Rain pounded on the windows. Lightening flashed. Kara sat by the windowsill. Tears slid down her face. Her heart raced. Where was her dad? Then, she felt her phone buzz in her denim pocket. Kara took her phone out only to find her dad calling. Of course. Never here.

She answered.

“Darling, are you okay? I’ve been held up at the police station; there was a robbery,” said her dad.

Kara stifled a sigh. He was never there. She knew ever since her mother died he had been trying his best, but of course there was a problem. Money.  

“Yes, don’t worry. I’m fine,” Kara replied.

“Great. If there are any problems, call me. Also, stay away from the windows. This storm has just turned into a hurricane. Be careful. I love you. Bye.”

“Bye,” she muttered.

There was a problem. They both knew it. The one thing Kara wanted most. Her dad home. His comforting voice and reassuring comments. However, Kara ignored his warning and still sat near the window.

New York City was lovely at night. The view was stunning.

No sirens.

No shouting.

Only peace.

Suddenly, Kara heard a crack. She looked around the room to see if there was a leak. With her back turned, the window broke, shattering sharp, jagged pieces of glass all over Kara. She fell to the floor in pain.

“Help,” hollered Kara, “Someone, help me. Please.”


The Next Day – 11:00 pm

“Vanilla or chocolate pudding?”

“Chocolate, please.”

“Coming right up. If there is any way for me to be of more assistance, let me know. The doctor, Dr. Perkins, will come in again to check on you. For now, just relax,” said the red-haired nurse.

Kara lay in an uncomfortable bed. Tubes were in her arms, full of blood. Her hand and leg were in a cast. She absolutely hated the hospital. Ever since her mother died from trusting her life in a doctor’s hand, she’s been terrified. Her mother had had a heart attack, and the doctors tried everything but couldn’t save her. How she missed her mother. Someone she could always rely on to be there for her.   

From last night, the only thing Kara remembered was sitting near the window, and then, all of a sudden, she ended up in the hospital.

Suddenly, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she started shaking uncontrollably.

“Stabilize her!” someone yelled.

“Check her heart beat.”

“Dr. Perkins. Her heart beat-”



“NO! We lost her,” said Dr. Perkins. “Does she have any family members?”

“Yes, Doctor, but he has recently been taken hostage with a couple of other police men.”

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.    

“This is a miracle!” Dr. Perkins cried out.

“Dad. Dad.” Kara muttered. “Where is he?”

“Honey, please just rest.” Dr. Perkins said.

Kara felt a needle go into her skin. Then, the world went black.


2:00 am

Everything hurt. The pain was unbearable. Kara attempted to stand up but fell to her knees.

“Have to find Dad,” she groaned

Clutching her stomach, Kara crawled over to the metal door. She stretched her hand up and grabbed the handle.


As soon as the door was the slightest bit open, alarms sounded. People flooded into the hall. Eyes stared at her.

“Umm… hi.” Kara said.

Think Kara. Make up an excuse.

Then it hit her.

“I have to umm… use the restroom.” She said.

“Oh,” said the red-haired nurse she had seen earlier. “Get in the wheelchair.”


While she was being escorted to the restroom, thoughts stirred in her head.

Think of a plan. What if there is a window? No. Maybe I could escape by–? No. Not good enough. Uggh!!! What to do. Wait, what if I just asked the nurse where he is? I should have thought of this earlier. So simple.

“Excuse me. I never caught your name,” said Kara.

“It’s Jenelle,” said the red-haired nurse.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Kara.”

“I know,” Jenelle said coldly. “I also know your dad, Officer Zamora.”

“Oh. Speaking of my father, do you know where he is?

“Ha. Don’t worry, honey. He couldn’t make it. Held up at work.”

Jenelle definitely hit a sore spot. Kara scowled at the mention of the fact that her dad couldn’t come.

“Nevermind,” Kara uttered.

“Now, hurry up,” snapped Jenelle.

Ring ring.

Jenelle took out her phone and glared at Kara. It was a glare that meant: Com’n. I don’t have all day. Don’t you think I have better things to do?

