s all. You are so rude! I am calling Mom over. See what she has to say about your behavior.

Hello, my name is Lavender. I like to stay in my garden of lavender because I hate mosquitos. They are the most annoying, pesky bugs in the universe! They buzz by your ear, and when you try to eat them, they fly away. Again, they are so annoying!! If I had one wish that could come true, I would like for all mosquitos to become extinct. Hmmmmmm, but I want a lifetime supply of treats. What to do??? Help!!

Hey, it’s your pal, Rusty. Back in my days I used to love romping around with my sister, Piper. But now these days I just want to stay at home and sleep all day. Did you get that, Mom? Hey, I do have a job. I guard the house, so nobody breaks in!!! Sorry, reader, may I have a moment with my mother?! You are so dead, Mom, and you yell at me when I bark at another dog. Well, you are getting a piece of your own mind. (Sorry, Piper, that you didn’t get any credit.)

Hello, my name is Twilight. I like being in the spotlight because my parents are William Shakespaw and Sophia Vergrra. They always tell me to be on my best behavior because when I am in the spotlight I go crazy. I really just want to be a singer and an actress. I was going for more of an opera singer and a comedy performer, but I don’t see those two jobs being a very good mix. So, I need a bit of help. Both, opera singing, or comedy performing? Or maybe I can do each of them for a third of the year?!

Hello, my name is Forest. I am kind of stuck… as you can see. I would love it if you could help me with this… human! Well, they are on their way. I have been in this light tangle situation for about two hours. Well, one hour and 59 minutes. Still the same! Okay, let me tell you what happened. I was playing with my buddies, Hunter and Ace. And we were playing hide-and-go-seek, but it didn’t go as planned. I got stuck. I am not very surprised they didn’t help me. That time that they got chased by a bear and almost fell off of a cliff was pretty funny!! And the other time they got close to a horse, and it bucked.

Hello! My name is Ace. You may know me as Forest’s friend. Yes, he got stuck. Hunter and I didn’t help Forest because he had let us get bucked by a horse, and we nearly fell off a cliff! That was so scary, and when I got back, I got this piece of refreshing watermelon! It tastes so good!!! I am in heaven!!! I really want some more watermelon. If you were going to give me a surprise, I would love some watermelon.

What’s up! I am Hunter, and I really don’t know what to do. I am stuck modeling for a dog company that sells dog clothes, and since I am used to wearing clothes I feel very naked. I am only doing this and smiling because I want some treats here! Come on, you can’t blame a dog for wanting something to eat! I will succeed and model for a dog company, naked! Sorry I have to say this, dog company, but… I quit. I don’t want to model naked!! In fact, I don’t think anyone wants to model naked, so I quit!!!

Hey! It’s Hazel, Hunter’s sister, and Piper is my best friend, but I can’t find her right know… I am looking for her, and in Tahoe it is so cold, and I just want to go to sleep. No, I will keep on finding her, and we will dogopoly like she promised. We live in Australia, so it has definitely not been a long couple of days until getting up here! I really don’t know where she is! What if I try calling her on my woofy-phone?

“Hello, Piper, I have been looking for you! I looked all around the house looking for you, and you weren’t there, so now I am in Tahoe looking for you, and I am very frustrated with you. Why didn’t you tell me that you were under your parents bed! Ugh, Piper, you are in very big trouble, Piper! I am coming back right now!”

So, you probably already heard what is happening. And I have some bad news… I used up all of my money on food. Now that is a big problem!

Hi, my name is Poppy. Quick question, do you want to try and find my bone? I hid my bone for this game, so you better say yes!! Yes? Yay! Okay. Ready, set, go. Wow, Mom’s doing better than Dad and sissy! Go, Mom! Oh no, Dad’s ahead. Oh no, sissy gives up and doesn’t want to do it anymore. Only Mom and Dad are in. Oh, they don’t want to do it anymore, so there is another problem… I forgot where the bone is. No!!!

One eternity later…

As you can see, I just had a mental breakdown. I wish that I could have found that bone, but it now is long gone. I need a bit of personal space.

We are all from the SF Bay organization. We were all named after something that means a lot to us or something that we really like.

Twix likes to follow his parent around when he eats Twix.

Lavender loves the smell of lavender.

Rusty likes to help his dad with his metalshop business.

Twilight likes to be in the spotlight, and she is known for always having a twinkle in her eyes.

Forest likes to romp around in the forest with his friends.

Ace likes to watch his family play card games. His favorite card is the Ace of Spades.

Hunter likes to chase rabbits.

Hazel likes to snack on hazelnuts when she is bored.

Poppy likes to steal poppyseed goods.

The Legendary Monument

When I saw a Legendary village I froze, and watched.

It really was the land of mysterious dragons I wondered…

Then does that mean that Scarlett Bones has been here?

That must have been quite a unique adventure for her.

She must have seen the beautiful horizon of the mountains.

When it started to rain I saw a bright flame.

Then I realized that it was a giant comet soaring.

But I felt a light sprinkle on my head Rain…

The rain eroded the whole cliff and I started falling.

Thank Goodness I was rescued by a beautiful mythical beast.

That Legendary village froze me.

It was the dragons land.

Scarlett’s favorite color is Scarlet.

I saw many mythical creatures.

A comet flew past me.

I looked at the horizon.

I thought, What an adventure.

I went hiking, then fell.

Then it started to rain.

In the distance a flame!

The legendary village.

The dragon’s land.

Scarlett Mary Bones.

Observing mythical creatures.

Comets flying past.

The melting horizon.

“What an adventure.”

Then I fell.

It started raining.

Then seeing flames.


I went grocery shopping, sure that that was a wise decision. You see, the previous evening I had prepared and consumed a massive amount of my homemade chili. Some pretty tasty stuff, but it’s very spicy to the point of it being painful. It comes with a guarantee (from me) that if you eat it, your body will fall apart the next day.

Here’s the thing. I awakened that morning, and even after having two bowls of my homemade chili, nothing happened. Despite the habanero peppers swimming throughout my body, I appeared to be fine. Knowing that a time would come, yet not sure of just when, I bravely set off for the market, a local Costco that I often hunt in to find hot dogs and tater tots. I heard from one of my friends that Costco was having a ketchup sale, so I decided to go.

Upon entering the store at first, everything seemed fine. I pulled out a shopping cart and pushed it into the food aisle while dropping every single item on the shelves in not caring what they were. It wasn’t until I was at the total opposite side of the restrooms that the pain hit me like a train. Stop looking at me like you don’t know what I’m referring to. It’s the “oops, I gotta go” pain. But this was different.

The habaneros in the chili from the night before were planning revenge. In a mad rush for freedom, they bullied their way through my intestines. Before I could take one step in the direction of the restrooms, they fired a shot. I stood alone in the aisle, eyes wide. I was afraid to move, frightened that the odor might escape to another aisle. I slowly moved up the next aisle just as an elderly woman turned her disgusted face to me. I watched as she walked into an invisible wall of odor losing all her senses. This made me laugh. When you laugh, it’s hard to keep things down. Another explosion came. It was so loud, it echoed down all the aisles. I gasped, fearing that someone would think it was someone firing a gun. I ran down all of the aisles to the nearest restroom.

As I walked out, an employee ran towards me.

“Ah sir, there has been a report of you setting an, um, stink bomb here,” the man said.

People were staring at me, which set me off again. I sprinted towards the exit sign and drove back home.

Home again, I grinned as I took a peek into the refrigerator and realized that there was nothing to eat but a leftover bowl of chili, so I consumed it. The day after that, I made a brave journey to Walmart. I can’t say anymore information about what had happened in Walmart because I am currently in court.



                                   ivory rolling in the sky

                                                       A balloon of drunken silver

                                                         Dancing, bouncing through the

Delicious chocolate sky as a dollop of

                                                                          Milky whipped cream

                                                        Shining steel across the sea in the deep swirling night across the slowly churning sky sober on the final

steps to the gates of dawn

                                          for a needed rest upon the

                                                                                                           pillow of soft green hills

I Am Not Friends With My Nose Anymore

I am not friends with my nose anymore

We used to be the best of friends

We’d play for hours in the park

Then I would go to school

But I would take my nose with me

And then he would show me

Smelling things

Just the two of us

But then

Winter came

No more park

I was sad

At least I had school

He didn’t like the cold either

Then he turned all red

I would rub him

But it would only hurt more

Then no more school

A little bit later I stopped being friends with him

Then my nose stopped letting me smell

No more anything

In about two weeks my nose gave me a lesson

It started to bleed

We couldn’t fix it

My nose wouldn’t stop

He was being a meanie

Then we went to the hospital

They gave me something round and green to swallow

It didn’t really help

More and more blood

Then my parents were whispering to the people in the white suits

Then I suddenly felt really sleepy

When I woke

And now we’re not friends anymore

Three Poems

The Weirdo

A person that is crazy

Under sand

The name of this person is purple

The Crazy Airplane

First, airplanes are at a beach on land

The airplane’s going as fast as a person

The lame unicorn ate a dragon

This unicorn loved a person

The airplane was going so fast that it crushed the unicorn right before it kissed the human

Insect Eve

The silly person on Christmas Eve

that has a beetle on a spider

And had a cruel butterfly

Had a dream that there was a weird genie on Christmas Eve

And she gave them presents

Even though they didn’t know each other


The jungles of South Asia are noisy, warm and dark;

Then titan longhorn beetles stand up and chirp the dawn,

And Borneo goes silent as footsteps shake the bark,

While a strange, gigantic creature lumbers out onto the lawn.

It lifts up its proboscis and bugles in delight;

Its dark gray wall of iron hide scrapes branches of bamboo;

It has large arrays of wrinkles and scars from many a fight;

Instead of many animals with no tusks, it has two.

In the middle of that forest, in the brightening light of day,

The elephant loudly yodels another morning-call.

Why not believe in goblins, in pixies, trolls and fey,

If such a marvelous creature even exists at all?


Once the red junglefowl (Gallus gallus)

And restricted to Laos and southern Cambodia,

When we noticed the chicken bore no malice,

We traded to farms in the West for some modia.

Now the hen’s plumage is mostly lackluster,

And the tail of the cock has lost all of its gold,

But both of their tempers are all they can muster,

And as a result are aggressive and bold.

As their sons in America continue to flourish,

And spread their loud crowing all through the land,

You must never forget all the birds that we nourished

To bring agriculture right into our hand.

I wonder, on farms, when the sunset has passed, if

The faded and bruised hens stare up at the stars

And wonder, when we have permission at last, if

Our ancestral acres could someday be ours?

Forever Standing


When someone looks

Down on you

When they laugh

At your differences

When they criticize

Your similarities

When you want it all to end

So you hide away

Tears streaming down your cheeks

Thinking to yourself:

“You don’t deserve to be here”


Remember, to see is a gift

To come home to your loved ones and say:

“I love you”

Is a blessing

To stroll on the beach,

Sun shining down on your back

Water lathering your toes

Is a miracle

To have compassion and be able to give back

Love that others have given to you

Is a wealth that cannot be measured


When you are looked down upon,

Someone somewhere is looking up and saying,

“Thank you”

Because now those tears on your face won’t be on theirs

Because you didn’t give up and didn’t give in

Because maybe, just maybe, you powered through

All the hatred being poured onto your shoulders

Sweat drips down your face in effort

But you are still standing

You will keep standing

You won’t dare stoop down for a rest or a drink

You can’t

So you will keep standing,



I Remember


I remember the white bunk bed and the smell of tomato and mozzarella

I remember reaching over the bunk bed

I remember falling at my own risk and cracking my head

I remember friend yelling and my mom screaming and crying for help

I remember us calling an ambulance and it taking too long

I remember dropping my friend and brother at the neborgiors apartment and calling a fast cab

I remember the blood on my shirt and my moms shirt

I remember my mom forgetting her wallet and the cab driver giving us a free ride

I remember the ER bringing me right in and being on a rolling bed, people running at my side, feeling like the Queen of the world

I remember the friends mom rushing in

I remember the staple tool and feeling nothing when the staple went in my head

I remember going into the head x ray room thing and the xray of my head

I remember laying in my bed hearing sounds of pain

I remember going home after a few hours to crying of joy and watching tv

I remember eating too cold strawberry ice cream and getting a painful freeze burn

I remember telling everybody at school what happened, being popular for a day and everybody wanting to see the staple

I remember me being only four


I Won’t Stop Fighting


I am soaring

I am roaring

Protecting my innocence

No I’m not listening


I thought I failed

I thought I should bail

But that’s not me

And now I can see


I craved the attention

Oh and did I mention

I’m ready to start brand new

No more feeling blue


I give my hate to the wind

I’d give to have no more sins

But that’s just not how it goes

You and I both know


I’d take away the pain and suffering

My whole life I’ve been wondering

What it would be like without the mad and the sad

Without all of the hate and the bad


I dream of a place much simpler than this

A place I would surely miss

All I have to do when it gets too deep

A drift away to a happy sleep


I love how people can start to stand tall

How they peep above the wall

To see the other side

All the wonders it would hide


It hurts the most when I see it everyday

How they cause havoc with whatever they say

Pushing each other around doing whatever they want

The worst part is, they never caught


I fear of what people will become

Because we get judged from where we came from

Or the color of skin

Or whether they’re fat or thin


I forget that people could live as one

Because at the end of the day we bleed the same blood

It doesn’t matter where your from or where you go

Or if you’re different anywhere head to toe


I forgave the people long ago

Who did horrible things, but they didn’t know

But now it’s not a mystery

Come change the world with me


I won’t give up on hope and love

I’ll just wish on the stars above

Hoping for it to be different

But love is significant


I will persevere

But everyday, someone sheds a tear

Saving the world will be exciting

But I won’t ever stop fighting


When I Woke Up


When I woke up this morning

There was something out of place

My nose is on the ceiling

The light bulb’s on my face!

My computer keyboard

Had turned into a mace?

Then I saw that the flowers

Had turned into the vase!

I took to it that morning

Even so early on

I very quickly realized

That there was something wrong.


I got up and noticed

There was slime on the chair

I looked in the mirror

I had lollipop hair

My eyes were quite wide open

When I saw my room was bare

This is not what the teachers mean

When they say to share!

I took to it that morning

Even so early on

I very quickly realized

That there was something wrong


I quickly put my hat on

And got a horrid douse

I could not be seen like this

Walking out my house!

I tried to brush my hair

The hairbrush was a mouse

I wouldn’t let that ruin my day

I would never grouse

I took to it that morning

Even so early on

I very quickly realized

That there was something wrong


Everything was silly

I climbed back into bed

Even though the legs

Were small, green trees instead

I was rather hungry

But that would just be dread

Trying for hours to sleep

My foot must have been dead

I took to it that morning

Even so early on

I very quickly realized

That there was something wrong


Then I woke up again

It was all a dream!

I jumped around with glee

It made me want to scream!

Soon inside my mind

A plan grew, a scheme

I looked out my window

And I started to beam

I took to it that morning

Even so early on

I very quickly realized

There was nothing wrong!


The Signs of Summer


The bright yellow sun

The tall grass

The big white clouds

The cold drinks


The fresh smell of flowers

The crash of small waves

The buzz of bees

The hot sand in the ocean breeze

The big trees

The birds flapping their wings

The fresh air

The clear blue sky


People walking by

As kids beam

At ice cream

On their bicycle rides


As the moon is bright during the night

And the bright yellow sun shines over it all

The tall grass

The big white clouds

The cold drinks

And the ice cream

These are the signs of summer.


Out There


Colors explode on everything around

Wind blows colors to new places

I smile in pure pleasure looking at the beautiful world

Floating in the now gentle breeze are thousands of leaves

Twilight comes, the sun lowers

Streaking the sky with purple and pink

Stars come out to play

Abstract reality surrounds our world in pieces

Sadly, I am not out there, but behind my window


The Witch and Isabella


The Witch

I’m an Elvish witch and I’m gonna take your soul

But hey I’m a witch so that’s my goal —

I got wind powers and light that makes two,

You gotta admit it’s quite a combination, it’s true —

But dude, you dope, you got no hope

That’s the reason you’re at the end of your rope!


