Jazzy stormed into the rap studio angrily, waiting for her crew. She suddenly noticed a note sitting on her beat-up, full-of-pencil-marks desk.

It said:

Dear Jazzy,

We’re at Rihanna’s party having the time of our lives. We’ll be back in time for rehearsal at 12:30 PM. See you later!

– Your crew.

Jazzy felt vulnerable and depressed that her crew wasn’t here to practice for the finals on America’s Got Talent. What if they got disqualified?! What if they forgot the lyrics, and what if they forgot the choreography? Aah, this was not going to be good!


Five minutes later…

Where were they? Where were they?? Her legs were shaking, her head was hurting, and she had butterflies in her stomach. Jazzy started turning and turning around, waiting for her crew to barge into the room.

Finally, she heard something, something squeaking or squealing or maybe it was the door?

“Hey, Jazzy!”

“Hey, Fred!”

“Sorry, Jazzy, that we bailed on you. It’s just we wanted to have some fun before the big day!”

“Then why didn’t you ask me if I wanted to come?”

“It’s because Rihanna invited only us, because she doesn’t know you, and she just knows us.”

“Well, you could’ve just said, ‘Hey, I’m going to blank’s party. I don’t think she or he will mind?!’”

“Anyway, we have to practice. So let’s get started!”

And so Jazzy and her crew ended up in New York and got accepted to the finals and world tour!


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