Kara stood up and swung open the bathroom door. When she was inside, she pressed her ear against the flimsy door.  

“She doesn’t suspect a thing about her dad,” said Jenelle into phone.

“Good, we don’t want her to find out that her dad has gone missing. We don’t need more problems. A missing father and angry daughter,” sneered a muffled voice.

“I know. However, there is a problem: I don’t know how to talk to the daughter of the man I dated in college. It’s really awkward. She is a spitting image of her mother, and it only brings back bad memories,” said Jenelle.

“Don’t worry. By the end of the day, everything will be figured out, I hope.”

Kara started to bubble with anger. She threw open the door and yelled, “What about my dad? Tell me. Now.”

“Were you eavesdropping? How much did you hear?” Jenelle questioned as her cheeks turned a vibrant red.  

“Who cares?”

“I do or I wouldn’t be asking.”

“Ugh. Don’t lie. What happened to my dad? I want the whole story. Also about you and my da — Never mind. Also, if you lie I will know because… YES, I was eavesdropping.”

“Okay, okay. Your dad was at the police station, and then the power went out. In a few minutes the lights came back on; however, your dad and two other policemen had gone missing. They searched everywhere, but with still no luck. Later that night, they found a note. It said:

If you wish your officers alive, deliver 10,000 dollars at the south end of the pier by thursday at 10 pm.

Okay, now you are all caught up.”

“Thank you. When did they receive this note?”

“Two days ago.”

“So on Monday. The day of the hurricane. My dad warned me to –. Never mind. That gives us until tomorrow,” said Kara, flustered by all the information.

“What do you mean by us? I gave you the information, I’m done,” responded Jenelle.

“Oh. Well, then I need one more favor.”

“What?” groaned Jenelle.

“I need you to come down with me to the pier and watch while I give them the money.”

“Say what? First of all, you don’t have that money. Second of all, it’s super dangerous. Third of all, you’re injured. Fourth of all, you have to be released by the hospital. In other words, you can’t leave. Would you like me to go on?”

“No thanks. I know it sounds silly, but trust me. Don’t worry about my injury. With a little Advil, I’ll be fine. But you have a point about the whole hospital thing.”

“I know. So forget the whole thing. Now, just let the adults handle the problem,” replied Jenelle with a worried expression.

“Yeah… no. I need you to lie for me and make sure the doctor releases me from the hospital,” responded Kara

“Say what? No. Just forget it.”

“Please… with a cherry on top.”

“Okay. Fine.”

“Thank you. Thank you.”

“Whatever. Just hide in a stall in the bathroom. I should be back in five to ten minutes.”

Jenelle left the hallway and then entered a room.

She approached Dr. Perkins and said, “Hi. Sorry to interrupt. I was talking to Kara. The girl with the injured hand and leg. She almost died.”

“Oh yeah. I remember. What about her?” Dr. Perkins asked.

“She has requested to leave the hospital and go home. I know that’s not normally allowed, but she’s probably really homesick and worried about her dad, Officer Zamora, a policeman. I will happily volunteer to take care of her.”

“Okay. You are the top nurse. I will send you with some supplies. Give me a second.”

“I hate policemen,” muttered Dr. Perkins as he dove behind the marble counter and reappeared with a large black bag.

“What?” Asked Jenelle.

“Nothing. Inside this bag are the supplies you need to take care of her. Also, her phone and clothes are in here,” said Dr. Perkins.

“Thank you. She will appreciate it.”

Jenelle left the room and made her way into the restroom.

“Kara? It’s done. You can come out now. I’m taking you home. I’m going to take of you.”

A stall door creaked open and Kara came out.

“Thank you so much Jenelle.”

“You’re welcome. Now, let’s go.”


As they walked home, Kara asked, “Are you in?”

“In what?”

“The plan to rescue my father and the other policemen. All you have to do is watch.”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but fine. I’ll go with you,” Jenelle said with a slight smile, as a memory came back to her. She, Mark (Kara’s dad), and Violet (Kara’s mom) succuried back to their dorm rooms. They had snuck out past curfew to get an actually decent meal because the cafeteria food was awful and disgusting.