You’re at the end of your line

So you can stop being a mime

I’m gonna put you out of your misery

‘Cause dude, you’re history!


You weren’t quite a find,

Dude you’re a crime to your time

You’re a zero so stop trying to be a hero.

So now that I’m breathing fire

And I keep going higher and higher

I’m at the top I can’t be stopped

You can’t stop me it’s true

I’m nowhere close to being a loser like you.



My name is Isabella and I’m gonna tell ya about the finest fella

She got black hair and beads, that describes me

You might be thinking, “That’s not true, how could it be?”

But let me explain my philosophy

I’m good at math, and I got so much wrath

No one can beat me in a fight due to all my might

I’m at language arts and regular arts, too

But I’m really good at martial arts, it’s true

I got a musical core and so much more

So now that I’ve proven my philosophy

I got one more thing that gives me my bling

I got rapping skills that can pay bills

Excuse me, I need to take a pill because my rapping’s so sick, it makes me sick

You may call me weird, young, and bold

But this amateur has skills that are worth gold




I hear

The birds chirping

Below me

I hear

The laughter

Of children

On the school yard

The wind

Whispering past me

The sun beating

On my back

Sitting on

A pile of white fluff

In the lovely

Blue sky

Zooming above

The big city

I look down

At the school whizzing by

I spot her

Her blue shorts

White top

I look closer

I feel like I had been punched

In the guts

Then I fall


My happy thoughts

Washed away

As I see the sky above

As the laughter and shouts

Of joyful children

Get louder

As I see her cold


Blue eyes

Turn towards me

Down I go

And I can’t do anything to stop



Orcas are Fat


Orcas are fat because they eat cats

Orcas are fat because they don’t eat rats

Orcas are fat because they eat at Macs

Orcas are fat because they eat people’s hats

When an orca sat on land, it squished a band

into a pancake and poured maple syrup on it

If an orca jumps,

run away immediately

It will create a tidal wave and suck you in and get fatter

Orcas are FAT


What to Do in a Crowded Elevator


  1. Try to get to the door and escape.
  2. Wish that you took the stairs.
  3. Look at all the buttons and wish you could press them all to make a light show.
  4. Listen to the quietness that makes everything uncomfortable.
  5. Flash a smile at everyone who looks at you.
  6. Count the floors until it’s your floor.
  7. Try not to get super squished.
  8. Listen to the dings as the door constantly opens.
  9. Think about the freedom once you’re out.
  10. Remember to have this list.
  11. Finally, after you get out say to yourself, “Always take the stairs.


My Pencil


As my pencil dances the page

It etches words all in gray

I know every letter will stay

Even as the paper frays


My pencil feels as light as a feather,

Soon I am in another world

Stories are just as precious

As gigantic, shiny pearls!


In the end, words of all kinds

All written by different minds

Will bind people together

And make the world better


My Marble


My marble is a circle. It is blood red. It looks like there is blood in it.

It is special to me because I found it

at my school. In my classroom.

I was eating my lunch. I took a bite…

The marble popped out. I washed it.

I put it in my backpack. At home I played with it. I like it because it

Sparkles in the light. It is smooth

and shiny. It has no



Being a Princess


Jelly on my face

Jelly on the table

Jelly on my dog I’ll clean it after I’m done


The pony pulls me on my cart

My teddy in my hands

Dog on my side


Ding dong another princess comes

It is tea time we eat cupcakes we sing and laugh we all get a big smile


Squirrel waits for me I feed her nuts I saw my friend bird

I feed her seed


The guard looks at me and gives me a good night smile

I sat on my chair and napped for a while

The guard put me on my bed






The trees are dancing in the breeze and eating the leaves


The trees’ arms are reaching for the butterflies but they can’t reach


The trees reach for the sky and when they do that they sometimes catch a butterfly


The trees like to make a band with the birds and the leaves


They love to boogie dance and they love to listen to their own music


They love to sway in the breeze


They love to talk to people and play lots of games


They sometimes even play soccer with the leaves


They love to play together


They love to play




Feelings are like waves in your body, going up and then crashing down. The waves can grow like a tsunami and come down, destroying everything. They can be calm sometimes, not able to wash away anything.


Feelings are like a rollercoaster of the unexpected. You could start going up and maybe never go down. Maybe it goes down and never stops.


Feelings are like a book with a twist at the end. You could be reading it and then feel confused or puzzled after reading the twist ending. Or that could be how someone else feels about it.


Feelings are like a bomb. Sometimes, you can detonate it. It can be stressful. Other times, you cut the wrong wire. Or it’s just impossible to detonate. Then, that giant explosion happens. People can get mad because of this. Your brain is like a magnet, while the feelings are the positive and the negative. Sometimes, the negatives somehow get stuck onto the magnet instead of the positives. And when that happens, that’s okay.

Cycle of Life


First, comes the baby, it can drive you a little crazy.

Next, comes the toddler, which craves peach cobbler.

Third, is the kid, and you get rid of the crib.

Fourth, is the pre-teen, who wants to be social media queen.

Fifth, comes the teenager, they get to choose their major.

Sixth, is the adult, who locks their possessions in a vault.

Then, come the seniors, they encourage everyone to be dreamers.

Last, comes the end, I’m glad I was your friend.

And that is the Cycle of Life.




The road that leads you down to greatness.

The person who picks you up when you fall.

The person who gives up whatever she has so that you can have whatever you want.

The person who you can depend on.

The person who lifts up your family to its highest, even if it means she has to stay at her lowest.

The shoulder you lean on.

The person who shows you your true path when you fall into your friend’s path.

The person who shows you that there is no limit to how great you can be.

The person who cares nothing about her secret struggles, but only focuses on yours.

The one who works endlessly to lift you off your bed of thorns so that you can enjoy your bed of roses, but who cares nothing about getting off her own.

The person who may work you to your limits so that you don’t trail behind her, so that soon, she could be one of the millions trailing behind you.

The person who loves you more than she loves herself.

The person who doesn’t care about how much acknowledgement she gets.

Who wants nothing from you except a bit of love.


That person is a mom.


A Japanese Poem: Life in Stories


Life Is A Story

Little Red Goes To Granny

Muffins Muffins Yum


Her Granny Is Sick

She Goes With Lots Of Delight

Off To Her Granny’s


But Who Should Appear

Why That Bad And Hungry Wolf

He Sniffs And He Sniffs


And Makes A Bad Plan

His Name Was Nothing But Bad

That Is Who He Was


Then The Wolf Appears

Where Are You Going My Dear?

The Bad Sly Wolf Asks


Little Red Answers

I Am Off To Granny’s House

To Give Her Muffins


Then He Ran and Ran

Yes That Is What That Wolf Did

He Ran, Ran, And Ran


While Red Keeps Going

Singing Her Song While She Goes

I’m Off To Granny’s


I Will See Her Soon

When She Reaches Her Granny’s House

She Opens The Door


She Says To Granny

In A Voice That Shakes The Floor

What Big Teeth You Have


Granny Replies Back

The Better To Eat You With

Red Knew That Loud Voice


Then Raises Her Basket

Boom Boom Blast Kaboom Shazam

Red Was A Ninja


Then She Hears A Voice

Then She Hears A Muffled Voice

‘Twas From The Closet


She Opens The Door

‘Twas Her Favorite Granny

All Tied Up In Rope


She Learned A Lesson

Never To Trust A Stranger

Or A Big Bad Wolf


She’s Dead


Long, tangled red hair

Braided with pale purple flowers

A face as pale as death

Makes sense. She’s dead.


Braided with pale purple flowers

Petals scattered across a bloody red wound

Makes sense. She’s dead

Wide staring gray eyes, perpetually surprised


Petals scattered across a bloody red wound

Pale lavender soaking up the red

Wide staring gray eyes, perpetually surprised

Watching a killer, long gone


Pale lavender soaking up the red

Long, tangled red hair

A killer, long gone

A face as pale as death


Makes sense.

She’s dead.




They say that I’m stupid to dream

To think that our love would’ve worked out

They say it’s stupid

I loved you, but they said I couldn’t


It was stupid, they chide

To think our love would’ve worked out

It was wrong, weird, gross

I loved you, but they said I couldn’t


To think our love could’ve worked out

It was ridiculous, childish, insane

I loved you, but they said I couldn’t

A secret kiss, a burning passion, there and gone


It was ridiculous, childish, insane

To think our love could’ve worked out

A secret kiss, a burning passion, there and gone

They say it’s stupid…


… to love you the way I did.


Vacation Blackberry Crumble


Blackberry Filling:

4 cups blackberries from a gate in Italy

1/4 cup granulated sugar from a Mexico sugar cane truck

2 teaspoons cornstarch from when I first opened my eyes in Israel

1 tablespoon of water from Malibu beach


Crumble Topping:

1 cup oats from a horse ranch

1/2 cup brown sugar from the shore

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon from a national park in Sri Lanka

1/2 cup flour from the Washington snow

1/2 cup butter from a Montana dairy farm


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Put a skillet on the stovetop and set the burner to medium high.


Grease the skillet with melted butter and remove from the heat. Pour in the blackberry filling. Then, using your hands, drop the crumbles all over the top. Think about all the places I’ve been.


When covered, place in the oven for 45 minutes. When it’s done, let it cool. Then, have a spoonful, and enjoy my memories.




The cool breeze washing the leaves away

Kids running past piles of snow

And wind pushes against their faces

Wailing to get away from the cold

The ice chipping skates split it

And little pieces of ice scattered against the ground

Snow melting off the tops of houses

And dripping onto the frozen ground

And when night comes the wind washes away the leaves again.




What are dreams?

Are they signals?

Are they foretellings of the future?


Do dreams have a meaning or purpose?

Do they do anything for you

or do they just exist?


Are they a world that you can enter where all your troubles

are erased?

Are they glimpses of another life where you can be anyone,

and anything is possible?


Who comes up with the wonderful stories of dreams?

Of the creatures and castles and magic?

Of all the strange and wonderful horrors and delights?

Is it we or someone more powerful?


When you have a nightmare,

Is it a lesson that someone wants you to learn?

Do dreams even have a purpose?

Are they of one mind, of one idea?


Is it a way to forget about your troubles that

You find so many of?

Do many people have the same dreams?

Are dreams ways that we comfort ourselves when we are troubled?


Can dreams have limits?

Or can anything happen?

Is what happens in dreams limited to only what we can understand?

Though, I think that when you dream, there are no boundaries.


The Pebble


I don’t know what to think

I don’t know if I should cringe

I don’t know if I should cry

I don’t know if I should be afraid.

I don’t know.

I don’t know




and why.

All I know is that it happened

and it left people


And that’s that.

Death is like a pebble dropping in a lake.

It’s a small pebble, but it leaves multiple ripples in the water.

Death spreads like ripples in a lake.

One single death can cause so many people to cringe

so many people to cry

so many people to be afraid.

One death can spread like a wildfire.

A wildfire

of tears.

I don’t know whether to laugh

to wonder

to talk

to worry

to be confused



I just know two people died


that’s that.

But the thing about death

is that just like a pebble

it causes ripples in a lake

but eventually the ripples will subside

and the pebble

will sink to the bottom

of the

water and

bury itself beneath the sand and



Behind My Back


People can act like I’m deaf

It’s like I am

They even know I’m not

That’s when the annoyed and frustrated feeling

Naturally takes over

I’m so tempted

To show them I exist

When I do

They always turn their head with a shocked stare

They can’t believe

That I’d worked up the nerve

To stand up for myself

They look back on moments

Like the present situation

Their stares are a whole new language

That everyone can speak

No matter if you’re



Or both

It really doesn’t matter

To me

Everyone is to be certified

Equality with no exceptions

Not even one

No matter what they’ve overcome

No matter what they look like

But that language through stares

Can be against you

Ear to mouth stares

Whispering stares

Stares you can not bear to see

It will almost always be behind your back

And that’s what is the most painful

People can act like you’re deaf

It’s like you are

They even know you’re not

Have you felt this?

I have

Everyone feels it at some point in life

Someone will always not like you

Each character plays a different part in a musical

In the same way

Each and every one of us matters

We play a role in life

Some of us big

Some of us small

But that can change

It requires work though

Only if you’re willing to

Put in time and effort

You can make it happen

Believe in yourself

And it will happen

And now believe me


Yes, anyone

Can make it happen

But one thing to not forget

Is to stand up

To those stares

Behind your back.





We pretend the storms have come early

We pretend we can’t hear the bombs in the distance

We pretend that everything is normal

June 27


As I zoom downtown on my orange vespa,

Unaware of the fact that war is drawing closer to home

Unaware of the of the refugees that arrive everyday

Unaware of everything

As I arrive in the bustling  market,

sights and sounds enter the atmosphere

Oranges are stacked high in pyramids

Colorful cloth and fabric of every color, hang high above, forming a canopy

Bronze frying pans hang above, clanging in the windy mist

I set up my stall, after many others, hawking baby blankets, textiles, and cloth accessories

People look, but don’t buy

People can barely afford food

June 29



At dinner, my friend, James, comes home with an odd idea

“We should go to America, to escape the war.” He says.

“No!” I snap. “America is too far away, and anyways this is our home.”

After a night of fighting, I say, ”Fine, you can go to America, and I will stay here!” I yell.

I wish he was dead.

The next morning, he leaves before dawn, to the circuit factory where he works.

July 1



The smoky blast coats the city in a dark, choking dust

The blast came from one of the factories in the city

People zoom over on their  mopeds, in search of where the blast came from

Ambulances clog the way, while fire trucks race past

When I arrive at the factory with others,

I realize that it was the factory where James works.

I yell his name again and again. “James! James!” I cry over and over again.

Finally, after waiting for many nerve wracking hours, two men emerge from the lifeless and dusty rubble.

I run over to the stretcher where James is fighting for his life, and he manages to whisper to me, ”Go to America.”

July 2



James is dead 

My only friend in this world was him and he left me.

I should have never argued with him.

July 3



Today, the Communist Party marched in the city

Sleek tanks roared all day.

People knew this was going to happen, but nobody knew when it would happen.

July 5



Ever since the circuit factory explosion, many widows banded together and held a protest demanding compensation.

We held posters with the victims’ faces.

We marched through downtown

We march on a road when all of a sudden, tanks block our way from the front.

Then, tanks block our way from behind and soldiers appear.

They open fire.

People run and scream.

We all run in circles, afraid to stop.

The soldiers shout, “This is what you get for protesting!”

Then, something pierced my ankle.

Blood gushed out.

Someone stepped on me. Then another.

I then thought about James and that I would meet him in heaven.

Then, I closed my eyes for the last time.

July 12


Blackout Poetry


Things like that could hide out in the back,

Things like that asking me out.

Lucky stars divided,

Keeping out the breeze,

I wasn’t,

when the move called I could tell.


I glance at the thick trees,

Stargazing flutters.

Then I realized something froze.

I answer swiftly between,

Then I commanded her to answer.


I met her,

Seventeen and wispy.

She was breathing,

I waited.

Then I took her palm,

She took a step.

I realized she was hiding,

I whispered “Why,”

She cried.

Then I whispered; “hide!”





It’s red, white and blue

These are the colors of us

Colors of our flag


The colors of us

They will always stand by me

It is unity


You united us

I stand with the U.S.A.

