Chocolate Dean

For Dean Kedem

One land was special because it was made out of chocolate, and the people who lived there and the all stuff there were chocolate, too. One person, who was the king named Dean, was made of chocolate, especially because he had gold and stuff like that. 

He had a castle made out of chocolate. He loved chocolate, so that’s why his land and him was made out of chocolate. They loved looking out the window and seeing the wonderful chocolate morning sunrise, before they were excited to go to the bakery to see what they made out of chocolate to put in the wonderful world that they had. 

They kept on saying they wanted a new queen who would have a little baby, and that day, it was going to happen. They had a queen and the name of the queen was Maya. The king was very happy, and the next day, they had a baby, and the name of the baby was Princess Tiffany. The town was very happy!

One day, the king passed away, so then the queen and the princess were rulers, but they were both very sad. They missed the king. And one day, Princess Tiffany met a prince named Peter. Everything was better because he was just like the king. 

They lived happily ever after in a little land made out of chocolate. 

The End!

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