Fear the Fuzzy

A long time ago, there lived a colony of ducks. They were the kindest, sweetest animals of all time. They were led by king Quacks-A-Lot, a wise king. Though all the birds were generous and trusting, the exception was Prince Elrond the Fuzzy. The prince of the colony had only one goal: to rule the world. The king rejected his son’s dark desires and locked him up in the confines of a castle. The need for power residing inside the heir to the throne was to powerful. One night, Elrond broke out the window and escaped on a quest to rule the world!

The Prince of Adorability would face many perils on his way to the farm big city, where he would begin his rise to power both economically & politically. First he tripped, causing him to get a rock lodged in his fuzzy windpipe, he had to hit himself repeatedly before the rock was launched out of his mouth, and landing with a thump on a boulder.

Then, Elrond came face to face with JJ the Cute, a wandering hero and his chicken arch-nemesis. They met in Boulder Road, a short distance from the city. The two decided to settle their differences once and for all with a fuzzy face off! Elrond lept upon the back of JJ who tossed him at a boulder, then Elrond tossed a rock at his enemy, the resulting impact knocked him out. “Fear the fuzzy! Fear it!” screamed Elrond, with a webbed foot on his rival’s fainted body.

After much walking a cow fell out of the sky. It was completely random and would forever stay unexplained, but a dead cow nearly crushed everyone’s favorite fuzzy villain. After a short moment of disbelief, elrond walked on to the Farm Big City, Moo York.

Shortly after arriving in Moo York, Elrond noticed that the election for senator would be held soon, and then it hit him, “I should run for senator, then eventually for president, and wage a full scale nuclear war with all other countries so I can rule the world!” So, the prince got his name on the ballot and, being a prince, thought politics would be easy. He was soon corrected.

He got the latest poll. “What? I’m only second, Piggy Piggerton is in first? That guy is such a loser. I know, I’ll send an attack ad out against Piggerton.” That’s exactly what he did. The attack ad wiped Piggerton from the race, but all his voters joined the Moo Cow campaign instead. “More ads! More false accusations! I need to win!” Once again the attack ad worked and, being the only candidate left Elrond the Fuzzy became the senator of Moo York.

After a couple months of being senator and earning the people’s trust, Elrond went and put his name on the ballot for president, 2016. His main opponents were Ted Moos, and his former political rival, Piggy Piggerton. But through horrible comments and disgusting remarks, our villain got himself on top. With the primaries almost over, Elrond thought that this election was in the bag. “This election is in the bag!” Elrond said to his campaign manager, Angelica Armadillo one night.

“Um… sir, you might want to see this.” Said Angelica turning on the TV. On it was a vicious attack ad against him from Piggy Piggerton!

“Do you want a fuzzy nutjob running the Moonited States of Ameriduck? No, you don’t. So vote for Ham, because yes we can! I’m Piggy Piggerton and I approved this message.”

“This is an absolute outrage. He’s beating me now,” exclaimed Elrond. “I know, I’ll challenge him to a duel before the primaries end.” So he did. Elrond beat him up in front of a crowd, after which Piggy exited the race.

After the primaries, the fuzzy prince had won, and then, he easily defeated his opponent is the nationals, Moo Cow, another old political rival. Now Elrond the Fuzzy is president of the Moonited States of Ameriduck, the MSA.

Now that he was president, Elrond hatched a plan to start the Third World War, aggravate our allies, and attack our enemies. It was simple. One day Elrond was arguing with a political enemy when the enemy tripped, he helped him up and looked up to see… a camera. “There goes my evil image!” Elrond told Angelica after the meeting.  

“Actually, that might be a good thing, Erond,” Angelica stated matter-of-factly.

“Why?” Elrond asked.

“Because now your popularity among the non-evil population went up!”

“Cool,” Elrond said. Later that day Elrond had a realization. He controlled an extremely large portion of the world right now, so maybe he should just be president of the MSA for now. But when he’s older… look out world, you’d better fear the fuzzy.

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