Friday the 13th with the Johnsons

It was a sunny Friday the 13th morning, and the Johnson family’s car pulled into the driveway of their new house, an enormous mansion. Claire Johnson, the youngest of her family, walked into her new home and took the sights in. It was like a dream come true. The Johnsons were moving into their great-grandparents’ house because they had died. There were beautiful designs on the ceiling and stained glass windows everywhere. There were six floors to the house, not counting the attic or basement. Claire was really excited because their grandma was coming to visit them in their new home!

Jackson Johnson (who goes by JJ for short), her older brother who was 13 and into sports and skateboarding, got out of the car along with her older sister, Diana, who was 16 and extremely bratty and the mall was her second home.

Jackson was surprised by the size of their new home. He almost yelled on his way inside, “OH MY GOD! OUR HOUSE IS GIGANTIC!!!”

Diana, on the other hand, was slowly getting out of the car while closely examining her perfectly polished nails. Diana was saying, “I need to get another nail appointment. Also, I need to return 99 out of the 100 shoes I got yesterday morning!”

Mr. Johnson put his hands into his pocket to reach for his wallet and said, “I am only saying yes because I know if I say no, then you will not let me sleep and bug me with your Justin Bieber pop music.”

He then handed her two one-hundred dollar bills and told her to be back at 7:30.

Mrs. Johnson was trying not to yell at Mr. Johnson while she was talking to him in the corner of the kitchen. Even though she was trying to whisper, it sounded more like a half yell. She was saying, “I can’t believe you just gave Diana $200. We really need to start teaching her that she can’t have everything she wants!”

Mr. Johnson wasn’t saying anything and finally just waited until Mrs. Johnson left to go admire the old Victorian mansion that they had inherited. Mrs. Johnson got everyone together in the kitchen and told them who was getting which floor.

She told them, “Claire, you get the sixth floor because we know you would love the view up there. JJ, you get the fifth floor. Diana, you get the fourth floor. And your father and I will take the third floor. We will find out what to do with the two other floors. The second floor will be the guest room, and the lowest floor will be the family room.”

“Does my floor have a spa?” Diana asked.

“Yes, we knew you wouldn’t survive without it,” Mr. Johnson said. “Although, your mother wasn’t hot on the idea.”

“Mommy’s just jealous that I’m perfectly beautiful, and she’s getting all wrinkly and has gray hair,” Diana said, checking her reflection in one of her many mirrors.

Claire went up to her room. She really liked it. She had a personal ice cream maker there. She took out one of the cones and swirled cotton candy ice cream onto it. Claire was about to take her ice cream out of the machine when a bunch of M&M’s sprinkled on top. She didn’t even press the button for them! But she loved M&M’s, so she ate it anyway. When Claire was eating the ice cream, she tasted something a little bitter. But, she decided to ignore it because one of the M&M’s was pink, and she had never tried that before. Claire sat and ate her ice cream in her room, so she didn’t have to share with her siblings. When she finished her ice cream, she sat down and read a book. The book was called A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning.

A few hours later, after Diana had been to the mall, she got into the elevator and looked through the song selection. She was confused when she saw the button that said, “Scary I’m going to kill you music.” She hit the one that said, “Justin Bieber pop music.”

“I have a secret,” said Justin Bieber. “I have been keeping it for a very long time. It’s actually not much of a secret. It’s that I am really, really, really… annoying! Honestly, everyone hates me. I am the worst singer in the history of the world. I will never, ever, ever be famous for being loved. The only thing I will be famous for is being the most hated singer ever. And now, I’m going to go to my bed to cry, because I’m sad because everyone hates me, and also I’m resigning.”

Diana wailed and wailed, “No! Justin! You’re, like, my everything and celebrity crush, and why is my mascara smudged? I just applied it two seconds ago?!”

When she got to her floor, she started making a shrine to send to Justin Bieber to convince him to go into a musical career again.

Claire’s parents were sitting in their giant room. It was 2:50 A.M., and they were waiting for the noises from the other floors to stop.

They heard a faint voice singing, “Blackbox, blackbox, coming to the parents’ room.”

They knew something was wrong. They then remembered that they were sharing a house with Diana and JJ, so they thought it was just Diana complaining about how the spa was terrible… even though it was a high class spa (that cost over a million dollars), and Jackson trying to pull pranks on Diana. Then, they finally heard the faint voices stop. Diana and Jackson had finally shut up.

Mrs. Johnson said to Mr. Johnson, “We haven’t had a moment alone for a very long time. The kids already had dinner. Would you like some pasta?”

“Yes, yes I would,” replied Mr. Johnson.

They were setting up the plates, forks, and knives, while waiting for the pasta to finish boiling. They finally started eating the creamy and dense pasta. Mr. Johnson was looking at his plate. Then, he heard a thud. There was Mrs. Johnson lying on the floor with a knife in her chest. He tried to get up, but he couldn’t move! In two seconds flat, there was a knife in his chest. He saw the cold, dark eyes of a plastic doll leaving the room abruptly.


