Friendzy the Dragon

Once upon a time, there was a dragon named Friendzy. 

Hi, I am Friendzy. I am red with wings. I love to do flips, somersaults, and handstands. I really want to learn how to fly like my mom and my dad. My dad always tells me to stay healthy and go to school. So when I went to school yesterday, I was the only one there, so I was so happy. 

Now do not get confused when Sheva turned into me. She said that we did not learn how to fly and breathe fire. So when I asked my teacher to teach me how to fly and breathe fire, the teacher said, “No.” The teacher was too busy trying to find the other students who were playing hide and seek. 

I was so mad that I had to find someone else to teach me how to fly and breathe fire, but I was so scared that I asked my brother to come with me. But then far away, I still saw another old dragon who I think knew how to fly and breathe fire. So I went up there with my brother and asked him if he could teach me how to fly and breathe fire. So the old dragon told me to come tomorrow. So I was so excited that I could just scream this out loud! 

So I rushed over and I went to bed quickly. “This was the best day ever,” I said. 

“What did you say?” said my dad. 

“I said that this old dragon on the mountain will teach me how to fly and breathe fire tomorrow,” I said. 

So when today was tomorrow, I went up on the mountain. 

“Hi again, are you ready to learn how to fly and breathe fire?” asked the old dragon. 

“Yes,” I said. 

“Okay, so when you’re trying to fly, you want to try to flap your wings so hard that you can lift up off the ground, and when you’re off the ground, you flap your wings a little slower. And this is how you breathe fire. So open your mouth wide, and let it breathe out,” said the old dragon. 

“I did it,” I said. 

So when I went home, I taught my brother how to fly! “I did it,” said my little brother. So when it was my tenth birthday, I told my friends to fly with me! 

“I’m having the best birthday ever,” I said. 

And that was how Friendzy learned how to fly and breathe fire. 

The End!