Hazel eyes aren’t green eyes

A pinch of green is like a tiny morsel of salt, it won’t add to the flavor

Blue eyes with green tops are not included

Nor are color contacts

Usually aren’t gingers

Nine percent of people on this planet have green eyes

Those rare people are intellectual and kind

They are not mutants, they’re just eccentric, unlike people with blue or coffee eyes

Shrieking inside of them is the pain, trying to get out

But it doesn’t come out, ‘cause green eyed people don’t let it

They have a pure liquid of happiness in their necks, trying to parch their throat

Or their stomach trying to pull the strings too tight

But those green-eyed people don’t let it

I have green eyes

I’m a ginger

I’m not intellectual or kind usually

I’m simple

I have pain outside and inside

The pure liquid of happiness parches my throat

My stomach pulls my strings too tight

This all leads me to thinking that I’m not special, I’m just a lost person wisping away in the wind



I go down the trashy locked staircase every day, where no one has gone for years except for me

I open the door and stumble to the train tracks

Hop over the third rail, something to always remember

Walk ten steps, then I’m safe

Open up the rusty door of the room where you change the tracks

Watch the litter of kittens on track three

Look at the train on track four that’s supposed to go on to track three

Change it

I might’ve lied before, I’m not kind towards people, you don’t have to be kind to people

But you do have to be kind to animals, because they’ve never done anything wrong, and I’m kind towards animals

I realized this when my dad dropped me off at the bookstore and never came back

He did something ungrateful and wrong and that’s why he left me there, so I could lead a better life

The only thing he did wrong to me was to leave me with nobody Other than a grumpy bookstore clerk



My name is Sabrina Alex Gimry Elworth

If I knew anyone they would call me Sage, not Sabrina

Nobody calls me anything because nobody really wants anything to do with a little girl wandering around by herself

They’re all worried that if they try to help the little girl the parent is going to come and be afraid that they’re going to kidnap her

There is nobody to help me if somebody does kidnap me, except for police

I know you’re probably not going to want to read anymore of this story, because you probably think it’s too sad, but trust me it gets happy

The story of Sabrina is sad, but the story of Sage is happy



Caramel is a coat of fur that I love, that’s why, when I was little, I was depressed that we got a black cat

I named Kiki after Kiki’s Delivery Service; I used to love those movies

But Kiki is a good cat, always cleans herself, takes care of herself, and is loving

She has black fur on her back, a coat of white fur on her belly, and silver clean white paws

She goes out without me a lot, looking around for food, I don’t care about this because she always comes back

One thing I learned through Kiki is that appearance doesn’t really matter whatsoever, it’s what you do that counts, and Kiki might not look so good, but she is loving



Today was a generally good day

Actually today was a very good day

I went on the streets asking for money with a sign that said, “MY KITTY, MY FATHER, AND I ARE STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE, PLEASE HELP” (which the part about the father is obviously a lie)

A woman who passes by every day and gives me money says to me today, “Here’s some lunch,” while passing me a thing that looks like a tv dinner but fancier

“Is it poisoned?” I asked.

“No silly, it isn’t poisoned,” she said.

Later that day I opened it

It had chinese sesame chicken, rice, blueberries, and pickles

I dug in, leaving nothing on the plate



The sun blanketed me when I woke up in my little apartment in Red Hook

I shoved the cockroaches with my foot and they scurried away under the floorboards

I looked out at the sun

It was flaming hot and looked very orange

The sun is a star and when stars are old they turn orange and start to fade away

The sun will fade away soon

Like this dream in the morning



I woke up, relieved by not being in my uneasy sleep anymore

I felt a swarm of thoughts buzzing about in the crust of my mind, they all were my dream oriented

I looked in the mirror and realized that I was never Sabrina, I was always Sage

I heard my father calling to me from down the hall, while Kiki stretched out on my blanket covered legs

Strained inside myself I realize that I am real, not in a dream

I wish the dream I just had was a lucid dream so that I wasn’t so scared

But dreams are dreams and people are people and I am not a person who is lost, wisping away in the wind

I am just flowing with the wind

And I am the green-eyed girl  

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