You have made us one



Love and flowers bloom

Big tall trees and babies cry

Luscious grass grows high


Beauty from within

Babies to elders live long

This poem has gone



Singing melodies

Beautiful notes and good songs

Let me hear them sing


Beautiful music

Notes and singing in the air

Sneaking through the song


Let the music flow

Flowing like a river runs

Let them hear the beat


Emotion Poems



I feel very angry

Red’s the color of my face

I slam my door

I stomp my feet

Like a stubborn flea

Anger is trash bad

Sometimes I am angry

Because I am hungry

My stomach roars like a lyin’ lion

And sometimes I just am mad

Today I am feelin’ angry



I am shy

My name is fluttershy

I try to cover my face

I want the sky

To be dark

And this will be all done

I do not speak loud

And proud

I speak shyly

And softly

I never get happy or mad

I usually am shy or sad

I am very shy



Today I am sad

I feel like rain is dripping

From my eye

I am not glad

I am sad

I want to cry

In my pillow

With my fiddle

I’ll play sad music

While I droop on my bed

So like I said

Today I am sad



The sun is out

And I am happy

I am glad

Not sad

Or mad

I’ll smile big and wide

And play outside

With friends and family

And dance happily

Today I feel happy             



I am silly

I tell a joke

I go crazy

I pretend I’m a goat

I’m very lazy

After I go crazy

That’s why I am silly


In love!!

I’m in love

When I see my love

I blush

And I feel like a chump

I wish I can hug him so much

I want to be a chipmunk

With my honey bun

I am very in love

With the beautiful dove!

Heaven is above

And so is my love!

Love is in the air

Like you just don’t care!!!



I am jealous

 Sometimes l’m


Because my friend

Has bread

That I want

But remember

Be grateful for what you got!

Then you will be happier

Amen glory be!



I am very giggly

And jiggly

I laugh

And laugh

Loud like a lion’s roar

Till I start to


When my friend

Makes a joke

l start to choke

I am giggly



I am sleepy

My eyes are drooping

I will die on my bed

I’ll dream


My body is gooping

I’ll fall asleep

And not open my eyes a peep

Now good night!



I am grateful for…




The grinch,




A pinch,

That’s what i am grateful for!



I am scared

Like a bear

Who stepped on his tail

In the air

Like you just don’t care!!

I am scary

Like a berry

that is scary!!!

I am scared


Today I Feel…



Today is a rainy day and I feel sad

Tears like the rain fall from my eyes

More rain falls and more tears fall from my eyes

Rain falls from the sky and land on the ground

Tears from my eyes fall on the floor

Today I feel very sad



Today the sun is out and I feel happy

The rain is gone and the sun is shining

A big rainbow with bright colors is in the clear blue sky

Pink fluffy unicorns are dancing on the rainbow

The ocean is sparkly like diamonds

The sand is yellow and pink

Today I feel very happy



It’s dark in my room and I’m scared

It’s pitch black in my room

There’s no light to see

There’s no power in my house

There’s no fire to make me warm

Thunder rumbles and lightning crashes

The howling wind comes in through my open window

I hide under my covers and close my eyes

I’m hoping this is just a dream

Because I’m scared



I am very bored right now

I sit on the couch and look out the window

It is a misty and foggy day

It is a drizzling day too

There’s nothing fun to do

Reading books are no fun to me

Today I feel bored


A Green Galaxy


Something was always strange about green,

The color was never really a sheen

The color green always reminded me of money,

The color was never really funny


Imagine a big bright sun mixed with a beautiful teal ocean

Imagine a sour sweet lemon mixed with a dark cerulean sky

Imagine dark yellow summer squash mixed with bright blue blueberries,

Imagine a wonderful feeling of dazzling daffodils mixed with ultramarine taffy,

Imagine glistening melted butter mixed with twinkling sapphires,

Imagine luscious gleaming honey mixed with a dramatic azure moonstone,

These are all objects that make green


Green has a feeling of being secure,

Unlike the feelings of being immature,

Green represents greed,

But it is the color of those who succeed

Who have to decide if they’ll sprout like weeds

Or flourish instead like rich, golden seeds


The Great Beast


I stare into the monster’s eyes,

His face covered in dirt and smeared with grime,

His eyes dark, empty, and meaningless voids,

His kind face ruined with anger and pride,

They burnt down the village, and the monster’s flame

Shows the great beast is impossible to tame,

His shimmering scales dance under the light,

He flaps his great wings, and flies out into the night


Thoughts from a New Yorker


The Rhythm of New York

The hum

Of the city

As you




The beat

Of the footsteps

Of millions

Of feet

As you



Your destination


The symphony

Of car horns

And barking dogs

And shouting


As we all



Our destinations


The feel

Of life

In this city


The rhythm

Of the world


With every passing



With every


That we take


The world


Our lives

Go on


We feel

The rhythm

Of life

In this city




It is everywhere

That you go


In the streets

In restaurants

In cars

At airports


In the ears

Of strangers


Down the street

Or riding

The bus


It is in your ears

As much as theirs

As you are


In your head

Or listening

To your favorite



It lifts us up

Brings us down

Gives us hope

Makes us feel



Some people

Choose to ignore

The beauty it creates


The light

The warmth

That it adds

To our





Could they



The songs

They will never




The music

Change them

As it has





The Sticky Note Cafe


Of post-its

That stick

To the wall



Of messages

Left by




Of words

And phrases



Of drawings

And doodles


They cover

Every inch

Of space

On the walls

Of the tiny room



I wonder

Left these words


For people to




Laugh at


For people to

Cover up

With messages

Of their own



I wonder

Will read mine?




She stares

And stares

And stares


At thousands

Upon thousands

Of different pairs







Too big

Too small

Too loose

Too tight


She can tell

What they’ve been through


By the tears

By the fading colors

By the way the wearer moves their feet


But she will never know


Wears them



She will never





The Things That Are Left Unsaid

The words

Sitting in your head

Will never


Any good


The things

That you are


To say

Will never


The world


The things

That we leave


Will never


Someone’s day

Will never

Make them



If you


Your mind

Your words



Make someone



Their day


The world


But if you leave

Your thoughts


You will




If there is something

You are


To say




Say it


A One-Person Race




Take a deep breath

Push off the wall

Don’t let your feet slip

Don’t waste any time

Not even

A second


Close your eyes if it’s easier

Easier to move towards your destination

Without knowing

How close

You really are


“Keep going”

You tell yourself

“It hasn’t been that long”

“Keep going ”



After stroke

After stroke


For a second

Dare to open your eyes

Dare to know

How close

You really are


“Keep going”

You tell yourself

“You’re almost there”

“Keep going”



That you can’t

Give up

Grit your teeth

Close your eyes again

Swim towards the wall





Is within your reach


Feel the smooth tile of the wall

Beneath your hands

Open your eyes


You’ve made it

You’re done



Stop and appreciate

The feel of oxygen going


And out

Of your lungs


Feel the pride of what you’ve done

Fill you up

Make you smile

Make you want to do it again




I fixed my pencil by sharpening it.

I fixed my face by smashing it on the ceiling.

I fixed the ceiling after I fixed my face.

Then I fixed my iPhone and fixed the ice by getting some more of it from the ice store.

It was at 14223 Devil’s Park.

It was just a plain park. There were two people at the store, and they told me, “Break your face if you steal!”

Then I didn’t steal, but I still broke face!

I had to break dough: $5 million.

I broke all my dough. I felt good.



Cheetahs are so cool. Most cheetahs live in Africa. Some live in parks, but they don’t harm people. Cheetahs run about 68-75 miles per hour. Cheetahs commonly eat gazelles, antelopes, wildebeests, guineafowl, gray duikers, impalas, kudus, springboks, ostriches, jackals, hares, and even birds. They are the fastest on ground, but nothing compared to the peregrine falcon, which goes 242 miles per hour. Cheetahs are as yellow as the sun.

But jaguars and leopards are a shame to the human and animal race! They look just like cheetahs, although they can’t do anything. Sure, leopards and jaguars are endangered, but there are only 7,100 cheetahs in the wild now. Jaguars and leopards run so slow COMPARED to cheetahs. Tigers are the next best thing after cheetahs. They eat leopards, and they don’t eat cheetahs. The bad part is that they don’t eat jaguars.

But wait, why are cheetahs dying? Bad humans do illegal hunting to take the fur to make coats, or destroy habitats.

I have an idea that I learned from National Geographic: that I can raise money to help conservations such as the Cheetah Conservation Fund, also known as CCF. We have to spread the word about the amazingness of cheetahs, so everyone can give money, and cheetahs will live in better conditions. National Geographic says you should visit Africa, if you can, and donate money to help protect cheetah habitats.


Song for cheetahs. Also known as (SFC)


Cheetahs are the best

They never get dressed

Cheetahs are endangered

They are not strangers

We should save a cheetah

I’m not sure they’ve eaten margherita

Some don’t care

I wish it was fair

Cheetahs are fast

They weren’t endangered in the past

Maybe if we change this

Some might be named Chris                                                                                  

Cheetahs eat birds

They make up their own words          

Save the cheetahs                           

So they have their own arenas


A Sweet Poem


I cannot go to school today

Said little Peggy Ann Mikay

I have the measles and the mumps

A gash a rash the purple bumps

Ugh, can a doctor take a peek

And I think an ant on fleek

Hey what the heck what’s the deal

Well does anyone care how I feel

Ugh, ugh, I think I swallowed a butterfly

Hey stop being stubborn before I lie and cry

What… what’s that you, you say today is saturday

Okay going out to play


The Flynn Poem


After our dear friend / water bottle / bowling pin / Starbucks cup substitute, Flynn Pin


Flynn the bowling pin

We’ll miss him

His death was so dim

When he toppled off his rim


It was like eating a rainbow

But then, it being very sour

We gave him some food to devour

And he ate it in bowling pin heaven


We buried him in plastic

With Goldfish and elastic

He looked so very drastic

Sitting there in the basket


Sadly, in his casket

Came Chloe with a task-et

To swipe his eternal goldfish

From his bartlemish


Bartlemish means his Rest in Peace place

Where he loved to play the bass

And swing around while happy was his face

We’ll never ever forget his case.


His life was like a rainbow

We swallowed him and put a bow

Around his little bowling pin rim

Oh, we’ll miss you, our beloved Flynn




Haunted House


The door creaks

The tiles squeak

Haunted house looks regular outside

Behind those walls there are spooky sights

You opened doors

You don’t say a lie

The doorbell rings


The piano plays its song

You walk in

Footprints stay behind in all the dust from behind

The door closes

The lock clicks

You turn around

The shadows pass from behind

You open the door

You can’t get out

The only other way out is–

No way out. The windows shut, all the walls close up

The only thing you do

Is wait, wait, wait

You stay where you are

You wait for the shadows to pass by

“Don’t look up”

You look up

I  pray for nothing to happen

And one of my wishes on my wishlist  

I wilI regret and will never want to do it again.

Ding dong ding dong

The clock hits dawn

The locks click

The walls open up

The door opens

The footprints fade away

And there’s a walkway

You run out

The door closes behind you

And you never find your way back


iPhones: According to Stripes


Why do Boss and Miss

Have their noses stuck

In this metal rectangle

All day?

Miss spent the whole day on it

The first day she got one.

Boss looked proud.

Miss is the daughter of Boss and a lady

Miss cries about

In her room sometimes.

I have never met her.

Now that Miss has a rectangle

She is either crying

Or “tech-sting”

Which I think is a good name for it.

The sting of technology.

Now that Miss has a rectangle

She invites her friends over

And they giggle over funny cat videos.

Hey, I meow,

Aren’t I a funny cat?

But all Miss’s friends do

Is sometimes ruffle my hair

And turn back to the cats

That are somehow so interesting.

Now that Miss has a rectangle

She never has time for me

And I never chase a ball of string

That she tugs away from me.

She never pulls me into her bed at night

And falls asleep

Her nose in my warm, soft fur.

She never even steps on my tail

Like she did when she was short

A long time ago.

Now that Miss has a rectangle

All she cares about

Are the cats on her rectangle

That are more funny than me.


Straying from the Path


I was told to grow a tree

That would someday bear fruit

They told us that there was a key

He leaned conspiratorially, said,


“Our way is tried and true

We have proven it through math

Our way is tried and true

Do not stray from the path.”


Now I had been studying for a long

Long time, for this, so I knew

I knew what was supposed to happen

I knew the rules were wrong


I was swiftly bewildered by this

I had learned what was right

They had taught what was wrong

So naturally I did it my way.


I came back the next day

My tree was budding yet

I left feeling proud

Like I had outsmarted them


Days passed before they realized

I hadn’t used their strategy

My tree was bursting larger,

Larger than everyone else


They shot me looks

And evil glances

I left that day feeling worried

Uncertain of what I thought was sure


The feeling passed, and so I paced

Forwards to my tree the next day

I felt excited, feathery light

My heart was filled with glee


I Know the World


 I know how wind whistles,

                               I know how leaves speak,

    I know how snow dances down

                                from the highest peak,

I know how trees cry,

 I know how rain sings,

    I know a lot,

    I know everything


Wax Paper People


Wax Paper People

Prancing in Hollywood

With bright, sunny colors

That wash off when they are done


Wax Paper People

Donning bright flashy masks

Vibrant, garish colors

Grasping hands reach in vain


Wax Paper People

Shake their heads at them

Them that wish to hide

Behind a Wax Paper Mask


Wax Paper People

Whose footsteps are adored

Whose movements are imitated

Whose lives are photographed


Wax Paper People

Insults bounce off their Wax Paper Skin

But not their flesh and blood

Which is weakened by underuse


Wax Paper People

Who look as they were shining

No one would dare challenge them

In all their celluloid glory


Wax Paper People

Who when they grow unhappy

Do the unthinkable

Rip their Wax Paper Masks


Wax Paper People

Their masks in tattered ruination

They sigh and shrug and walk away

And come back with a brand new mask




My mom only wears a diamond ring

on her ring finger

and tiny, gold earrings,

spirals like ones that I make in the sand

but more prettier

‘cause it has something shiny

in the middle.

My mom thinks it’s a butterfly

and a flower.


But sometimes,

when we go to a restaurant

to celebrate something,

my mom always changes

her earrings to make herself pretty.

Pink and yellow butterfly earrings,

flower earrings,

one petal purple,

one petal pink,

one light blue,

and one light green.


They make me feel happy

because I like watching

my mom get dressed up.


My mom’s favorite color is red

like rubies,

ruby apples, ruby lights in Chinatown,

and ruby envelopes with gold lanterns

and money inside.


They make me feel safe

because my mom makes me feel safe

and my favorite color is ruby red too.


Sports Acrostic


Olive leaves     

Long Jump       




Ice dancing





Had 1st place the whole way



Pinned the target

I love gold


Nailed it


Had it the whole way

Indoor arena




Over the best time

Little under the record







Long Run


Wild pitch

Ordinary uniforms   

Racking up runs

Let’s play ball

Dive into a base


Slide into third for a triple

Eating Dodger Dogs

Into first with a single
Extra base

Stealing home


Mylee doesn’t like them

Extra sweet

Love them

Ordinary watermelon is the best

Natural is better

Sailboats do not relate


Dying Wolf (a sestina)


Do you see them? Running together. The wolves.

I like that one. The one with the fur like rain.

She looks old and wild. Strong from living in the harsh valley.

Do you see her? Oh! She will jump over the stream!

The stream is raging. She fell in! Drown… No… It is her destiny.

She will live… But no… She must awaken.


I can feel the wind in my face. My destiny is awakening.

I feel happy with friends at my side. My wolves.

I can smell human, but I don’t care. This is my destiny.

To run, to leap, to hunt. I can then see the rain.

Why is there wetness? What is wrong? Am I in… the stream?

This is not home. Where are the flowers? The grass? Where is the valley?


“She is gone… we should leave this valley.”

But no… she will — she must awaken.

“She will swim. She will swim out of the stream.”

“It is time to leave. We must leave them. The wolves.”

No. You go. I will watch the one with the fur like rain.

“It is her destiny. She will live it. It is her destiny.”


Where did she go? My mommy? Is it her destiny?

Where is Mommy? Is she hiding in the valley?

Where is Mommy? The mommy with the fur like rain.

Mommy! Is she dead? She must awaken!

But Mommy cannot be gone. She will never leave the wolves.            

Why is Mommy there? In the stream?


“Wolf #34 is in the stream.”

The chopper whirs. “Is this her destiny?”

“We have to get to the wolves.”

“We have to get to the valley.”

