Tom the Ghost

Daniel Zheng

Annie the Seeing Eye Dog

Hannah Lim

Crafty’s Adventure, Part 1

Charlton Chi, age 7

Crafty’s Adventure, Part 2

Charlton Chi, age 7

The Wiggly Monkey

Eva Sarin Pradhan, age 7


Gia Kiteishvili, age 7

Friendzy the Dragon

Sheva Wright, age 7

Mercy’s New Place

Sprinkles, age 7

Bobby and Milly

Jahan Mirza, age 7


Amanda J.B. Marcano-James, age 7

I Am Gratitude

Clio, age 7

Super Saber-Tooth Tiger

by Zaniya L. Sands, age 7

A Day Underwater with the Dolphins

by Sienna Beck, age 7

The Scary Ghosts

by Henry Cook, age 7

The ABCs of Animals

by Michelle Li, age 8

Crabby the Crab

by Evelyn Shengxi Yang, age 8

Weird Food World

by JL, age 8

Alex Armado

by Charles Wolf, age 9

Space is the Place

by Bobby, age 8

French Fries

by Chase Longsworth, age 10, and Loic Nguyen, age 9

The Unexpected

by Gugliemo Cordara, age 9

The Outbreak

by Eric Li, age 9

Bob the Dwagin

by JL Johnston, age 8

The ABCs of Helpers

by Michelle Li, age 7

The Singularity

by Eric Li, age 9

Do Aliens Exist?

by RJG, age 9

Daisy’s Adventure

by Ellie Rossi, age 7

Germ Clash

by Jonathan Zhang, age 7

1 o’clock

by Beatrice Mooney, age 8

The Marine Biology Specialist

by Emanuel Gold, age 8

Silver Boat

by Leena Rajkotia, age 9

The Snowy July

by Sammy McCulloch, age 9

The Unicorn and the Dragon

by Emma Biegel, age 7

Coco Finds a Friend

by Lyla Gardner, age 8

Lucy the Hedgehog

Sophie Biegel, age 7

Scoot and the Big Bear Mystery Book 1

by Aaron Arzon, age 7

The Zombie who Eats Tacos Everyday

by Harry Brennan, age 8


by Hank Shoemaker, age 8

The Spotlight

Kellen Spencer, age 9

On the Inside

by Nora Barcelona, age 9

Death by Lava

by Bayne Higgins, age 9

Monkey Spy

by Paloma W., age 8

Sub Society

by Jasper Singh, age 9

The Unicorn and the Butterfly

by Adia Ware, age 9

The Three Princesses

by Samantha McCulloch, age 9

Captain Daddy and the Pied Piper

by Leena Rajkotia, age 9

Dude the Cat

by Emma V, age 7

Crowned for Nature

by Juliet Healy, 8

Candy Sushi Fun

by Parvati Desai, age 8

Do You Want Me

by Emma Wolff, age 9

The Amber Ring

by Josie Levin, age 9


by Stella Ross, age 9

The Mermystery

by Talia Shafizadeh, age 8

Hannah and Anabelle

by Beatrice Watts-Kornblut, age 8

The Strange Computer & the Missing Parent

by Willow Glenn, age 9

The TV

by Aidan R., age 8

The Legend of the Fortune Town

by Arjun Giridhar, age 7

The Rocket Jet Car

by Ian R., age 8

Abandon School

by Talia Leibowitz, age 9

Sareen the Blanket Girl

by Sareen, age 7

The Moon

by Clovis Arteta-Chevalier, age 8

The Day You Die

by Siena, age 8

Tsega Goes to the Waterpark

by Tsega R., age 7

Moving to the Farm

by Charlotte Qui, age 8

The Cat World

by Clovis Arteta-Chevalier, age 8

the psycho banana man 1

by Molly Langevin, age 9

A Pig Stuck in an Elevator

by Carol Wu, age 8

Mr. Pink Giraffe and His Mansion

by Jack Nassiri, age 9

The Pizza Monster

by Nael Gebermichael, age 8

The Stupid Pig

by Alfred Ji, age 9

Freedom for Dragons

by Brendan, age 9

The Blackout

by Charlotte Qiu, age 8

The Hair Salon

by Amelie Thiers, age 7

Arstina and the Shadow King

by Maya Wang-Habib, age 8

Maybe Sorta Kinda Grounded

by Ahana, age 8

Bep-Bop’s Shopping List

by Dean Kedem, age 7

Mirror Life of the Sun Goddess

by Micheala Koeva-Brooks, age 8

The Ghost

by Paloma Garg, age 8

The Mystery of the Missing Egg

by Nicola Chan, age 8

Funky Fairytales 2: The Galaxy Switch, V. 1

by Gabriella M., age 9

Escape from the Ant Farm

by Maya Wang-Habib, age 8


by Aidan N. Wild, age 9

The Cupcake and the Jelly

by I.M. Unknown, age 9

Mr. Eel’s Revenge

by Alexander Cameron Winyard, age 7

Cardinal the Kitten

by Wren, age 7

The Dolphin’s Adventure

by Ella S., age 7

The Tundra Rulers

by Arjun Giridhar, age 7

Pilla and Pimilla

by Maya Shah, age 9

The Gingerbread Man

by Thalia Eve, age 7

The Cheetah Who Loved Coca-Cola

by Hadrian Stewart, age 7

The Cow-Pocolips

by Tilly Salgo, age 8

The Calf Who Lost Her Mom

by Tony Zheng, age 9

The War

by Leon, age 8

The Mess

by Anonymous, age 8

Sprinkles the Donut

by Lucia Smith, age 8

The Cupcake and the Cake

by Emma Wang, age 8

The Days at the Museum

by Matthew, age 8

Three Fingers

by Samantha Lynn McCulloch, age 8

The Fire Breathing Flying Cow and the Cake and Cat

by Liliana (Lily) Wu, age 8

Blobby’s Problem

by Oliver, age 8

Lightning Thunder

by Charlotte Berenbom, age 7


by Beatrice K, age 9

Appalled at the Art Museum

by Ike Smith, age 7

Irresistible Ice Cream

by Sunny Zhang and Dani Thomas, age 8

Spring Has Sprung

by Poppy Dubs, age 8

The Story About How A Banana’s Face Got Peeled Off

by Maria Guzman-Charleston, age 7

Tsunami Boy

by E. C. Justice, age 9

The Hot Dog Robber

by Nery Monge, age 9


by Juno Brandt, age 8


by Kabeer Arora, age 9

The Journey

by Ranbeer Arora, age 9

Jiggling Giggling

by Gabi Richter, age 9

When Hot Dogs Take Over the World

by Beatrice Mayne-Chang, age 9