The Brave Bunny Bunch

My name is Daisy, and I’m a bunny. My family lives in a pretty big hole underground. It’s actually one of the biggest holes in the area, but since we are such a big family it feels much smaller than it is. We are a total of 25 bunnies in our family, including our parents. When it comes to our relationships with one another, we are all pretty close with our litter, but not so much with other litters. I’m in the middle of my litter, and from the youngest litter. In my litter, in age order, is Sniffles, Carrots, me (Daisy), Snuggles, and Munchie. Me and Munchie are pretty close, and we hangout a lot. I’ve always had to look after him, because he’s a bit oblivious. Us bunnies have to be careful since there are a lot of predators in the woods, such as snakes, wolves, and hawks. But in our hole we will always be safe from anything that can hurt us. It’s usually the older bunnies’ job to collect berries and nuts, or any other kind of food, but sometimes me and Munchie get to do it. Most bunnies don’t like collecting food, but me and Munchie enjoy it. We can play games, and hide in the bushes to scare one another, so I have always been the first to say,

“We’ll do it!”

So when most of the bunnies in the oldest litter caught a cold, we were very excited. 

As we were leaving, Mama shouted,

“Don’t forget to bundle up!”

  So me and Munchie grabbed our coats and scarves, rubbed noses with Mama, and hopped up the stairs. The woods are gorgeous this time of year. The Autumn leaves on the ground, orange and red. But the colder it gets, the harder it is to find food. We met up with some of our friends, Rose and Lilac. Rose and Lilac are also from the same litter but Lilac is younger. Me and Rose rubbed noses. We looked for food for a while, but only found a couple of nuts and a few berries. 

“The food shortage came fast this year,” I said. 

“I heard that if you go across the river and pass the border of the two woods, they have lots of food and it’s like summer there. But of course that would be a very dangerous adventure,” said Rose. 

“Wow!” I said.

On our way back home Munchie seemed sad. 

“What’s the matter Munch?” I asked him.

“Mama and Papa will be disappointed that we didn’t collect a lot of food!” He said.

“We took what we could find. They have no reason to be mad at us,” I told him.

By the time we got home, it was already almost dark and we were shivering. When got to our hole Mama wrapped us up in blankets.

“My goodness! Where have you bunnies been!” She exclaimed.

“It got dark quick.” Munchie told her.

Then we went by the fire and toasted carrots and drank hot grass. We went to sleep early. When Mama came to say goodnight, she found that we were still shivering, so she sent Papa, and of course Snuggles, to come snuggle us. We all fell asleep in a bunny pile. We slept very well that night. 

Food started running out quick, and we were beginning to run low on our savings. I decided to ask Rose about the place with all the food, and that was still warm. We decided to go ice skating on the frozen pond. We took our skates and hopped to the pond. Rose told me that she had heard from a visiting friend from a different woods that there was lots of food where she was. That it was like summer all year in her woods. 

“How did she get here?” I asked.

“She said that her family found a big thing with wheels that moved so fast her ears felt like they were going to fall off, so they hopped on,” answered Rose.

“Holy Cooked Carrots!” I exclaimed. “What do you think it was?”

“I’m not sure. I think I’ve seen the thing with wheels that goes really fast a couple times before, but I’ve never really gotten a good look,” answered Rose.

We finished up and hopped home. By the time we got home and ate dinner, I had decided. I was going to find the place with all the food where it feels like summer all year long! First thing I had to do was get Munchie on board.

“Please?!” I begged Munchie.

“I’m not so sure about this,” he said. “I would miss Mama and Papa too much!”

“It would be fun!” I told him.

“Are Mama and Papa even going to let us?” He asked.

“Sure!” I answered. “They’ll just be happy we are doing something outside of our hole!”

“OK. I’ll do it. But only if I can bring LeeLee.” 

LeeLee had always been Munchie’s favorite stuffed person. He took it everywhere he went. 

“Alright. But LeeLee might get a little dirty.” I told him.

I had one down. Next I had to convince Rose. I knew that if Rose was coming, then automatically Lilac would be coming, but obviously they would both decide. Munchie and Lilac were playing in the leaves one day, so I decided to talk to her then. I knew she wouldn’t want me to go with just Munchie, but she would still be hesitant. I told her my plan. At first she didn’t say anything. I knew she was thinking, because when she was deep in thought her nose would twitch. 

“I’ll come with you. But we need to have a plan,” said Rose.

“I know,” I said. “Let’s go back to my hole, roast some carrots, drink some hot grass, and make a plan?” I suggested.

“Sounds like a plan!” said Rose, excitedly. “But on our hop back we have got to talk to Lilac about this.”

