Election Day

It was Election Day, November 18, 3046, on a Tuesday. Millions of people were entering the building to vote. Security guard George Mudd was standing at the entrance, checking people’s bags and their election passes. He looked at his watch, there were two hours until the election started. An old woman with a childlike look ran towards the door. She was running towards the booths in the next room.

“Hey you, I need to see your pass!” She gave him the pass and was about to walk off until the security guard said, “Hey, don’t think you can fool me. You’re just dressed up as a…”

“I am not a girl!!!” she shouted in her most elderly voice.

“Yes you are,” he shouted back.

“No I’m not,” she shouted again.

“Okay, you can go in, but I’m going to send another guard to supervise.”

As George Mudd sat back into his chair he was doubting his decision. Should I have let her in? Will something go wrong? Who is she? Is she going to hurt the candidates?

Meanwhile, while they were arguing, another man named Bob the Builder, who was an old man, passed through the doors without being seen. He sneaked down the aisle and went into the room where Eve Vil was preparing her speech in front of Camila Higgins.

“I think everyone should learn the English language, people should have unity, and there should be the same human rights for everyone.”

“Great! I’ll be waiting for you in a hour.”

When she left, Eve Vil said to herself, “I don’t care about unity, everybody will worship me, and there will be no human rights. HAHAHA.”

Hearing that, Bob the Builder jumped out of his hiding spot and, with his knife, stabbed Eve Vil multiple times. She dropped to the floor, and blood was splattered everywhere. He dragged her quietly to the closet, quickly put on his costume, and walked through the back door that led to the voting room. He grabbed his walker and opened the doors of the voting room and was about to step out of the building when the security guard said, “The voting hasn’t begun yet.”  

“I know,” he said in his regular voice, forgetting that he was an old man, and walked out. Bob the Builder slowly started walking back to his house.

In the voting room, the two candidates were going to give their speeches.

“Hello, our presidents will be making their speeches. First, Nacho Cheese will speak.”

“I think that all nachos should be half price and nachos should be free to the poor to end hunger. I also think there should be unity and justice for the country.”

Camila Higgins came running over to the interviewer screaming, “Eve Vil is dead!”

George Mudd jumped up out of his seat and ran over to where Eve Vil was preparing. There was a knife in her body. Then, he knew who it probably was: it was the old man who left the voting room before it started. The security guard ran toward the exit. He looked around. He didn’t see anything. He ran down the block and saw the man enter a building. He dashed toward the building. Bob the Builder started running too. Bob the Builder made a sharp turn at the next block and hid in a restaurant. He ended up in a kitchen. No one saw him. After a few minutes, he quietly and quickly walked back to his house, taking another route.

George stopped running. He realized Bob the Builder wasn’t an old man. He was only dressed up as an old man. He had lost him.

He walked back to the election building. Just as he sat down, a girl came out of the voting booths, carried out by the two security guards.

“I knew she was a girl,” he said. “Call her mom and send her home.”

The two security guards grabbed a taxi to drive her home. When she got home she was grounded for two weeks. The guards came back to the voting room, sat on the couch, and fell asleep. George Mudd knew that he failed to do his job. His job was to protect people. He put his head down on the table and next time he knew had to be more vigilant.

In the voting room Nacho Cheese was screaming, “I won! I won! I’m the only candidate! I won!” People around him were miserable. People were booing. He didn’t care. He was just celebrating by shooting Nacho Cheese everywhere.

The End

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