“She’s going to awaken.”

“No…  it’s the one with the fur like rain.”


Look! Rangers! In the chopper! Will they save Rain?

“I see Wolf #34 in the stream.”

Mommy must awaken…

This is my destiny…

“We’re landing in the valley.”

We have to save the wolves…


We have to save Rain and the wolves!

“We’re in the valley. Wolf #34 is in the stream.”

This is my destiny… I will not awaken…


One Hundred Years Ago


Sometimes I sit and wonder what it will be like in one hundred years

Will there be flying cars?

Will the earth be pink and yellow?

Well you could guess but it was one hundred years ago

Will giant crickets rule the earth?

Will each house be pink and yellow?

I don’t know and I will never know the story of one hundred years ago


Why You Should Never Be King


Now thou shall wake up,

And thou shall wake up at the time thou is supposed to wake.

Thou shall eat thy cereal,

For thou cannot and will not run the kingdom

Without thy corn flakes.


Now thou shall listen to thy subjects.

Thou hates this part,

For thy subjects are insolent.


Now thou shall eat lunch in thy royal palace,

And thy lunch shall be a turkey egg and a small omelet,

From thy local peasants’ market.


Now thou shall oversee the construction of the new tower.

Thy tower is over thy budget,

And is three weeks behind thy schedule.

That is what thou shall change.

When thou shall tosseth thy foreman into thy dungeon,

For thy foreman plays miniature golf on thy job.


Now thou shall have dinner,

For thou is hungry after thy foreman incident.

Thy father says he should have lost his head.

Thy father is an imbecile, but he is a beloved member of thy royal council,

So his head is secure on his neck.


Now thou is going to sleep,

For thou is very, very tired.

And thou knows this shall happen tomorrow,

And thou will hate it all again.




Summer comes with heat.

It comes with a promise for games,

It comes with playing in the sun,

Free from care, for passing grades in school’s over,

But you wonder

whose class will I be in?

What will being in 6th grade be like?

The roses and tulips fill the air with their calm scent.

You stay up later just to watch the sun fall below the trees

And when it’s over, there’s always Fall.


Fall comes with a cool breeze.

It comes with a wish for sweaters/

It comes with more school, and more work,

And more candy.

You have to rake the leaves and when you’re all done, you jump.


Leaves flutter around you, coating the sky in colors of red, yellow, and brown.

On the colder days, your mother makes you dress in scarves and mittens and hats.

On the warmer days, you simply dress in a simple sweater.


Winter comes with snow days and below 30 degrees.

You try to catch as many snowflakes on your tongue,

Sledding down the hill you try to hold on.

After, your gloves become soaked.

You’ve almost lost your hat in the glistening snow.

You come inside to a warm and cozy fire,

Holding a cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, you lie down with your favorite book.

You read

And read

And read.

Then, you get more hot chocolate.


Spring comes with melting snow and warmer weather.

It comes in rain and rain boots.

After a while, it’s back to shorts and T-shirts

And icees flavoured with guava and Cookies & Cream,

Jumping into the pool or the lake with friends.

Summer’s nearly here and summer camp will start.

Then, summer comes.


Summer comes with heat.

It comes with a promise for games.

It comes with playing in the sun.


The Screen


We are superior beings

We are commendable

Yet we kill

We maim

We destroy

We are brilliant

We are creative beings

Yet why do we succumb

To a moving picture?

So why are we entranced

By dancing pixels?

By flashing lights

That make us stare

Open-mouthed pushing thoughts aside focused only on

The Screen.

Our end will come.

Be it when the sun

Flames out?

Be it when the air

Grows dark?

But a new contender

Steps into the ring

This new fighter is the brainchild

Of our superior

Commendable minds

It is death,

Not by us

But of our devices.

A robotic voice telling us

The battery is low

Our machine will die soon.


Too terrible to even whisper of,

What if all of our devices told us calmly,

The battery is low

What if all our helpful aides

Went and died

And could never be revived.

What would happen then?

The final cataclysm

Would be bestowed upon us

By our own creation

By the friend

that promised its everlasting help.

The Screen.


Adventurous Kids


The Mom Was Spooky

Horrible Disgusting And

Did Not Do Her Job


She Was An Awful

Person Who Did Not Like Her

Kids They Hated Her


She Made Them Do All

Her Work And Chores And They Were

Like Maids They Spooked Her


They Used Their Brooms And

Flew Away Their Mom Was Scared

Perplexed And More Scared


She Called The Police

And Said Her Horrible Kids

Flew Broomsticks Away


They Said She Was Quite

Insane And Was Arrested

In Jail She Cursed


Then The Children Fell

But Luckily Fell Into

A Tree, And They Lived   


They Were Hurt And Called

The Ambulance, They Were Fine

But Were Really Hurt


The Children Needed To

Find Shelter, And Get Someone

Like A Guardian


This Guardian Treated

The Children Like A Father

Was Supposed To Act


But Then Something Weird

Happened Wizards Barged Into

The House And Said “You


Children Are Wizards

You Can Do Magic So You

Have To Come With Us”


“But Why We’re Just Kids”

They All Said In Unison

“Yes But If You Want


To Save The World

Join Us” The Wizards

Said To The Children


“Cool We Get To Save

The World” Then The Wizards Said

Something That Might Change


Their Mind “The Thing Is

You Have To Leave Everything You

Love Behind” Uh-Oh


“Then I Think We Will

Pass We Already Had Some

Horrible Things Hit


Us In Our Child

Years Our Mom Hated Us

She Thought We Were Maids


So We Need Our Friends

And Family So

They Did Not Become Wizards


And Went On With Their

Daily Lives And Were Happy

They Didn’t Become





The stink

The swift movement


The garbage

I sit here

My eyes


And I


As a magical fort morphs in front

Of me.

A colorful mess

How unusual.

But as more garbage comes

The open fort





A dire



Darkness comes

An incognito meeting



A stunning weapon

The stark


Of the weapon

The king wants it

He shoots it

At the conquerors

The effect is…



The Conquerors

Are all






His stoic


Is staring at the king

With a heave

He staggers to the king



Untimely swing

His sword misses

The king

By a millimeter

The secret

Weapon has been



The last


His icy eyes


Under the sun

And he uses the force

Chaos wrecks the fort

Fires start

Chemicals burn

Caustic reactions happen

The secret weapon shoots.

The rigid bullet streams

Through the air


The sky

Is dark





A clarity

Sky emerges

The last warrior is


A shotgun the size

Of a fathom lies at his side

As the dead body

Molds on the cobbled courtyard

And as the king walks away

He falls

A bullet in his heart

A pistol falls

A wisp of smoke rising from it

The king talks

Three sons stand before him

One strong

One skinny

One ordinary

His fortune shall go to one

His power shall go to another one

And the last son will…

A burst of light erupts

The mist unravels

One king and three sons lie dead

Has the prophecy been


And as a beam of light shines on the dead bodies

They disintegrate to nothing

The FBI sprint into action

The blueprint design on the pistol

The type of bullet and gun

The study is soon over

The FBI agents cower

The killer is…


The Grim Reaper.

Ranked #1 in the universal sly list

The Monstrous Grim Reaper

The search starts

To hunt down the


Three clues are found.

The clues are:

An unconscious snail

And a crimson colored shell

Everything goes black.

A candle shines through the darkness

I walk around, as blind as a bat

Isolated in this dark pit

Where am I

What is this Unknown Place

I detest it

A ragged stone wall brushes against me

I walk around, bleeding.

Am I dreaming?

I pinch myself

I yelp at the pain

I fall

I am unconscious

Back at the garbage dump

A blistering beam of light strikes me in the eye

My eyesight blurs

I walk around in the mist, unclear to nearby pedestrians

I see a divine person

Floating on a cloud

Looks like god

I surrender to him

Thinking he will kill me

He seems to have power

Contrast to me

For I am a hobo.

He tells me that

I have seen the future

And it is up to me…

To stop chaos from rising.




The kids are lining up by the bakery
With orders for donuts, and muffins,
Or cakes of delight,
Or blissful brownie trifles,
Or just some plain coffee ice cream
With a hint of cookie dough.
The smell of jasmine and cinnamon
Fill the kitchen with sweet smells.
But we also make lunch.
The salty curry that the spring rolls are dipped in smell like spicy, salty, lentils.

Fun Times


The summer is the time to eat cold food like snowcones
It is not the time to learn
Most of the time it is time to have some popcorn
It is the time to feel the breeze of the seashore
It is not the time to learn
Have pizza night every night
If you have a pillow fight you can get out of sight
It is time to feel the breeze of the seashore
It is flaming weather in the summer
Have pizza every night
It is time to cool off from the flaming weather
It is time to feel the breeze of the seashore

The Knight Walks Into the Moonlight


The knight walks into the moonlight
But when he went everything was alright
The knight had a meteorite
The moonlight shines bright as a twilight

But when he went everything was alright
The sunlight shines so bright at night
The moonlight shines bright as a twilight
The knight got a fright of the night

The sunlight shines so bright at night
The moonlight is always as bright as tonight
The knight got a fright of the night
Every midnight it is a meteorite

The moonlight is always as bright as tonight
The moonlight shines bright on the twelfth night
Every midnight is a meteorite
The dynamite will explode tonight

The moonlight shines bright on the twelfth night
The moonlight makes a wonderful spotlight
The dynamite will explode tonight
But then it was time to say good night
The moonlight makes a wonderful spotlight
The knight had a meteorite
But then it was time to say good night
The knight walks into the moonlight

The Peacock


The peacock thinks it rules the world
when it puts its feathers up,
and everybody who walks by
can’t help but turn their eyes.

But when it puts its feathers down,
it’s pompous, rude, and mean.
It thinks the other animals
all worship at its feet.

But there is one animal more proud,
More pompous, mean, and rude.
It lives on social media.
It has an attitude.

The Trumpy thinks it rules the world
when it flips its blond hair up,
and everybody who walks by
can’t help but turn their eyes.

But when it flips its blond hair down,
it’s pompous, rude, and mean.
It thinks the other candidates
all worship at its feet.


The Dead Chicken


The chicken lies like a blob alone on the ground

The other chickens don’t bother it because it’s dead

Its legs are pale, no blood runs through them

Crab apples lay on the ground beside it, some hay too

It looks as though the chicken has been run over

By a car.  It is horrible to look at,

Worse than an earthworm in a tomato

With its whole family


Football Players


Eli Manning                                                          

He’s horrible at running

He can’t throw a pass

His team is bad all around


Ryan Tannehill

He can’t throw a spiral

He’s got a slow pace

He’s got no team around him


Russell  Wilson

He is great at getting out of pressure

He makes tricky plays

He can keep possession well


Cam Newton

Cam Newton’s a bad player

He’s not consistent

All he’s got is his dabbing


Derek Carr

He cannot keep possession
He gets sacked a lot

He plays bad with a good team


Ryan Fitzpatrick

His passes have awesome aim

He throws great spirals

He can run the ball quickly




Scorching weather.

I glance at the blue summer sky with cotton candy clouds.

It’s time for a hot day down at the beach.

It’s time for a night in paradise.

It’s time for a pitcher of freshly brewed iced tea.

It’s time for a quick day in the pool.

It’s time for a season of fresh fruits and vegetables.

It’s time for the birds to twitter and the dragonflies to dance.

It’s time for those burgers sizzling on the grill.

It’s time for delicious, cold ice cream.

It’s time for a day in the sun.

It’s time for the fluttering butterflies in your yard.

It’s time for the true colors of sunshine.

It’s time for watermelon.

It’s time for water parks with water slides.

It’s time for the wasps.

It’s time for warmth.

It’s time for some volleyball.

It’s time for a good vacation spot.

It’s time to travel.

It’s time to have fun on trampolines!

It’s time to play tennis.

It’s time to wear tank tops.

It’s time for tan skin, as brown as maple syrup.

It’s time for tall grass.

It’s time for campfires.

It’s time for fun.

It’s time for a sip of summer.


My City


You rode the F train to work

You walked the streets

Of the city that never sleeps


You took a taxi to school

You watched the street light

As trucks zoomed,

Giving off the most sickening

Exhaust fumes


But this is your life

No matter what it is

You deal with it all

Every day is a pop quiz


You love it

You need it

You wish it could go

You step on the street

Every day is a Broadway show

And the beggar on the train

You gave him money for a burger

Because he’s your family

Your crazy, rude, nice, astonishing family


The train leaves the station

The taxi drives away

The bus is approaching

The beauty, the beauty

You don’t know what to say


This is my city,

My little golden gem

I protect it with my heart

My little diadem




Going up, going down, always moving up or down,

then you learned sideways, and then you

learned right and left,

Finally, by then, you learned how to walk.

It was awesome to walk!


Speaking loud, speaking low,

speaking fast, speaking slow,

speaking all those things all over the place.

speaking fast, speaking slow!

Then, at the end, I learned how to speak,

first, I learned to say hello, then I

learned how to say other people words like the ones throughout the story.

I am now with my book writing and making new words

I can now teach you how to write!


Writing hard, writing light

writing fast, writing slow,

writing hard, writing light

writing words in the book!

Now I learned how to write.

first, I learned how to write the alphabet.

then, I learned how to write the words throughout the book.

And then got the same book that I started to speak with and

I wrote new words!!!


Shakespeare Speech

Helena talking to Demetrius in A Midsummer’s Night Dream


What flaw do you see in I, Helena?

My complexion is as fair as Hermia,

and my voice as sweet as a nightingale.

Let Hermia be; she holds no place for thee.

She dotes on Lysander, so be mine.

You have deprived me of my senses,

and beguiled me by your visage.

I pray thee, give me a chance to stand by thee,

to undo my woe, cast by thou hate at me,

and then, we shall be happy, I promise thee.






I am two years old.

Inside the car is dark.

My mom turns on the lights.

My dad opens the door.

I finally found the entrance to life.


I am four years old.

I woke up to the smell of delicious blueberry and fig pie.

I am trying to sneak up

To grab a handful of candy.


I am six years old.

We carpool to the countryside.

Ready to jump into the pool.

I am chubby, in my one-piece.


I am eight years old.

Waking up by the sounds of gunshots in the air

Is not very pleasant.

But almost getting attacked by a wild pig

Is frightening,

What an experience to have.


I’m ten years old.

Claire is snoring above me

And I hate it.

No sleep, at all.

Yawning all day.  


Now I am eleven years old.

Nothing has changed.

My skateboarding teacher was my grandpa.

First attempt: absolute fail.

Second attempt: getting there.

Third attempt: success!


Nothing has changed.

The houses are the same.

Some of the names have changed

The names of people and shops.

But the pool hasn’t.


I will be 75 years old.

And I will always see myself

Going to Lerici.


The Child of Romeo and Juliet


I started learning English when I was two.

I’ve lived in Taiwan for my whole life.

I don’t remember the first word I learned.

All my friends speak English.

The languages I know:

It’s easier to speak English

The writing is easier in Italian

Taiwanese is easier when you speak Chinese

Taiwanese is the dialect of Chinese,

What aboriginal people speak in Taiwan.

2 million people in Taiwan

More than half of them are aboriginal people from the mountains

A few people in my grade are from China

And the rest from Vietnam or the other Asian countries

Taiwan used to be called Formosa

Long time ago, I forgot from which country,

They came and called Taiwan “beautiful island.”

But Verona was my Dad’s hometown.

That’s where Juliet’s balcony was

Every night Romeo used to go under her balcony.

Their parents didn’t like each other,

But they were in love.

I know the story but I never read it.

The first time we went to Italy,

I was very tiny.

He’s told the story many times.

To be both Taiwanese and Italian

Is an odd combination

But I think it’s kind of cute.

My dad’s last name is Speciale

And my mom’s last name is Lin

So my friends call me Specialin.

When I come to America,

I get asked a lot: “Do you live in the neighborhood?”

And I say: “No, I live in Taiwan.”

People are surprised I speak such good English.

Whenever I go anywhere,
I already know what’s going to happen.

