Journey of A Worm

A few years ago, some worms fell from the sky in Norway. This is the story of how:

The worms of northern Norway were sick of eating dirt and living in dirt. It was sort of like eating their home. So they decided something: To live in people’s homes and instead of eating dirt they would eat gummy worms!

But the worms had one problem: How would they get to the town of Brekstad?!  It was a town that had a gummy worm factory.

Steve was the name of one of the worms. He had the answer to how they would get to Brekstad. But he had one problem: This plan would take way too long to get a driver’s pass (his plan is pretty simple):

“Let’s buy a punch buggy!”

All of the other worms were like, “What?” so they went with another worm’s plan. His name was JEFF!?!?! (yes including the (?) and (!) marks). JEFF!?!?! here wasn’t that smart, so he said, “Let’s go slide over the rainbow!!”

The faces of all the other worms were like,“What?” again. But another worm called Jhonny came up with another plan. This plan was to dig a tunnel to a field where there was a tornado going on in another part of Norway, in order for them to get blown to the town. This plan was all they had left, so the worms agreed.

It took a few years for the worms to tunnel to the field (really only a few hours because their destination was not actually that far), so when they got to the tornado near the town, the wind was so strong they all hung onto leaves but were blown away towards the town.

It felt like flying. It was like being sucked into a vacuum cleaner and being swirled around and around so much that they felt like they were going to hurl.

“Maybe this is how birds feel!” screamed Steve. All the worms were being stretched out because of the wind.

Jhonny wiggled around. “I’m doing yoga!”

After an hour, they finally fell. The leaves they were hanging onto broke their fall. When they made it to the ground they rejoiced.

“We made it!,” yelled JEFF!?!?!, and they all celebrated!

“So….now what?” asked one of the other worms.

JEFF!?!?! answered with, “I have no idea!”

Then they saw a sign that said: “Welcome to the Town of Bůd.” Underneath that on the sign it said: “The Town of the Gummy Worm Strike.”

Jhonny read the sign and said, “Are you kidding me?”

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