So we brushed the leaves and twigs out of Munchie and Lilac’s fur, and started hopping. We explained to Lilac our plan. Munchie hopped behind, collecting ‘valuables’ like he always did. 

Quietly, Lilac asked, “Are you going Rose?”

Rose nodded.

“It seems scary,” said Lilac.

“It’ll be fine. Me and Daisy will be there. So will Munchie. It will be fun!” said Rose, comfortingly.

Nervously, Lilac whispered, “I’ll come. But then we have to go by The Brave Bunny Bunch.”

“That’s fine.” Rose said.

I was very satisfied. I told Mama and Papa about our adventure the next day.

“Alright!” said Papa.

“I’m not so sure,” said Mama.

“They’ll be fine!” said Papa. “They’re adventure bunnies!”

And so it was official. We were going on an adventure. We had to pack smartly. We weren’t allowed to bring a lot of carrots, of course, because us bunnies cannot live off of carrots. They taste amazing, obviously, so sweet, such nice texture. But carrots are super sugary, and very bad for you. Plus we have been having a lot lately. So we decided to try and find a patch of good grass, some nuts, and berries. We ended up finding a couple of bushes that were still good, along with a few patches of grass, so we stocked up. We didn’t really have to worry about food though, because we were going to be in the woods anyway. We needed to bring our sleeping bags and some extra scarves or gloves. We also were going to need something to sleep in. I had the perfect thing! We had this big piece of fabric in our hole, and you can just prop it up with a few sticks, and you’ve got yourself a resting or sleeping spot! We also decided to bring some games to play while we rested. We packed up our stuff into bags. Me and Rose took the two bigger bags and Lilac and Munchie took the two slightly smaller bags, since they’re both a bit smaller than us. They aren’t very heavy, so I think we can do it. Lilac started to get nervous, and when she’s nervous, she eats a lot of carrots and hot grass. Then her face fur gets stained orange and she gets all embarrassed. We decided to go ice skating because that always calms Lilac down. The problem was that Lilac didn’t have any ice skates because hers had gotten ruined in a storm late last year, so we had to make her new ones. This is a difficult task because you have to find some sharp things for the bottom of the skates, and some socks that have wiggle room that you’re willing to give up. Munchie and Lilac looked for socks while me and Rose looked for sharp things. The good part is that we can find cool things while looking for sharp things. We found a weird bag that crinkled when you touched. In it were these weird things that were crunchy when you bit into it. We decided to take it with us. After we found the sharp things, we attached them to the socks and went skating. We decided that the next day we would leave for our journey. Lilac seemed to be feeling better, so we went back to our hole and watched the oldest litter’s ear show. Bunnies’ ears are great for putting on shows, since they are long and thin. For dinner we had roasted grass. After dinner, Rose and Lilac went home. We decided to wake up early to leave, so that meant going to sleep early. When we woke up, me and Munchie both took quick baths, and ate some breakfast. Then we snuggled in with Mama and Papa for a little bit. Before leaving we both rubbed noses with all twenty-one of our siblings. We said goodbye to Mama and Papa and met up with Rose and Lilac. We were ready. 

The first day we hopped a lot. We wanted to make progress so that we wouldn’t have to hop as much in the following days, because we knew we would get more tired. We have to sleep at least eight hours a night or we will get cranky, and by ‘we’ I mean Munchie. But still, we all need our sleep. We of course still are kittens. And by that I don’t mean that we are cats. Baby bunnies are also referred to as kittens. We left when the sun was just above the river. We stopped for a break and a snack when the sun was in the middle of the sky, and stopped to go to sleep when there was only half of the sun left. Lilac got tired pretty quick, so we had to stop for the day. The next day we woke up and instantly realized that weather wise, it was the perfect day. We ate some grass for breakfast and started hopping. Lots of animals come out when the weather is nice, so it was no surprise when we saw a wolf wandering around looking for food. We tried to move as quietly as possible, so the wolf must have smelled us. He turned towards us and growled, then started walking towards us.

“Oh no,” whimpered Lilac.

Quickly, Lilac hopped onto a low branch that was on the trunk of a tree. She grabbed a long vine of leaves hanging from the tree and climbed up. She then threw the bottom of the vine down to the ground for me, Munchie, and Rose to grab onto. We hopped on and climbed up. We climbed to a high point in the tree, and then carefully hopped from one tree to the next. Once we thought we were far enough away, we stopped. We hopped down from the tree, because us bunnies are of course amazing jumpers. Then we hoped a little more, and then stopped to set up our sleeping area. 

“Thanks for helping us Lilac!” said Munchie. “I had no idea how brave you were!”

“Yeah!” I said. “You were grass-tastic!”