When I travel, border control

Checks all my passports

People usually have one passport.

It takes those people 2 minutes,

For me it takes 5 minutes

For my two passports Italy and Taiwan.

My Italian passport still has my babyface.

My Taiwanese passport is my 10-year-old face.

So then they double-check that it’s actually me.

People behind me will complain

But it’s not my fault.

My parents were just like Romeo and Juliet

Their parents weren’t fighting

But they came from opposite sides of the world,

Which makes me the child of Romeo and Juliet.


Miss Dalmonego.


I had just finished sixth grade.

My teacher is Miss Dalmonego

Well, she was my teacher…

Until she left to Nepal

She did not look big, strong and powerful

But believe me

Her strength for teaching is as powerful a

Thousand intelligent nerds marching across  

Our books

She made us wonder

She brought us guests

Who helped us water the flower of knowledge

She brought us from northern Taiwan

To the South

Helping me understand how to ground my roots in my birth country

Her words are as important as petals to a flower

They start small, but as time passes they grow in importance

She encourages us, and holds us up as we grow

Like the stem of a flower

She helps us decorate the structures and vocabulary for our essays

Like leaves on a stem

Once again

I’m so thankful for Miss Dalmonego teaching me and supporting me all this way.


Beauty in the Fields













Walking around the field of flowers, I see the beauty

lies in everything that I don’t see. All the light

in the air. All the effervescent joy I can feel.  

Fields of poppies wave around me, happy in the sun.

I could live forever here, in this noble field of

Flowers. I would die happy. I would rise so grand,

shining like the orange petals I can see all around

in this field, my heaven, my world, everything I want.

Sunny streaks alight my skin, and I lie down in

the grass and the poppies, dreaming of my blissful meadows.


Walking the field, I see the beauty

in everything that I see. The light

in the air. Joy I can feel.  

Poppies wave around me in the sun.

I could live here, this field of

Flowers. I die happy, would rise grand,

Like the orange petals I see all

This field, my heaven, everything I want

Streaks alight skin, and lie down in

The poppies, dreaming of my blissful meadows.


I see the beauty

in everything I see.

Joy I can feel.  

Poppies wave around me.

could live, field of

Flowers. I die happy,

Like the petals all

This field, I want

Streaks alight, down in

The poppies, blissful meadows

I see the beauty it’s clear.

in everything I see, crystal beauty.

Joy I can feel, in the wind.  

Poppies wave around me, all together.

could live, field of beauty, happiness,

Flowers. I die happy, I blessed.

Like the petals, all falling deaths.

This field, I want thrive forever.

Streaks alight, down in this land.

The poppies, blissful meadows, the end.




I run through a forest
Of memories and
I see you there
Crying softly to
I watch as you gently
Reach out for
My hand
I pull away
Running back,
Away from that dark
And dank
I’m sorry
I left you there
In a world
Where humanity buzzes
Around me
I watch as you
Turn away
And leave me
There by myself.
I see you at lunch
Twisting your hair
Laughing with the other kids
Ignoring me.
I don’t care.
I forgot you
Were there.
I apologize.
Maybe next time
You’ll understand why
I did that.
I was not myself.
I came up to you but
Said nothing.
I just walked away.
For now I’ll keep my distance.
The girls at school
Are cliquey.
And I watch
The girls talk,
Run around,
Tease each other
And ignore me
As I sit down
Pretending to be happy
But broken
I talk to my friends
About kids in our class.
Who’s nice
And who’s not.
I suddenly think about the girl
And change the subject.
The agony of watching
Her makes me
Yes, restless.
Her hard,
Unbreakable outside
Only disguises
The truth of
Her soft inner core.
I’m tough now.
I don’t need
That girl, that popular girl.
I’m strong.
I’m not a baby.
I’m tough.
I don’t need you.
I don’t need anyone.
I’m not dumb.
I know you think I am.
Everyone thinks I am.
Just leave me be.
Just leave me
I got
A 100%
On the quiz
In Social Studies
Like my friends.
I went over
To the lonely girl
And she said
She had a 99%.
I saw through
The paper though.
She got a 64%.
I say,
Pretending not to know
Her actual score.
Patting her back,
She gives a weak
But I see
Her frown.
That girl.
She’s popular
And kind
And smart
And pretty
And funny
And all the teachers
Love her.
She already
Figured out
The square root of 41
In like
5 seconds,
Of course
To the nearest tenth.
Everyone loves
That girl.
That popular girl.
Christmas Eve,
Mom says to
Do something kind.
I try.
My friends say I’m perfect.
But am I?
What about that girl?
That lonely girl?
Was I ostracizing her?
I take out my phone.
I dial her number.
Beep. Beep. Beep.
Please respond.
I hear someone calling
My phone.
Who, though?
It’s that girl.
All the teachers love her girl.
Should I pick up?
Beep. Beep. Beep.
She’s waiting.
Don’t call again.
I walk away.
Eggnog and gingersnaps
Make me feel warm and happy.
Not today.
Why does she hate me?
Why won’t she accept me as a friend?
Questions fill up my head
And I start sobbing.
I don’t know.
Ellie texts me,
Asks how it’s going today.
I ignore her.
Amanda texts me,
Tells me about some kid
In our class.
I ignore her.
Nadia texts me,
Asks about the math homework.
I ignore her.
I just want one call
Just one stupid call
From that girl.
That lonely girl.
Mom snooped in my phone.
Asks me why I didn’t pick up my “friend’s” call.
I simply respond,
She’s not my friend.
I’m different.
Brother calls me a meanie
For not being friends
With someone who wants to be
My friend.
Brother’s only five.
How come he is popular in his kindergarten class?
How come I can’t be popular?
And kind
And smart
And pretty
And funny
And all the teachers love me girl?
I dial that girl, that popular girl.
Beep. Beep. Beep.
I hear my phone go off.
Probably Nadia.
Once she asks something,
She never stops.
I go up to my room
And pick up the phone.
Incoming call from lonely girl
The phone chants.
Okay, maybe I should change her name.
I pick up, and say
Are you there?
This is Taylor.
I’m glad you called.
A little smile creeps up my face
As I cuddle on to my
Sheepskin blanket.
I hear a little voice say
Are you there?
This is Taylor.
I’m glad you called.
I pause for a second,
Trying to figure out
If that was fake
Or genuine.
I don’t know.
I can imagine her face
With beautiful bright blue eyes
Glinting in the sunlight reflecting off the snow,
And her hazel hair
With a dark purple streak
And her perfect teeth showing as her lips curve up
Into a perfect smile.
I whisper happily.
I’m Mabel.
I’m also glad I called.
I smiled softly.


Butterfly Away


It’s the relay carnival and six teams
Are lined up on the side of the pool
The announcer pushes the button
And we’re off
She slices through the water
Each stroke clear
Her purpose obvious as she brings her team
To victory
I’m not as fast as she is but I gotta swim anyway
Adrenaline is coursing through me
Arms up and I dive in
Pushing the water away as I move going
The minute I surface I know I’m ahead of everyone
And I know I’m gonna
Butterfly ‘em all away
Gonna butterfly ‘em all away
The water moves aside as I swing my arms up and breathe
The oxygen to my lungs isn’t enough and I’m tired but
This is my last race of the season
Gotta leave it out on the field
As each soggy palm smacks the concrete wall
My team smiles
I smile
Cuz I butterflew ‘em all away


Gem Stones




Green aqua
Turquoise but hard as a rock
Like any old rock
very very hard
So sooo solid it will knock your teeth






       RAFFINOSE                    RIGHTS

       RAINBOW             RIGHTS

   RING       RIGHTS  





Green elegant

Light as a candle burning

Or as dark as can be

So so so


Ice Cream Is Great


with milk inside, and the 14 grams of sugar, and the variety of flavors, strawberry, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, chocolate, and superman, plus the taste in your mouth, and how your tongue turns into a glacier when you eat too much at once, also how sometimes the cone is edible, so your parents can’t scold you for wasting anything, and how the edible cones are sometimes made of waffles which are also great and add to the sweet taste of ice cream, and how, with sundaes, there are a bunch of different flavors plus the literal meaning of the phrase “with a cherry on top,” and how you can choose your own toppings like rainbow sprinkles or chocolate sprinkles or pretty-much-whatever, and that is why I love ice cream, what do you think?

sundaes with the fancy glass and how you can combine different flavors and how at some places you get a fancy spoon and you can stuff your face and how you would have a fudge mustache and then your parents get mad but it is still worth it because you have five scoops of ice cream and it’s way better than normal ice cream because it lasts way longer and you get a brain freeze but your tongue is still like antarctica.

at 7g of fat, 29 mg of cholesterol, 53 mg of sodium, 131 mg of potassium, carbohydrates, 16g protein, 2.3g vitamin A, 5% Ben and Jerry’s

And don’t forget Peachwave!

going to Ben and Jerry’s

with my dad

me and him


marshmallow sauce mustache

strawberry ice cream dribbling down my chin

laughing while licking

with everything everywhere

people looking at us like we’re crazy

I can’t imagine

anything better than that.

Star, My Doll

Star is nice.

She looks like and feels like rose petals.  

She makes me feel home.

When I go to sleep I go to sleep

with my little Star

that cuddles me tight with love and joy.  

Sometimes I feel like I’m alone and I remember

she is there.

You might think this is crazy but

I think Star is my Sister and she is my





If people say she looks crazy

I don’t care,

I love her because of the way she is.


If I know I’m in danger

I run back to her

and she makes me calm.

If you think she’s just a doll

you should get to know her.


You’ll see, she feels like a human.


When I think of trees

I think of leaves, bright green.

When I think of the leaves

I think of the branches that hold the leaves

Steady and strong.

When I think of the branches,

I think of the trunk

That holds the tree up

Straight and true.

When I think of the trunk

I think of the tree.

When I think of the tree

I think of the air it gives

Us to breathe.

Riding A Pug


A bat came flying in the room!

(I shouldn’t have lived so close to the dugout.)

The flower was in bloom.

My sister kicked the pug out.

I shouldn’t have lived so close to the dugout

old ruins (that were falling in the sea).

My sister kicked the pug out:

The pug, of course, is me

Old ruins that were falling, don’t you see,

are a good place to ride a horse.

The pug was coarse as me.

The pug named Thor was Norse.


Our good place to ride (I’m hoarse —

I swallowed a bug and screamed)

the thug outdoors was north

of here. For days I dreamed


I followed a bug and screamed

at the bug, he was so dear,

you hear? For days I dreamed

of standing on the pier.

Bah humbug, he was a deer.

The flour was in the room,

you hear? For days I dreamed

a bat came flying in the room.

Unikitty in Big Letters


This line I must rhyme

Unikitties are awesome

They can be good or commit crimes

They smell better than possums

Unikitties are awesome

Meow can be their battle cry

They smell better than possums

Unikitties can also fly

Meow can be their battle cry

They can hide in human form

Unikitties can also fly

You’ll never see one in a storm


They can hide in human form

Unikitties can eat robots

You’ll never see one in a storm

They can also eat astronauts

Unikitties can eat robots

They can battle with Batman

They can also eat astronauts

They are mean and tease fat-man

They can battle with Batman

They can be good or commit crimes

They are mean and tease fat-man

This line I must rhyme




Bluejays chirping at my window,

Waking me up from sleep,

I stay awake because I want to hear them.


The sound of their wings fluttering

makes me want to come out,

They turn to stare at me,

Making me feel like I did something wrong.


Then I stare back into their beady brown eyes,

And remember that they love their food,


So I go back inside,

Finding breadcrumbs from my toast to give them.


I sprinkle crumbs all over the yard.

They dive for their food,

Pecking towards those that had bread with their pure black beaks,

I laugh merrily.


Their eyes seem to say that they want me to stay,

I say goodbye,

And they seem to do the same,


I walk to my mom’s car where she is waiting to drive me to school,


And when I come out to see the birds after school I jump and laugh,

I came back through the garden where I found a big worm,

It was as long as my arm!

I picked it up and went back to them,

Where they fought for their food,

I began peeling two birds off of one that were attacking for the bread,


I laughed for what seemed the hundredth time,

And I ran towards them for a game of tag,

Where they took off.


And I don’t notice that there are houses around me,

I don’t realize where I am,

I just feel like I want to play,

And you know what?

No matter how many times they beg me for food,

Or how many times they woke me up,

I love them.

My Home

What does it mean when you move from one house to another?

For me, it means sadness and a feeling that I will miss my home.

It makes me upset because


My home is where I belong,

It is the place where I live,

And where I store everything.

I love my house.


My room is there to greet me every morning when I wake up,

The light shining through the windows,

Everything just so…

It makes me feel cozy.


My kitchen has my knives and dishes and pots for cooking and eating,

I can cook for hours,

I hear the wind and I bake.


My dining room is where I eat,

spend time with my family,

And talk all day with them.

I can play and have fun at the table too.


My living room is there to meet me when I want to relax,

The couch is cozy,

The chairs are soft.


When it comes time to leave the house to find a new one,

I always feel sad to leave.


I look outside my kitchen window,

hoping to see the sun.

The day is beautiful,

kids play tag across the street.


The neighbors’ wind chime whistles,

singing melodies.

The breeze is delightful,

swaying all the trees.


I look at my garden,

at the hummingbird feeder.

A little hummingbird whizzes past,

seeming to say hi.


I watch it fly up,

then fly down.

It sips the sparkling red juice

from the feeder.


It shakes its head

from the sweetness,

then comes over to my window,

and gives me a small kiss.


It sways,

flies back to the feeder.

It feeds,

and flutters away.

Moon Shadows

We amble on the sidewalks,

The crevices connecting our hearts.

The brilliant glow of the moon

Lighting our path to destiny.

We think we have it figured out,

Old and polished.

But we realize that we’re wrong

As we stumble blindly through the shadows of the moon

Submerged in blue.

Sometimes we fall asleep under the stars,

Because we are not ready to be ordinary.

We’re extraordinary.

As for the moment, at least.

Darling, we’re adventurers

And there’s definitely not anything wrong with that.

We’re ready to see the world,

So bring it on Planet Earth.

The Lonely Glimmer of the Moon

The stars on navy black nights

wink at humans who stare up at the lonely glimmer of the moon.

The mystery girl sits on the dusty pewter gray surface

her lanky legs hanging down, dangling above the world she knew so well.

She hums a lullaby for the people to drift off to sleep,

into the world of dreams.

Where the world’s sins and rainy days are forgotten,

where there is a new glimmer of hope for each and every one of us.

The map in the center sets us on our path to destiny,

and at the end of the day,

the mystery girl dances among the stars.

Rose Red

The rain compacts with the light,

the colors shine in my face.

Rose red,

ripe peach orange.

Sunset yellow,

mint leaf green.

Ocean blue,

and plump grape purple.


The window shades are pulled back,

and all eyes are staring out.

Rose red,

ripe peach orange.

Sunset yellow,

mint leaf green.

Ocean blue,

and plump grape purple.


And as soon as it arrives,

it disappears just like that.

Rose red…

is the last to leave.


When I Went Down the Rabbit Hole

Dedicated to:

Isabella for being the coolest writing buddy

Maddie  for ALWAYS commenting on my stories

Amanda S. for always knowing the coolest video to share

Amanda C. for all of your awesome help

Lena I have known you for only a few months but I feel like I have known you for a few years.

Emily S. for having the coolest quirkiest stories to share


When I went down the rabbit hole,

I saw the sky come to a hold.

The echo of the Cheshire Cat

wearing the Mad Hatter’s hat.

As my blue dress flows in the wind,

my head feels like it’s in mid-spin.

I hear the rabbit!

“Late, so late.”

As he runs through a flying gate,

I duck with hands over my head

because I saw a flying bed.

“When will I get out of here?”

I scream and I scream with fear.

Until I hit into a wall

and on my back a baby crawls.

A glass shard that is oh so tall

reads the words

“Eat me.”

I climb on top a table top

and brace myself for the big hop

to land on top the mystery liquid,

and get ready for lots of sippin’.

