Do Aliens Exist?

Yes, they do exist. There was once an article I read in school that said “Aliens do exist, because there is life on Mars.” There is life on Mars because studies show that there used to be water in between the rocks on Mars. This is important because life can’t exist without water and wherever there is water, there is life. Another reason I think that aliens do exist is the one time I actually saw one….

Chapter 1: The beginning and stuff

The first thing you have to know about New Jupiter is that it used to be filled with aliens. Until the basic humanoids (also known as droids) came along. They destroyed every alien in sight. Some got away but the rest were terminated. Once you get to know droids, they’re quite nice. But some droids are bad. They’re never bad on purpose though. They are programmed by Cybermort. He used to be an alien himself. Then some mean aliens kicked him and his followers out of Old Jupiter and into CybaMars (what Mars is called today). Cybermort wanted revenge. He wanted revenge because of a lot of things but the main reason he wanted revenge was to destroy all the aliens, even himself.

Chapter 2: I find the alien

I ran across the stage to door 1-A, as I crossed the theater room and up the stairs.

The assignment was due today and I only had a matter of time before the bus left. I ran like the wind as I sped down the hallway of my house. I raced to my room, opened the closet door, and took out my 7000AMKV Hoverboard. After that, I wasn’t worried, I jumped out the window with my hoverboard connected to my feet, hoping I wouldn’t be late for school.

Our bus driver wasn’t normal. He had two claws for hands, a fish tail, and the head of a velociraptor. He drove the kids to each class, which was in their own building. I had astronomy class first then I headed to my homeroom where Ms. Satan was doing her usual morning routine of yelling at kids, “teaching” math, smoking an electronic eyeball, and looking at her devil tattoo. After I was done with that torture, I had my favorite class yet, science! Science class is my favorite because we get to do experiments and blow up stuff. I also like science because my science teacher has a dark history.

I was making my way to music class, when I got tackled into a locker by a mysterious creature. Suddenly, the creature with big green muscles whispered in my ear, “##! ####! %#####! ^%$$%%@!” Out of my shock, I managed a very loud SCREEEEEEEEAM! Suddenly the doors burst open, and the security rushed in. 

“What happened here?” the security guard said. 

“An alien!” I screamed. Suddenly, my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I passed out.

Chapter 3: The power of the scroll

I woke up in a strange reality that had strange metal ground and some robot-like creatures suddenly the scene changed and I was in an ancient building which I could tell from history class at school. I sat up and looked at my surroundings and saw a very slow creature. The creature had big tusks and scorpion-like legs and a mouth full of black teeth. As it came closer to me, I saw that it was talking in a strange voice. I reached out to touch it, but my hand just went through like it was a ghost. 

Then the scene changed once again. And I was in an ocean. I saw a green magic scroll laid at my feet. I went to reach for it, starting to read what it said.

One will find the ancient being, an innocent supernatural with ancient blood. They must find the secret mask for it will lead you to a final task and there you shall fight with all of your might. For this battle is great and shall lead to your destiny. This magic scroll is still untold of what it can do. But all I know is to give it to you. 

The letter disappears into smoke and a magic, green flame burns around it. I take the scroll and it surprisingly doesn’t burn me. And suddenly, I can’t breathe. I’m underwater for too long. I try to imagine getting out of this place. Suddenly, the scroll starts to glow and everything goes black. 

The Final Battle… or is it? 

I woke up on the strange metal land I was on before. This time, I was inside a giant vase that had two letters on it. C and M. I was guessing this was the final battle. Then gripped the scroll and imagined I had an elemental sword. And when I slashed it, it came out as different elements. A different element for every slash. I felt a tingling sensation in me that told me to hide. I hid myself behind a big beam as three robotic-like creatures came around the corner. I jumped out from the beam I was behind and slashed with my sword a fire that came out and knocked them down before they could even get their shock rifles out. I assumed they were cyborgs by the robotic parts on their head. Then I heard the alarm blaring, twenty five shock troopers surrounded me. Before they could shoot, an alien with super speed came behind all the cyborgs in a couple of seconds, knocking them all out. 

“Hey you’re the alien from school,” I said. I recognized the alien from his muscular green body and his black teeth, like the creature from my dream. But this time I could understand the creature as he talked in his foreign language. 

He said, “Go. Go away. I will distract them. Go. Defeat! Go defeat Cybermort. And avenge us all!!!!” 

Then I start running down the hallway, listening to the alien. Something was motivating me to trust him. As I reached the final port, I saw cybermort sitting in his red chair.

“Well well well,” he said. “The hero is finally here”

I charged at him but he dodged my sword. Then he pointed his finger at me and yelled, “HADOUKEN!”

Suddenly my body was set on fire. I slowly put it out by slashing my sword at me. No damage was done to me, but it was the element of water. I yelled, “Bring it on!” Then I tried to hit him again with incredible speed. Hitting him with a knockout blow. 

“Ooof!” he yelled as electric sparks flew out of his body. Then the most incredible thing happened. Cybermort fell off the railing and all the cyborgs shut down. 

Then my alien friend rushed toward me and held my hand. Suddenly, my eyes closed and the world went black.  

And that’s how I know aliens exist.