Chapter 1: Dianna The Brainwasher

One day in Vermont, a girl named Dianna was walking in the forest to chop down some trees for wood. She wanted to build a treehouse. Dianna was tall as a tree with a winsome, brown bob and loved to read historical books. Funny thing is that she disliked all animals that possibly were roaming in the forest. As she was walking in the woods, she saw a tree with deep scratches on it and she knew that it had to be a bear’s big claw imprints. Dianna was starting to get anxious.

Suddenly, a big, brown bear appeared 10 feet away. Dianna ran swiftly until she saw a way out. A long, gray train that was approaching. She ran to jump on the train, but she missed the jump and the train ran over her left ankle. “Ouch!” she screamed in a hurt voice. She looked down and her ankle was horribly scraped. Luckily, after she said in fret voice, “I hope my ankle is not broken,” it healed up quickly as if nothing ever happened. Dianna was shocked by how quickly her ankle healed because she had never experienced something like this before. Dianna started to think – is this imaginary?

Dianna predicted another train was coming. So she waited. Eventually, after ten minutes, another train came briskly. Dianna jumped on the train thinking she was heading back home, but she fell asleep on the train and ended up in the Jim Crow South. She got off the train in Montgomery, Alabama! Dianna was frightened… and she was also wondering how her ankle healed so quickly.

In Montgomery, Alabama, Dianna met Martin Luther King. He told her that she needed  to help Black people fight for equality. Something sparked Dianna to get involved. Unfortunately, right before her eyes, people were getting beaten so badly by the police for protesting against segregation. At that moment, she was so angry, she shouted loudly while crying, “You do not need to do this! Stop it! Racism has to stop!” All of a sudden, the police dropped their weapons and looked at Dianna and said, “You are right! We are going to stop this police brutality!”

Dianna realized she had superpowers –  whatever she spoke with passion, it became reality. Feeling bold, she stood with John Lewis and Martin Luther King in protest, hoping this was the start to ending racism in the South. But this was not the end, something else was brewing in California with a young, clever, girl named Savannah… 

Chapter 2: Savannah The Flyer

At the same time, in New York City, an activist named Malcolm X was fighting for equality for Black people. Savannah, a young activist, with brown hair hanging to her shoulders and caramel skin, was living in California. She wanted to help stop racism too, so she decided to fly to New York City to help Malcolm X with his plan. Savannah’s superpower was to fly. She discovered that she had flying powers when she was climbing on the top of the tree and fell, but luckily flew up into the sky. 

On her way from California, she stopped and landed on the ground so she could go to some fancy coffee shop to get some water. She was out of breath from flying from California. She sipped on some water and got back flying. On her way to New York, she saw Commander Melanoff’s Mansion, the Rodent Gazette building, and Eerie Elementary. While Savannah was flying, she felt a sense of calmness.  

Finally, after ten hours of flying, Savannah got to New York City. She was out of breath but excited. At the same time she landed, Malcolm X was giving a speech in The Audubon Ballroom. One man showed up named Thomas Hagan who was there to get rid of Malcolm X. As Savannah was walking down the street, she looked through a window and saw Thomas Hagan with a tool in his hand. She ran high-speed in the ballroom, grabbed Malcolm X, and hastily flew up through the ceiling to the sky and flew away so Thomas Hagan wouldn’t eliminate him. After that day, Savannah changed history and Malcolm X continued to be an activist.

Chapter 3: Jolie The Time Traveler

Across town, in Harlem, a girl named Jolie was an activist for Black Lives Matter. She was watching a documentary on her TV about Rosa Parks. Jolie was very meticulous about things like cleaning her bedroom and making sure the dishes were clean. She had sandy-brown hair that she always wore in a bun. In the living room, while she was watching TV, her lamp lights went off and on… 

All of a sudden, she blinked and she was sitting next to Rosa Parks in the front of the bus.

Jolie was so nervous and felt she could have a heart attack, because she had warped back in time to the Civil Rights Movement. Jolie knew from her past adventures through her imagination she could create a tunnel, she could warp into a book with her favorite character, but she didn’t know she could time travel through a movie. Meanwhile, the bus driver stood up and walked over to Rosa and Jolie and commanded, “Get to the back of the bus!” Jolie thought this demand was diabolical and she refused to move. Instantly, Dianna tiptoed on the bus and slowly walked past the bus driver and whispered in his ear, 

“Let them sit on this bus.” The bus driver nodded his head in yes motion. Following behind Dianna was Savannah, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X. They all sat in the front of the bus and the other people on the bus were shocked. They just so happened to be on the same bus. Was someone trying to tell us something? The next stop was a meeting to discuss the next moves for the Civil Rights Movement.


The Civil Rights leaders and Superpowers were in a meeting in Chicago to discuss the next move for the movement. They were all sitting next to each other.

“I think these three young girls should help us in the next march,” Martin said proudly.

“Absolutely!” the girls said repetitiously. They stared at each other in excitement. The two men who were sitting next to Martin and Malcolm nodded in an aye motion after reading the reports in their hand. These two men were deciders who choose what happens next in the movement.

The Superpowers joined forces to change what happened to the Civil Rights leaders. MLK and Malcolm X lived until they were 100 years old. Jolie time traveled back home to another adventure. Eventually, Dianna went back to Vermont. Savannah flew back to California. All three girls’ lives had changed for the better. They were now a part of American History… even though Jolie’s real name could not be mentioned to avoid anyone finding out that she was a time traveler.