I hear the noise of my own slurp,

and then I hear a birdy chirp.

It’s body was all big and fat,

and it pecks on the wall with a rat a tat tat.

When I went down the rabbit hole

I saw the sky come to a hold.

Seasonal Haikus



Colorful blossoms

Easter eggs are all around

Soft bunnies hopping



Delicious ice cream

Riding my bike down the hill

Splashing in the pool



I eat pumpkin pie

Colorful leafs are falling

Halloween is near



Snow is falling down

White snowmen are everywhere

I will stay inside



Lots of holidays

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

This was a great year

The Lady Sings

I’m jumping so high but it’s not me

She’s jumping so high her boots can’t touch the ground

No color, no touch, no smell, nothing in such sort

Still, there’s laughter and joy

Black and white all over

Now i can see the picture

1945, the year has come

‘Hooray,’ the lady sings.

Everything is coming to come together

The light is coming

The darkness will fall

I’m coming together

Now I am here

The lady will cheer

As the sun comes up


*Inspired by “Cut” by Kara Walker

The Unbelievable Man

A man swirling around like a fish

The grass follows the man

The sky as blue as the ocean with the red yellow and pink following

He says something very faint like a cricket playing their music in the water

His clothes are like oceans on a body

His face, as pale as white, but as yellow as a sun

He is special unlike the other people

He stays there like a statue but moving in 3D

As the people walk he slows down

He then stops

Everything stops

They are under his command

I am always still so I am free

He moves once more

So does the earth

As he finishes the earth finishes except for me


*Inspired by “The Scream” by Edvard Munch


The Coat of Nature

Chestnut is from the bark of the towering trees, in the forest yet to be explored.

Bay is from the rich soil on the ground in that forest, dark and wild, not yet trodden on by foot or hoof.

Palomino is from the golden rays of sunlight peeking through the leaves of the trees

and buckskin from the light dancing across and illuminating the shadow underneath the branches.

Paint is from the splotchy patterns of the leaves and the sky, the light and the shadow, the trees and the ground

as you spin around and around in the forest, the colors mix together like an elaborate painting.

Roan is from the earth and the water, the ripe wild berries growing in small clusters, and the river reflecting the bright blue sky.

Black is from the darkness of the night as the sun sets under the horizon, the moon and stars decorating the night sky as shadows embrace the forest.

The color of all the forest at peace, blending together into the darkness, to be awoken again by the rising sun to show the coat of nature once more.   


It was large,



And it smelled of all nature.

Fragile leaves nesting on the ground.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, I hear.

Footsteps following me.

I jump up the damp tree trunk to hide.

But it wasn’t a human-

No, a small robin scrounging for food under the thick layer of leaves.

I jump down into a freshly fallen pile of leaves,

and they spew everywhere.

I see a small grey squirrel trying to gather the nuts fallen from the giving tree.

This tree was different:





This is why I love fall.

This is why,





Mourning in its own Light

Mourning in its own light

Attention to those unweak

Tenders do not belong here to criticize

Terrains filled with beautiful sounds


Hissing the snake like words of the haters

Craning at my thoughts

Everything to love crumbling down

Whatever they say

Antonyms for happy is how I explain them


Never ending comments

Deadly words killing many and leaving shrapnel to pierce me


Justifying the odds they will try again

Bringing darkness not light

Everything dying

Slithering along my flaws


Striking me with pressure

Everlasting hell

The Young and the Youth

I can see it

Living its way up

Over the hills of mind

Venus and Mars colliding

Echoing in my head

Minding itself

Years of loving the thoughts

Moving parts

Over the mountains

Mind blowing

So important

Over times

My thoughts blasted into light

Under the stars

Coming out of the dark

Hiding feelings

Inner love

Like marching through stars

Yelling across light

Telling itself to fly to the moon

Teaching the sun to dance

Making memories

Attending to the clouds

Bringing brightness to you

Taking life

Imagination living

Amongst us

Before special love

As It Floats Down

As I walk around, I stare and see. The many leaves of the autumn tree. No two are identical. Like snowflakes. As it gets colder, winter time settles down. The tree loses its leaves. As the birds and bears gather around. To see and stare as the leaves fall to the ground. They know it’s coming. One of the chilliest times of the year. The autumn tree whispers.

Rusted tin cottage

Rusted tin cottage

filled with happiness

in the middle of a dark,

scary rainstorm.

The rain pours down,

slowly soaking the happiness up,

but the vast amount of contentment

fights back with joy and glee,

bliss and delight.

But the jubilation

goes out.

The world loses

its light.

The storm slows,

being replaced with

light and peace.

Two Fingers (An English to English translation of “One Heart” by Li-Young Lee)

See the squirrels. When sliding

are bored

in something. The next high

is outside you, shot

at this one finish of evening.

The business of flapping

was most of the time happiness, fixing

two feelings to one collapsing unknown.

The Sound of Silence

Crickets birds helicopter

Cars metal clanging

Wind singing grass


It’s chunky it’s lime green

Soft furry and spiky

It’s multicolored it’s meta


It’s black and red

It has feathers

I want to go there forever


The cars are drums

The birds are violins

The high birds are singers

The low birds are harps

The metal clashing is the banjo

The crickets are backup singers


Everything is music when you’re in silence

Silence is the sound of noise

Silence is where you should be

Silence is everywhere

Silence is good as can be

The Rainbowfish

A ripple, breaking through the surface.

A silvery stripe, flying through the air,

and then it’s gone, just as quickly as it had come.

The lake’s quiet, calm surface makes me shudder.

I dip a toe into the murky, uncertain water, and shiver.

Another ripple, a silver stripe.

Here. There. Gone.

Minnows are everywhere.

The ripples send an eerie silence,

followed by a cool, clammy gust of wind,

shoving itself up my spine.

Another ripple, this time far away.

Plunk! Now, I hear a loud splash.

Minnows have always been so quiet, so mysterious.

I rush over to the ripple waves, dancing in the water.

But the fish is gone.

Pulled from my grasp like water through my fingers.

Plunk! I’m sure it’s the same fish.

I run over just in time to see a shiny, coated color,

I can’t make out what color it is.

Then, as he disappears beneath the murky water,

I sigh in defeat, and wait.

My heart is pounding, and the wind ripples through my hair.

I sit on the edge of the lake, waiting.

I wait until the sun goes down,

until stars start peeking out from the dark sky.

But there is no ripple.

No Plunk!

No splash, as I sit and wait.

I wait for hours,

and as I’m just about ready to give up,

I see it again.

A larger fish than the nearby minnows,

the beauty darts through the air

right in front of my face,

sending a splash my way.

But I don’t care.

My picture is all I need.

Proof that there are more fish than minnows in this lake.

Proof that other life exists,

that all my friends had said about minnows was wrong.

I glance at the photo coming from the old Polaroid,

and I see that I was right.

The rainbowfish seems to dance and gleam,

even in the black-and-white photo.

I smile and shake my head,

and as I head for home,

I catch a streak of rainbow in the corner of my eye.


The Mixed-Up Poem

the bunny said hi

and I pet his fuzzy ears

he ate some carrots

I sing in a warm bathtub

the water is cold

I sing to mermaids

the house is not so haunted

but I am a bit scared

white boards and dry erase markers

my mom forgot my birthday

I’m hiding under my bed

drinking some coffee

little plants, big plants

beautiful flowers

I wish I had a sister

flowers need sun and water

I walk in the woods

riding the school bus

pretty unique plants

the earth is turning

the smell of baked bread

freshly painted walls

gorgeous different colored plants

where is the moon’s face?

the long yellow dress

different colors

cuckoo is not my name

The Little Light


Look, look into the light.

Do you see the light?

The light

which shines,

for which shines


In the hollow darkness.

The deep dark is calling

for me

Like a crow

Calling for me

to replace the light

Replace the light with darkness

The light feels like butter

Like when I rub my hands


causing friction. Like melted butter.

It feels like I dumped

the feathers out of my


The pillow part.

That feeling,

when you get

a chocolate croissant

heated. At Starbucks.

That feeling of the bread

and that hopeful ding

in the microwave.

Indeed I do not

replace the light with


The light gives laughter

hope, forgiveness,


The darkness

feels like a side of me,

A black part

Of my conscience

Like a threat to my pillow,

my butter, my croissant.

The darkness is an angel

The darkness is a devil.

The darkness is a mystery.

The darkness is a warning.

A caution.

The light is a sign of hope

the darkness will be gone.

When the darkness

covers the light


is sad again.

The Kid Who Tried To Get A Concussion

Once there was a little boy named Fernando.

Fernando wasn’t happy with himself so he tried to get a concussion.

He wasn’t happy because he was the biggest nerd in school

because he was the only one who could calculate how many seconds he was living, and he was the only one who could calculate

how to sustain life on Mars.

Then he tried to get a concussion so he could forget about everything he knew so he wouldn’t be the nerd anymore.

First he tried hitting himself in the head with a spoon.

Then he tried banging his head on the wall.

He bruised his forehead but didn’t go into a coma.

Then he tried to run and jump and swing his head onto his bed corner–still didn’t work. His brain had six packs, it was so strong. So it wouldn’t break.

Finally, as a last resort, he stuck an egg beater into his ear canal and scrambled his brain.

That only made him smarter. Now he knew how to sustain life on the sun.

He could also prove and/or disprove the existence of God.

And then he tried to cut his head in half but the head extended a hand and it chopped off his own.

He never even got the chance to tell the world the truth about God.

The end.


The Elephant

Bright colors all around

People cheering in the moonlight

A figure looks me right in the eye with a smile on its face

His trunk moves side to side

That is his way of saying hello

Dressed in red, yellow, pink, and orange

Drums play and people dance

His trunk moves up and down

That is his way of saying hello

Smells of happiness swarm around me

There is not a single frown to be seen

His trunk zig zags in the air

That is his way of saying hello

The humidity of the place goes around

I grab a cold towel and wipe my face

His trunk swirls all around

That is his way of saying hello

A woman puts a bright purple flower in my hair

It shines as a slight breeze blows on my neck

His trunk dances in the wind

That is his way of saying hello

A man hands me a coconut

I sip it as flavor bursts in my mouth, there is nothing but kindness in this land

I move my hands side to side

My feet up and down

My head zig zagging

And my tummy swirling around

That is my way of saying hello to this beautiful place

The Beach

Sand on the beach,

Sand on the shore,

Sand in the ocean,

On the ocean floor.


In the ocean we can dive and swim,

Fill your water bottles to the rim,

Hit the beach ball as far as it goes,

Splash in the water with your feet and toes.


The sun is shining brightly on us,

Just enjoy it and don’t make a fuss,

We can have a drink to cool us off,

Not too cold or we’ll get a cough.


Children are swimming and playing happily,

Their parents are lying in the sun nappily,

Nobody knows how deep the water goes,

It’s difficult to see beneath your nose.


Sand in the ocean,

Sand in the sea,

Sand is everywhere,

Just for you and me.


The mermaids sing,

The birds spread their wings,

The fish hide and huddle,

The starfish squeeze and cuddle.


We roll out the towels straight and long,

As we do it we sing a happy song,

We arrive at the beach at the crack of dawn,

RIght away we rub our sunscreen on.


Kids lick their ice cream,

Adults watch the sun beam,

While we all enjoy the steam,

This could be one big dream.


The Balloon

Red balloon in the sky

a little girl let it fly

flying over the clouds over the sun

up into outer space, when will it be done?!

Flying over Neptune

over the moon


Then into a black hole!

His soul melted

He cried for help

He thought that he could never get out

No one came,

He felt so sad

Except one day

A rocket ship passed by

and the balloon yelled as loud as he could, “Help!”

The rocket ship came closer and closer

and grabbed the balloon out

the astronaut put him in his rocket ship

and flew back to earth


and gave the balloon to the astronaut’s daughter

The astronaut’s daughter said “thank you!”

and hugged her father.

Smith Beach

The Smell of the

Salty Breeze passing by,

Makes me feel so


The Taste of the

Bay Water,

Seeping into my mouth is

SALTY and makes me GAG.

I See The

sparkling bay water

and put my

toes in the sand,

and think “Ahhhhhh,”

as I relax.

I Hear the sound of the WAVES,

crashing on the beach that

sounds like a car whooshing by.

The WARM SAND feels

good on my feet,

and the water feels COOL

between my toes.

I listen to the Conch Shells

and hear the waves,

a beautiful, quiet sound.

I love Smith Beach

I never want to leave,

It is not very far to reach.

So go there now, it’s very great.

I’ve been going there

Since I was younger than eight.   


Sunlight dusted the quiet city with gold

The first rhythms were heard within.

The eyes of the future flew down the paved streets

As the chiming bells rang their last sigh.

They scraped knowledge into the thin skin of trees

And sang the melodies of Before.

Some times they tried to break out of this world
And yearned for the merciless day to end.

Other times they unleashed their happy spirits within

And wished to freeze time to stay in the happy atmosphere forever.

Finally, as the blazing star decided to settle back down in the quiet sanctuary

They walked home, filled with new life.


Five kids and one borderline one. Writing camp is a lot of fun. It’s the best camp ever it’s like knitting a sweater. Like I said it’s the best camp ever grace like Pandora one of my friend’s name is Nora this room might be small but the building is like a mall. Let me say these stories are something I wont miss. I am leaving in ten days and turtles is what I say. There are touchscreens in the room soon the world will be doomed.

“Drop the mike”        

Questions With Answers

Death is not a question

With an answer

Love is not fearless

Or blind

The might of the light

Is so bright

A ribbon of daylight is all I can see

Through the mist that is my eyelids

So why can I not

See the light?

The light that

Has blinded me for ages

Flashes of blue and silver

Cloud my vision

Red and gold

A blur of unseen colors

The unhealed light

So bright

It has ruined me

Ruined me


In my mind

I sway softly

The memory so long ago

I can’t make this up

I’m not a liar

Because I’m gone

I’ve been gone long ago

I can’t think

This is a journey

Love is not fearless

And death is not a question with an answer


Popsicle Poem

I’m a puddle drying up on a hot summer day

Need to cool down in the very best way


I go to the freezer, I open up the door

Take out a popsicle, it cools me to my core


Sloop, slurp, lick, yum!

Lemon, lime, cherry time!

Everybody in the world deserves a popsicle!


Lemon is sour and strawberry’s sweet

Orange is tangy and raspberry’s neat

But fudge is my favorite and can’t be beat.


Sloop, slurp, lick, yum!

Lemon, lime, cherry time!

Hey, everybody in the world deserves a popsicle!


I want everybody in the world to have a popsicle like me

A blizzard of flavor in their mouth like strawberry

Here’s what we should do to make this true:


Sloop, slurp, lick, yum!

Lemon, lime, cherry time!

Say, everybody in the world deserves a popsicle!


Let’s all come together with our pops to have fun

We’ll go to Antarctica and put them all in one


A giant popsicle that will never melt

That towers in the sky like the Fourth of July


Everybody take a lick please!

Brain Freeze!

Outside Poems

The Alley


The grape vines droop from the double garage.

Birds splash in puddles playfully, they chatter in the long extended trees,

The insects and critters are crawling around,

The ground is a field of uneven stones,

Trucks honking with the wind,

It’s a cool and refreshing day.


The Building


Vines hanging up above,

Mixtures of varying colors,

The stars float.


The Bush


Spikes of green poking out,

Hard to tame like a Lion’s mane,

Reaches out to grab,


The Car


Sickening red

Mistress Mary

Mistress Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? With silver bells and and cockle shells and marigolds all in a row.


Mistress Mary very hairy how does your hair grow? With puffy tufts and tons of makeup and it’s all tucked into a bow.


Mistress Mary quite wat-ery how does your river flow? With some fish that are a dish for Mistress Mary’s crow.


Mistress Mary like a fairy how much does your heart glow? Like a light oh so bright Mistress Mary here you go.

Lili’s Poems



Watermelon, sweet and juicy,

but I get pushy when I ask for some.

That is why I will ask

for none.


