Nirali Yedendra, age 9

A Man of Dreams

Sol Chung, age 10

The Four Seasons of Poetry

Sienna Beck, age 9


Soraya, age 11

A Beautiful Season

Elodie Cotton, age 9

Welcome Green

Stephanie S., age 9


Sol Chung, age 10

Poem of Writopia

Maya Wang-Habib, age 11

The Glowing Snow

Spark, age 10

Spring Has Sprung

Eleanor Charles, age 10


Cora Nelson, age 10

Hanukkah Joys

Daniela Avrekh, age 10

While Ghosts Fly

E. A. Charles, age 9

Fire – A Poem Collection

Daniela Avrekh, age 10

The Undiscovered Night: 3 Poems

Clio, age 9

A Collection of Nature Poems

Neva A.O., age 10

Central Park

Lisa, age 11

Window to the Future

Daniela Avrekh, age 10


Siennie Assegid, age 10

Home Poem

Yasmina Abbadi, age 11


Gavin Bohaceck, age 9

Three Poems

Evan H. Seo, age 9


Mira, age 9

End Poem

Gavin Bohaceck, age 9

My Cat Has a Bell: A Short Story in Haiku

Matilda Magaldi, age 9

Snow Day

Amanda J. B., age 8


Lark, age 10

Sights – A Haiku Collection

Daniela Avrekh, age 9

I, Broken Girl

Daniela Avrekh, age 9

Aunt Marge’s dream

Sabine Song, age 11

Fruits are Healthy

JL, age 9

A Day of Inspiration

by Aliyah Daley-Reinisch, age 11

Ultraviolet & Infrared

by Obed Otto, age 10


Skylar S Rosado, age 11

She Wonders

Amanda J.B. Marcano-James, age 8

It’s Saturday

Julie-Alice, age 9

Hair to Fire, Fire to Hair

Ilan Rosenstock, age 11

I Am Gratitude

Clio, age 7


by Amogh Akella, age 11

Racism by Cops

by Kofi Asante-Abedi, age 11

The ABCs of Animals

by Michelle Li, age 8

Space is the Place

by Bobby, age 8

French Fries

by Chase Longsworth, age 10, and Loic Nguyen, age 9

The ABCs of Helpers

by Michelle Li, age 7

1 o’clock

by Beatrice Mooney, age 8


by Ellie Newton, age 10

Silver Boat

by Leena Rajkotia, age 9

On the Inside

by Nora Barcelona, age 9

Death by Lava

by Bayne Higgins, age 9


by Sylvie Holder-Foster, age 10

RANDOM (Ridiculously Awesome Neatly Done Ominus Man)

by Zahir Chappelle, age 11


by Nathan Bachmann, age 11

The Thought Trilogy

by Jack Beauclair, age 11


by Emily Cornier-Lugo, age 10

Park Poems

by Colette Wang, age 11

The Moon

by Clovis Arteta-Chevalier, age 8

New York City

by Mia G. Desai, age 11

The Wise Old Tree

by Joah Karnik Kraft, age 11

When You’re Poor and You Still Live In Your Parent’s Basement When You’re Thirty: Enter the Whipped Cream Contest

by Aditya Pathiyal, age 10

How I Write

by Nabiha Islam, age 10

Bird Over Dove

by Phoebe Dowling, age 10


by Chloe Lee, age 11

Waking up and falling asleep

by Chloe Lee, age 11


by Beatrice K, age 9


by Hudson Zimmerman, age 10

Spring Has Sprung

by Poppy Dubs, age 8


by Hudson Zimmerman, age 10


by Meena Kodali, age 10

Sydney’s Poems

by Sydney W., age 9

Another Life

by Riya Undavia, age 11

The Quail

by Medha Iyengar, age 7


by Aleena, age 10

The Legendary Monument

by Aleena, age 10


by Layla, age 11


by Emilio B-R, age 9

I Am Not Friends With My Nose Anymore

by Harry Eichelberger, age 11


by Miranda, age 6

Three Poems

by Jacob Eckstein, age 7


by Rafael Goldman-Kunin, age 11


by Katie Lee, age 10

Covers and Codes (The Book of a Book and the Root of a Root)

by Cleo Bogart, age 6

Before Us

by Cleo Bogart, age 6


by Rafael Goldman-Kunin, age 11

Forever Standing

by Ava Barcelona, age 11

I Remember

by Giulia Grace Ratto

I Won’t Stop Fighting

by Nellie Bradford-Armstrong

When I Woke Up

by Jonas Coats

The Signs of Summer

by Amali Maxine Phillips

Out There

by Kiyomi W.

