Car Accident

Once there was a guy named Paul.

He had a Maserati.

Paul was driving the Maserati so fast, that he couldn’t stop the brakes.

Then, there was a robbery at the bank, and the guy jumped up on Paul’s Maserati. His face was almost falling apart, and his skin was going turbo.

The Maserati was going too fast, and there was a big ramp.

The robber, who was robbing the bank, fell on the ground. The police were chasing after Paul, and the police were chasing after the robber.

While Paul was driving the Maserati, he had to go to the gas station, but the Maserati was going too fast. So Paul lowered the window down, and he took the gas station pump, and he climbed out of the window. He went to the gas filler, and he took the gas, and he put it in for 100 hours.

Then, the police were ambushing. There were 1,000 police people. The chief called a meeting with all of the policemen. The policemen surrounded Paul, but the Maserati drove right through them and there was blood all over them. The policemen were going to taser Paul, but that did not work so they just left Paul, and he went to Hawaii.

But, he felt guilty. So he went to the police station.

“I was the person who killed the 1,000 policemen.You can take me to  jail.”

So the policemen did.




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