“I knew you always had it in you!” said Rose. “I think that deserves a carrot!”

I took out a carrot from my bag and gave it to Lilac. Lilac’s cheeks got all rosy. Then she rubbed noses with Rose, and snuggled into her. We were all exhausted, so we went to sleep.

 On the third day, we made an amazing discovery! We found a big thing with wheels that moves really fast! We hopped on and waited. After a little bit, this huge person came on, and the big thing with wheels that moves really fast started to move! Even though the person was big, it didn’t stop us from wanting to pet it. It was so hard to resist! By the time the sun was in the middle of the sky we had moved about a day worth of hopping! The person stopped the thing with wheels that moves really fast and sat down on a rock and started to eat something. We decided to eat something too. For lunch was blueberry stuffed raspberries, which are my favorite. We figured that the person wasn’t finished with his ride since there was nowhere for him to stay here in the woods. A little later the person got back in the thing with wheels that moves really fast, so we quickly hopped on. When we started moving again, we decided to play one of the games that we brought. We played Hop Hop Hop Back Home and Make Your Own Ear Show and it was very fun. By the time the person stopped the thing that has wheels that moves really fast, it was almost night time. We had gone so far that I could almost see the river that we would cross the next day! We weren’t too tired since we hadn’t done much hopping, so we stayed up a little later than usual and played some games. We were very satisfied with our progress.

When we woke up the next morning, we all knew today would be a challenge. We had to cross a river which, for bunnies, is not very easy. It was making Lilac and Munchie very nervous.

“I don’t want to cross the river!” said Lilac.

“Yeah, we’re scared!” said Muchie.

“Don’t worry!” said Rose. “We are going to put rocks down for us to hop on. It isn’t that far to cross.”

This calmed Lilac and Munchie down a lot. Me and Rose went to the lake to put rocks down for us to hop on. Then we went back to pick up Lilac and Munchie. We crossed the lake with very little difficulty. In the next two days, little by little, it started getting warmer and warmer. We would also start to see bushes with berries, some nuts, and more and more nice grass. This was a relief, since it meant that we were very close. Rose knew some bunnies who lived in the area, so we would have a hole to stay at when we got there. Rose was excited since she hadn’t seen her friend in a long time. 

“I’m so excited to sleep in a hole after so long!” I told Rose one morning.

“They don’t live in a hole, Daisy!” Rose told me. “They live in something called a ‘house’. It’s above ground, and it’s supposed to be nice.”

“That sounds cool!” I said.

And so I was excited too now about seeing Rose’s friend and sleeping in a ‘house.’ The plan was that when we got there we would shoot this popping thing in the sky. Then Mama and Papa would know that we had gotten to the new place and that we were alright. We were hopping very cheerfully towards the end of our adventure. We were very excited to arrive at our destination. Lilac and Munchie, two very impatient bunnies, were beginning to become more cranky and bored every day. 

“How much longer?” whined Munchie one afternoon.

“We are close!” exclaimed Rose. “My friend, Snowball, set up signs to let us know that we are close and I think I see one!”

In front of us, being held to a tree, was a sign with an unmistakable bunny paw print. In the distance, we could see the silhouette of a pair of bunny ears! We hopped as quickly as we could. Through the trees and bushes came hopping out a completely white bunny.

“Snow!” yelled Rose, excitedly. 

Snow hopped quickly towards us .
“Welcome!” she said. “We were about to eat some berries and nuts. Would you guys like to join us, or would you like me to show you to your room first?” 

“I would like to see my room please,” said Lilac, quietly. 

So Snow showed us their ‘house’ and it was very cool! It had a pointy top, and was pretty big. We all shared a big room, and slept on bunk beds. We had lots of fun. There was tons to do! We could go kayaking in the pond, or go rolling down hills. One morning Snow’s mom woke us up, and told us that there was a surprise waiting for us. It was Mama and Papa and our whole family! Rose and Lilac’s parents were there too!

“How did you guys get here?” I asked.

“We got a ride on a big thing with wheels that went really fast!” said Papa. 

“We have decided that we are going to move holes. We are moving here!” exclaimed Mama. 

“They don’t have holes here Mama, they have houses!” I told her.

I then explained what a house was. I was very excited. Then I found out that Rose and Lilac were also moving here! My family had brought all of our things, so we were all ready to move. We got the biggest house in the area. WE never had any problems with food again. I loved life in the new place. And we all knew that we would always be The Brave Bunny Bunch.
I then explained what a house was. I was very excited. Then I found out that Rose and Lilac were also moving here! My family had brought all of our things, so we were all ready to move. We got the biggest house in the area. WE never had any problems with food again. I loved life in the new place. And we all knew that we would always be The Brave Bunny Bunch.

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