Bobby and Milly

Chapter 1 –  The Puppy

Once upon a time, there was a puppy named Bobby. And Bobby

Was so cute. Bobby had an owner. The owner’s name was

Milly.  Milly loved puppies.  That’s why Milly had a puppy.

Milly was five years old when she got the puppy.

But now, she was 12. Her worst fear was losing the puppy.

She was so happy to have a puppy. And lucky.

When she went to school, the puppy would

Always chew on his bone until she came

Back from school. The puppy loved Milly. And Milly

Loved Bobby. One day, she had to go to camp.

So the puppy was chewing and chewing. 

Until Bobby got tired of chewing. So Bobby 

Was barking at the door. So Milly’s 

Mom picked the puppy up and gave it a bath.

Then, when the puppy was done, milly came back

And picked it up. And then Milly played

Soccer with Bobby and Milly played tag with 

Bobby. And she played hide and seek with 

Bobby. Then it was time to sleep. So Milly

Was sleeping with Bobby .

Chapter 2 – Wake Up

Milly was sleeping. And then her mom said,

“Wake up! You’re going to be late for school.”

So she got up very fast for school. Then the dog was 

Sad because Milly always went to school. 

So this time he just was sleeping. Then, when

Bobby woke up, Milly was there. Then

Milly had to take a shower. Bobby jumped 

In the shower with her. Then she was tired.

So she took a nap. Then she watched a big 

Movie with Bobby. Then it was time to sleep. 

So Milly was sleeping with Bobby. Bobby 

Had a nightmare. But it felt so real.

And then Bobby woke up. Then Milly got late for school.

She took a car.

Chapter 3 – Where is Bobby?

Then, when Milly woke  up, she did not see Bobby anywhere.

“Bobby?” she said. Then she had to go to school. “NOOOO!”

But then she was already at school. Milly’s mom knew

How much Milly loved Bobby. So she looked for it. 

But she did not find it. When Milly got back from school,

She started looking for Bobby for 5 hours. But she 

Could not find Bobby. Then it was night. She had a nightmare.

She woke up. Then went back to bed.

Then, it was morning. She woke up and ate breakfast.

Then when she was done with breakfast, she was looking

At old pictures of her and Bobby. Then her mom came 

In the room. And said, “Don’t worry, we will get another puppy.”

“I don’t want another puppy. I want Bobby.”

Chapter 4 – I’m Sad

“I’m sad,” Milly said. Her mom came in and said, 

“Don’t worry. We will find Bobby.”

“But what if we can’t find Bobby?”

“We will,” said her mom.

Then they heard a barking noise. Milly went outside but it was 

The neighbor’s dog. She cried and cried. She did not know what to do.

Then it was night. Then she heard a barking noise. 

It was Bobby. “Where were you?” she said, then she hugged Bobby.

The end.