It’s Raining Frogs

One day, I was outside watering the plants. Then, I saw a frog hopping along the flowers. Then, it got really close. I was scared, but then out of nowhere, my dog Lucy came and bit the frog.

“Lucy, stop!” Then, she dropped the frog. “Come, Lucy. Hey, Mom. Let’s wash Lucy. She bit a frog.”

“Okay, Tim. Is the frog okay?”

“Yep it’s gone, so I’m guessing yes.” But then, I saw two frogs… wait three frogs… then so many frogs I couldn’t count. Then, it started raining. I couldn’t see it very well, but I saw people outside with frogs running after them. Good thing I came back inside before it started raining frogs like crazy.

“Hey, Mom.”


“There are more frogs.”


“How many.”

“A lot more than I can count.”

“Dun dun dun,” my mom said.

“Not joking!” I said.


Then, the door swung open. It was Dad.

“It’s raining frogs like crazy.”

“Thank you! Mom didn’t believe me.”

“Well, she never believes this stuff.”

“Let’s watch the news.”

“Okay,” said someone on Channel 4. Blah blah blah Goldendoodle blah blah blah Tim.

Then, Dad shut off the TV. “You have to do this. We’ll be rich.”

“I will do it, but I need Lucy.”


“Okay, let’s wait till after it rains.” After that, we all went to sleep, and my parents were watching their show that they never tell me what it is. The next morning, it stopped raining frogs, so I put Lucy’s harness on and her leash. We went to solve the problem. It took days to find the cause. After five storms of frogs, we got to a freaky cave with a light in a far distance. When I was walking towards the light, I tripped over something.

Then I said, “Hey, what was that for, Lucy.”

She said, “Bark,” but for some reason I understood what she said. She said, “That wasn’t me.”

“Then what was it.” Then, I looked at what I tripped on. It was a chicken. The chicken had an angry look in its eyes. Then, its eyes were gone but not to be found. So we went on. When we got to the crystal, I heard a funny voice that said, “You want crystal? You go through me.”

I looked around, and I saw this joker dude.

“Hahahahahaha.” Then, he threw a smoke bomb at the floor, but before he could go anywhere, Lucy bit him and then barked. I came to the bark and gave Lucy a treat. Then, the joker dude turned into a sledgehammer. I picked up the sledgehammer and smashed the crystal but took a shard. We went back home, and then I went upstairs and made it rain bills with the crystal.


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