“Great. We will leave the house at 6:00 pm,” interrupted Kara.

“Okay,” muttered Jenelle

Kara grinned as a plan began to unfold in her head.


Thursday – 5:00 pm

Today was the day that Kara’s dad could be saved or killed. First, she had to tell Jenelle the plan.

“Okay, I filled this bag with junk.” Kara said holding a up a small black duffle bag. “No money at all inside. I have a kitchen knife and a pair of handcuffs in my backpack just incase. Also here are some binoculars for you to keep watch. Now let’s get going. Wait, I need food for the hostages. Okay, now we can go.”

“Thank you. We can do this, Kara,” smiled Jenelle for the first time. “I know you can.”

They walked through Central Park. It was beautiful, surrounded by so much green. Some people walked their dogs. Others exercised. Kara took this time to think.

What would she do when they arrived at the pier? Would the hostages even be released at all? What if her dad was already dead. Stop thinking negative Kara. What if I fail?

“Kara. Kara. KARA!!!” screamed Jenelle.

“Umm… yes,” she said coming out of her trance and almost walking into a trash can.

“We’re here.”

“Oh, great. Okay. See that bush over there,” Kara pointed out, “I need you to hide there. I’ll leave the bag of money and stay there waiting until this mysterious person shows up. If anything bad happens and I get caught, alert the authorities. Got it?”

“Got it.”

“Let’s go.”

Jenelle headed toward a bush and crouched down. Thoughts swirled in her head.

Why was she even doing this? She got nothing out of it. Her life could be at stake right now.   

Kara headed towards a wooden bench and dropped the bag of “money” on the bench. She waited. Then, a hand covered her mouth and dragged Kara away. Jenelle was in shock for a second, and then, she immediately called 911. Suddenly, Jenelle felt like she had to follow the person who kidnapped Kara. She creeped out of the bush she was hiding behind and began down the pier in the direction where the person carried Kara off. Jenelle approached a broken down shack where she heard muffled cries  

She knocked on the wooden door and said, “Excuse me. I’m umm… lost.”

“What?” someone said inside.

“Um. Can I come in, please?”

“No. Go away,” grumbled someone.

“Open up,” Jenelle growled, “Now.”

“Got to go.”

“Fine, I’ll leave.”

Jenelle counted to three. 1… 2… 3. She kicked the door open and grinned.

“I’m coming Kara,” whispered Jenelle.

She tiptoed downstairs and found Kara with her dad and the other policemen. Blood dripped down Mark’s (Kara’s dad) face. Rope bound their hands and feet. She spotted Kara’s backpack, which she grabbed. Then Jenelle took out the kitchen knife and began cutting at the rope. First, she freed Kara but was then attacked. She wrestled herself away from the person. Kara jumped up, and kicked, and punched as Jenelle freed her dad. He stood up shakily and joined the fight. Soon, the other policemen were free. The person was out numbered. Then, they unmasked him. It was Dr. Perkins.

“It was you all along. Why did you do this?” said Jenelle.

“I wanted revenge,” Dr. Perkins sneered.


“I hate policemen. That’s why my father is in jail,” said Dr. Perkins.

“But, he did a bad thing,”

“He was my father and my only family. My mother died right after giving birth to me. My father had to steal for us just to survive. I don’t even know why I’m telling you this. Whatever.”

“Dad,” Kara cried, “I missed you. Also, there is a pair of handcuffs in my bag. Could you get them please?”

“That’s my prepared girl.”

He grabbed the handcuffs and put them on Dr. Perkins.

“You are under arrest,” Mark announced.

“Are you even a real doctor?” Jenelle asked.

“No.” said Dr. Perkins.

“Arggh,” responded Jenelle.

“Hi Jenelle. How are you?” Mark asked, surprised.

“Good. I haven’t seen you in a long time Mark.”

They smiled at each other as if the past didn’t matter anymore.

Kara wrapped her arms around her dad.

“I thought you were gone,” Kara said.

“It’s okay. Now don’t worry,” her dad replied. “Everything is alright now.”

Kara knew she would have to sort things out with her dad, but for now… everything was perfect.


The End


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