Creation Myth (From Dragonfire Saga)

About 100,000,000,000,000,000 years ago, there was nothing but Chaos — the swirling mist in the night sky that served no purpose, for time, space, matter, and antimatter had not been invented yet.

Then, out of Chaos, the first gods and goddesses were born. They are who we call the Great Deities. They are Sukai, god of the sky, Mizu, god of water and the sea, Hono, god of fire, Shitashi, god of death, Hikari, goddess of light, Shizen, goddess of nature, Suta, goddess of the stars, and Senso, goddess of war.

Now, Chaos, also called Konton, feared that he had given birth to those who would overthrow him. They had a radiant glow, and mysterious, deep eyes. So, he took the Great Deities and threw them into Yami, a deep pit, so that they could never overthrow him.

While they were in Yami, six new gods and goddesses were born. They were Taiyo, god of the sun, Uranai, god of divination, Supesu, god of space, Tsuki, goddess of the moon, Romansu, goddess of love, and Jikan, goddess of time. Then, a mysterious being floated down to them.

“I am Kurieita, your mother. Your father Konton fears he may be overthrown, and so has thrown you in this dark pit. I can help you get out,” said Kurieita.

Sukai agreed and quickly took leadership of the group, and, led by him, they escaped Yami and rose against their father, Konton. When Konton saw the fourteen gods and goddesses rising up against him, he fled.

Now the gods and goddesses were free. With help from Supesu and Jikan, space and time were created. Finally, order could be made out of the chaos, and thus the world we know as Chikyu was created. Finally, the gods and goddesses created us. And, as a response to human wish, they created the five magical orbs of fire, water, earth, light, and darkness to power our magic. All our spells are kept in our sacred book, the Kodai, or the Ancient Tome. And thus the universe was created.

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