Jiggling Giggling

“Golden spring,” said Ms. Giggling. “Better be on my way.” And then there was a big musical, and everyone started singing on the street.

After the musical, everyone said, “Phew, better be on our way.” And everyone started walking to work again.

“Wow,” she said, and she went to work.

As soon as she got in to the office, all the boys thought she was so beautiful. And then, the boys started a musical number, and then Ms. Giggling said, “Ohh, that was so sweet, boys!” And she clapped for them and gave them stickers.

They said, “That’s for children!”

And the boss came in and said, “My goodness, ma’am, I just came in to tell you, you just became so famous that everyone in the world knows you.”

She was one of the most kind people in the whole world, and word had spread. She put her hand on her cheeks and said, “Oh boy! Does that mean I get to leave work?”

And he said, “Well yes, of course!”

Ms. Giggling said, “Yippee!” and ran out of the building, all the way back home, and threw her clothes into the hamper and started falling asleep. Two minutes later, a lot of her fans came in wearing shirts with her face on them. The door was unlocked!

All her fans started saying, “Wake up! Wake up!”

She noticed she was naked and covered herself and said, “Get out of here!” Everyone laughed.

Everybody started talking. Ms. Giggling was worried she was probably not famous anymore, but she did not know someone took a picture of her naked and sent it to the news station!!! The next day, she woke up and wanted to get the news on the front step of her home. And right on the spot, she saw that picture of that old naked person. She could not believe her eyes when she saw it. She really had a bad night. She began crying her heart out.

Her friend came to the door — she felt bad for Ms. Giggling. “What is wrong?” she asked.

“I cannot explain! Is this the wrong reaction to not being famous anymore?” wailed Ms. Giggling.

“Yes, I joked you into telling me what is wrong,” her friend said.

“Ha ha, very funny,” she said. (She lied.)

Then, her friend said, “Tell me more.”

“I am fine, thank you!” Ms. Giggling replied.
The friend said, “Fine, I will leave you alone.”

Now reader, if you noticed they, um, they, um, stayed apart for a few months. She had other friends that noticed what was going on. She was pretty lonely and now, my reader, it is the end of her friendship for now. Later, the friend came back, and Ms. Giggling gave her a mad look.

She turned her face into a sorry one and said, “I know you had a bad day the other day. I am very sorry, but you just cannot take it out on your friends. Deal?”

“Deal,” said Mrs. Giggling, and now my readers it is…

The End

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