Two Stories Combined

Going to Lawrence, Kansas was fun. We came at night, so we could make and watch fireworks. They were fun and colorful. Then, we went to bed. It was late in the night. Tomorrow we were going to a waterpark and to play soccer. It was going to be fun. It was fantastic! And then we were going to play soccer, but it was closed for the week, but the place was open now. Why is it open I ask? I think that they changed it.

The next day we went to watch Toy Story 4, and after that we played soccer. It was fun. I played against my mom and dad. After that, we went home, and we got into the car to go to the fireworks. After that we came home, and we went to bed. 

The next day, we went to the boardwalk. We did it, and we found a lot of birds and a rabbit at the end, and we saw a turtle. We also saw a turtle on the road, and my dad picked it up and put it on the grass. Then we went home and went to our neighbors’ pool. The pool was warm. After that, we went to the house, and we sprayed water on ourselves. It was fun. Next we played with the swings it was fun. 

Then we went to the soccer place, and we played soccer. Then we went home, and we did fireworks again. We went to bed, and then we went on a boardwalk again, and then we saw turtles. And then we went back home, and we went to bed, and then we would have to go to New York. But before that, we could play with our neighbors. After that, we would have to go to the airport, and then we had to go on a plane and get back home. But when we got there, we didn’t have enough space to get a car, so we had to wait half an hour. Finally, our car came and then we got home.


How to stop climate change: Stop driving cars when you don’t need to. It melts ice in the Arctic, which causes polar bears to drown in the water, and don’t throw trash into the water. Don’t let gasoline out when you’re refilling your car, and try to block it. Or wait until it needs gas because it makes the ice warmer, and you don’t have to always use fossil fuels to get places. 

And you don’t have to use a car to get around all the time. You can use a bike or walk. And you think that you have to use cars all the time, but you can use exercise instead of sitting in a car and waiting till you get there. You can use fossil fuel only in times that you are in an emergency.


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