Flashback Killer

In the year of 2007, there was a mass murderer somewhere in the state of Michigan. Alban McCluskey was on a journey with the orphanage, visiting the Great Lakes in Michigan.

One night, Alban, a.k.a. “Al,” woke up in the middle of the night looking for something to eat or drink. He saw a shadow with a crooked, sleek, body zip across the door. Al had a quick response to duck down under the counter. He heard a very faint metallic scrape of a rope. Almost like the sound you hear while going on a zip-line from the rope. Then he heard a faint slice and a disgusting sounding squish.

Then Al remembered! He had seen it on TV that morning. In the state he was in, there was a person killing children! He immediately remembered that he was in the same state. He knew he didn’t know how to fistfight or defend himself (assuming the intruder was holding a weapon and was dangerous).

Two of his friends abruptly screamed, and ran down the stairs, and behind them was a creepy, sleek woman in a black jumpsuit. She came down and swiftly, with what looked like with no hesitation, stabbed both boys at the same time. She took scissors out and snipped all four ears off the boys.

Al was scared to death. Then from behind him, he saw one of his friends opening the freezer behind her, and Al, knowing this was life or death, pushed her in and slammed the freezer door. They held the door very tightly until the slamming and crashing against the door had stopped. When the police arrived, they all agreed it was unsafe to let her out of the containing box which was the freezer. They took the whole freezer out of the house that the orphans were staying in. They all were overjoyed they had defeated the woman, but at the same time, they had lost three lives.


Ten Years Later…

One morning, Alban McCluskey was waking up to a rainy, overcast, and stormy morning. He slowly climbed out of bed, craving the warm covers but knew he had to get to work. He worked at a magazine company. He pulled up his tie and set off for work at the magazine. He had left his car he liked in the garage and forgot to tell the people to take it out so he took a taxi.

In the taxi, he took out his iPhone and looked at his Facebook feed. He thought he was hallucinating. He saw on his emergency alerts that Kassandra had broken out of jail and was on the run. He immediately clicked on the article and saw that for the past two years in her jail cell, she had been screaming and yelling about “Mojo” and “PureChi.” Then one day, she just screamed as if she were being tortured and just bent the bars of her jail cell. She ran off, screaming the name McCluskey. When she broke out she said, “Al will die.”

He went to work and was scared to death, as if he were a child. He didn’t go anywhere by himself. During the night, he went to his “colleague’s” house to see the atmosphere while he was working at home. Really, he just didn’t want to be in the dark by himself. Al didn’t remember much from his childhood, but the one thing he remembered, like it was the day before, was the night where his two best friends were stabbed right in front of him by this horrible woman.

Then he saw a message in his inbox on Facebook. It was horrible. He remembered that night the woman cut off the boys’ ears! Then, there they were. Those ears. In his inbox. He knew what he had to do. He had to face her. That night, he ran home, stretching and stressing himself out. Then he had dinner fast. He went in the mirror, but he screamed when he saw that it looked like a dark shadow of Kassandra was right behind him. He twisted his body, thrusting all of his weight into his face to crush Kassandra’s ribs, but he swung right through her. He knew it! It was his reflection…

He was having another flashback. His story wasn’t over yet.


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