Christmas Eve Tree

I wake up to Leo, my brother, screaming in my ear, “Wake up! It’s Christmas morning!

I jump out of my bed and whack him with a huge pillow. I look at my alarm clock, and it says 3:00, the witch hour. My brother runs downstairs to the Christmas tree and is amazed about how many presents are under the tree.

Then he screams my name, “Grace!

I see him reach for a present. “Don’t!” I shout. “Didn’t Mom tell you about what happened to Grandpa when he touched a present before he was supposed to?”

“What happened?”

“He almost died.” After I tell my brother that, he touches the present and disappears.

I go and get my parents from their bedroom and yell, “Leo is gone forever!”

“Why? What happened?” my mom asks.

My dad is still snoring.

But then I scream in his ear and wake him up. He screams and jumps out of bed. Then I tell them what happened.

Then we rush downstairs and see the present that Leo touched. Then my mom and dad grab it and disappear. And then I look around to see an old mirror that I’ve never seen before. Then I run to the present and touch it.

I land in a dark place. Surprisingly, I see my mom. Then shortly after that I find my dad. We all look for my brother, but he’s nowhere to be found. This place smells sweet, like candy. Then suddenly a light turns on. And then we see a rabbit, and we find a door and we walk through it.

Then the rabbit says, “I’m your brother.”

But I argue with him. I say, “If you’re really my brother, then what’s your name?”

“My name is Leo, Leo Maxwell.”

“What’s your full name?”
“Leo James Maxwell.”

“That’s not my real brother’s middle name,” I say.

“Imposter!” I shout. Then I suddenly see my mom and dad in a dark room with checkered floors. Then I see my brother in the same room. But then when I go and walk up to them, they don’t reply.

The next thing I see is a small glass bottle on a bookcase. It looks interesting, so I drink the green liquid without even thinking.

Then I’m back at home with my family.

I suddenly wake up in my room. I feel tired. I look around and see my bright blue walls, but my room is dark. I run to my parents’ room, and turns out it’s just a dream.

I go downstairs and see the Christmas tree, and I quickly touch the present.

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