Diaries of the Superdog Lover



Dear Old Diary,

Hi, I am Madison, A.K.A, the super dog lover. I really want a dog but, my mean old nanny claims she is allergic to fur even though she has a fluffy cat, which doesn’t make sense. My mom is on vacation, so I have to stay with my mean old nanny for a WHOLE ENTIRE month. NO! My old nanny just told me to clean my room. It’s ALWAYS so messy because of my annoying little brother. He throws Legos all over the place. He has blond hair like me, brown eyes like my mom does, and speaks English like Daddy. UH! I have to go to a fancy dinner in a white dress I have to wear that’s so itchy. I wish I could just watch TV instead. I have to stop writing now.



Dear Old Diary,

Where was I? Oh right! My nanny called me, “Go get ready!” So, I had to jump out of bed and zap into my clothes.

I had to go to the restaurant because my old nanny told me that if I didn’t go, then I couldn’t go shopping with Claire. When we got to the restaurant, my old nanny told me something CRAZY. It’s her birthday in TWO days! Isn’t that crazy? By the way, she’s turning… Wait for it… Wait for it… Wait for it… UH… My BFF just rang my doorbell gotta go! See ya soon!




Dear Old Diary,

Tomorrow is old nanny’s birthday when she gets a year older! My friend Claire just came over. She has blond hair and green eyes. We’re going shopping together at the Golden Ring Shopping Center. But first I have to pick out a present for old nanna (old nanny). Maybe a frying pan would be nice!

Later that day…

So, I just got old nanna a Yankee candle, and I got her a coffee mug with her name on it since she drinks so much coffee everyday, and I had to use almost $30. And I got a leather purse, some lip gloss, an iPhone X, and a pair of puppy earrings.

And only spent…


By the way, I got the money from my bank account which my Daddy had made for me.


It’s a sad story how my dad had died.

First, my brother was born, then two years after my dad had gone to work. When he came back, he got knocked off his shoes and fainted. We waited about two hours. He never woke up. My mom and I (my brother was too young for this) brought my dad to the hospital. Then, my mom broke into tears. The answer was obvious that my dad never woke up again, which meant he was dead…

I didn’t talk for about 14 days. My friends were concerned about me, but tears just rolled down my cheeks. I ran.



Dear Old Diary,

Today is my old nanny’s birthday. Finally I’m going to tell you how old my nanny is. Wait for it… Wait for it… Wait for it…

176 years old!

By the way, my nanny is going back to her house tomorrow because my really nice mom is coming back! My nanny is packing right now, and I did something really EVIL. I put on her ruby red lipstick. That’s the lipstick she loves. She usually doesn’t let me. Anyhow, I don’t think my wish is going to come true. I don’t think I will ever get a dog. My nanny is the only one who knows I like dogs. My mom can’t get me a dog, but I don’t want to tell her because I want a surprise. My nanny said she is allergic.



Dear old diary,


The craziest thing happened!

My mom got me…


It is SO cute! I’ll show you a picture. I named her Daisy. It turns out that my nanny was not mean after all! Mostly because my nanny was going to get me a dog, but she is allergic, so she couldn’t. So, she told my mom to get me one because she thought that I was having a hard time with her and because she doesn’t want to be a mean nanny.

She is SO CUTE and SO SMALL!

So there is my life. It was first horrible, but now it’s complete. My wish was given and now, when you put it together, I can wrap it up in a perfect bow and finish.


The End


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