The Witch and Isabella

by Isabella Getahun, age 10

The World

by Julia Zhu-Han Pitt


by Ella von Moltke


by Sophie Zhu-Yun Pitt, age 11

Orcas are Fat

by Shinn, age 9

What to Do in a Crowded Elevator

by Felix Badde

My Pencil

by Evangeline Joy Flynn

My Marble

by Elliot Higgins-Woo

Being a Princess

by Anonymous


by Daniel Nasseri


by Felix Badde

Cycle of Life

by Sonya Inal

On a farm

by Yusuke Ho, age 8


by Jigisha Singh, age 9

A Japanese Poem: Life in Stories

by Alyson A., age 9

She’s Dead

by Sofia Cifuentes, age 11

Blue Bean: A Limerick

by Alyson A., age 9

Cherry trees in the wind

by Yusuke Ho, age 8


by Sofia Cifuentes, age 11

Vacation Blackberry Crumble

by Tamar, age 8


by Alice Etheridge, age 8


by Maddy, age 10


by Eisei Kori, age 9

The Pebble

by Wesley CF, age 11

Behind My Back

by Simran Makker, age 10


by Simran Makker, age 10


by Nate C., age 11

Blackout Poetry

by Hayden del Valle, age 9


by Lucie, age 9


by Hannah H., age 10


by Michael Stoica, age 10


by Soha Chhapra, age 9

Emotion Poems

by Mylee Rhow, age 8

Today I Feel…

by Kate Lee, age 8

A Green Galaxy

by Rachel Horn, age 9

The Great Beast

by Molly Rosenfeld, age 10


by Soleil Pilato, age 8

Thoughts from a New Yorker

by Zoe Frost, age 11

A One-Person Race

by Zoe Frost, age 11


by Dylan Vernor, age 9

Flames (Haiku)

by Alter E. Alias, age 11


by Ahaan Modi, age 10

A Sweet Poem

by Zalah Blount, age 9


by Dylan Vernor, age 9

The Flynn Poem

by Chloe Muellers, age 9, Chloe L., age 10, Abigail F., age 10, and Ruby O., age 9

Haunted House

by Joshua Monge, age 10

iPhones: According to Stripes

by Eavan Anderson, age 9

Straying from the Path

by Ben Samuels, age 11


by Dalia Mullens, age 9


by Daniela R. Thomas, age 6

The Quiet River Whispers to Me

by Maya Angiello, age 7

Waiting For Spring

by Jeeya Deepak Ballaney, age 7

I Know the World

by Cleo Saltz, age 11

Wax Paper People

by Ben Samuels, age 11

Today At

by Ean Rashid, age 7

Penny Tree

by Noa K, age 8


by Grace Zhang, age 7

Sports Acrostic

by Rishad V., age 9


by Rashna V., age 9

Dying Wolf (a sestina)

