Dragon Days



Once upon a time, there was a little boy. His name was Timmy. He loved to play with his pet hamster. One day, they went to the playground to the sand box. He noticed that someone had dug to the bottom. He stepped towards it and fell right to the bottom.

“Grrrr,” something said.

“Grrr,” it said again. He saw a pair of red glowing eyes. They seemed to get closer and closer and then… wham! He got whacked in the face! He woke up about one hour later. He was lying close to a fire. He realised that when he fell down, something or someone had hit him and knocked him back, but what was it?   



He lay there, sad and alone all by himself. Then, suddenly it hit him. It was a dragon!

He saw the end of the cave and started walking. There were dead fish skeletons everywhere. They were gooey and green. It was gross. He saw dragon skin and then, suddenly, there was a pair of red eyes glowing very close to the ceiling. They were enormous! But it was kind of cute when it stepped out. Timmy learned that the dragon was good, and over time, they became friends. Until one day, the world turned upside down. Somehow, the cave seemed different, and the dragon was gone!



He frantically looked around. He was very worried about the dragon. He heard the dragon’s roar. It sounded like he was hurt! Timmy rushed towards the sound of his roar. Then, suddenly, the sounds stopped. Timmy stopped, and everything went silent. His whole world stopped, and the ground shook. Timmy fell to the ground. He saw birds flying around. He was knocked out!

He woke up, and the cave had closed in, and Timmy had hurt his leg badly. He tried to walk, but he couldn’t! And there was hole in the ceiling! He saw the sky, but it wasn’t bright blue. It was dark grey! He realised that it wasn’t an earthquake. It was a hurricane! He leaned over as far as he could, and finally reached far enough so he could push off the rocks. He quickly slumped over to the other side of the cave where there was no hole above him, and he tried to hide. Suddenly, he heard a booming sound above. Then, a crash. He was scared. Then, suddenly, water came rushing down through the hole. He had to get away.

Then, he remembered that one day, that there was a secret chamber by the old fireplace. Before the water could reach him, he tried to climb up above and then, like a monkey, he swung right over to the fireplace and pushed it over. There was a deep tunnel down there with a ladder. He climbed down the ladder and pulled the fireplace back over.  He was breathing very hard now. But, still there was more to do. He continued down the ladder, and found an underground home. There were broken beds, a bent sink, no toilet, and in the middle of the room, there was a gem, a little blue gem. He limped over toward the gem and saw something very peculiar in it. There was this little, small, black dot inside the gem. He decided he probably shouldn’t touch it. He walked away. He tried to fix things up a little bit, at least so that he could stay there until the hurricane passed over.

He found a dirty blanket in the cupboard and put it over the bed. The bed still had a mattress, but it was very dusty. Then, he felt like he was missing something. Or someone. Then, it struck his mind.

“Dragon!!!” he screamed.

He ran towards the ladder, but then stopped.

“I can’t go out there. I’ll drown.” He walked back, but something looked familiar. The kitchen had looked very familiar to him, like he had seen it before or he had been there before. But, he didn’t know when. So, he ignored it.

He was exhausted from what he had done to get up there. He laydown on the bed. When he put his head down on the pillow, dust flew up everywhere. He started to cough, but then it cleared. Soon, he fell fast asleep.



Then, he felt his stomach grumble. He was starving! He jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen. He looked in the cupboard, but all there was in there was some pretzels and crackers. When he got to the end of the bag of pretzels, he found a paper. The paper was a picture of the dragon. It was a picture of the dragon chained up. On the front of the paper, the chains were lit up. He realized it was draining the dragon’s powers. He touched the picture of the dragon’s wing, and it glowed. This was the moment of his goal. His goal was to help the dragon and figure out why he got chained up.

He touched the other wing. It glowed. The whole thing lit up! Then, the black dot in the gem made it light up. The gem turned black. A dark purple portal opened into the cave house. But then, he saw shadows though the gem. Then, something jumped out of the portal.

At first, Timmy was like, “What in the world is that?” Then, something very odd happened. It jumped on him, and more things came over. It felt slimy but heavy. As more things jumped on him, he saw one of them that had one eye. Their ears were very pointy. Then, he thought, I’ve seen those before. They were goblins from the underworld!! He tried to kick them off. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. He scrambled to the ladder. He went up to the top, but he didn’t push the fireplace over. The goblins tried to climb up, but they were way too short.

He accidentally pushed over the fireplace. He braced for water rushing down. But, nothing happened. He peeked his head out, and he saw some puddles, a tree branch, and the dragon. He was on top of the ceiling. He was clinging to the ceiling.

Meanwhile, the goblins were still after him! But then, he forgot about the gem. He closed the fireplace. He slid back down the ladder and kicked one of the goblins in the face. Wham! And he knocked him all the way back into the portal. Now, he knew what to do. He could kick all the goblins back into the portal by using the tree branch that had fallen over. The gem was getting darker and darker. He whacked them one by one. Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack! There were three more left. He could get them all in one whack. He ran towards them. They stopped. He hid the tree branch behind his back and suddenly, he hit them right in the face, up the nose like an uppercut punch and back into where they came from. He took the gem off the stand and as the portal was still open, he threw the gem back into the portal and suddenly, it closed. Once the gem was completely into the portal, he ran towards the ladder, pushed the fireplace completely over, brought the stick, and climbed up the walls like a monkey and towards the dragon – as far as he could get.

And he saw the dragon’s wing literally hanging backwards. He gasped.

“Dragon, are you okay?” he screamed.



Timmy scrambled across the ceiling over to the dragon by hanging onto vines and on the last line, it was just close enough to reach for the dragon’s wing and jump right onto it. He climbed up to the shoulder socket and realized that it was out of the place.

“Huhh!” he gasped. He climbed back over to the vine, swung back over to the dragon’s wing, and kicked the wing up.

The dragon roared.

Timmy had popped the wing back in! Yay!!! Now, the dragon could fly. Timmy jumped onto dragon and tried to fly towards the opening in the ceiling.

His wing flapped, flapped, flapped higher and higher towards the hole.

“It works! The dragon’s wing is fixed!”

They saw a bright light.

Timmy cried, “Yess!!”

Timmy was going home.


As they emerged from the hole, Timmy saw the destroyed playground. The slide was flipped upside down, the swings were twisted up, and the see-saw was on top of the slide. Everything was destroyed. Except for a tiny sand castle.

The playground was deserted. The hurricane must have made everyone go back to their homes to try and take cover. Timmy and the dragon flew above the clouds, but the storm hadn’t fully passed. It was still drizzling, and the clouds were still grey.

Timmy felt scared. He was worried that he might never find a home. He didn’t know who his parents were, so he wanted to find a home.

“What are we gonna do?” Timmy said to the dragon.

The dragon turned his head to the side and looked at Timmy. Then, suddenly, they saw a small house on top of a hill. He remembered this place from when he was a child. Timmy realized that that was his home.     

Then, he said, “I’m going hooooommme!”

                                                           The End


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