“Ahhh, this is so relaxing!” Diana said, as she soaked in her hot tub at 3:01 A.M..

Just then, she heard a noise that sang, “Blackbox, blackbox, coming to the spaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

“Stop it, Jackson!” she said, annoyed. Jackson was always playing pranks on her. She turned on the jacuzzi. The noise came closer and closer, and suddenly she felt a hand that felt like… plastic? The hand forced her head underwater, and she couldn’t breathe. She thought that if she would die, she should die hugging diamonds. So, she clung onto her jewel studded bathing suit with the words, “Diana Johnson,” written on it with diamonds. Eventually, she couldn’t hold her breath anymore, and at 3:02 A.M., she was at the bottom of the hot tub, hugging her bathing suit, dead.


It was late at night or early in the morning, and JJ was up playing his favorite video game on his personal 70-inch TV. JJ loved his new house. Anyway, the game JJ was playing was called Call of Duty. He was on the last level, and he was about to beat the game when his friend texted him. The text said, “Dude I just beat Fortnite!!” JJ was so pissed off because he was trying to beat his friend at beating the game. He kept playing because he still had other friends to beat! Suddenly, the clock chimed 3:00 A.M..

Jackson heard someone singing, “Blackbox, blackbox, coming to the gaming room.”

Jackson said to himself,Oh, whatever, I’m probably dreaming.”

JJ was so close to beating the game, but he was super drowsy, and the clock said that it was 3:02.

Suddenly, a doll appeared with a gun in its hand on the screen, and JJ laughed. “Are you gonna kill me little baby?” he said, mockingly.

Suddenly, the doll stared at him. “I do intend to kill you, Jackson,” whispered the doll. Then, a bullet was shot, and the last thing JJ heard was a boom, and then everything went black.


Claire woke up in the middle of the night. She rolled over in her bed, very uncomfortable and feeling nauseous. She decided that a breath of fresh air would help. She slowly got up and walked downstairs to open the front door. She put on her jacket and stepped outside and took a deep breath.

Claire had taken a nice, long walk. When she decided to head back home, she saw a black cat. It was so cute that Claire could not resist petting it. Claire decided to go back to the house because she felt very uneasy. She felt even worse outside than she did inside her home, and she didn’t want to be known as the kid who threw up on the street.

She ran down to her sister’s spa and found her dead in her hot tub. Then, she heard the singing. Before the singing had even finished, she was already down at her parents’ room to find them dead at the table.

She started running back home, and when she got back home, she went straight to her room. She heard a voice that dripped with false sweetness singing, “Blackbox, blackbox coming to your room.”

She ran to her brother’s room and found him dead. She heard the singing again, “Blackbox, blackbox coming to your brother’s room.”

“Blackbox, blackbox coming to your parents’ room.”

She had nowhere to run, so she held the door down and didn’t hear anything else. She opened the door and heard eerie creaking of the door. Within a minute, she collapsed with pain and nausea. The last thing she saw was a figure of a doll with a bloody knife and a familiar voice screaming, “Claire!” Then, everything went black.

Mrs. Johnson, the grandmother of Claire, Jackson, and Diana Johnson, had just arrived at the old family mansion. She was just unloading her bags from her car when she thought she heard a commotion inside the house. Was that Claire’s voice? She dropped her luggage and ran towards the sound. She saw a doll with a knife on her granddaughter’s chest, and Claire’s face was clouded with pain. Just as the doll took aim for Claire’s chest, she fearfully screamed, “Claire!”

She saw her granddaughter dead on the floor, and she screamed. She froze with fear. She didn’t know what do. Her grandchildren always looked up to her as this brave hero, but this time she was not that brave hero that her grandchildren saw in her. She was scared and paralyzed. She had never been in a situation like this, so the only logical thing to do was call the police. The next day, she immediately told the people who work for the newspaper. When the police looked at the videotape from the security cameras, it showed the grandmother of Claire, Jackson, and Diana killing them all. The police had no other choice but to arrest their grandmother. This was a sad ending for everyone. She couldn’t even see the funeral for her family. Besides, the video footage all the police found was of Claire holding a seven fingered doll. This was the last we ever heard from the Johnson family.


This is what the news article looked like:


Breaking News!!!

Yesterday, we were informed that a family of three children, one mother, and one father were killed in the safety of their home. The police found the corpses and a seven fingered doll at the scene of the crime. The police have found no evidence of who killed the family. If anyone finds any evidence, please call the police, and let them know. The youngest child in the family, Claire, who was a girl, had no wounds on her body, so the CSI thought she was poisoned. Jackson, the middle child who was a boy, had a single bullet wound in his chest. Diana, who was the oldest child and a girl, also had no wounds, but her lungs were filled the water. We were told that her lungs were filled with water and that she was drowned. Finally, the parents both had stab wounds on them. We are very sorry for the death of this family. The police are doing everything to find the cause of this family’s death.


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