I need some watermelon,

I can’t take it any more,

so I run down the stairs

into the store.

I pick up some watermelon

and run out the door.


As soon as I walk out the door

I smile as if I had a watermelon in my mouth.

I would have even traveled to the south

to get my hands on watermelon.

I once even got banned from a fruit stand

cause I bought all the watermelon.

Her name was Helen and she was really mad

and that is the end of my watermelon tale lads!




I love apples, but I do not like snapple.

Apples grow on the farm where sometimes                             

it’s for the horses dinner.

But I always dive in to save the apples from harm.

So I go to the hen den and get some eggs

from a chicken named Meg. Then I cook the eggs.

Then I go to my reading nook to get a cookbook.

But my eggs were stolen from a pirate with no leg replaced by a peg.


So instead of eggs I get strawberries.

Then I mash the strawberries with my boots

And while I’m doing that I hear the owl hoot.

Once I cover the apple with strawberry jam,

I wrap it with some ham.

Sah for strawberries, apples, and ham. Then I run to the shed with my Sah, put up a sign that says something like this, “Sah for sale, Sah for sale, made freshly today!” Never say goodbye to Sah once you have a tasty bite. P.S it’s better than snapple because it’s made out of apples



Lift my heart at the beach.

Don’t know why I would leave,

as the scorching sun burns my hands,

as I walk in the crystal clear waves,

splashing in my face as the blue sky watches me.


As the sea salt breeze blows in my hair                                                        

I fall down

and I land in the white warm sand,

getting tanned as

I stare at the waves,

like it’s a maze

that’s telling me through the wind

to come and swim


I get back up on my feet

and walk back towards the beach.

The waves are going up to my waist.

I push through the waves.

I wait until I see that amazing, beautiful big wave.

Once it’s a foot away from me

I jump towards the sand

and let the waves push me.


When I get back up

I spin like a whirlpool

then I stop,

fall backwards,

but I don’t hit my head

because the waves caught my back.

Then I saw the most amazing thing!

Right next to the huge palm tree

was a shiny starfish.

I get up,


then I know what I want to do

and I throw the starfish in.

I go to the swing,

I leap on top,

and I do what I never would have done before.

I flip!

Left my heart at the beach,

don’t know why I did leave



Hazel eyes aren’t green eyes

A pinch of green is like a tiny morsel of salt, it won’t add to the flavor

Blue eyes with green tops are not included

Nor are color contacts

Usually aren’t gingers

Nine percent of people on this planet have green eyes

Those rare people are intellectual and kind

They are not mutants, they’re just eccentric, unlike people with blue or coffee eyes

Shrieking inside of them is the pain, trying to get out

But it doesn’t come out, ‘cause green eyed people don’t let it

They have a pure liquid of happiness in their necks, trying to parch their throat

Or their stomach trying to pull the strings too tight

But those green-eyed people don’t let it

I have green eyes

I’m a ginger

I’m not intellectual or kind usually

I’m simple

I have pain outside and inside

The pure liquid of happiness parches my throat

My stomach pulls my strings too tight

This all leads me to thinking that I’m not special, I’m just a lost person wisping away in the wind



I go down the trashy locked staircase every day, where no one has gone for years except for me

I open the door and stumble to the train tracks

Hop over the third rail, something to always remember

Walk ten steps, then I’m safe

Open up the rusty door of the room where you change the tracks

Watch the litter of kittens on track three

Look at the train on track four that’s supposed to go on to track three

Change it

I might’ve lied before, I’m not kind towards people, you don’t have to be kind to people

But you do have to be kind to animals, because they’ve never done anything wrong, and I’m kind towards animals

I realized this when my dad dropped me off at the bookstore and never came back

He did something ungrateful and wrong and that’s why he left me there, so I could lead a better life

The only thing he did wrong to me was to leave me with nobody Other than a grumpy bookstore clerk



My name is Sabrina Alex Gimry Elworth

If I knew anyone they would call me Sage, not Sabrina

Nobody calls me anything because nobody really wants anything to do with a little girl wandering around by herself

They’re all worried that if they try to help the little girl the parent is going to come and be afraid that they’re going to kidnap her

There is nobody to help me if somebody does kidnap me, except for police

I know you’re probably not going to want to read anymore of this story, because you probably think it’s too sad, but trust me it gets happy

The story of Sabrina is sad, but the story of Sage is happy



Caramel is a coat of fur that I love, that’s why, when I was little, I was depressed that we got a black cat

I named Kiki after Kiki’s Delivery Service; I used to love those movies

But Kiki is a good cat, always cleans herself, takes care of herself, and is loving

She has black fur on her back, a coat of white fur on her belly, and silver clean white paws

She goes out without me a lot, looking around for food, I don’t care about this because she always comes back

One thing I learned through Kiki is that appearance doesn’t really matter whatsoever, it’s what you do that counts, and Kiki might not look so good, but she is loving



Today was a generally good day

Actually today was a very good day

I went on the streets asking for money with a sign that said, “MY KITTY, MY FATHER, AND I ARE STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE, PLEASE HELP” (which the part about the father is obviously a lie)

A woman who passes by every day and gives me money says to me today, “Here’s some lunch,” while passing me a thing that looks like a tv dinner but fancier

“Is it poisoned?” I asked.

“No silly, it isn’t poisoned,” she said.

Later that day I opened it

It had chinese sesame chicken, rice, blueberries, and pickles

I dug in, leaving nothing on the plate



The sun blanketed me when I woke up in my little apartment in Red Hook

I shoved the cockroaches with my foot and they scurried away under the floorboards

I looked out at the sun

It was flaming hot and looked very orange

The sun is a star and when stars are old they turn orange and start to fade away

The sun will fade away soon

Like this dream in the morning



I woke up, relieved by not being in my uneasy sleep anymore

I felt a swarm of thoughts buzzing about in the crust of my mind, they all were my dream oriented

I looked in the mirror and realized that I was never Sabrina, I was always Sage

I heard my father calling to me from down the hall, while Kiki stretched out on my blanket covered legs

Strained inside myself I realize that I am real, not in a dream

I wish the dream I just had was a lucid dream so that I wasn’t so scared

But dreams are dreams and people are people and I am not a person who is lost, wisping away in the wind

I am just flowing with the wind

And I am the green-eyed girl  

Frogs Are Awesome

What makes frogs awesome is how they are slimy,

how they have a backbone, how the Tomato Frog can puff itself up

until it’s so large nothing can eat it.

And how the One Eye frog has one eye on the top of its head,

and two eye-like things on its bottom,

and anything that sees it thinks it is a monster.

And how the Camouflage Frog blends in with rocks, the bark of a tree.

And how the Poison Arrow Frog spits poison the way people spit

on the ground in Switzerland. If the Poison Arrow Frog

made its way to Switzerland, it might begin to eat schwabenbrotli:

white, soft bread. What is awesome is the skin of a green frog–

soft, white dots on its back, the frog leaping in the grass.

Five Minutes Until The Bomb Goes Off

Five minutes until the bomb goes off, everyone might wiped get out.

Five minutes until the bomb goes off, everyone stay calm, don’t shout.

Five minutes until the bomb goes off, whatever shall we do?

Five minutes until the bomb goes off, the first one dead is you.

Four minutes until the bomb goes off, we have to get out of here.

Four minutes until the bomb goes off, the time is getting near.

Four minutes until the bomb goes off, we have move to the corner.

Four minutes until the bomb goes off, we better have us a big warner.

Three minutes until the bomb goes off, everyone hang on to each other.

Three minutes until the bomb goes off, gee, I want my mother!

Three minutes until the bomb goes off, how do we turn this off?

Three minutes until the bomb goes off, please protect my skoff!

Two minutes until the bomb goes off, what is the password?

Two minutes until the bomb goes off, I think I may have heard.

Two minutes until the bomb goes off, Fred what did you hear?

Two minutes until the bomb goes off, the password might be “red ear.”

One minute until the bomb goes off, the password wasn’t right.

One minute until the bomb goes off, everyones screaming in fright.

One minute until the bomb goes off, the room is fully loaded.

One minute until the bomb goes off, it has just exploded!

Fire Spreading

Red paint

Swirled out of a bucket

Onto its blanket

Of cream-colored


Fire swirling,


All over

Its blanket

Of cream-colored


Flowers sprouting,

Bearing crowns

And wings

Of cotton


On its blanket

Of cream-colored


And after the day

Is leaving for home

Upon the blanket

Of cream-colored


With flower

And fire

And paint

A tired head

Is dropped


The pillow



Sometimes it’s good to start over

when the damage is done

though some won’t allow

say the damage too deep

but even the most evil

should be forgiven

given a second chance

a clean slate

a chance to try again

because someday that

might be you



cat got my tongue

not believing


my eyes are blurred

he whispered three words

I go from crying

to flying

Pool of Tears

I’ll find my pool of tears

where all my dreams come true

all my dreams of dreams

Secret Wish

I have a secret dream

that nobody seems to know

and I don’t want to tell

people guess

world peace

no matter how hard you try

that will never happen


that will happen when I’m ready


enjoy the little things

you’ll be the happiest person on earth

here’s my dream

now can’t you see

the freedom of dream

without disbelief


Does not mean

going through life till the end

it means living life to its fullest

having fun

making mistakes

but not making the same ones twice




Peaceful as a lion

I shouldn’t

not worth it

what is he talking about




he didn’t






not peaceful






colors mixed

like painting

where the sun

and moon


Too Deep

Start over

what’s that supposed to mean

put puddles back in the sky,

leaves back on trees.

start over

not gonna happen

some cuts are just too deep




Blue is the feeling of wind.  The ocean breeze biting my cheeks

Blue is the smell of palm trees going through your nose and dancing in the sky

Blue is the taste of a ripe berry filling your mouth with flavor

Blue is the sight of a blue-jay perched on a branch

Blue is the sound of rain dripping down my window

Blue is the feeling of sadness shattering your heart

Blue is the smell of salt cleaning your soul

Blue is the taste of cold ice tea sinking down your throat

Blue is the sight of snowflakes, each one unique in their own way

Blue is the sound of waves crashing against the shore  

Blue is the feeling of a warm bubble bath

Blue is the smell of a cool breeze when standing on the highest point overlooking a lake with not a cloud in the sky and no haze from pollution Blue is the taste of cotton candy filling your stomach with excitement

Blue is the sight of truth.  The sky can never lie to you.

Blue is the sound of bubbles floating over the land as if they were never going to pop

Blue is the feeling of sea shells tickling my feet  

Blue is the smell of blue-berry muffins dipped in milk

Blue is the taste of cool snowcones turning your tongue blue

Blue is the sight of a grassy meadow with the sunshine beating on your neck and not a single cloud in the sky

Blue is the sound of a baby in a deep sleep

Blue is the feeling of warm tears running down your cheek

Blue is the smell of a fresh rain in the countryside that cleans all the dirt away from the flower petals and gathers in small pools for birds to bathe in

Blue is the taste of orange Fanta

Blue is the sight of night.  Looking into the eye of the moon and howling at it like a lone wolf that has been set free

Blue is the sound of peace.  I am sitting on top of a mountain, day dreaming into the mist, thankful.



Pesky, Pushy, and Annoying,

The time together I’m not enjoying.


He’s very bad you will see,

He’s even mean to me!


He’s like a broken robot,

In the world, he’s like a tiny dot.


Nothing helpful, meaningful, or nice,

He’s sneakier than sneaky mice.


When I see him in my eyes,

His whole inside is full of lies.


But if you know him you will find,

HIM, I don’t really mind.

Alliteration Poem

an alligator ate an apple

bashfully bad bats

can cats clap

do dogs do doo-doo

elephants eat eggs

faint fashion far above

giant gum is great

hope hopes for hopscotch

it is impossible to be invisible

jim jumping, jackrabbit black, we are all jumping like that                                          

katey kit-kat is katty

love your looks                                                                                                                    

mom is mother and moon is melon

nobody nodded nothing nowhere

out in outside of outer space

please play pool gently

quiet quilts quark quails

rhinos run really fast

shimmer in the spotlight

special sparkling snowflakes see snow

time to team up

up umbrella, unicorn flight

value vapperating

wonder woman wins wars

x-rays are x-cellent  

yawn, yo-yo, you know

zebras are zombie


A Kids Life: Poems

A Kid’s Life

Do you remember that teddy bear you named with all your heart that you still think about every day? Or did you have a doll maybe her name was Alice you would have tea parties and you would take her everywhere. Or maybe you had a sister that you played with and when it rained you would build forts between the two chairs you would play spies and try to listen to what your parents are saying. Or you had a journal to write stories in. Did you have a baby brother to read to or play cars with? But you know when you told your parents you were bored it was just so they would play with you or help you build forts or read or maybe just maybe so they would be bored with you.


The Backyard

Do you still have that little picture your mom took of you on the playset you had in your backyard that your dad put up for you. Or the swing that you pushed your teddy bear on or your sister off of. Do you remember that tree you used to climb and one time you fell off and broke your arm. Or when you got a new bike and tried to ride on the grass and you fell but it did not hurt. When you put a table in the yard and put a coloring book and colored (outside the lines) and drank pink lemonade.


Rainy Day

That day when it rains and you were a kid you made a fort with your imaginary friend named Sunny or Carl you watched a movie and you liked watching the raindrops and say that the big man was crying and Carl would say I think he is crying tears of joy. But Sunny would be sad because there was no sun. Your mom would read to you and you fell asleep when you awoke the rain was gone. You walked to that swing set in your backyard without any shoes your feet getting wet when you sat down on the swing your butt would get wet but you would not care because you were with your friends Sunny and Carl.


Imaginary Friends

You remember Sunny and Carl those friends that were not real but were always there. Through sun through rain they were there. Through good times and bad through mad times and sad they were there sometimes but sometimes Carl was gone but Sunny was there with you waiting for Carl’s return. Then one day carl left and he took sunny with him you did not seem to mind you were all grown up and soon you went away to college you don’t know what happened to sunny or carl but you still miss them.


First Day For Us All

Your alarm went off and you got dressed. You ran downstairs your mom used the hairbrush and mom tugged your hair telling you not to squirm. Dad runs out of the house forgetting his pants mom runs after him. Meanwhile baby brother poured out his cereal, mom yells a bad word we get in the car. At school I get scared new faces new things new people new times. The day is done I go home and get sleep then we repeat and repeat.


Leaving Us But Why

You say he is leaving us but why. Where could he go that is a better place. You say our dog Buddy has gone to a farm but where is it let me see I love the farm. I was digging in the backyard and I found him asleep. He has not woken up don’t tell me he is dead. I thought he went to the farm I thought we would visit he is gone. He is gone he is gone he is gone he is gone.



A Jittery Private Eye


There was a private eye

a jittery one

when he went on a mission

he jumped all around

Once he went on a mission

he went to the docks

the reason he did it,

was to capture an ox!

But when he did it

he jumped at a sound

the sound of an ox

made him run all around!

When he got back,

the leader said:

“Where is the ox,

you big noodle head?”

He said where it was

and he went to retrieve it

but when he got there

the ox was nowhere

He went back

to tell the bad news

to the leader,

who was in the middle of a snooze

When the leader would snore

the private eye jumped

When the leader woke up,

he yelled at the man:

“What are you doing without the ox?!!”

“I’m coming to tell you, that the ox is lost!”

The leader sent men

to go with the man,

to capture the ox

who was lost at the docks!

They went to the docks,

and saw the ox,

just walking around,

so they tried,

to capture the ox,

but instead,

they ran around the docks!

The private eye jumped,

probably 28 times,

and they captured the ox,

after at least ten tries

They went to the leader,

who said with a sigh

“wonderful job,

all of you did!”

And from then on,

when the private eye jumped,

everyone said,

“It’s nothing, noodle head!”

The leader made sure,

that the missions he went on,

no matter what,

would not make him jump.