by Aoife O'Connell, age 9

One Hundred Years Ago

by Anabel A., age 8

Why You Should Never Be King

by Izzy Weitzman, age 11


by Sarrah Ewing, age 11


by Ava Orrantia, age 11

The Screen

by Ben Samuels, age 11

Adventurous Kids

by Emmanuel Weintraub, age 11


by Madhav, age 9


by Xueming (Samuel) Li, age 10


Avantika Jagdhari

Fun Times

Madeline Guadalupe

The Knight Walks Into the Moonlight

Madeline Guadalupe

Harry Potter


The Dead Chicken

Odessa Kanarick

Football Players

Shiv Shamdasani


Avantika Jagdhari

My City

N. Cain


Yazmine Geula

The Peacock

Arina Banks

Shakespeare Speech

Stephanie Fuentes


Manuela Speciale

Beauty in the Fields

Jennifer Kaechele



Butterfly Away

Leah Braden

Gem Stones

Rashna Vaghaiwalla

Inspired by Monet

Parker Yates

Ice Cream Is Great

By Ram, age 10


By Isabella, age 8


By Esme Fishman, age 10

Star, My Doll

By Zalah Blount, age 7


By Alejandra, age 8


By Hugo Orrantia, age 10

Dream Country

By Chloe Zhou, age 7


By Soleil Wizman, age 8

The Sun

By Soleil Wizman, age 8


By Soleil Wizman, age 8


By Soleil Wizman, age 8

The Wind

By Soleil Wizman, age 8


By Soleil Wizman, age 8


By Soleil Wizman, age 8


By Soleil Wizman, age 8


By Soleil Wizman, age 8


By Soleil Wizman, age 8

Riding A Pug

By Hunter Trylch, age 11


By Georgia L., age 7

Unikitty in Big Letters

By Hunter Trylch, age 11


By Tatum Z., age 8

My Home

By Tatum Z., age 8


By Ruby Addie, age 9

Moon Shadows

By Maddie Slogoff, age 11

How a Snowflake Came to Life

By Sarrah Ewing, age 10

The Lonely Glimmer of the Moon

By Maddie Slogoff, age 11

Rose Red

By Isabella, age 11

When I Went Down the Rabbit Hole

By Chloe, age 11

Seasonal Haikus

By Siena R. Quinn, age 10

Autumn Tree

By Alessandra Cipollone, Age 9

The Lady Sings

By Ziara Pichardo, age 10

The Unbelievable Man

By Ziara Pichardo, age 10

The Coat of Nature

By Natalie Panitkin, age 11


By Katherine F. age 9

Mourning in its own Light

By Scarlette Roy, age 10

The Young and the Youth

By Scarlett Roy, age 10

As It Floats Down

By Daniel Plotkin, age 10

Words and Hearts

By Mary Root, age 11


By Mary Root, age 11

Rusted tin cottage

By Kai-Shan Kwek-Rupp, age 9


by Alexander Harris, age 9

What Is Being Rich?

by Emilia Marshall, age 11


by Amah Assoumou, age 11

Two Fingers (An English to English translation of “One Heart” by Li-Young Lee)

by Elijah Menla, age 10


by Zeyna Ilahi, age 11

The Sound of Silence

by Truman Muffett, age 7

The Rainy Day

by Bret Glasser, age 7

The Rainbowfish

by Leila Jackson, age 11

The Mixed-Up Poem

by Sonya, age 7

The Little Light

by Penelope Sheer, age 9

The Kid Who Tried To Get A Concussion

by Langdon Ottman, age 9

The Elephant

by Ava, age 11

The Beach

by Neha Soni, age 11

The Balloon

by Sonya, age 7

Smith Beach

by Amelia Levin, age 11

Small Internet Rhyme

by Dashiell Fisher, age 8


by Zeran, age 11


by Jarone Johnson, age 10

Questions With Answers

by Juliette, age 10

Poems for a Rainy Day 2

by Ruby Goodman, age 10

Popsicle Poem

by Sarah MacGhee, age 9

Outside Poems

by Olivia Dixon, age 11

Mistress Mary

by Richard Gimbel, age 10


by Ameneh Vaskio, age 8

Lili’s Poems

by Lili Matta, age 10


by Shirin Pechefsky, age 11

Frogs Are Awesome

by Devan Soni, age 7

Five Minutes Until The Bomb Goes Off

by Ethan Schwartz, age 10

Fire Spreading

by Madeleine Berkowitz, age 10


by Naomi, age 10


by Ava Hurvitz, age 11

Blood on My Street

by Dallas Lea, age 11


by Lily Lev, age 11

Alliteration Poem

by Anonymous, age 10

A Jittery Private Eye

by A. Harris, age 9

A Kids Life: Poems

by Liv Birnstad, age 10

The Nightmare

by Adowyn Ernste, age 11

The Floorboards

by Danielle Kohn, age 11

Warming Sounds

by Isabelle Lusk, age 10


by Tess Nealon Raskin, age 10


by Fiona Moore, age 11

Broken Best Friend

by Eliana Joftus, age 10

Do You Know What Scares Me Sometimes

by Fiona Moore, age 11

The Same

by Juliette Krevat, age 10

The Sky

by Alice Fisher, age 11

Farmer’s Haiku

by Jaewon Yeo, age 10


by Lena Habtu, age 10

Four Seasons of New Life

by Alice Fisher, age 11

Forever Folding

by Scarlett Roy