Ghost Battle

“Eight, nine, ten… ready or not… here I come!” said Dad.

Everyone ran to hide.

“Ahh, help! I don’t know where I should hide,” I said into my walkie-talkie. 

Kaitlyn said into hers, “I already found a place.”

Will said, “I found one too!”

I ran as fast as I could until I found a trap door. But then, boom. Crash. Bam. I was in a trap door. I got trapped!

“Help! Help!”

But then, someone opened it. I thought it was a ghost, but it was my dad. But when my dad opened it, I quickly hid away.

Dad looked away and said, “Hmm, I thought someone was screaming help.”

All of a sudden, a ghost took me away. The ghost was spooky and confused me because at first I thought it was my dad, but it was actually a ghost.

I shouted into my walkie-talkie, “Help, I need help. I’m in a trap door!”

Everyone said, “Huh? There are no trap doors in this house.”

“But I found one! So, help! Get out of your hiding spots now. Let Dad find you so you can tell him what happened to me,” I said.

“Okay,” Will and Kaitlyn said together.

Will and Kaitlyn ran out of their hiding spots, and the dad found them.

They said, “Did you know there was a trap door?”


“You never told us!” Will and Kaitlyn said, talking at the same time.

“Okay, let’s go to the trap door,” Dad said.

Noooooo!” Will and Kaitlyn said.

“Fine, I’ll go by myself,” Dad said.

Dad went to the trap door. He went down the stairs, and he fell and bumped his head, but then he found that someone was talking, so he finally hid, and he walked down because he heard voices. Because there were no guards, he heard what the ghosts were planning to do with me. Then guards came out! Dad didn’t know where to hide, so he grabbed an invisibility cape from his pocket, opened it, and put it on. He was completely invisible but could still see. Ghosts cannot see other ghosts. Dad quickly took me out, ran up, and locked the trap door. The ghosts floated right through the door! The ghosts may change the people to ghosts, but Dad put invisibility capes on Kaitlyn, Will, me, and himself. Now we went out to tell the cops, and when we got in the car, ghosts were in there. We drove, drove, drove until we got to the police station. Dad, Will, Kaitlyn, and I slid under the door and took off our capes. We saw a bunch of police officers.

“How did you get in?” they asked.

I said, “We had an invisibility cape so that we could slide under things. There is an emergency! Ghosts are all around the city!!”

“Of course not! How come we don’t see any ghosts?”
“But we saw them, because there is a trap door in our house, and I opened it, and I went in, and I hid from my dad during hide-and-seek, and a ghost took me, and my dad had to rescue me!” I shouted.

Dad said, “I saw a ghost, too!”

Will said, “Me too!”

Kaitlyn said, “Me three!”

I said, “Told you! Everyone saw it!”

“Fine, I’ll get some cops and check the house in the trap door. If we see ghosts, I’ll get a ghost trap net, and the ghosts won’t be able to escape!”

When we drove back, we saw ghosts. There were five ghosts guarding the house, so no one could go in. We had to go back to the police officers and tell them that there were ghosts. All of the police officers and all of the army people went all the way back to our house and catch some of the ghosts, but there were still more because they didn’t have enough ghost nets. So now, we had to go back to the police officers, get more ghost nets, drop all the ghost nets, and capture the rest of the ghosts, but one of the ghosts was a king ghost and we couldn’t capture it because he was too big. We had to get a big, big, big net that was super heavy. We had to launch it with a lot of police officers and army people. When we were done, we checked back in the house. There were still ghosts in the trap door. We had to go in, get more ghost nets, and catch the ghosts. But one of them was multiplying again, and again, and again and again! So then we had to capture all of them without letting them multiply again. We made a really small box and crammed all the ghosts inside, except one didn’t fit. We had to make a really, really small box for that ghost. We took the rest and put that one in after. We flew all the way to a far planet, dropped the ghosts there, flew all the way back, checked the house again, and celebrated! All the people that saved me, Dad, Kaitlyn, and Will were there. There were police officers, army people, balloons, fireworks, and pizza!

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