The Nightmare

Every night

I stare down at you

As you sleep

Ready to crawl down into your mind


I stare down at you

Waiting, watching

Ready to crawl down into your mind

I am your worst fear


Waiting, watching

For the first rumbling snore

I am your worst fear

I make you whimper and cry


For the first rumbling snore

Marks your doom

I make you whimper and cry

Every night

The Floorboards

I, Ruth Edith, age 12,

am staring out the window at the sky streaked with fluorescent chalk,

surrounding a sun which remains a golden luminous ball.

Deep in my soul, the feeling of happiness is locked away in a metal chest, coated in dead, gray dust.

That dead grayness flows within me. It is what makes me who I am today. I know I am supposed to be in hiding, locked under the concealing floorboards,

but I can’t take another second of it –

of insects crawling about my body, of my rumbling stomach, of fear.

Floorboards of sorrow conceal the old me.

The new me perches at the windowsill, wondering why our world is so deplorable.

How a single man can sway all of Germany to discriminate against Jews. That single man is despicable, heinous, loathsome.

I utter these words under my breath, careful not to awaken mother and father, who are obscured under the floorboards.

Father had been a tailor, but his shop has been confiscated by the Nazis.

Mother, a seamstress, worked with Father.

I had been a schoolgirl, dreamy and benevolent.


Suddenly I hear a faint sound.

There is a rattling noise of a car engine off in the distance.

I cannot imagine why one would drive a car around the village at the crack of dawn,

so my eyes remain peeled towards the window,

curiosity drowning me in its grasp.

It is a cherry-red convertible, as red as my cheeks on frigid mornings.

A man is standing in the backseat, hollering “all heil Hitler.”

It’s him, that dreaded man.

Many open their windows, echoing this foolish phrase.

I tiptoe back under the floorboards,

and let its despondency cover me.

Warming Sounds

Chapter 1: Different Types of Poetry


The wonder of light

when you’re lying in darkness

day is coming soon


I run

Away and the

Owls hoot breaking

The silence the darkness


Acrostic poem

Characteristic thinking

Remarkable learning

Obviously focused








Excited inside

Magical silence



Fiction, Fantasy

Mystery, Magic, Biography

Flipping Pages, Sucking me in

Limerick, Cinquain, Acrostic

Rhyme, Rhythm



There was a obese old woman

Who had a very big bosom

a very small tush

give it a big push

and she’ll then have a very big bottom


Please write a poem

It’s an assignment for school

It is for writing

It will be long and funny

Just please bring it in on time


The trees are so bare

The snow is falling thickly

It is very cold

Inside, there’s hot chocolate

But outside, winter is here




Reaches above

And beyond the clouds.

You need oxygen to breathe

The high-altitude air. You need lots

Of layers to keep out the cold. Go to mount

Everest or Mount McKinley. Climb up so very high

To the top of the world. You would be famous and awesome






Trying not to start Crying

I’m Sighing while Flying


The animals at the zoo are locked up tight

They must be let out where they can roam so free

They will be able sleep without the light

They will get hurt and get stung by lots of bees

Make sure they don’t get on any airplane flights

Maybe they will be camouflaged by trees

The wild is where the animals will stay

Just don’t let any one of them become prey


Ice cream is so sweet

So many flavors to choose

All of them are neat


Chapter 2: Obese People Poems


There was on obese old man

Who put his hand in a frying pan

It sizzled his fat

His skin came off just like that

A massage chair worked better than the pan


There was an obese little kid

He sat under the trash can’s lid

People tried to throw him out

But there was no doubt

That he was a heavy little kid


There was a big and obese mom

But every day she was calm

Her kids always cried

Because she was so wide

So she moved all the way to Guam


Chapter 3: Cinquains



I feel so sad

I am going to cry

No one is here to comfort me




Oh so calming

Words appear on the page

Fingers swiftly touching the keys



The Beach

Waves colliding

With the hot silky sand

Digging a huge hole to jump in




Hyper and sweet

Kissing me in the face

Licking my hand with his wet tongue

A dog


Chapter 4: Haikus

Gerbils are awesome

Looking like mice but they’re not

Just let me hold them


School is kind of fun

You learn stuff like math and art

Let us leave some time


Zebras are awesome

I have a cool zebra hat

I’d like to see one


I love the Summer

I can go to camp all day

Beaches are crowded


You write with pencils

Pencils need to be sharpened

Just don’t break their tips!


Books are everywhere

They are on bookshelves and more

They’re there to be read


Chapter 5: Acrostic Poems


Restless night

Each individual character coming to life

All the stories blend together

Dancing through the stories


My mind imagines life in the stories

End the book and my dreams are over


Fancy castles and people

Animals can talk and come alive

In different stories the princesses marry Prince Charming

Remarkable endings

Young ladies can marry at age 15


Tanned ladies are as pretty as princesses

All the characters are very beautiful

Lions never show up

Endings have happily ever afters

Sending text messages is unavailable


Chapter 6: Shape Poems




Spewing hot

lava and destroying

habitats. Mother nature is

angry. Her anger erupts into fury

and her fury erupts in an eruption. In  A.D. 79

Vesuvius  erupted and destroyed the city of Pompeii

Many were killed. Volcanos continue to erupt around Earth.


Chapter 7: My Poems


Hot Chocolate


Sweet and sugary

Chocolate and marshmallows

Hot hand and hot tongue

Hot when you’re cold


hey cal, I  say

what, she replies

do you know what, cal


I’m moving, cal



says cal

I’m moving, cal

I say.


cal says what again

but i think she knows what I said

cal runs away


and the next day she acts like it’s not true

like I lied to her


and when we have a playdate

she sits on the edge of my loft

and cries.


I know

she knows


my mom told me, cal says

is it true?


yes, I say.

I’m sorry, cal.


all my stress is rising now. my heart is pumping in my ears,

says cal.


I didn’t have an answer.

my stress is swirling around like glitter in a jar,

says cal.


well, then, I say.

stop shaking the jar.

Broken Best Friend

My best friend

On a bike

Raises one hand up to wave “Hi”

Falls over sideways with a scream

Starts crying

An aggravating blood


Her parents frantically running

My mom picking her up

Running to our house

She’s sitting on the counter

Crying more and more

Wondering if I was going to even see her again

Will she remember our good times

Will she remember how much I love her

Will she remember…me?

Three days later

An orange cast wrapped around

Her broken wrist

She still

Has a smile

Pasted on her face

My best friend

Do You Know What Scares Me Sometimes

do you know what scares me sometimes?

what will happen when I die.


I nearly died once,

when I was told I was moving (again).

away from the place I loved the most.


I think I’ll come back

as my opposite

I’ve already lived once,

my memory was just erased.


my opposite will be

a brown-skinned



who wears baggy basketball shorts down to his knees

and red t-shirts.


he will love basketball.

he will be christian

he will have a russian accent.

he will have trouble reading

he will have many friends and be handsome (although that’s not an opposite, just something i want).


most of all, though,

he will hate to write.

The Same

Our forgotten friendship

Haunts me as I

Go by you



When I talk to you

You turn away

I try to make an effort

But it’s not the same


You would laugh and talk with me

And tell me funny jokes

Like you and I were the only people

In the world


You still act the same

To other people

But I feel like dirt

When you treat me like you do


I think about you everyday

The way we used to be

And you would say

Hey, let’s get together

Sometime soon

And I would beam with happiness



I ask if you want to come over now

You say, sorry, busy

And I try not to show a reaction

But inside I’m crying

And I can’t feel
Can’t think


We used to sit together


Talk about our future

And plan


We would go to

Greece and Rome

Paris and London


Somewhere new


But then we didn’t have it anymore

Well, you didn’t have it anymore


And you became closer with

This person

And shut me out

I was afraid and lonely


I tell myself each day,

Maybe you’ll be my best friend


I hope for it


And I cried about things I shouldn’t have

And said things I didn’t mean

I wish we could be friends again


So maybe you’re thinking about me right now

You probably don’t know I’m feeling this way

But if you do I’m sorry

Because you shouldn’t have to suffer


Maybe if we became closer

It wouldn’t be that great

But maybe, just maybe

It would be

The same

The Sky





sweet wind,

a cool breeze,

my glass of lemonade,

on a hot summer day.


Sky oh sky,

the home of clouds,

where rain falls down,

and is collected,

where sun and moon shine,

where stars lay,


on your soft blanket.








oh so many colors,

waiting to be discovered,

Looked upon by many,



no matter where,



Sky oh sky,

the home of clouds,

where rain falls down,

and is collected,

where sun and moon shine,

where stars lay,


on your soft blanket.




looks up to see you,

you comfort us,

and wrap us,

swallow us up,

like a blanket,

one we will forever hold,

forever see,

forever feel,

forever hear,

forever smell,

your sweet,





Sky oh sky,

the home of clouds,

where rain falls down,

and is collected,

where sun and moon shine,

where stars lay,


on your soft blanket.


Ever had

That feeling, when

You don’t think

Something’s important

Till it’s gone?


My parents are gone.

Alive, but gone.

I miss them.



Every second,

I see their faces

Imprinted in my mind

Like a tattoo.


By the time you read this,

They’ll be back

But I want you

To know

How it feels

When they’re gone.


When they’re gone,

I think about them


Every part of me misses them.

Sometimes, I catch myself thinking

“When I go home, I’ll tell my mom about this.”

And I play



In my


Then I remember the truth.

She’s gone.



I think about the big hug I’m



My dad,

When I get home


Then, I realize


Last night,

I gave him the last


I’d give him

In 12 days.

Its 11 now, but

It still hurts,

Like a

Band Aid

Ripped off



Swiftly and



I knew they

Would leave, but

It didn’t seem real,

TIll the day I

Woke up and realized

They were


Four Seasons of New Life

Hidden Music

A soft breeze,

Bright sun,

a shine,

and pollen or a sneeze.


When spring comes around,

all the babies are safe and sound.

New and filled,

with life,



and    awe.


A silent peace on the chicks

young rabbits,

new grass,

bright flowers,

a silence called awe.


Broken only by the sweet song of birds,

learning to sing,

Small peeps,

signalling the beat.


A  quiet orchestra,

conducted by the trees,

in harmony with others,

dancers in the silent breeze.

Bright flowers,

born from seeds.


A soft hum,

brought by bees,

fighting against the sweet wind,

with yellow rays jumping down.


An ocean,

of greens and stems,

a rainbow,

crashing onto the soft wet grass.


in a soft sweet hum

A raging war of color.


Green string,

beaded with shining crystals,

littered with clear diamonds.

An elegant necklace,

from the sky.


Soft wet earth,

holding these precious gems,

selling them for sound,

the life of the orchestra,

blowing in the sweet,






Vivid colors,

that pop up,

yellow peeps,

pink sways,

blue streaks in the air,

with their beautiful song.


Bright buzzing balls,

filled with sunshine,

the stripes of a robber,

stealing the show,

from all else.


The gleeful shouts,

the after party,

welcoming the whole cast into their home,

even the warm

yet cool rain,

refreshing us all

as they run around together.


Climbing trees,

their thick trunks,

swinging on the papa branches,

while the mothers nurture all the new life,



buds opening to blossoms,

and their own babies.



A raging war,

a battle,

between cool winter,

and a

warm summer.


Cold Water


A hot blaring sun,

pouring down,

covering us,

making us red and brown,

covered in crystal beads,

diamonds brought from spring.


You see waves in the air,

mimicking cool winds from past seasons,

the winds we all wished for,

filling us,

we would drink that in instead,

instead of ice cold water.


A cool sea

a pool,

the shade of a tree,

smooth cool lotion,

hot air,

bright light,

cold water.



warm water,

from my forehead,

cold water,

cooling us down.


We wilter in the sun,

saved by cold water,

but we don’t care,

we choose to run.


Us and plants alike

saved only by cold water,

wishes for winter,

once you have what you wish for,

you want the other.







by cold water.


New life,


Beach balls,

Cold water dips,

All born again in summer.


Panting dogs,

hot sand,

cold water,

refreshing ice,

come again the jelly fish,

sweet green grass,

as you slip away to the dark,

the darker fall,

get lead into whiteness,

into a long frozen sleep.


The Down


When they come tumbling down,

falling fast,

trying to grasp,

clinging on to empty air,

as they flutter,

softly like the wings of a paper butterfly,

twisting and turning,

graceful dancers,

the biggest performance ever.


For a while they prepare,

staying still and stiff,

so they can put their whole life,

into this,

this one moment.


Then it comes,

new costumes,

green to




a level up,

a new show.


Then they rest,

after their long tiring performance,

on the ground,

a long sleep,

they rest and disappear,

to prepare their young,

for their own journey.


The beautiful play,

the story,

the papers spread it,


The Down, The Down,

Oh, The beautiful down.

The graceful downfall,

of that generation.


Where they spend,

their whole short lives,


putting their all into this show,

like young kids.


Kids who spend long hours,

on their toes,

in leos,


up and down,


their long graceful legs,

to bow down again,

and end.


A Rich Whiteness


Small pearls,


the leaves,

another generation,

of beautiful dancers,

a long ballet,

disappearing in the spring,

gone in the summer,

creating a soft,




wrapping us all,

creating fluffy marshmallows of fun.


Tiny hills,

hills that laugh,

and giggle,

and  hills that are covered in foot prints,

running up,

racing down,

while the hills scream with pleasure.


A soft pillow,

where angels sleep,

but never make their beds,

where kids rest their heads,

and their excitement,

creating these good natured beings,

these sweet angels,

blending in the white snow,

in their white gowns,

granting their wish.


Tiny pieces of glitter float down,

lighting the whole world,

like the dewy diamonds,

that spring brings,

changing the grass,

out of it dress,

red to white,

ready for a ball,

winter ready,

for its prince charming.


A gown,

white tile,



in the harsh,

demon wind,

blowing things away,

but the angels,

keep the joy,

and the winter becomes,

as warm and bright and refreshing,

as the whole changing year.


A Whole Changing Year


In a whole,

a year,







The same,

it is a whole life,

that happens in one whole year,

a long year,

a short life,

but then all things new come along,

same routine,

same show,

more interesting each time,

winter wants spring,

summer wants winter.


A continuous show,

never breaking,


two ballets,


and an orchestra,

with its own dancers,

dancing sunbeams,

flashy rays,

is the world ever not a dance,

one long big wonderful,

happy dance,

peaceful or violent,

strong or soft,

smooth or rough,

whipping or slipping.


A peaceful slide,

a violent wind,

a peaceful scene,

violent cries of “gone!”

A violent shake,

a peaceful fall,

a peaceful swim,

a violent sunbeam.


A strong wind,

a soft glide,

a strong scent,

a soft grass,

a strong fall,

a soft land,

a strong glare,

a soft water.


A smooth twirl,

a rough texture,

a smooth flake,

a rough fall,

a smooth sway,

a trunk,

a smooth water,

a rough burn.


A whipping wind,

slipping into water,

they have it all,


anything you want,

all to your heart’s desire,


maybe that’s why the show never stops,

a continuous dance,

because we like it,


we know,

we can always be sure of one thing,

the circle of life,

the nature of animals,

the dance,

the way,

of the seasons.

Forever Folding

Forever the word everyone said

it was echoing in my mind

on repeat

creasing folding becoming a piece of me,


Forever that word was folding creasing

making a documentation of itself

waiting along with all the other slips of paper

creased folded memorized sitting there untouched

a piece of paper lying on the ground

folded, waiting to be Unfolded

but no, I won’t let it unfold

for if I do

it will slowly slip away from my mind

touched but only once

only one time it was touched

because that fold, that crease wasn’t strong enough

but no,

no, I won’t let it slip away

because it is important

my past, my life documentation

that was carefully slipped into the P section of my memory

not loose, left to bounce around inside

but crammed in there along with the others left tight

then slammed shut

a nightly formation of memories


dreams were memories that were loose

and usually by morning they were

unfolded, read taken ahold of and flung somewhere else

ready to be folded and reopened then flung again

and sometimes only occasionally

things were slightly opened

and slipped someone’s mind quickly

and lay loose for a while

then finally crammed back in.